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Started by Lady Annabelle, October 08, 2008, 01:55:00 PM

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Lady Annabelle

These are some ideas that have been running around my head since I joined here.  I now have the ability to get some more stories going, so I would like to try some new ones. 

Forced To Marry: A girl is kidnapped and forced to marry a stranger.  An actual large wedding with her knowing nobody.  She is tied underneath her gown and gagged, but she is covered by the gown.  The vows are much more D/S oriented.  He takes her home and forces her to be his wife.  NC at the beginning, but she begins to accept her fate as it can be turned into a more BON story.  I'm looking for a Male Dom with a lot of ideas and willing to train her.

Lesbian & A Virgin: I play an innocent and naive girl who is rather religious, conservative and plain as well as knowing nothing about sex or love.  A very kinky lesbian takes notice of her and decides to have some fun.  She decides to teach her how to love a woman and change her to become her pet.  This one is very kinky with humiliation being a key aspect.  She forces her to get embarrassing tattoos/piercings, different hairstyles and dress her in Lolita/punk fashions.  I would like a real girl to play this role, but if no girl steps up, I'll play with a VERY knowledgeable boy.  Depending on the person, it could either be NC or BON.  She doesn't have to be a 'virgin', but that is just used to describe her naivete.

Trapped In Servitude: A guy is looking for a very submissive woman as he is tired of all the modern woman around him.  I play a cleaning lady who is hired to work in his house.  You begin to take notice and order me around, which I accept because the pay is good.  You buy me a modern uniform and tell me to wear it from now on.  I come to your house and clean even on my days off.  You force me to be a french maid during one of your parties.  The story can continue to a more permanent fixture from there.  Like they become married, but she is still treated like a maid.  This one involves a ton of humiliation, ordering her around and creative tasks.  So a more demanding Male Dom would be nice.  Once again, it could either be NC or BON.

Georgia Peach: This is a simple love story set before the Civil War in America.  Think "Gone With The Wind" and you get the idea.  Heavy on the romance, seduction, teasing and costumes.  Two upper class people meet and fall madly in love.  This one is kind of up in the air as we can figure out where it goes.  Looking for a Male and this one is more VAN.  If you enjoy the era, that would be very helpful.

House Call For Doctor...: I had a story that ended because my partner apparently no longer visits the site.  The story is HERE!! I am now looking for somebody else to play with me.  The original plot was that I dressed as a 1950's nurse and you decide to take me home and make me your housewife.  I am locked away from the world and basically your captive, but to everybody else, I am your girlfriend/wife.  The house is my prison with you giving me chores each and everyday.  You then reward me for doing well and punish me for making mistakes.  Throughout this entire process, you are making me over to be your complete 1950's housewife.  You make me dress like it while at home and when we go out, which I find embarrassing.  You use bondage while you are away and when we are out and about.  I am looking for a Dominant Male and if you are a fan of the 1950's, then that is a plus.  Depending on how we alter the story, it could be NC or BON.  In the previous story, I would like to keep my original post, but we could then move onto an entirely different direction.

The stories are not set in stone.  If you like the idea, but want some tweaks, then I am willing.  I don't mean to sound elitist, but I love long posts.  If you can't write at least a paragraph or more, then I will become bored.  I'm patient when it comes to time, so that is not a problem.  I would rather wait for a good, long posts that show some thought, then some short posts with nothing behind them just to continue the story.  If you have any questions, then just PM me.  If you have other interests that I may like, PM me.  My O/O is in my signature, so check it out along with my stories and writing style.  Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy my ideas.

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