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Author Topic: A Dragon's Lair ~ Enter if you dare~ (M for F random ideas) OPEN =D  (Read 621 times)

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Welcome to the Dragon's Lair, where I gather many of my 1X1 ideas into 1 thread. Here, you will find anything under my role-playing repertoire that I am comfortable with and enjoy roleplaying.
*This page is subject to change, as I will update it as more ideas come...

Mainly separated into 3 different sections, you will find both a list of, shall we say, generic selection of pairings, a section where more developed ideas may appear as well as a Character Repertoire where one ca find examples of characters I enjoy to play and/or would like to play. These will often be under spoilers and give you a summarily idea of what the idea consists, accompanied by a convenient title. I am also usually very open to ideas from others, and these may simply be used as building blocks to our story.

Before going too far, I believe that giving a good idea of what I want to expect is best. I am very literate and some can fail to meet my standards. I may be very interested if you are able to keep up with a standard of 3-4 paragraphs in past tense, 3rd person, along with near perfect grammar. I let by a few typos or weird sentencing here and there, I do them myself sometimes, but if I see a general lack of good grammar, I lose interest. I seek originality and passion to the character, first and foremost. With that said, I tend to prefer lengthy posts to work with. I enjoy quality as well, and I do try to polish my writing whenever I can. I'm not always perfect, and there are times where my spelling does go wonky. I often attribute it to being tired or distracted by my 2-year-old, so bare with me. Dont be shy to politely point out my spelling, I will usually go correct it. The only limitation I try to place to myself is that I don't play canon characters. I dont feel comfortable playing someone else's character, whether it may be a creation of a fellow player or from the universe he comes from, plain and simple. I am someone who likes to work with furries/anthros when the opportunity arises, though I generally RP a Human or a Dragon, and RP's with mystical powers or some form of fantasy story where people find themselves with magic or abilities are my favorite kind. In terms of dominance, I am a switch (I can work by submissive or dominant, but my dominant isnt the best, I will admit) with a preference for dominant women, but being a switch, I work with whatever I get. I have a personal preference to stay away from non-consensual approaches with relationships, I rather warn than disappoint. It makes me feel more conflicted than anything.

*Due to recent issues with computer availability, my roleplay time has been greatly shortened. I AM interested in a LIMITED amount of 1x1 RP's with less demand/expectation for early replies. A post or 2 a week could even be something to be expected on my part, and that until I am able to either fix my laptop or get a whole new computer...

Without further ado, here's the start of my ideas; notably the generic list first, followed by the more explained ideas. Anything marked with a * means that I'm seeking someone to play these more than the others.


Here's a good idea of any fandom or universe that I am familiar with and open to Roleplay.
One Piece
Fairy Tail *
Log Horizon
Rosario + Vampire
Avatar The Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra
How To Train Your Dragon
Sword Art Online
Full Metal Alchemist
Monster Hunter (Tri Ultimate is the one I'm familiar with )
Is It Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?! *
Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn
Steven Universe

Generic Pairings:

Medieval World

Prince X Commoner
Commoner X Princess
Knight X Knight
Knight X Princess
Knight X Commoner
Knight X Mage
Mage X Princess
Mage X Mage
Mage X Knight
Prince X Mage
Dragon X Mage
Dragon X Dragon
Dragon X Knight


Bounty Hunter X Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter X Outlaw
Outlaw X Bounty Hunter
Mercenary X Mercenary
Inventor X Bounty Hunter/outlaw/bad-ass assistant (looking for a more dominant girl to help a sub male inventor)

More to come....
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Offline SweetRevengeTopic starter

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Plot Ideas:

Mostly ideas that have either been created purely from my mind or base itself off from a franchise, they can be long and detailed descriptions of what I'm looking for OR they may just be a few little paragraphs to give a vague idea and build off from it afterwards. The choice is yours!

P.S. The asterisk-marks-in-demand thing still applies here too ;)

The Chosen Ones
+ The Chosen Ones +
The main concept of this rp is that humanity is about to evolve to it's next stage, and the Chosen Ones are the first to exhibit the next big step to evolution. There was always a saying that everyone was unique in their own way. This took a whole new meaning, when individuals began to find themselves doing things nobody thought possible. They began to have powers. These powers were different with every individual, and though some abilities were more commonly shared like inhumane reflexes, strength or even speed, what remained unique was the combo of abilities. There were rumors of super-rare abilities after a while, but they were only rumors, nothing concrete to prove them. We can build off from this, either by making a world completely changed after several years of powers OR be the first ones to be Chosen with abilities.

