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August 20, 2017, 06:58:45 AM
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Author Topic: Let's Play Skyrim! (With Elliquians?)  (Read 783 times)

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Let's Play Skyrim! (With Elliquians?)
« on: January 10, 2015, 01:22:03 AM »
So this isn't strictly a play-by-post game or something even usual for Elliquiy... but it is interactive. I will be playing a very heavily modded version of Skyrim that should remain fairly lore-friendly and will write a narrative based on the things that occur. You guys can follow me along on this adventure and offer suggestions as to what to do/where to go/how to play. I may try to allow some more interactivity, but it might be difficult. One option is the Familiar Faces mod... which would allow me to take someone else's save game and insert that character into my gameworld as a potential follower or antagonist. Don't think this will work, personally, as there might be some inherent instability if you are playing a modded game of your own.

I'll probably take a few screenshots from time to time, pausing and using free camera to get cinematic shots (or just plain naughty ones...) And I might occasionally record footage, as I am using a few sound mods (including one that replaces a lot of the soundtrack with Thomas Bergeren's work in Two Steps from Hell ...once I find the flash drive which contained the data folder that I made waay back. That particular song, as I recall, I assigned to fighting dragons and it ended up being absolutely awesome.)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
SkyTEST; realistic animals and predators... Creatures will act more natural, have young that they protect, territory that they will stick to, ect.
A bunch of animation things that you probably won't see...
Immersive Armors! NPCs will walk around wearing custom gear and armor not in the vanilla game.
Armor Replacers! Clothing is a little bit skimpier, but I have gone in the mods and removed all the ridiculous chainmail bikinis and other immersion breaking things. ...I think. You won't see them! :P
Immersive Sounds/Soundtrack Replacer/Player voicesets... You probably won't hear 'em.
JK's Skyrim... A few of the major towns have been spruced up to be made all pretty like.
Lorecraft... Just so my crafting menus aren't obscenely long and cumbersome. They probably still will be...
Duel- Combat Realism. Improved AI and tweaks to combat.
UFO- Follower Overhaul. More control over followers.
Realvision ENB- Pretty world!
Acheive That!- Certain achievements allow you to get little rewards.
Alternate Start- Instead of starting in Helgen, you begin in a place and with a backstory of your choosing. Naturally, this will be up to you guys!
Character Creation Overhaul- Allows for a little more customization in your starting character.
DFB- More and diverse random encounters.
Guards attack thieves and assassins... as they should!
More blood and gore... naturally.
NPCs use ammo, NPCs walk at the same rate as the player.
Realistic Ragdolls
Run for your life- NPCs don't stand around waiting to be killed when dragons/bandits/vampires attack...
College of Winterfell requirements; They don't just let anybody in anymore... a restoration of Skyrim's original quest for the college.
Badass Warpaint, Ponytails, Lore-friendly hair. Cosmetic things. Too bad you won't see many NPCs wearing them.
Bloodthirst- NPC vampires will feed on other NPCs.
Dovahkiin relaxes too- a hotkey that allows you to idle.
Fast travel timescale fix- May or may not be used with Requiem...
Frostfall- Cold weather and moisture mod! Freezing to death can happen. Oh my.
Immersive NPCs in the dark- NPCs use torches and lights intelligently.
Immersive patrols- Faction NPCs move from stronghold to stronghold and try to capture them
Immersive player dialogue- You won't see it. Just changes some dialogue choices in the game.
Living takes time- Time spent in the menus counts as time in game, and things like crafting can advance time by hours instantly.
Loot and degradation- changes loot, allows weapons and armor to break and be broken.
Player headtracking- Your character looks at stuff..
Pumping Iron- your character's weight changes based on their stats/actions.
Realistic Needs and Diseases- Hunger, thirst, sleepiness, disease!
Realistic Nights- It gets dark.
Splash of rain- Splish splash, drippy drops when it rains.
Apocalypse- New spells!
Dynamic Merchants- Your patronage and actions in quest effect merchants.
Body mesh and skin; SOS for males and CBBE sporty sexy sweat for females. Custom bodyslide that basically makes women range from very scrawny petite (0 weight) to large muscular amazons (100 weight)... sure, the amazons have larger breasts, but they also have wider torsos and thicker arms, making them appear.. at least in my opinion, very strong rather than looking 'fat' (as the texture I have includes ab muscles and it would look...weird) Men are pretty much the same as vanilla, unfortunately. Except with penises.. So there's that. And an amount of chest hair that I find lore-friendly and attractive. ;)
Diverse guards
Interesting NPCs- Adds a whole lot of fully voiced NPCs to the game. A first for me, so I totally don't know what to expect.
AI overhaul- Just a few tweaks.
Deadly Dragons- Awesome dragon battles, the way Skyrim should have been
Perkus Maximus- I like these perks... not sure how it will interact with Requiem
Requiem- The roleplaying overhaul mod... Too many changes to mention.
Actual First Person View- your eyes are attached to your character instead of removing your character model and adding hands in front of your face.
Quality World Map- Makes the map better!
Immersive weapons- More weapons!

