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Author Topic: Nazora's Transformations (looking)  (Read 480 times)

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Nazora's Transformations (looking)
« on: January 05, 2015, 01:20:47 PM »
I'm Looking for a few plots to fill one or two empty story slots. I'm looking for detailed writing partners who are fairly regular at posting and who interested in a long term story with various plot twists and turns produced by the transformation. If you are interested PM.

Transformation Based Plots

Means Based Plots:

***(Really craving this)***
The Editing Program: The editing program is an application that can be found on the cell phones of those who desire to dominate somebody. Simply type in the name of the person you have in mind and their profile will appear. There are options for physical profile, mental profile, and reality profile. The user friendly interface allows the user to control the destiny of the one person they have chosen to an unbelievable extant.

The clothing menu modifies clothing a character is wearing as well as objects a character is holding in her hand. The objects must be of a mass lees than half that of the wearer in order to be altered. this setting can be used quite creatively for all sorts of mischief.   

The physical menu would give you a naked 3D model of your of victim. There would be menus to not only alter general features such as weight and height, but specific features such as the length of arms. The scope of the menu would be limitless so listing all the possible features would be exhausting. Let's just say you could change anything about the nature of your victims body and experiment freely.

The mental menu would each have a series of sub headings with with sliders. Each on going from -10 to 10. these sliders would represent feelings, emotions, habits, preferences, mannerisms, and abilities. The extreme settings would represent the most humanly possible a person could endure and are dangerous to health and lifestyle. even if one can not access change the mental menus, they can be used to get a clearer picture of a character's personality and relations. This menu is sometimes locked to new users.

The reality menu would be the most dangerous menu of them all. It can be used to give the victim truly different circumstances, a new job, new friends, new career, new location  If it is desired to truly alter the history of a person and change the world around them, this can be used. It will work to place the victim in a different place time. Tampering with reality and time has a butterfly effect, the app tries to minimize said effect, but use at your own risk. This menu is usually locked.

Enchanted Wishing Charm: The wishing charm will work on one person of the users choice. Wishes will be narrowed down to the smallest possible scope. Once a wish is granted it can be reversed but will be reversed to the smallest possible scope. All wishes will be taken literally. Wishes on a grand scale will be reduced to a direction in that scale. Vague, destructive, or overly broad wishes may not be fulfilled.

A wizard or witch:Your character is a wizard or a witch, and for whatever reason or motives has taken an interest in altering an acquaintance in dramatic fashion.

Personal Set-ups

History Teacher: Needs male dominant, (Bimbofication, brain drain)

The dominant can be a student with a crush or a fellow teacher who is jealous. It can be anyone with a reason to make the teacher's life miserable, or a desire to make her an easy conquest. Changes might include different clothes, larger tits, etc. The dominant finds that he holds total control over her body and its function. Knowing this, it is time to have a little fun after class each night. The dominate would most likely leave his teacher deal with any changes he inflicted the night before until the next night, when she'd be taken advantage of again and possibly changed further. After a few nights of this, she no longer resembles her former self and is not quite suited to her old job.

Intellectual to Super Slut: (Intelligence loss, bimbofication, degradation, blackmail)

An honors university student is slowly changed into a bimbo by her jealous ex-boyfriend. As the changes get worse he blackmails her, forces her to participate in BDSM, and eventually she has to rely on selling her body to him to get by. Should include wardrobe changes, body modification, breast expansion, intelligence reduction, behavior modification.

New Pet: (animal changes, gender changes)

My character finds herself gradually turning into an animal. To what purpose is up to the dominant who controls the curse against her. Most any type of animal is acceptable. The change might happen with or without pet play and in any of the above settings.

Reverse gender change (Female to She-male to Male)I call this a reverse gender change because normally male to female is wanted.  This is an odd one, but as I like to explore various transformations and this is very rarely done I want to try it. This could happen in many different ways depending on what the instigator is looking for and why. One possible idea is a girl who wants a boy friend decides to start altering her best friend. Another possibility is somebody does it to get revenge. The main theme would be adjusting to the transformation and the demands it puts on the character.

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Re: Nazora's Transformations (looking)
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2015, 08:22:07 PM »
Have one or two empty slots because of role plays that have been dropped or gone inactive. Am actively looking , hence the bump.