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Author Topic: Openly seeking partners| LeSane's search thread|  (Read 802 times)

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Openly seeking partners| LeSane's search thread|
« on: January 04, 2015, 03:56:54 am »
    Hello and thank you for the privilege knowing you've read my small search thread. I have a few ideas which I'd be more than happy to play with whomever is interested. Though for now I have a total of three ideas which I'm craving quite badly as of late, and it seems that no matter how much I searched there hasn't been someone looking for the same thing so I decided that I should make a thread in the hopes of generating enough attention. Unlike most any prior attempts I'm only selecting a person who I feel can do all three things.

Please private message me if you are interested. I'll be adding more in the next day or so...
Also my On's/Off's are a bit out of date so if you have a question concerning it please ask.

  • Communication with me involving plot and general talk. I feel that if I can't talk to you as a person without the weight of the roleplay lumming over head twenty-four seven. I know some people feel uncomfortable with it, but thats just me.
  • Easy-going in all of its forms... If I haven't replied in a couple of hours or a day without giving some kind of for mention of my whereabouts then its fine, but asking every couple of minutes gets strenuous on me mentally.
  • Able to write in quality not quantity. The most I will ask is at least two paragraphs of text. I'm not asking for the highest caliber of work, but each and every time. Just give me something I can enjoy and I'll do the same.

    Anyway to the topic of hand. The three are focused around mangas which I've been following for quite some time, and even had the pleasure of seeing them to the very end. These are just place holder ideas, and can be modified to both myself and the partner who's come to me asking. I do not wish to change the core idea to the point that it doesn't resemble it anymore.

Nana to Kaoru
Kaoru Sugimura is a virgin who has an SM fetish. He secretly dreams about an SM relationship with his childhood friend Nana Chigusa. One day Kaoru's mom asks Nana to hide all his SM toys so he'll study for a change. However, Nana finds the leather one-piece that Kaoru bought and tries it on, but she accidentally locks it and doesn't have the key! The beginning of a super strange relationship between the two.

Staple Male character from book...
 A xx year-old student how lives with his mother, a single parent. He is a self-confessed virgin and his only hobby is SM (Sadomasochism), which he engages in by purchasing sex toys, rope for shibari bondage and fetish outfits that are designed to fit his next door neighbor and childhood friend. Male character slowly gets his understanding of SM and the Dominant/submissive relationship.

Staple Female Character from book...
Tall and beautiful, she is at the top her class and is admired by her peers, friend and most who know her.  Nana is the vice-president of the student council, However she places herself under excessive stress trying to maintain her top grades, and meet her club and student council obligations.  One of her teachers recommends that she take "breathers" to help relieve her stress. Although initially mortified by the experience, she finds that it in fact relieved her of the stress she had been under, and allowed her to perform far better in class than she has in a long time.  This one encounter brings her to ask him to assist her with more "breathers" and thus begins an S&M relationship between the two.

Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou
Three years ago, the world came to know of the existence of humanoid beast creatures after the government decided to stop hiding their existence from the world. It was decided that they would be integrated into human society, and thus the "Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill" was created. Since then, the cultural exchange program became a huge success helping many species integrate into human society. Kurusu Kimihito is a volunteer (?) in this exchange program who has been given a Lamia (Snake Girl) named Miia to take care of. After spending some time together, Miia has fallen in love with Kurusu, which isn't a bad thing per-say. However, there is a stipulation in the exchange program that prohibits interbreeding between humans and beast creatures. Violating this law results in a severe punishment for the human. Will Kurusu be able to resist Miia's advances and keep himself out of trouble?

Can fall the same premiss though the tale of this story does not need to be the same. I am not looking for a harem like roleplay, though if that is something that you wish to try we can work out the kinks together in order to fulfill it.

Nozoki Ana
Follows the life and loves of art student Tatsuhiko Kido. After moving to Tokyo to attend art school, he discovers a hole in the wall of his apartment through which he has a view of the neighboring apartment. When he looks through it he sees his beautiful neighbor, Emiru Ikuno, masturbating. When he goes next door to tell her about the hole, she lets him into the apartment. Unfortunately for him, he trips, falls, and ends up on top of her. Emiri snaps a photo of them in this awkward position and insists that she will only erase the picture if he leaves the hole and allows her to peep on him. But she isn't selfish he may peep on her too. This begins a life of the two of them "peeping" on each other. The rest of the story follows Kido through his sexual relationships and his everyday life while he copes with being both peeped on and encouraged to peep on his neighbor.
As her hand wrapped around his second phallic Kha'Zix gritted his teeth as her delicate touch causing him to synch up his thrust along with Nadira's strokes to double his pleasure. His mind was drawing searing hot as the sensations drowned out his thoughts reverting them to a state of mind where the feral daemons only thoughts are simply: fight, flight, or mate. The only thing on his mind was to breed the now deflowered Succubus, and fill her with ample amounts of his demonic seed. Even if his Lord was furious at his brash actions made it all worth while. The taste of the milk she produced was bewildering to say the least. He hadn't expected she was able when they first started, but it matter little now as he greedily drunk from her breast as if a newborn switch from one to the other with a wet pop. A low hissing came from the depths of his throat before his fangs sunk into alabaster flesh.
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