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May 14, 2021, 09:54:42 pm

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Author Topic: Ideas ranging from real life to the fantastic, females needed.  (Read 735 times)

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Ideas ranging from real life to the fantastic, females needed.
« on: January 07, 2015, 06:56:55 pm »
I'm looking for two girls for some threesome fun. Might be willing to consider three or four if the interest is high enough.

1: This one is pretty simple in a real life type modern setting. MC character is a fairly successful mid level executive for a large corporation. He married his high school sweetheart who was his first lover and for the longest time the only one. They knew they were going to be together since their sophomore in high school and had gone to the same college just so they could remain together. They married after graduating from college. For the first couple of years he even took her on all of his business trip. Then it happened when he had to go to a convention in Vegas, she was unable to accompany him. Then after too much drink he gave into temptation and had his first sexual encounter with a woman other than his wife. With his wife, his soulmate, he always made sweet and very vanilla love to her. The other woman introduced him to pure passion and desire. Needless to say he developed a taste for the wilder things, but could not do it with his sweet loving wife. After that he stopped taking his wife on some of his trips, and took advantage of the time away from her to indulge his new desires, but kept to those trips. Until she started working in his office, a wild, desirable, vivacious, highly sexual woman with a taste for being the other woman and not the type to take no for answer. They started an affair, having many encounters at the office. Then something happens and she has to be out of her place for a while and convinces him to bring her to stay at his home with his beloved, but timid, submissive wife.

2: Is also modern but rather different. I have this
Secret Id – Nathanial Jackson
Hero Tag – Black Flag
Orientation - Heterosexual
Age - 27
Appearance – He is 5’7” tall and weighs 140 lbs. He has a slender but well defined build. His hair is a medium dark brown with waves usually worn cut short, if he grows it out it will curl to the point of becoming a rather goofy looking afro type of mess. His eyes are hazel but can appear green, blue, or brown depending on lighting, current clothing and mood. His preferred mode of dress is casual consisting of jeans usually black, a tee shirt, jean or leather jacket, and comfortable gym shoes.

In hero/vigilante mode he wears a black helmet that covers his face completely. A black turtleneck shirt so even his neck is covered in black which is tucked in black leather pants. His feet are covered in black leather boots. The whole package is covered by a black leather knee length jacket and finished off with black leather gloves. None of his skin can be seen.

Powers – Telekinesis at level where can lift the equivalent weight of midsize car. Through use of this he has developed several other abilities based on the telekinesis. He can augment his physical strength, speed, and dexterity. He has also developed a means to make his body highly resistant to damage. Concentrating on his body and forcing rapid cellular growth has turned into uncontrolled healing, as a result he heals at an incredible rate, is immune to virtually all diseases, drugs, and toxins. It is still too early to tell but he may also be immune to aging. He is also unable to sleep. He can feel the world around him as if actually touching it. He can manipulate matter on a molecular level repairing and altering objects. He can also fly by exerting force against the planet.

 Bio – He is a computer hardware technician whose hobbies include working on anything mechanical, he loves to do driveway repairs on any type of vehicle. One night he had a dream in which he was asked to choose a super power that he would granted, he chose telekinesis. When awakened the next morning he found that he could literally feel everything around him. From there he experimented with what he could do with the telekinesis.

He now goes out at night searching for crimes to stop. He has also taken to hunting drug dealers who he kills and confiscates their cash to augment his income. When he does anything heroic or kills those dealing in drugs he leaves some sort pest control product behind always of the “Black Flag” brand.
character that I would really like to team up with another vigilante. Together they would find a "Damsel" in distress to rescue and to be grateful to them both.

3: Same as number 2 but instead of another super they would be two damsels. I'm thinking that Black Flag finds out a big criminal deal going down and thinks it's either drugs or weapons slips in only to discover that is a "white slave" Auction with people being auctioned off to the highest bidder. He is out raged by this and interrupts the sale to free all the slaves. Only one problem though is two girls have been raised to be slaves and sold by their families into this market. Being freed would have them suddenly finding themselves homeless as their families would never take them back. So what can the hero do but take them into his home and try to teach them to be independent? Do they take to his lessons or simply want to stay on as his slaves?

If interested feel free to either post here or send me a PM.
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Re: Ideas ranging from real life to the fantastic, females needed.
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2015, 12:25:51 am »
Changed things up a bit and added a third option.

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Re: Ideas ranging from real life to the fantastic, females needed.
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2015, 12:06:29 am »
Pipaluk has expressed an interest in story number 1 wanting to play the wife. Now if another lovely lady is interested in the part of the mistress we could start plotting out the story.