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June 26, 2022, 11:57:09 pm

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Author Topic: Smite: Playground of the gods  (Read 902 times)

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Smite: Playground of the gods
« on: January 05, 2015, 01:45:09 am »

I do have a group thread seeking interest for this, but am open to a one on one scenario also. My main ideas page, as well as my kinks is in the link in my signature. As for ideas, I have one, but am mainly open to ideas.  This is an interest check, seeing if any one would be interested in a role play inspired by Smite? Smite is a Massive Online Battle Arena game where the players take on the roles of gods, champions, and beasts throughout mythology. Simply put it's all about one big Cosmic battle.

Idea: The world has been brought to shambles. Man kind with all their faults, have successfully left the world in ruin. In spite of a few thousand year old agreement, that they would not meddle in human affairs. God's and mythic beings come forth from hiding, for their hands are now forced. The world is post apocalyptic, with cities and villages reminiscent to older societies. The modern landmarks of what is now the old world, simply ruins that only the gods can recognize. Many god's are left disagreeing with one another on how to handle the situation. Some want to abandon the world, reshape it into a new start. While others disagree and simply want to rebuild, help mortals move foreword. Even if they have been brought practically back to the stone age. This gives us a post apocalyptic world hindering towards a more mid evil society, to shape around our characters. Some places being more Asian, other's more European, even some others more tribal. (Just my attempt at a original and creative idea. :D )

Idea: For something more simple. We make it more of a focuse on character interaction. Simply, there is the Smite Arena. Where gods compete in combat, and otherwise interact. This would be more of a fun focused path then story. With arena based competition, character interactions, and more open to smut. This is the path we go for those whom want to have fun, with less so plot then story.
Who I want to play:

Name: Sun Wukon
Title's: The Monkey King, self proclaimed Great Sage Equal Of Heaven
Pantheon: Chinese Caodaism. Originating in the ancient tale, Journey To The West.

Weapon's and Tool's: Ruyi Jingu Bang,
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
some describe it as a staff, for thats how he wields it. Others say a Cudgel, for both it's ends are as of a thick studded club. But the truth is stranger then fiction. The Monkey King went to the underwater kingdom of Ao Guang, the Dragon King of the East Sea, looking for a magic weapon to match his strength and skill. When all of the traditional magic weapons--swords, spears, and halberds weighing thousands of pounds each fail to meet his standards, the dragon queen suggests to her husband that they give Sun a useless iron pillar taking up space in their treasury. She claims that the ancient shaft had started producing heavenly light days prior and suggests that the monkey is fated to own it. The novel never explains how the pillar was made, only that it was originally used by Yu the Great to measure the depths of the world flood during times immemorial. The staff is initially described as a pillar of black iron twenty feet in height and the width of a barrel. It is only when Monkey lifts it and suggests that a smaller size would be more manageable that the staff complies with his wishes and shrinks. This is when Sun sees that the weapon is banded with a gold ring on each end, as well as the inscription along the body reading "The Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod. Weight: thirteen thousand five hundred [catties]"  The inscription indicates that the staff follows the commands of its owner, shrinking or growing to their whim, and that it is immensely heavy, weighing 17,550 lbs (7,960 kg). When not in use, Monkey shrinks it down to the size of a needle and keeps it tucked behind his ear.

Power's: Immeasurable Strength, Master of ancient martial art's, and 72 transformations. Being able to transform to the shape of many animals, including the Eagle, Tigre, or Ox. He has achieved Bhudhahood, and has many powers and secret knowledge from the Heavens. He has the ability to be invisible, create clones of himself from his own hair, and can walk or even sit atop the clouds.

Personality: Cocky and defiant. Mischievous to boot. Yet, has a wisdom all his own. He cherishes the freedom and joys life may give. To him one must make their own fate, enjoy life. He is a now good man, whom was once lost and on a dark path. A man with strange morals, and a monkey's natural misbehaving nature. And though he is normally calm with his mischievous nature,  he can be brash, and arrogant. Taking great offense to anything or anyone that does not acknowledge him or his feats.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Sun Wukong, or Monkey, was born from a magic stone that sat on the top of a mountain, that had been receiving the powers of the heavens and the earth since the beginning of time and had thereby gained miraculous powers. The stone developed a magic womb, which burst open one day to produce a stone egg about the size of a ball.

When the wind blew on this egg it turned into a stone monkey, complete with the five senses and four limbs. When the stone monkey had learned to crawl and walk, he bowed to each of the four quarters. As his eyes moved, two beams of golden light shot towards the Pole Star palace and startled the Supreme Heavenly Sage, the Greatly Compassionate Jade Emperor of the Azure Vault of Heaven, who was sitting surrounded by his immortal ministers on his throne in the Hall of Miraculous Mist in the Golden-gated Cloud Palace. When he saw the dazzling golden light he ordered Thousand-mile Eye and Wind-accompanying Ear to open the Southern Gate of Heaven and take a look. The two officers went out through the gate in obedience to the imperial command, and while one observed what was going on the other listened carefully. Soon afterwards they reported back:

“In obedience to the Imperial Mandate your subjects observed and listened to the source of the golden light. We found that at the edge of the country of Aolai, which is East of the ocean belonging to the Eastern Continent of Superior Body, there is an island called the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. A magic stone on the top of this mountain produced a magic egg, and when the wind blew on this egg it turned into a stone monkey which bowed to each of the four quarters. When he moved his eyes, golden light shot towards the Pole Star Palace; but now that he is eating and drinking, the golden light is gradually dying.”

