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Author Topic: Ron Don Volante's Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Roleplays!  (Read 2282 times)

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First off, these stories are based much more on the books of Song of Ice and Fire and not on the TV show. This includes background information gleaned from short stories (The Dunk and Egg short stories and The Princess and The Queen) as well as world books (World of Ice and Fire). Some of these plots basically require a good knowledge of Westeros canon for full enjoyment (basically all the Targaryen ones). The others can be satisfied with a thorough explanation by me or wiki but having a deep knowledge of Westeros isn't required.

Second, I’ve been a huge fan of Song of Ice and Fire since 2001 and I’ve read the series about four times (not counting the latest book). I’m such a huge fan, in fact, that I’ve built a number of possible scenarios in my mind. So many that I decided it would be better to put it all in one thread. These first ideas lean much more towards the erotic side of things so they’ll be going up first!

Third, these proposals are around one (maybe two or three in the case of the Targaryen ideas) characters being played by you while I would control the rest (basically a GM). We can do it via system (either the old D20 RPG or the newer Green Ronin RPG) or free form. However, if a side character, or potential character you’d like to make up and add to the mix, is really sparking your interest there’s no reason we can’t make him or her your main character. Like in all of my roleplay proposals I’m nothing if not flexible.

Aegon the Conqueror - A tale of how the Seven Kingdoms were united under the last noble line of Valyria, the Targaryens. Not long after the Conquest, Aegon, First of His Name, has to now fully control his court as he does Westeros which won't be easy with his two wives who, Valyrian tradition, are also his wives.

The Lord, the Lady, and the Bastard Daughter - A tale of a talented but unscrupulous nobleman in the Reach has ruled a land by bethrothing himself to the young trueborn daughter of the former lord while taking as mistress the former lord's  beautiful and cruel bastard daughter. With his immense wealth and great power, the Lord has spoiled his mistress with dresses and jewelry and allowed her to do as she likes with the castle full of people who had tormented her for years while indulging in all manners of sordid love affairs himself. But now his betrothed has turned sixteen, an age where she is at last prepared to be wedded, and has been plotting a way to take her new husband away from her bastard half sister by any means necessary...

The Reaper, the Rock Wife, and the Salt Wife - A tale of a reaving Ironborn descending upon and looting a holdfast in the Green Lands (Westeros) and finding a beautiful, but defiant, woman. The ironborn carries his prize back to the Iron Islands as a salt wife, a sex slave in all but name, to his true ironborn rock wife for the two to enjoy together.

The Tale of the Black Swan - A tale of how a Westerosi noblewoman became trapped in the decadent Free City of Lys where she went from brothel madame, to courtesan, to diplomat, to ruler.

The Rogue Prince and The Realm's Delight - A tale of incest and depravity wherein the beautiful young Targaryen Princess begins an affair with her older but famed and dashing uncle recently returned to King's Landing with the hope of learning on how to go from pretty girl to The Delight of the Realm.
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Re: Wisdomcube's Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Roleplays!
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2015, 06:05:46 PM »
The Conquest of Westeros

It has been a year since the Conquest of Westeros began and Aegon Targaryen, First of His Name, and his two sister/queens Rhaenys and Visenya, have returned to the new capital of King’s Landing on the backs of their magnificent dragons. The hard fought and bloody campaign has finally ended and now the much more contentious business of running the new empire begins.

Aegon I sits upon the Iron Forge, still hot from the melted swords of his former enemies. The burgeoning palace that would become, years later, The Red Keep is filled with “guests” (read “hostages”) from six different kingdoms, all come together in one place with their new ruler. Things are hardly stable, however. There are rebellions everywhere throughout the newly forged kingdom and with dozens of hostages from as many lands, all with their own grudges between one another, the Aegonfort and Dragonstone hold a massive amount of danger and intrigue.

On a personal level, Aegon The Conqueror has a unique (to Westeros) situation in his bed chambers. He not only shares it with two wives but with his two sisters: His elder sister/queen Visenya and his younger sister/queen Rhaenys.