Fae For Real?! ***
+ Fae For Real?! +

This was originally meant for a group, but the idea can easily worked for a 1x1, believe me. I've been working on an idea for a little while now, and I wanted to make a medieval RP. But one morning, I woke up, and just left that aside and wrote out this instead. And I really like the idea behind it. It's very sandbox, open to ideas. There's a lot of material at our disposal to a creative and epic story here, I've worked on this a good bit. It's literally a freedom of magic; someone might just be using actual alchemy, while the other one studies draconic magic(which I just might do), I'm giving a green card to a lot here. I just want something well-detailed. This world is open to many things, but the main points is that magic is stronger than bullets. Guns aren't something people use as much, if they can just use magic for more devastating effects. I may also try and start a group of this if there's enough interest...


It's presently December 21st, 2036. 24 years ago, a major change shifted the whole world upside down and the change was so subtle that nearly no one noticed, except a few who were more sensitive and attuned to the energies related to this change. The return of magic, that is. The history was filled with lore and legends, some very precise and developed, and some shrouded with mysteries and unknown sources. Yet it was always thought impossible and mere stories, however that wasn't the truth. As the human mind became riddled with brain candy fed by it's superiors and the hunts against such things known as witchcraft and fae began, magical creatures and other such legends went into hiding, to preserve itself. Sealing itself away from the world, only those who were attuned to magic and legends still felt their powers, though it was greatly limited, as magic began to fade and die out.

However, when December 21st, 2012 arrived, and humans awaited their so-called doomsday to hit the gong, something else broke free. After over a century of hiding, the fae were ready to return, and with retribution in tow. As they broke free from their hiding, magic gradually returned to the world, changing the world as we know it. It wasn't immediate, but odd effects and sightings began ringing around the world. Strange storms, diseases and such erupted around the globe. It wasn't until 9 years later, 2021, that humans really became aware of the situation; The Declaration of War from the Fae. Humans called it World War 3, and it's beginning 2 years as the Massacre by Magic. Decimated by the thousands by elven battlemages, ships sunken by krakens and mermaids, forts and armies besieged by dragons with scales hard enough to absorb a hit from several RPG's at once. Nearly every legend and mystical beasts turned up true, and found near where the lore about them existed before. The human race was losing and rapidly. Major cities were fortified and protected, grasping to hopes of regaining their footing in the battle. It was in 2023 that people began to wield magic themselves, but for the fight. The powers behind human will weren't simply Hollywood, it existed. With magic now rampant, those who were more developed in magical knowledge found themselves able to use it with terrifying results. The recent generations bore children with a link to magic never seen before, and used magic with natural talents and near freedom of mind. Some of them were young adults by now, and took front-lines to the battles. It was humanity's first push back since the beginning of the war. And as more and more humans were trained in Academies, certain mages specialized themselves in certain types of magic, while some even developed new types. As things progressed however, there were some Academies and Colleges of mages that deserted and joined the ranks of the fae, some from promised profits from darker fae, some because they truly followed the ways and beliefs of nature, believing in a world filled with fae and humans living together. These people were known as the Green Rebels, mages and soldiers garbed in green that destroyed other humans for the better of the fae. They promised to save humankind, if they joined their ranks and allowed to live amongst the fae peacefully. To many government's dismay, many rallied their cause, leading to the splitting humankind in 2025, into 2 distinctive factions; the Rebels and the Resistance.

Along with the awakening of magic, the magical roots and genes of humans progressively awoke. Some found themselves with unique magic types and even had fae-blood in them from late ancestry. Those who were born with fae blood were known as Hybrids, the race of humans that bridged the fae race and the human. There were some fae who weren't for the war even after over a century of hiding after being hunted nearly to extinction. It was a rare sight, but some humans intertwined with the fae, and this has happened in the past as well, when they were still around and lived peacefully amongst humans. Some humans carried long forgotten heritage and had a very dilute amount of fae blood in them, and even though they could take limited forms and use magic from their ancestry, it isn't very concentrate most of the times. Some were issue from recent rape victims which proved impossible to abortions, and others were even from recent relationships from the recent peaceful faes. But whichever they are, if they are found out to be hybrids, they are often subject to harsh racism on both sides; human and fae alike. It has always stirred trouble in the past, courting the 'enemy'. Most hybrids are able to hide their nature, though there are some characteristics they cannot hide as easily. An example is would be a ancestry-kitsune human could be able to have ears, a tail, claws and use remote kitsune magic, but would be able to dissipate their presence and look like a normal human without much effort to remain like a human. However, someone who was an issue of a present kitsune/human couple would be able have more tails if wanted to, change their body more closely to their inheritance, and use much more powerful abilities, but they wouldn't be able to dissipate a few features of the kitsune body, like at least one tail and the ears. It could even require a little effort to keep some details hidden if their bloodline is especially strong. Kitsune's are just one of the many possibilities out there, but it remains that recent couplings are of very rare occurrence.