In his benevolence and mercy the Jade Emperor said, “Creatures down below are born of the essence of heaven and earth: there is nothing remarkable about him.” Even when he was born, The Jade Emperor looked to him as nothing more then a simple animal. Worthy of no note or admiration.

Soon the Monkey was able to run, and jump. Growing, he made friends with the wolf's, with the birds, and with the monkey's. One day, when the monkey's played, they wondered where the rivers source was. So a challenge was issued. “If anyone is clever enough to go through the fall, find the source, and come out in one piece, let's make him our king.” When this challenge had been shouted three times, the stone monkey leaps out from the crowd and answered at the top of his voice, “I'll go, I'll go.”

He shuts his eyes, crouches, and springs, leaping straight into the waterfall. When he opened his eyes and raised his head to look round, he saw neither water nor waves. A bridge stood in front of him, as large as life. He stopped, calmed himself, took a closer look, and saw that the bridge was made of iron. The water that rushed under it poured out through a fissure in the rocks, screening the gateway to the bridge. He started walking towards the bridge, and as he looked he made out what seemed to be a house. It was a really good place. The other monkeys were all so delighted to hear this that they said, “You go first and take us with you.”

The stone monkey shut his eyes, crouched, and leapt in again, shouting, “Follow me in, follow me in.” The braver monkeys all jumped through. The more timid ones peered forward, shrank back, rubbed their ears, scratched their cheeks, shouted, and yelled at the top of their voices, before going in, all clinging to each other. After rushing across the bridge they all grabbed plates and snatched bowls, bagged stoves and fought over beds, and moved everything around. Monkeys are born naughty and they could not keep quiet for a single moment until they had worn themselves out moving things around.

The stone monkey sat himself in the main seat and said, “Gentlemen, A man who breaks his word is worthless. Just now you said that if anyone was clever enough to come in here and get out again in one piece, you'd make him king. Well, then. I've come in and gone out, and gone out and come in. I've found you gentlemen a cave heaven where you can sleep in peace and all settle down to live in bliss. Why haven't you made me king?” On hearing this all the monkeys bowed and prostrated themselves, not daring to disobey. Hence forth, he was Sun Wukong the Monkey King.

As an adult he did many things. Becoming a master of ancient arts of combat. Being bestowed a magic weapon of his choice from the great dragon Ao Guang. Stripping his name from the book of life and death, as to never die. He was a man true to a monkeys nature, naughty and mischievous. And though he had accomplished much in the East. It was a Journey to The West which sealed his name in history. The Jade Emperor, could not deny his incredible feats. And as to keep Sun from further mischief, The Jade Emperor offered him a title. Though soon Sun discovered his title was nothing more then a bribe. And meant very little, his place in the heavens being not much better then a common stable boy. His pride hurt, and in out rage, Sun proclaimed war on the heavens. Dubbing himself "Great Sage Equal of Heaven!" . With the great Monkey King out of hand. The Jade Emperor had Sun captured and imprisoned in a hole on the earth. A great metal cage surounding him. With nothing more then a roof to see the outside world.

For much time, he was imprisoned. Until a simple monk came to him, and asked for his word to help the monk Xuanzang in a journey to the west. Sun accepted, but as the Monk released Sun. He placed a crown upon Sun's forehead. The crown was a gift from the Bhudha. One which made it so that Sun must obey Xuanzang's commands. Sun, pleased with the wisdom in keeping a Monkey on his Leash. Accompanied Xuanzang on his pilgrimage, and among allies Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing they faced many challenges. Demons, and supernatural beings. Bandit's, assassins and thief's. Sun effectively becoming Xuanzang's bodyguard, the monk allowing Sun to use his heavenly powers to do so.  After their eighty one trials were over, and the ancient scriptures were retrieved. Sun had earned his freedom and for his courageous deeds during the journey, had achieved Bhudhahood.

Gods I can play: I want to play Sun, but other Gods I am willing to play are Anhur, Ares. Maybe Thor or Loki.

You can play any character you want, as long as she is a god from some kind of Pantheon in mythology. She does not have to be in the game. But female gods that I have particular interest in include: Neith Weaver of Fate, Bastet Goddess of Cat's and Sensuality, Serquet Goddess of poison, Athena Goddess of wisdom, Aphrodite Goddess of Beauty, Awilix Mayan Goddess of the Moon, Kali Hindu Goddess of Death Womanhood and motherhood, Nu Wa Chinese guardian of heaven and earth as well as the creator of mankind, Change Chinese immortal and goddess of the moon.
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