The wayward necron lord and the Inquisitor [Closed]

Started by Sain, January 03, 2015, 06:26:07 PM

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First off I'll apology to those drawn here while not familiar with the WH40k universe. This game might not be for you, because while I'd love to introduce new people to the setting I want someone for this game who can help us pull off an authentic WH40k feeling.

So onto the business my crave to RP a necron with the new fluff has been deepening after I came upon this particular picture and now just had to put it into words so here we go. I know that to some people who strongly support the older lore this might sound as blasphemy, but hey what is WH40K if not a collection of non canon fiction?

Here's the premise I had planned. I kept it as bare bones as possible to allow us for some setting building before the game.

<- Picture would be just his preferred form, the necron lord could naturally assume any kind of fleshly disguise on top of his bones using some sophisticated necron technology.

A rogue necron lord, sir El Draco’s private vessel is stopped in deep space by the fleet of inquisitor [INSERT NAME HERE] She/he (I'll just use she from now on but don't really care either way for what gender the inquisitor is) and her best board the small necron cruiser and train their whole mighty arsenal at the necron lord. He surrenders with exceptional grace and is taken captive into questioning which will include every manner of torture the inquisition can imagine on might work on a being of living metal. In the end the necron lord grows fond of his torturer [INSERT THE INQUISITOR’s NAME HERE] and decides to kidnap her.

The tables turn, necron lord had it under control all the time and escapes the inquisitor’s fleet with a meticulously detailed ruse while keeping the inquisitor as hostage. He keeps her around as a pet while trying to treat her well (but probably misunderstands some crucial details about human psychology and ends up being quite abusive). In the end the necron lord tries to pull all his contacts for a favour to arrange for the inquisitor to be upgraded with a body of necrodermis and turned into his eternal companion. I want to keep the possibilities of what happens then quite open as it would depend on luck and their relationship. Perhaps the inquisitor will try to escape, maybe she is let go as part of some twisted game, or maybe she accepts the new unlife? Really too many options to predict without even having both characters done :D

I should add that this would for the sake of staying in the setting be quite extreme in theme, but I guess anyone familiar with WH40k should have guessed as much by now.
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