Despite sharing the same hair and eye color and the same power of dragons, Aegon’s queens could not be more different. Visenya is stern, sensual, volumptious, and passionate, but with a dark and unforgiving side. More comfortable in ringmail than in silk, she has a harsh beauty and is very much the warrior both in dress, temperament and skill.

Rhaenys, on the other hand, is slender and graceful, being known for playfulness and curiosity. More the diplomat and more typical lady than her sister, Rhaenys is generally known to be the favorite of Aegon in the bedroom.

As for the Conqueror himself, Aegon looks every inch a king, and more than a few maidens and ladies at court are eager to curry favor. Additionally, in between all the burdensome business of running his kingdom, there are occasions where he’d prefer both his queens and perhaps one of the other ladies at court in his bedchambers…


This game has many possibilities. Complex politics, danger at every turn, incest, polygamy, and kinky sex with any number of noble women willing to do anything to advance the cause of their House. While these sexcapades aren’t canon, there’s no reason we can’t make it! YC can be any of the three Targaryens (Aegon, Rhaenys, or Visenya) or, if you like, another member of the court. If this interests you, have no fear, because I have specific intrigues and ideas out the wazoo!
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Re: Wisdomcube's Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Roleplays!
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2015, 10:27:27 PM »
Lust, Wealth, and Power

This scenario is set nearly one hundred years before the events of Game of Thrones and two years before the events of The Hedge Knight in the Reach fiefdom of The Uplands. Six years prior, the former Lord Whalter Mullendore died in battle fighting against bandits leaving behind his wife Miya  and  a ten year old daughter Lyanna and no immediate male heirs. Ser Alyster Rowan, fourth son of the powerful House Rowan, through connections of his powerful father as well as many favors gained during his years in Oldtown, manages to secure his engagement of the young Lyanna Mullendore and, through her, Lordship over The Uplands in all but name. In an unfortunate incident, Miya dies complaining of severe stomach pains not long after Alyster’s arrival.

Despite the whispers about the convenience of Miya’s death, as she and Alyster butted heads almost immediately, Alyster is easily able to secure power through his recent marriage contract. He quickly uses incredible acumen to turn the Uplands into an economic powerhouse. The increased tax revenue leads the Lord of Oldtown, Alyster’s liege lord, to gleefully ignore not only the suspicions of Lady Miya’s death but all the sordid details of Alyster’s court, namely his sordid and public relationship with Desmera Flowers.
The beautiful bastard daughter of Lord Mullendore and  the daughter of a traveling Lyseni merchant prince, Desmera was treated shabbily by her father, as she was a reminder of his great shame from his youth, but was also tormented by her father’s wife and most of the castle staff. Desmera learned to nurse her hatred…and to protect herself against those of less savory tastes. It isn't until the arrival of Ser Alyster that Desmera saw her way out. Quickly warming up to the clever but lustful lord, she becomes the Lady of Uplands in all but name. Alyster’s growing wealth is used to buy Desmera any number of dresses and jewelry but, more importantly, she uses her position to dominate her former tormentors in increasingly cruel and oppressive fashion until she is far worse than any had ever been to her. Her revenge goes beyond mere humiliation as it seems she grows a hot sadistic streak to her punishments of the castle retainers.

Alyster is a brilliant man but a womanizer through and through (similar to Robert Baratheon) but his years with Desmera and his fabulous wealth turns him into a truly decadent man. As for Desmera, she might be called a domme in the parlance of our times. She is sadistic, wanton, and often unnecessarily cruel especially when it turns out that Alyster enjoys watching her deliver punishment as much as she enjoys performing it. She deeply resents the fact that she has to be "put away" when company arrives and that there is no chance she can marry her lover. It doesn't help that Desmera is constantly fantasizing that Alyster will one day loot the treasury and the two would run off to her birth city of Lys to purchase a slave brothel where they live out the rest of their days.