Returning to present day, war still rages worldwide. Humans have been relatively confined to their major cities, and the wild-lands and natural territories have been taken over by the fae. Only those who truly respect the fae live out in the wilds, the others live in secluded villages who have defended themselves along the way and thrived through the chaos around them. With the Human Resistance fighting 2 groups, the Fae and the Green Rebels, the light at the tunnel is faint.


The humanity has mostly sided to 2 major sides, known as the Resistance and the Green Rebels. The third faction itself is composed entirely of Fae creatures, and thus humans aren't included in this one, even if the Fae do consider many of the Green Rebels as allies.

The Resistance:

The Resistance is the Pro-Human side of the medal, those who protect human life and aim for it's development and growth. It was created shortly after the war began, mostly because the Massacre by Magic was taking heavy tolls and the world becoming more dangerous by the day. Deciding that humanity itself was in danger, major countries rallied their efforts together and fortified major cities, building strongholds and bunkers. Every large city that exists today has a Resistance HQ, a place where anyone can find help for sheltering or protection when Fae or Rebels bring devastation. Their views remain very 'racist' towards Fae and generally hold no regards to their kin or the land they try to protect.

The Resistance remains a Multi-National Military Force, who employs humans as main work force. With dire need before them, some areas applied large-scale conscription, while some had enough volunteers not to resort to such hard demands. Technology has always been a great influence to the human kind, and that didn't stop them now from improving it. Hovercrafts have been perfected for battle, as well as a variety of new firearm types. With proper training, soldiers learned to employ laser weaponry, plasma cannons and different sorts of explosives. Swords became useful once more, with foes whom guns seemed to do no harm. Blades were enhanced technologically as well as magically. With the Academy forming all sorts of mages, enchantments became a great thing for those who couldn't use magic for themselves.

Green Rebels:

Green Rebels are the side of the human fronts; those who fight for the fae and the wild-lands. These are people who lost faith in their own kin, and decided to turn against the Resistance who aimed to eradicate the Fae. They believe that a world in harmony with the Fae is possible and strive for such a peaceful resolution. Even if it means blowing up half a town, their result is their ultimate cause, no matter the means.

Unlike the Resistance, they don't always have access to top-of-the-line weaponry and robotics nor the greatest infrastructures. Their resources are also more limited. But also unlike the Resistance, they have more heart and strength of will in general. Nearly all of their members joined by their own will and broke away from the grasps of the Resistance. And instead of being asked to give their all, they gave their all willingly. Allies like the Fae could sometimes be tricky to deal with, and not all are good, but any magical influence could shift the tables.


The Fae forces are varied and powerful. Led by Councils, many of the strongest beings of nearly every specie present themselves to represent their kin and convey their will. The Councils often split up into Councils within their own kin as well, and though the titles and powers or responsibilities and such change from race to race, their positions remain of high esteem with all. It is a place that is given to the wisest and strongest of their kin, and the respect comes with it.

The forces of the Fae are varied, as mentioned above, though magic remain a large factor in the equation. Essentially magic themselves, they brought forth the forces of the elements and space itself, along with their ancient and mystical powers of all the supernatural creatures that line their ranks. Passing from angels to demons, passing through elves, homonculi, dragons, succubi and vampires, the creatures humans believed myth or legends came back from their nightmares to haunt them again.

Concept of Magic: How does it even work?!

As many may ask, how does magic even work? The answer is complex and varied yet so simple it can dumbfound nearly any scientist. The truth behind magic is that without belief, nothing would happen. To produce any magic, one must believe fervently in his actions and the outcome that will happen. Its the feeling inside someone and their willpower to make the impossible happen that bring forth the miracles of magic. But to find that will and strength to wield such dangerous powers demands much spiritual practice, and in some cases, it's fair share of pain and mental stamina. Different religions have interpreted the phenomenon with many different words, such as chi, chakra, sorcery, witchcraft, alchemy, karma, or even actions of gods and miracles. Magic is only one of them, but sums it well enough.

