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Author Topic: Playroom Library (F looking for M)  (Read 515 times)

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Playroom Library (F looking for M)
« on: January 06, 2015, 11:06:48 PM »
This thread is intended to host my ideas as I come up with them. All of my themes will be adult in nature, but are rich in content. I aim towards creating a story, not simply writing sexual encounters. Please keep that in mind before submitting your interest to my stories, or inviting me to one of your ideas.

If you are interested in one or more of my ideas, drop me a message with the info I ask for. If you find me to be your little desire for a theme you have, tell me your fantasies and I may help play them out with you.

Status: Open for more stories.

What types of genres may you be seeing here?:
    I am not a picky individual, and can identify the enjoyment of pretty much anything. Currently, I am interested in dark themes with a futuristic feel to them.
Alright, if I am not so picky, what genres will not be here?:
  • Fanfiction. I do not have enough knowledge in most subjects to write as an individual from, or in a pre-existing world.
  • Simple stories of modern day life and relationships. This includes workplaces, neighborhood affairs, etc.
  • Light, gentle, or vanilla themes.

Open Themes

Suffering's Circuit: Sci-Fi, Apocalyptic

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Affliction & Basic Beings:

The Affliction was an event which took place a decade earlier to the present day of this story. The origin of the fungal disease is not entirely certain, as it spread quickly and deadly for a fungus.

The fungus, never appropriately named to common people, ate at the skin of organisms to morph deformities. The disease is highly visible, oftentimes attacking the face or limbs to hardlock and mold excessive skin over tumors. Over prolonged exposure to the disease, humans turn into "basic beings" as the fungus attacks the brain. They are cognitive to humans still, but are far more incoherent, only able to perform basic tasks with little to no thought process between.

Basic beings were quickly discovered by non-afflicted to become fearless and fiercely obedient tools. With the loss of morals and thought process, non-afflicted used basic beings to discover other groups, steal from those groups, and sometimes murder other groups.

The fungus is ever present, and those that are non-afflicted are, most likely, immune to the disease. This is not always the case, however.

The Basic Being Trade

While the world suffers, there are select individuals who saw the potential in slavery. As clan wars break out over the nation, those who could control a significant amount of basic beings would easily be more powerful than others. Slavers drive caravans of basic beings to clans to trade basic beings for mainly food, but sometimes other goods. Only in it for the business, slavers are neutral to clans.

Clans know that slavers are shady individuals, but most are unaware that slavers have kidnapped humans to inject them with the disease. Those that are immune to the disease after being injected will either be killed, to keep the slaver's secret quiet, or sold to a wicked clan that knows of the tortures slavers force on people.

Gender Ratio:

The disease was very susceptible to females, who fell ill easily to it. Men severely outweigh the number of women left on earth. This ratio is so crippling that non-affiliated individuals will now settle for female basic beings.

My Misses:

Eleanor Brooks was only ten when the Affliction ravaged over the world a decade ago. It was then that she would lose both of her parents to the disease, and then a slew full of other caregivers until the age of 14, where she began to travel alone for six long years until recently. In this period of time, Eleanor avoided human contact and has a fear for basic beings, who would attempt to attack her from time to time.

Hunger is a battle Eleanor battles on a consistent basis. She should have strayed from the obvious trap, but was too famished to turn away from the baited meat. Upon taking it, Eleanor fell into a slaver's trap.

This is basic, but will be covered in depth on my first post.

You (subjective):

Would play as an ex-military leading a large and ruthless clan. He sits high as a respected leader to those working under him (both human and basic being), and an intensely feared lord to any other clan within several miles.

Food, heat, weaponry, and shelter are plentiful in your clan's territory, drawing out several bandits and slavers. Both neutral parties are oftentimes slain, and their heads severed to be spiked in aims to ward off other neutral parties or enemies.

The only clan and people you trust are your own. You have no allegiances to any other group or person outside the clan.

Population in the clan are majorly basic beings, followed significantly less by male humans. Female basic beings are strung up and used for quick desire, but the clan is lucky to have one human female; a middle aged, abused, and  severely used woman.


To be set up in depth by my first post, but in basic, my character's group of slavers are enroute to your clan. Short term, minor survival within the clan. Long term, expansion and conquering of other clans. Possibly inner rebellion.

Plot blocker; both of our characters are immune. I don't want this story to end with either of our characters becoming basic beings or dead from the disease.

If you are interested, I ask that you would name your own clan, then further discuss your character a bit if you dislike some of the aspects I made about him, but also to add details that you think of. If you have any other questions, let me know.


Abduction: Sci-Fi. Taken with the amazing marauder13.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The Kri'zuk Empire, rulers of a neighboring galaxy to the milky way, had their watchful eyes upon Earth and the human race for generations. The weak human species brought little threat or concern to the powerful Kri-zuk Empire and was left untouched after their discovery. Even in the current state of affairs, the Kri'zuk Empire still feels empowering over the human race, but the Empire feels restless following their victory over a century old enemy. Having destroyed their enemy, the Kri'zuk look towards the humans for their sport.