Such an arrangement might last forever, given Alyster’s boost to the local economy and complete corruption of most of Upland’s power players, except for Alyster’s former betrothed, and about to be newly wed, wife. Despite his propensity to unrestrained lust, Alyster has been nothing but pure kindness and love for Lyanna. If anything, Alyster thought of her as more of a daughter. However, lonely Lyanna often found herself competing with her beautiful, ostentatious, and often viciously cruel bastard half-sister for her surrogate father’s attention. Additionally Alyster’s love for the parade of other maidens (and sometimes high cost whores as well) has all made an impression on Lyanna, turning her into quite the seductress at age sixteen. For six years, the young Lady has been prepping for her sixteenth birthday and subsequent wedding and bedding with her future husband by learning everything she could about how best to please a man in the bedroom, no matter what his proclivities may be. Although outwardly sweet and charming, Lyanna is secretly a cunning manipulator and wishes to do whatever she can to make her new husband, and liege lord, want her over her bastard half-sister. Even if she has to resort to ribald sex, backstabbing politics, or violence…

This game DOES NOT require a thorough knowledge of Westeros

This is a scenario existing entirely of my own creation. More details include the staff of the castle, details on how Alyster makes his fortune, as well as the overall political situation in both the Reach and the rest of Westeros at this time.  The competition between the two sisters is an interesting aspect I’d love to explore and the possibility of incest between them would be an amazing addition. Also, while these three characters are the focus (Alyster, Desmera, and Lyanna) the overall scenario is flexible enough to eliminate one of the women or perhaps to introduce another one. Obviously, Alyster, Desmera, and Lyanna are the candidates for YC but if you have other ideas, I’d love to see them! One possibility is to eliminate Lyanna or Desmera if you want the focus to remain on the Lord and just one of the women.
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Re: Wisdomcube's Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Roleplays!
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2015, 11:00:19 AM »
Paying the Iron Price for pleasure

It is the year 211 AC, the year after the Great Spring Sickness has devastated much of Westeros, particularly King’s Landing and House Targaryen itself. After a rash of deaths, Aerys I sits the throne and is more wont to take book to bed than his wife. To make matters worse, both he and his (allegedly) sorcerous Hand, Bloodraven are more concerned with the east where the usurpers of House Blackfyre remain across the Narrow Sea to finish what Daemon Blackfyre had begun years earlier.

In the west, however, Lord Dagon Greyjoy has seized power in the Iron Islands banishing his nephew and calling upon all true Ironborn lords and captains to take their right to Reap the Green Lands like the ironborn of old. Although many Ironborn stay loyal enough go with Dagon to make the fear of the Iron Island grow in the hearts of the Westerosi once more.

Among his strongest supports is his brother Bryan Greyjoy, captain of the Golden Reaper, and an experienced raider. Tasked with reaping the Lannister dominion of Fair Isle, Bryan leads a devastating attack on a holdfast of the island belonging to House Cliffton, a minor house of landed knights on Fair Isle. It is ion the small castle where he discovers the beautiful Melany the third daughter of Ser Hector Cliffton.

Melany is defiant against Bryan even attempting to attack him and his men with a dagger after they break into her chambers. Bryan carries her back to the Iron Islands with the intent to ransom her, especially since he is secretly impressed with her courage and tenacity, but Dagon demands that he keep with the Old Way instead. With the encouragement of his wife Lenore, famed though out the Iron Islands as The Beauty of Blacktyde, he makes the still intransient Melany as his ‘salt wife’: a concubine and thrall whose purpose is to serve both him and his ‘rock wife’ however they demand it.

This game DOES NOT require a thorough knowledge of Westeros

As could be expected, this game is very heavy on non-con as the salt wives are more or less glorified bed slaves and the ironborn are not gentle in any of their mannerisms, including sex. As a salt wife Melany is forced to service both Bryan and Lenore and, likely, any other servants or additional salt wives Bryan may have or acquire. She may even accompany Bryan at sea.

Additionally, the extremely violent nature of the ironborn gives us the opportunity to explore combat and raiding which would get dark but I’m completely up for a rp including more than a bit of raping and pillaging. There is also something resembling a civil war in the Iron Islands as there are still significant forces loyal to the Iron Throne’s decrees. YC could be Bryan, Melany, or Lenore or you could control multiple.