Youkai College/University
+ Youkai College/University +

I admit that I liked the idea behind Youkai high where monsters go to school to learn to coexist with humans, even if their sources can be a little off. Adapting the concept to a college level of education isn't too difficult, and often treats more about adult subjects and problems. It can be in a pocket dimension like Youkai high or even hidden within a human community (it could be interesting).

The Dragon Shinobi
+ The Dragon Shinobi +

This idea is still budding in my mind, but a general idea is that a shinobi, notably mine, finds himself with a sealed dragon within him. This dragon was nearly as powerful as a tailed beast and it was an attempt from a small village to acquire something of a Jinchuriki to rise up in power against the 5 great nations. However, the problem solved itself when the semblant-jinchuriki began having complications keeping the strong beast in control. It destroyed everything and the only thing found was an orphan child. He was brought to an orphanage, where he lived rather peacefully, except only with nightmares that plagued his sleep. A few years passed without any issues otherwise, and the young man decided to begin trying to become a shinobi. Proving himself somewhat adept to training, he was enrolled and mixed into the system.

Many years later, as his missions get more and more dangerous, the beast sealed within starts riling up once more and with the current issues, the boy decides to run away from his village instead, becoming a rogue nin. Things can be worked with to right after this or be something in the future after these events.

Monster Hunter (3U) Duo

+ Monster Hunter Duo +

Some of you may be familiar with the Monster Hunter franchise that began on PSP and is now found on the 3DS and Wii-U. I've played the Monster Hunter 3 and 3 Ultimate, and it's my main comfort zone. There are a few ways to start this idea off; childhood friends pick up arms for the first time to hunt a large monster that has recently moved in the moga woods, or 2 new hunters meeting up at the quest table at the Hunter HQ in Tanzia and take on their first quest together where they find they have excellent synergy and decide to form a hunting team on most of their missions. Both entail their relationship deepening with the bond of camaraderie and near-death experiences that hunting the large beats the
at plague the lands. And they get to upgrade their equipment as the RP goes!

Bounty Huntin' on Pandora

A man dressed in a dirty black trench coat, suglasses, fingerless gloves with holes on his knuckles and a cigarette burning between his lips peered down the scope of a Jakobs sniper rifle. A folded letter stuck out of his coat's pocket by a little, one he had picked up in a small town not too far. Details about a bounty were inscribed on the paper inside, describing the problems the bandits who had set up camp here had caused to the citizen down there who didn't live to shoot anything that moves. The reward seemed pretty good, so it promised a fun hunt to experimented hunters like Vik. Viktor was a man who enjoyed walks on the moon, driving his car across Pandora and a hell of a gun fight, especially when there's money and loot at the end of it.

The scenery before him was rather interesting; the bandits had caught themselves a small bullymong, trapped the beast in a cage barely big enough to fit such a creature. Psychos were having fun poking it with red hot iron sticks and watching it wriggle against the cage bars in rage. It had the whole clan laughing, to what could be seen by Vik. The party kinda stopped when their gate was smashed down by a badass bullymong, coming to save one of his pack. Gunfire started blazing, but their guns were rather inadequate against the powerful monster, which threw boulders and cars at it's shooters in an explosive mayhem. Within minutes, the 'mong had dropped most of the bandits, and pried the cage bars open like pipe cleaners.7

With a shrug, the man slung his rifle back on his back and climbed down from the pumping station he had climbed up on to snipe the nearby camp. Though his hunt had been scrapped by a bullymong, it had been a funny show to watch, so Viktor wasn't too upset as he walked back down to his motorcycle. Some genius in his town figured out how to digistruct different vehicles, from motorcycles to armored muscle cars and vans. The same man was also a fanatic of aerodynmics and rocket science, and owned the local airfield, building planes, jets and rockets to fly up to Elpis and other far away planets in space. The fast travel network could only get you so far, it had it's range at some point, limiting inter-planetary travel.

