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Author Topic: Corrupting An Angel ( Angel Seeks Demoness)  (Read 404 times)

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Offline Barbara4playTopic starter

Corrupting An Angel ( Angel Seeks Demoness)
« on: January 10, 2015, 03:56:37 AM »
Corrupting An Angel

Extreme Solo: Rape, Bukkake, Group Sex, Orgasm Denial, Forced lesbian, and more
Who am I looking for?: I'm looking for someone to play Lilith to my Angelica, would prefer another woman, but a man playing the female demoness might be ok.

The war for human souls between Angels and Demons has raged since time began, unfortunately it a loose battle for the Angels most days, Humans are just too drawn to sin.  Worse Demon have mastered deception, hiding and plotting in the dark, while Angels must hunt their prey in the light. However this has recently changed. When the Angel General Angelica found a novel way to hide from demons. This new strategy maybe the turning point in the war.

What is this new strategy? Angels are easy to detect, their powerful aura of divine angelic energy. So Angelica found a way to strip away an angel’s power and storing it in a small golden metal ring called a “Conjure Halo”. With a single touch of it metal to the angel’s divine form, they become 100% mortal, and undetectable by demons. A second touch to their mortal flesh and the return to their divine state. The perfect camouflage for their hunt for the “dark forces”.

The “new strategy” has been work great until just a few weeks ago, a small desert town called “Hobs Crossing” on the intersection of Interstate 60 and Highway 606. The small town is just another dying landscape, good only as a stop on the highway. Hobs Crossing is like so many other towns. It main street is full of empty shops. It people have grown Cynical, faithless, and pessimistic. The only businesses that have survived are those near the intersection of the highway and Interstate. A Flying “T” truck stop, a Super Saver 6 motel. Torchy’s Gentlemen’s club, The Deep Well Bar, and Rosa’s Family dinner. Yet according to report, the town is being washed in an ocean of sin?
Angelica has sent loyal human agents into the town and found nothing so she decided to take the personal touch and go check for herself. She will of course be using a “Conjure Halo” to stay undercover. She transports down to the abandoned “People Church of Hob’s Crossing” and assume a human form. She begin her search for the source of the evil.  She ends up in the “Deep Well Bar” and orders a club soda and watches and sparks conversations with the local. After three drink she finds herself getting light headed, is she drunk? But she has touched alcohol? That when she passes out and awakes in chains in some basement her “Conjure Halo” missing.  A figure lurks in the corner watching her. The angel barks, “I will tell you nothing, so you might as well kill me”. The evil voice replies “Information and death were never my plan, I was thinking more entertainment, I’ve never corrupt an angel, even a powerless one Angelica!!!”

The Story will revolve around Lilith ( Played by you) turning proud Angelica ( played by me) into a degraded slut.


Real Name: Angela the Bright
Earthly Name: Angela Brightwell
Title: General of the Host and Defender of Virtue

Angelica is arrogant and aloof, she has grown tired of the never ending war and what she see as her a “waste”. She feel she s at war with an inferior enemy to save an equal inferior “Human race”.

Lilith the Corrupter

Real Name: Lilith the Corrupter
Earthly Name: Mayor Lilith Blackburn
Title: Corrupter of the Innocent, Breaker of souls.

Lilith has waited a couple of hundred life times, for a chance to do her work on someone like Angelica and she’s aware it could be just as long, before it happens again. She has already destroyed Angelica’s “Conjure Halo”. She knows after the fun of breaking the arrogant cow, she will grow bored of her, so she has plans to marry her off to one of the town more abusive men and turning her into a breeder.

Things to know about Angels

Unlike Demons that possesses human host, Angel are not used to having mortal bodies. They know nothing of mortal life or mortal bodies.

1.)   Sex: They only understand the basic mechanical of the process and nothing of the pleasure ( or pain) involved.
2.)   Humiliation: to a creature of divine creation, humiliation is unimaginably damaging to their egos.
3.)   “Conjure Halo” are specific to their angel, if it is destroyed , they are trapped as a human
4.)   The Mortal body constructed by the “Conjure Halo” is a perfectly normal virgin body. It will react just like any other woman’s body to stimuli.