The whole process can be so simple to the Kri'zuk Empire, but what joy is in that? No, they love a long, painful process to their foes. This time, the Kri'zuk look towards torture to obtain the information that they could so easily take for themselves.

Omnipresent, a large and powerful medical corporation that the world depends on, is a key target to the Kri'zuk Empire. The Empire understands the militaries of Earth, but rather take a certain interest in biological warfare, especially overturning it upon humans. After hacking data on the employees of Omnipresent, Kri'zuk begins to abduct humans and use them for human experimentation, thrills, or sexual pleasure.

In the near future, the Kri'zuk look to enjoy their successes by destroying the human race and Earth. But in the looming future, there is a much bigger, and darker foe that may force the Empire to use humans as tools of war, rather than toys of pleasure.

The Kri'zuk Empire:

Kri'zuk are humanoid in appearance with subtle differences (to be discussed), but are further developed in senses, strength, and intelligence. They find humans to be inferior to themselves, and categorize humans as a "dirt race," one that is selfish, cruel, and monsters with the petty wars they enact upon each other. Although a pathetic species, the Kri'zuk quickly find a certain liking to enslaving humans, and see the use men have in doing physical labor, while women bring intense sexual pleasure to male Kri'zuk. Humans are not the only race the Kri'zuk enslave.

Kri'zuk are knowledgeable in vast amounts of languages, several of which are human. They are able to communicate with humans, but will, the majority of the time, speak their own language and force humans to use it as well with time.


The Empire is pretty anti-war amongst themselves. Males and females in society are seen equally. They will pair, one male and female, only once in their lives (a life span is longer than humans with their medical technology).

Although anti-war amongst themselves, the Kri'zuk love war itself, and conquering. There was never a war they have lost, and there will never be a war they lose.

Kri'zuk do not really understand love towards another person, and certainly do not feel it with their spouses. Spouses are only used to create another individual, and each pair will only birth 1-2 offspring in a lifetime. That being said, sex is nearly non-existent between Kri'zuks, as females have little to no desire to have sex. They do not fault their male counterparts, however, who are highly sexual beings. Females have an equal activity to replace sex in a form that is difficult for humans to understand. It is a higher form of pleasure through thinking by themselves.

Sex is a common act and need to the males. It is acceptable, and not uncommon, to observe a male having sex with his slave anywhere, at any point of his day. Rape is a common act of males, but not to female Kri'zuks, as the males respect these females. Different alien species, for centuries, had been forcefully used by the Kri'zuk for sexual pleasure. As much as the Kri'zuk dislike humans for their animalistic ways (war against their own species), the males are very attracted to the humans sexually. As a new race as well, humans are exotic and hard to get ahold of, especially as many abductions are males.

Sex is only for the male's pleasure. He does not care for the slave's pleasure, and will oftentimes inflict pain upon his toy to ensure it knows that. They also have several punishment utensils which do not exist to humans, such as laser burns and minor alien insertions. They have, however, quickly discovered and enjoyed the idea of human's whips, paddles, canes, etc, and would love to try out these new punishment tools before inventing better ways of bringing suffering.

A Kri'zuk household hosts several slaves, several of which are different species. They are treated no better than dogs, if not worse. Each slave is marked with a collar that is recognizable to individuals of the Empire on who owns that slave. They will never attempt to steal a slave from another, but may sell or trade ownership.

Slaves have various jobs, some as human experimentation, others as hunting games, while others are simple housekeepers. Whatever your mind can fathom.


Modern day Earth. While this story does work around Omnipresent and medication, the Earth is no more advanced medically than it currently is.

It works off of current affairs, and abductions are simply written off as normal human disappearances, where individuals are assumed to either be kidnapped, skipped town, or worse.

Off Earth, the Kri'zuk Empire is massive and highly advanced. Their medication is vastly superior in comparison to human's, as is their technology, weaponry, etc.

The home planet of the Empire is Kahdosh. Natural habitation has since been cleared out, and the planet simply houses Kri'zuk and their slaves.

Kahdosh is a larger planet than Earth, and has been ingeniously built by the Kri'zuk without signs of pollution, although 95% of the land mass is built upon into massive towers that stretch beyond the blue and purple hued clouds. A decent number of Kri'zuk live on Kahdosh, but the planet is more so reserved for political, royalty, or military leaders.

My misses (in brief. To be discussed further):

Alice Deltova resides in Seattle Washington, where she works hard as an associate to Omnipresent. While her part as a scientist's understudy is rather small, Alice feels important and enjoys her work blissfully. Her days are long, and Alice oftentimes finds herself to be one of the first people arriving at work and the last to leave. She does not mind much, however, as work is the only aspect of her life which keeps her busy. Outside Omnipresent, Alice finds no company and lives in solitude.

Alice is fascinated with medication, and regeneration of the human body. She studies under the bright Dr. Florence, in hopes to follow his legacy as he works to cure life threatening diseases.


Would play as a member of the Kri'zuk Empire, either as a royal, political, or military leader, and the master of Alice Deltova.