With a quick drive down a few roads, a fortified town sat itself wrapped around a long, large mountain that sat in an angle, like nearly every rock formation found in the Dust. There lay a small town that bore the name Pilot's Compass, mostly because of the airfield that placed itself atop the mountain, it's speedway running up the mountain; only flat area one could find in the Dust suitable for such a task. Also that the town looked like a compass with the mount sticking towards the North like a compass needle. The previously mentioned genius lived here, and was a great friend of Viktor's. A guy that likes to call himself a mecanic with a background in science, Eddy Druhl didn't like to fight, but boy did he know how to tinker. Somewhat the original founder of the place, Eddy made this place with Dahl money without them knowing while he worked under them to develop aircrafts. At first, he was just spending his leftover paychecks on the place, but he started raising his demands and prices on his new plans to make more, eventually stealing the rest of the money he needed before giving his resignation and disappearing off the radar in his new secret airfield.


If you haven't guessed already, this is a Pandora/Elpis RP from the Borderlands franchise. Im not familiar with the first, but I've played the other 2 games for a fair share amount of time (Except DLC... I got none of that -.-). I'm okay with making up a few new places as well as revisiting old places from both Pandora and Elpis, but I'm generally sticking away from involving any characters that are related to the franchise. We can use the terms, just not the exact people. (Like example, we can have an assassin, gladiator or even a siren, but there's no Zero, Athena or Maya mentioned anywhere) The farthest we can go is most likely mentioning a bit of Marcus, since he has a pretty big monopoly on guns going for him on Pandora, and perhaps even Handsome Jack, but I'm not exactly sure about facing him either. Sanctuary isnt even going to be mentioned either, but a new town will be made up, with NPC's and dirty civilians and all.

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Character Repertoire:

Here, you'll find examples of my present and/or past characters. I often recycle some ideas through a few of my RP's, notably the name, personalities and appearances, but I'll try to keep this area as diverse as possible.




Character Name: Xeo Silvers

Sex And Specie: 22, Male human

Orientation: Bi, leans towards women

Alliance: Hunter

Aura/Semblance: Xeo's aura pulses of an ice-blue, and his eyes may sometimes glow electric blue while he uses his semblance. His aura permits him to move faster, though he isn't the quickest one on the battlefield. He uses it much more for his weapons, namely Aegis arc. His semblance is levitation, in the terms that whatever he charges his aura into become unaffected by the laws of gravity. He remains fully in control of whatever levitates and may choose how it will move. He uses this to use with his swords as well as unto himself, effectively levitating him a few inches from the ground. Xeo can also lighten himself or objects jumping or throwing farther than an average human could. It can even permit him of flight, but for a limited time. The higher he goes, the less time he has left (can levitate a few inches from the ground for well over an hour but isn't able to fly in the sky more than half an hour)

Weapon(s)/fighting style:
Aegis Arc, the Multi-Sword: Aegis arc is a long sword covered in tiny little lines, it requires the use of aura to activate itself. This sword was designed to divide itself into a maximum of 12 swords, each blade with different characteristics, sizes and styles. Meshing different ones together give different outcomes, such as the katana form with the wakizashi give him a nodachi, or the knight sword and short sword give him a claymore. They all have compartments that open in their counterweights to place dust inside. Used along with his semblance, they truly meet their full potential as he wields them around him. He uses them mostly to fly around him, balancing out his lack in physical strength. (If he is essentially exhausted and can't use his aura, he can't use these other than using them as a normal swordsman) They can be used to block, splitting all 12 in a circular motion. Said 12 can take their true forms or form 12 identical swords (short ones take the parts of the longer ones while longer ones shorten to reach an even length for all 12 blades).

  • Dagger X2
  • Short Sword
  • Small Buckler
  • Throwing Axe
  • Wakizashi
  • Sickle
  • Mace
  • Quarter-Staff
  • Knight Sword
  • Katana
  • 3ft Chain

Advanced Tranformations: The Aegis Arc can take more advanced forms by fusing multiple swords together.

2 Blade Transformation

Katana + Wakizashi = Nodachi
Knight Sword + Short Sword = Claymore
Knight Sword + Dagger = Rapier
Quarter Staff + Short Sword = Naginata
Quarter Staff + Dagger = Spear
Quarter Staff + Mace = Mace Staff

3 Blade Transformation

Mace + Dagger + Chain = Morning Star
Throwing Axe + 2x Dagger = 2x Combat Axe
Quarter Staff + 2x Dagger = Dual Point Spear
Quarter Staff + Short Sword + Sickle =  Scythe
Quarter Staff + Mace + Small Buckler = Sledgehammer
Quarter Staff + Mace + Throwing Axe = Halberd
Quarter Staff + Throwing Axe + Small Buckler = Battleaxe

