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Author Topic: Some Ideas (Looking for Everyone)  (Read 662 times)

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Some Ideas (Looking for Everyone)
« on: January 09, 2015, 05:25:18 am »
Hi there! thanks for clicking and having a look, just before you read my ideas just a few quick notes I suggest you read before you get to my story ideas.

First of all I’m going to use (MC) and (YC) which stand for my character and your character, respectfully, so keep that in mind if the plots start to not make sense.

Also in the paragraphs that I use to describe the story I’ll likely place my character in the role of the male in the story, though there may be special circumstances to this rule for example if there aren’t any male roles in the story idea. I’ll also use He and his again for convieniance of writing if I state the roleplay can be Female/Female then just take those and replace with She and Her/hers. This is purely for convenience and I am more than willing to be either character in the role.

These plot ideas are likely going to be Male/Female, Female/Female, Male/Futa, Female/Futa, and finally Futa/Futa.
Also please take the time to read my ONs and OFFs which is in my signature though I’ll also add it HERE just in case so please take the time to read it so it gives you an idea of how I like my roleplay’s to go.

Gotta love pets (smut) (Male/Female Anthro, Female/Female Anthro, Futa/Female Anthro)

(MC) is a rather normal person who lives his day to day life without much stress the only thing that he is really missing is a lover. Despite this he goes about his day to day life without any worry managing to keep away any loneliness by taking care of his beloved pet. His pet (YC) loves her master and wishes that she could help her precious master and take the spot of his lover so he would be truly happy. That wish just so happened to be granted and one day while (MC) was out working (YC) was transformed by some odd magic from your animal form to an anthropomorphic version of whatever animal you were. Happy you could finally be with your master you waited eagerly for his return home that night.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Devil Girl (smut) (Male/Female Devil, Female/Female Devil, Futa/Female Devil)

(MC) has been having a rough time particularly with women for the past few months the few women that have agreed to go out with him have dumped him within a few weeks and he rarely got passed kissing them. As such he has now dropped into a bit of a depression where he now spends most of his nights in his apartment surfing the web. One night he is emailed a rather odd message stating that his woes with women could be fixed if he simply sold his soul to the devil. Believing it to be spam (MC) ignores it but simple gets the same email so much that he decided to give in and see what it was offering. The moment he opened the email (YC) is summoned to his apartment a devil girl who was sent to offer her body to (MC) in exchange for (MC)’s soul.


Heroine and Villain (smut) (Male/Female, Male/Futa, Female/Female, Female/Futa, Futa/Futa)

(YC) is a Heroine and she has managed to remove most if not all of the crime that has been a plague on the city prior to her arrival. That was until the arrival of (MC) a super villain who overnight robbed two thirds of the banks catching your attention immediately. That however was the intention of (MC) and when (YC) does finally arrive it is soon apparent that (MC) is clearly more powerful than (YC). Kidnapping you (MC) begins the slow process of turning (YC) into a partner in crime/lover having every intention of having (YC) wreak havoc on the city that loved you for protecting it.

Tribute (smut) (Demon/Female, Demon/Futa, Demoness/Female, Demoness/Futa)

Your village lives on the edge of a forest known as the demons lair and for as long as anyone can remember (MC) the ageless demon that lives in the forest demanded a virgin tribute every month threatening the village with destruction should his demands not be met. This month it was (YC)s turn to be tributed to the demon and she was understandably nervous about the whole ordeal. First of all not all tributes came back from their month with (MC). Of those who did return occasionally it was found that they were pregnant and they were immediately banished for fear of another demon possibly threatening the village. Waiting at the edge of the forest you see the previous year’s tribute leave her arms around her stomach and her eyes giving off a dull look.

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Re: Some Ideas (Looking for Everyone)
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2015, 09:36:31 am »
Hello Arishok, how are you doing?

I read through some of your ideas and they seem very intriguing. If you are still available for a RP please message me back :)

Hope to hear from you soon :3