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January 17, 2018, 02:31:59 PM

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Author Topic: Cheating a Little (MFF)  (Read 404 times)

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Cheating a Little (MFF)
« on: January 04, 2015, 03:53:37 PM »
So I've been trying to entice one of my favorite partners to start writing posts with me. He's very much a yahoo guy and really fun. That's neither here nor there though.

See I think he may bail on me and so I'm looking for someone else that may be interested. The basic premise is a couple has cooled off in the bedroom since they've had kids. They have a babysitter though, and the mom has decided she's into the idea of having her dear sweet hubby well... Do what men do.

I'd love to hear some other ideas for this story, and we can dive pretty far down the rabbit hole.

Here's what the first post looks like:

The Couple and the Babysitter
It certainly wasn't out of any lack of love between them. Stacy loved Victor, and she knew that he loved her. It's just... Well the spark had died down some. They had two beautiful children together, both had good jobs, a nice house on a cul-de-sac. A happy and fruitful marriage. But she was 35, and working and chasing around two kids under five, well there was a real lack of sexiness to it. Not that it wasn't fulfilling, she just didn't feel desirable.

Which she was, for her age and having had children, Stacy still had it. She knew it was in her head; sure the girls hung a little more than bounced these days, and her tummy showed the marks of motherhood. But her coworkers remarked about how well her figure was considering, and she was still a bright eyed blonde. Still...Stacy just didn't feel sexy, and of course that cut into Victor's life a little. And Stace being the loving wife, well that hurt.

She tried though, sexy underwear and special occasions. Blowjobs just because; but over the last couple of years it had been a downward spiral in the bedroom, a self-perpetuating cycle, until it wasn't just she didn't feel sexy and hot anymore, but even Vic started to show. On he was sweet and loving and caring, but his big package couldn't hide it; he wasn't as hard, or as often. They were turning into that couple that loved each other but didn't really have the fire, like they had as newlyweds.

After Jaylen, her younger son, was born they had started paying a ton for childcare. Stacy liked to work though, even if it basically just paid for people to take care of her kids. So daycare during the day, and babysitters at night. It was a big help just to have them there even if she was home too. Two little boys and her grown boy of a husband was a lot of work! To keep the cost down they just used local girls, daughters of coworkers or girls from their neighborhood.

Vic definitely didn't seem to mind. He was always flirting with them, and Stacy knew her husband well enough to know when he was looking. Like really looking.

Some wives would have been mad. But Stacy knew the man she married, and part of it was his virility, his eagerness and the way he adored women. He was very much a man and she wouldn't have him any other way. Not to mention they were cuties, high school girls usually, but bubbly and running around in their little high school girl clothes. If Vic had not been looking she might have worried!

There was something else though, after the girls started working around the house she noticed a pick up in her husband's step. Especially in the bedroom. She was a little hurt of course, but they were all young and lithe and perky and she was just a mom and wife. A sweet loving wife who instead of comforting him started playing along. At first she would whisper stuff about the girls here and there when they made love, but after a while she got more bold. Little vignettes and fantasies as she stroked his rigid member in their bed, and he was as hard as when they had first married. "Little cheerleader sucking your cock," she'd whisper and jerk, or "Allison is a gymnast, think how good those little legs would feel wrapped around you. Tight little virgin all for you," and gosh it was bad but fun.

And as she talked she pictured it herself, and she would get turned on too. Thinking of her big and strong husband with those little teen girls. SOOO bad, but for the first time in a long while she felt hot herself. So she decided she should take it a little further, make it real.