4 Blade Transformation (though few and rarely used, they are mentioned here)

Chain + Sickle + 2X Dagger = Chain Scythes

Lightning Reaver, the Storm Sniper Rifle: A powerful fully customizable sniper rifle with stabilizers and variable zoom, this rifle is one of the top-of-the-line weaponry that elite military units use. Fires as fast as one can pull it's trigger and designed to pierce whatever it fires at, this weapon was made in limited quantities and used nearly only by the most loyal of hunters, in fear it would fall into the wrong hands. It has been designed to shrink into the size of a sub-machine gun, but lacks it's true firepower in that state. Like all weapons, it can fire a variety of dust shots, and his normal shot is electric, bringing justice to name of Storm Sniper Rifle as shots ring out like thunder and bullets hit like lightning. Each clip stocks an amount of 8 rounds, but his normal rounds are stocked in a larger magazine of 20 bullets. The gun requires a little more sophisticated touch and maintenance, demanding the electric dust coil every 10,000 shots or so. The electric function is also removeable to save more shots, but rare are the ones who actually turn it off for that reason. Very reliable, it is nearly weatherproof. It is able to fire under water, but the guide book clearly recommends turning the electric dust coil off for such measures, in risks of a nasty backfire. The electricity coil also overheats if used too much too quickly, and emits electric oubursts venting out of the gun barrel and coil compartment. Firing more increases the chances of the weapon's backfire, destruction, along with heavy damage to the user, as if the electricity wasn't enough.

Personality/Behavior: Somewhat of a cold guy, he isn't the friendliest soul around. He has a natural way of pushing people away, not letting anyone really close, but that's mostly because he doesn't know how to handle others and his own emotions. Very much of a workaholic, he is nearly always concetrated on his mission goals. This made him a great hunter for the kingdoms, but that was all he was; a great soldier. Xeo secrelty yearn to have a group of friends, but he places little trust in others, mostly because his job was one where you risked your life constantly and people died all the time. With the few years of being a hunter and travelling around to fight evil, he chose to simply live on the job and never really settle anywhere. Xeo has high committment to his missions mostly because of his lack of committment in other sectors, never committed to stay somewhere or develop too much.

Under the cold scowl and razorblade stares, he's actually a genuinely free-spirit and kind fo easy-going. He enjoys to take things one thing at a time and loves to think. If it wasn't for his job constantly taking up his time, he would actually be found staring at the sky, enjoying a good smoke. He has rarely had the chance to taste what pleasure really is, and fun is somewhat alien to him, but it's mostly because he never had the chance to experience it. He also enjoys the faunice deep down, but his family tried to ground their 'fond' belief of the animal-people.

Character Flaws: Workaholic, arrogance and lack of empathy are great flaws in Xeo, for he never quite knows how to cope with them. He prones his work before everything, and sometimes feel like there aren't anyone superior to himself. A tireless hard worker, his social skills aren't very great and often finds himself to be awkward around others. Without really tying himself to a group, sacrificing his members for the mission has been a case with him before. His combat flaw is his lack in physical strength. He balances this out with agility, speed and his semblance, however.

Background: Xeo grew up in Atlas, the military province of Remnant. And he happened to be born under the family of highly military descendance. His father was a general and his mother was a highly placed worker in the Shnee Dust Company. They too, gave much of their time to their jobs. Dad wasn't always happy when the riots of the White Fang began errupting, and he began to drink whenever he wasn't working. But it made things very negative back at home. Even from very young, his parents demanded only the best out of him. They were passing aptitude tests of the toddler to see if he would be a good fighter like the rest of the family. Xeo was able to take it on, but it was something difficult and hard form someone at a young age.

Early in school, they were already pressing him to excel in everything, and wouldn't put up with anything less. They would punish him and ground him for grades that normal parents would have considered decent. There was maybe a chance for Xeo to be a normal child, but his parents took that away, demanding excellence at all costs. It's what they thrived for all their lives. Never having the courage to really stand up to them, he never spoke up and took things head down. Xeo does admit that, thanks to them, his rigorous education paid off in the end, when he started going to harder academies and his beginning years of a hunter, but at the moment, he hated it all.