Alternatively, you could play another character such as Bryan’s sixteen year old son Torwyn who may be the one who actually takes Melany as a salt wife. Also, as conceived Bryan and Lenore are in their early 40s but they could also be younger (in their mid to late 20s) as well. As usual, I’m nothing if not flexible!
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Re: Wisdomcube's Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Roleplays!
« Reply #4 on: January 30, 2015, 05:28:55 PM »
Beauty and cruelty in the lascivious Free City of Lys

In 96 AC, the trio of southern Free Cities Myr, Tyrosh, and Lys formed a great alliance, known on Westeros as The Kingdom of the Three Daughters (or Kingdom of Three Whores in less pleasant company) to rid the Stepstones of its plague of pirates. At first the Iron Throne, under the rule of Jaehaerys The Conciliator, applauded the move but when the Three Daughters’ “protectors” began to seize Westerosi ships and demand even higher payment than the previous pirates, things grew problematic quickly. In particular, the Lyseni, famed throughout the world for their pillow houses and bed slaves, began enslaving women, girls, and comely boys. And, in 100 AC, one of those girls was Lady Johanna Swann, niece to the Lord of Stonehelm.

Brought to the feet of Tregar Ormollen, a powerful merchant prince that traded primarily in bed slaves, frightened seventeen year old Johanna was promised to be treated as a guest of honor but her uncle, who was never close to Johanna’s deceased father, refused to pay and Johanna would remain in Lys.

Tregar Ormollen could have easily sold his captive as a bed slave, for which he would have received a great price, but instead decided the young Johanna was worth a greater investment. Instead, he had her sent to apprentice under The Starling, one of Lys’s most renowned courtesans and the owner of The Sweetest Kiss, one of Lys’s most elite, and also most infamously cruel, pillow houses.
Under The Starling’s tutelage, Johanna took a number of positions that would have been unthinkable as a Westerosi noblewoman: first a courtesan’s apprentice, then The Sweetest Kiss’ disciplinarian, then its madame, then a courtsean in her own right.

Soon The Black Swan of the Sunset Kingdoms, as Johanna came to be known, was one of Lys’ most wealthy and famous, and infamous, courtesans: cultured, beautiful, and as skilled in the bedchamber as she was with the whip and other instruments. It was said that while other courtesans could make a man finish with their eyes, The Black Swan could do it with the way she danced with the lash.

While the Black Swan’s fame increased as did the fortunes of The Three Daughters and Johanna’s former captor and patron was now a member of the Triarch: the thirty three lords that ran the alliance. By this time, Tregar’s wife had passed and his mind was slipping but his vast wealth and many friends were still his. In a rare moment of lucidity, Tregar called Johanna back to his manse where he discussed making Johanna his wife so she could continue ruling in his stead should he lose his mind or die.

Naturally, Johanna accepted and took her husband’s seat on the Triarch manipulating many an admiral, general, and lord as she had before. After Tregar’s eventual death, her power increased until to the shock of all, the former Westerosi cast off and potential bed slave, became the ruler of Lys in all but name.

This game DOES NOT require a thorough knowledge of Westeros

Lys is a Free City where slaves out number freemen three to one and where beauty reigns. The chief religion is to a love goddess whose wanton and naked figure graces Lyseni currency. The people are lascivious and colorful compared to drab Westeros and nobody thinks twice of multiple concubines being kept by wealthy men or for shocking displays of dominant sexual acts. In other words, the perfect place to set a sexy Song of Ice and Fire inspired roleplay!

Johanna Swann, ie the Black Swan, is, at times, an apprentice, a Lyseni version of a dominatrix, a grand courtesan, and, later, a seductive and charming diplomat and ruler, she is a pretty open book for anybody to play her as. My idea is that you would either play her during any part of her career (and, if you don’t see something you see in there you like, we can easily change it around) or YC is close to her. Perhaps a personal slave, her mentor, a victim of her charms (either a lord paying for her company or one on the Triarch) or someone else entirely. As usual I’m extremely interested in any twists, ideas, or modifications!
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Re: Wisdomcube's Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Roleplays!
« Reply #5 on: February 15, 2015, 08:58:26 AM »
The Hedonism of the Dragons