The sexy mods...
Apropos- Describes sex acts ... the writings not great, but I was curious about and it has some other little things to it like visual effects on your character.
Bestiality- Sex with animals enabled. though its difficult to trigger without specific mods tailored to it
Dangerous Nights- Can be raped while sleeping in more dangerous areas.
Defeat- Instead of dying when reduced to 0 health by most sentient enemies... well, you can imagine what might happen.
Wear and Tear- Repeated intercourse for females can be... harmful. Made even worse by aggressive partners/rape/beasts..
Radiant Prostitution- Inns are brothels. Female players can even be hired.
Sexcrime- Public sex is illegal, as is nudity and potentially bestiality and homosexuality.
Brawling Rape- Can be raped if failing a brawl.. or do the same to your enemies.
College Days Winterhold- a few sexy additions to the college quests. Haven't playtested them myself.
Sexlab consequences- Can be damaged/fatigued by sex.. or NPCs as well. May use it as a means of exploiting NPCs who are tired after sex..
Sexlab enchantress- Part of a larger mod that I am not using. Basically a certain spell used to pacify animals can also make them more sexually inclined..
Sexlab realistic needs and diseases- minor things I don't quite remember
Sexlab solutions- Some quests can be advanced by sexual favors.
Sexlab submit- You can surrender in combat, seduce people, or force yourself on defeated foes.
Sexlab trainers- Once in awhile you can pay for tutoring by offering your body
Sexlab warmbodies- With frostfall enabled, you could freeze to death.. unless you snuggle up to a follower.
Sexlab lovers comfort- Buffs for consensual sex? Can't remember exactly..
Sexlab amorous adventurers- NPCs with basic quests have been altered to include a bit of romance. Voiced!
Sexlab aroused- Characters have arousal ratings, which change over time based on their exposure to stimulae... other mods plug in to this for effects. (Ie; immoral NPCs with high arousal just might force themselves on you or other NPCs)
Sexlab guild- A new quest that I haven't playtested all the way through.
Sexlab mind control- A minor quest and items revolving around one pervy mage...
Sex with thieves- Changes a few things in the Riften quests to make things easier for a very... inviting player.
Sexlab Seduction- Can't remember exactly.. but I believe it's akin to a romance mod.
Skooma whore- Can get addicted to drugs...
Spectator crowds- NPCs won't just walk by a pair having sex...
Prison Overhaul- Being jailed is now quite interactive, being paraded through town, whipped and beaten and possibly raped.

So, what do you think? The first choice I'll defer to you guys will probably be what kind of character I play (though I am, atm, partial to a female redguard.. :P), what kind of alternate start I go with, and what direction/location should I head for first. I will probably make an OOC thread and an IC thread.. or put it in the stories section (not sure, what with this format..) and then write a short story up until the point where you guys can make the next call on what I should do.

Offline Rajah

Re: Let's Play Skyrim! (With Elliquians?)
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2015, 05:36:07 AM »
I think you're going to find out more or less immediately that Requiem and Perkus Maximus work together about as well as trying to cram two cars in a one-car garage. Your best and brightest hope is that the second car does not go in at all; your worst case scenario is that it tries.

A fair few of those will probably overwrite each other. Try Mod Organizer. In particular, you have a lot of things that are going to try to change the AI in overlapping situations.

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Re: Let's Play Skyrim! (With Elliquians?)
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2015, 08:12:57 AM »
Sounds interesting. :)

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

Re: Let's Play Skyrim! (With Elliquians?)
« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2015, 12:00:04 PM »
Yeah. A lot of them are mods that I have used to overhaul the game and they more or less do things that Requiem does. Requiem was something of a last minute add-on, though. Everything else I play-tested, but that whole overhaul is perhaps the least explored version. I will probably drop Perkus Maximus (though I have grown so fond of it) and a few others. I'm also aware of the overwriting thing, particularly the AI (Was going to drop Duel.. but then got a CTD for some reason- couldn't find out what was dependent on it. Perhaps the Requiem compatibility patcher..)

As this is hardly going to be a video series or a step-by-step walkthrough- all you guys will see is a few meticulously staged screenshots and the story accompanying them... I anticipate a few bugs and kinks here and there but will spare you any headaches. Hopefully nothing too game-breaking. Using the console command or needing to reload from a previous save might break immersion from time to time but I'll deal. ::)

Offline Mantis Shrimp Prime

Re: Let's Play Skyrim! (With Elliquians?)
« Reply #4 on: January 10, 2015, 12:40:48 PM »
Man, it's stuff like this that makes me wish you could do multiplayer type stuff in a Skyrim-ish game.
Like a... Minorly Multiplayer Online RPG.

I am using a few sound mods (including one that replaces a lot of the soundtrack with Thomas Bergeren's work in Two Steps from Hell ...once I find the flash drive which contained the data folder that I made waay back. That particular song, as I recall, I assigned to fighting dragons and it ended up being absolutely awesome.)

Yesss. I once downloaded the "dwemer jukebox" mod, and for flavor, made all the tracks associated with it 8-bit remixes of Two Steps From Hell songs.

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

Re: Let's Play Skyrim! (With Elliquians?)
« Reply #5 on: January 10, 2015, 12:59:33 PM »
Apparently, there's a mod for that.

Seems pretty novel though. ;)

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

Re: Let's Play Skyrim! (With Elliquians?)
« Reply #6 on: January 10, 2015, 08:05:25 PM »

Also, I tweaked the mods a little bit. Removed quite a few that would have been redundant after looking over Requiem's features more thoroughly. Did a little bit of playtesting as well. I am not looking forward to configuring all of them in the MCM, though. ::)

Offline ExisD

Re: Let's Play Skyrim! (With Elliquians?)
« Reply #7 on: January 10, 2015, 08:08:52 PM »
This sounds like it'll be a ton of fun to do. As someone who's run Requiem with all of the sex mods before, the beginning of game can be really hard. I think it's great though.

Offline Inerrant LustTopic starter

Re: Let's Play Skyrim! (With Elliquians?)
« Reply #8 on: January 15, 2015, 06:10:45 PM »
I think I'll start this little project tomorrow or Saturday. ..Whenever I feel like going through the lengthy set-up process. :P