Xeo followed the education available in Atlas, and joined hunting school on a compromise of his father's part. His mother wanted to send him to a school that specialized in the research of Dust while his father wanted to send him to the local Military Academy, which he both qualified for. The only time he really spoke up was then, when he demanded the fighting to stop and offered the solution of going as a hunter. He would be able to fight and bathe in the glory his father wanted him to get, and he would aquire more knowledge on the mystical crystals through his studies to use them himself in battle, so his mother had few issues with the situation. And out of the choice they were giving him, he very much preferred being a Hunter to anything else.

In the Hunters Academy, Xeo revealed himself to be a very fast learner of the aura and semblance, surprising many of his teachers and classmates alike. He became a cold star, disliking to be approached and never really held long conversations. He did his thing and that was it. Clock in, clock out. It started up then, and still persisted to this day. His above average skills with guns made him a great marksman, though not the best of all. It cleared his choice to have a weapon of long precision. His semblance brought the decision to set upon a multi-sword. Normal users wielded the blade in sorts that it could change between different sword varients, shedding extra swords if needed to use smaller weapons. With his semblance, he could use all of them, which set him apart from everybody else. It's lethality was duly noted and studied, and also earned him his Hunter rank at the age of 17. Soon after, he was already being sent along with troops in Minstral to provide help and support to surrounding towns, who had more trouble thriving than the more well-protected kingdoms were.

During his 5 years of duty, Xeo saw many of his allies blood as well as his own, seeing death take teammates and others vanish after missions. It wasn't a life for the easy, everyone knew it when they signed up for it. But it was well-paying and rewarding. His parents, proud, soon returned their attentions to their ever-growing jobs, leaving the Hunter to his own life, finally. Never really settling anywhere, Xeo decided to live on the job, as many hunters do. Being sent around the 4 kingdoms to deal with issues and problems the civilians encounter with creatures of Grimm, White Fang rebellions that errupt... Things were crazy but had their routine. That was, until 22-year-old Xeo stumbled across a mysterious warehouse on fire filled with plans he didn't quite comprehend. One thing for sure, there was a red circle on every kingdom. Searching for trails of the mysterious plans, Xeo kept an eye open as he keeps up his operations.


Ginryu Hyuuga
Username: Dragon Saint
Character Name: Ginryu Hyuga
Sex and Orientation: Male, Bisexual (leans mostly towards women)
Age: ?
Main Combat Style: Gentle Fist, Byakugan, also uses a katana and wakizashi separate and together. For training and non-lethal combat, he keeps his blades in their sheaths. His main chakra element is wind, and his secondary is water, though he may not fully control these affinities yet.
Jutsu Name: Byakugan
Level/Class/Type: A class Kekkei Genkai
Elemental Type: -
Range: 500 m
Hand Signs: He doesnt require any, though he often places a hand in the nin form to activate it
Description: 60ยบ field of vision, except for one blind spot at the back of the neck above the first thoracis vertebrae,  able to see through solid objects and smokescreens,  it can also differentiate between non-corporeal clones and see through techniques that would otherwise hide an opponent from normal sight.

Jutsu Name: Gentle Fist
Level/Class/Type: B class Taijutsu
Elemental Type: - (subconscious wind)
Range: Close Quarters
Hand Signs: -
Description: Inflicts internal damage through attacking the body's Chakra Pathway System, subsequently injuring organs which are closely intertwined with the area of the network which has been struck. The user surgically injects a certain amount of their own chakra into the opponent's chakra pathway system. Targeting the tenketsu can enhance the havoc and control a Gentle Fist practitioner can impose upon an opponent's chakra network. These special nodes, 361 in total, are key gatekeeping interceptions in the chakra circulatory network, thus forcibly opening or sealing them in whatever manner the Gentle Fist user sees fit is a powerful tactical option to have. Any chakra-based substance can be destroyed by this technique, or in contrast to this, the technique can also be used for supplementary purposes such as helping comrades on the battlefield.

Jutsu Name: Gentle Fang
Level/Class/Type: B Class Taijutsu
Elemental Type: -
Range: Close quarters only
Hand Signs: -
Description: Very resemblant to the effects of the Gentle Fist, Ginryu extends his chakra range along his 2 sheathed swords and reproduces the effects of the Gentle Fist on contact. They can replace the needle-like chakra formation to cut chakra-based substances.