The conflict that would explode into a devastating civil war that would cost the world all of its remaining dragons and would plunge an entire realm into a bath of Fire and Blood, began with a beautiful girl in love with two men. A sordid tale of lust, incest, betrayal, depravity, hedonism, and secrets in the Royal Court of House Targaryen… 

The tale began in earnest in 111 After the Conquest during the reign of King Viserys I who inherited and has maintained a wealthy, peaceful, and prosperous Westeros from his grandfather Jaeherys The Conciliator. The only child of his first marriage to, the now deceased, Aemma Arryn is the beautiful sixteen year old Rhaenyra. Known as The Realm’s Delight, Rhaenyra has charmed half the lords of the Realm and had the other half begging for her hand in marriage. After her two one old brother died following her mother, Viserys, in defiance to tradition, named Rhaenyra his heir and granted her the title of Princess of Dragonstone.

Conflict between Rhaneyra and her father’s second wife, Queen Alicent Hightower, quickly arose as Rhaenyra after Alicent bore two sons herself but Viserys continued to insist on Rhaenyra’s rights. Complicating things was Ser Criston Cole, member of the illustrious Kingsguard, who had eyes for the legendary gorgeous Rhaenyra despite all his vows of chastity and protection. Ser Criston kept true to those vows, however, and Rhaenyra looked for ways to seduce Criston into her bed as a woman rather than a shy young maid.

That way would come with the arrival of Rhaenyra’s uncle, Viserys’ younger brother Daemon. Appropriately called The Rogue Prince, Prince Daemon Targaryen has done everything from indulging in the basest offerings King’s Landing has to offer while Commander of the City Watch, to serving numerous positons on his brother’s Small Coucil, to warring with the Free Cities in the Stepstones with the help of his dragon Caraxes and crowning himself King of the Narrow Sea and the Stepstones.

Daemon has finally returned to Viserys’ court reconciling with her brother and taking his old spot on the Small Council. A living legend who cuts a remarkable figure he, like others, is not immune to his niece’s charms or vice versa. The two begin a sordid affair with one another although later observers question whether Daemon seduced his niece or Rhaenyra used her uncle to learn how to seduce her own real love, her sworn shield and knight of the Kingsguard Criston Cole. And all the while, Viserys’ new wife Allicent looks for any opening to depose her stepdaughter and put her own sons on the Iron Throne…

This game requires a deep love of the Song of Ice and Fire canon and either basic knowledge of the Dance of Dragons or a willingness to read a bit about it!

So this tale, as put forth in The Rogue Prince and The World of Ice and Fire, has it all: an older man seducing a younger manipulative woman, incest, betrayal, a love triangle, a jealous step mother, a dashing anti-hero, a depraved royal court and not to mention dragons, magic, and Westeros!

Rhaenyra and Daemon are portrayed as decadent figures who often take what they want despite the consequences. This is especially true of Daemon whose fierce independent streak is at odds with his brilliance and love of his brother. For her part, Rhaenyra is clearly a privileged person thanks to her doting father, and will take whatever she wishes: whether it be her stunning uncle or her childhood crush, Ser Criston Cole.

There are two tellings of this particular tale: one where Daemon seduces his beautiful niece and the two begin their secret hedonistic love affair. The other is where Daemon “teaches” his niece how to seduce and please a man but Rhaenyra remained a virgin with the intention to losing her maidenhead to her beloved Ser Criston.

I’m looking for someone to play either Rhaenyra or Daemon but Ser Criston is a possibility as well. As mentioned, although the focus doesn’t have to be on the heavy court intrigue and I’d like to concentrate more on the depraved sex between Rhaenyra and Daemon (who could bring other courtiers into their bed to enhance their “lessons” on love making) we can add a healthy dose of court intrigue as well if you like! As always I’m very open to suggestions! 
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Re: Wisdomcube's Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Roleplays!
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Re: Wisdomcube's Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Roleplays!
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Re: Wisdomcube's Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Roleplays!
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In the name of R'hllor I give this thread the Last Kiss and bring back its life fire! :D

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Re: Ron Don Volante's Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Roleplays!
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