Jutsu Name: Razor Fang
Level/Class/Type: A Class Taijutsu
Elemental Type: - (subconscious wind)
Range: Close to a max of 5 m
Hand Signs: -
Description: The major difference here is very simple; the 'gloves are off'. And by gloves, I obviously mean the sheaths. This style ranks itself higher than the Gentle Fangs for a few reasons. Notably the factor that this may prove itself fatal to anything before him. The use of the Byakugan with the balance of these 2 swords, a classical set made for proper offense as well as defense, held no secrets to Ginryu. His eyes percieve weaknesses on his foes body, whether they be tenketsu or otherwise, and unleash the sharpened edge of a chakra-infused, razor sharp sword. Ginryu's adaptiblity will prove him strong in the future, combining basic Gentle Fist knowledge directly into this style and, doing so, adding his own touch from a slightly different fighting style, resembling that of a samurai's at times.

Weakness: Ginryu has the blindspot behind his head, like every byakugan. His 2 chakra elements (though he isnt able to use them yet) are Water and Wind, with Wind as his primary chakra element. Though wind is weak to fire, his water chakra balances it, but he is statistically disadvantaged against earth jutsus, with earth triumphing over water and mostly impervious to lower level wind techniques.

Personality: Never a popular guy, he held a scary aura around him, and was always colder than steel. Nobody really remembers the boy before he joined the academy, having mostly stuck to his parents and outside the village walls during the day. He developed an appreciation for swords, and could even be found to be a weapon geek if he weren't so reserved and generally methodical. Even during missions, he was more oriented towards results than casualties, and followed orders precisely.

Biography: Ginryu had different childhood, according to the Hyuuga. The main reason was because his mother, though from the Main branch, married a samurai, falling in love on the battlefield. Though it was taboo at first, they kept their love secret until relations between their countries leveled out. It took a few years, but eventually, the problems between the Hidden Villages of the Leaf and of Iron died out with conflict resolution. With a bit of patience, they slowly allowed their relationship to become more and more public. The family wasn't too happy about it, but it had been almost a year after the conflict had passed before the rumors of their courting reached the family. The Hyuuga looked down upon this alliance, for it wasn't one made within the village, but from a country that had issues in the past with Konoha.

The day the couple announced the Hyuuga family of their courting and plans of union, it was because Hanamina was pregnant. The family didn't respond very well to this, and never allowed Hoshigin on the premises of the Clan's Domain. Hanamina approached the Hokage with the situation as well, and granted Hoshigin an audience. The audience itself was a lot more like an interrogation to figure out if Hoshigin wasn't a spy trying to get into the village. But in truth, Hoshigin had abandoned his own home, becoming a ruronin, as he called himself. The man had chosen to abandon his whole life behind for the woman he fell in love with and only wished to live by her side. But even after that, the village wasn't quite trusting of this ruronin, and gave him a home ouside the village walls. It was Hanamina's job to bring food from the village to the man, or Hoshigin would have to travel to the nearest exterior village, find work and trade there. A few months later, Hanamina gave birth in Hoshigin's cabin, wanting to be with her lover when their son would join them. But upon her return to her home in the Main Branch's villa, her father wasn't so content. He refused to allow Ginryu in the main branch, and branded the boy in the Second Branch, refusing a Hyuuga bloodline to be mixed with an outsider to become a heir to the Clan.

Ginryu grew up visiting his father outside the village walls and the hatred of the main branch. The seal itself was placed on the child when he reached 3 years old, awaiting a safer age to place such a seal on infant. The boy still has faint memories of the process, but they are rather hazy. He never aspired to make friends in the Hyuuga family, disliking them for the way they treated him and his family, how they gave up on his mother and never gave a single chance to his father. Hoshigin could see that hatred seething inside the small child, he should've been so innocent weren't it for the X on his forehead. Not that the child knew quite why it was there or what it did, Ginryu only had a vague ominous feeling from the mark, and his parents always had a disappointed look on their faces when they saw it. It's the reason why he lets his hair cover his forehead as much as possible.

Early on, his father saw that the boy had inherited the latent skill with a sword, and began to train him in kendo at the age of 4. The boy loved every moment of it, it was a newfound way to connect with his father. As they began training, his mother would watch them train, cooking and making good food for the 2 men of her life. By age 6, Ginryu was being taught by his mother how to use the Byakugan, the gift from his mother. Perhaps with much effort and limited amount of time of use, but it was already something. The 2 together was what made Ginryu special, an innate ability to control his chakra to near perfection and inhibit it into weapons, and the peripheral vision and sensitivity to chakra every byakugan user has. Adopting a similar fighting style as his father, Ginryu made his own variations of the gentle fist with the use of swords; Gentle Fangs and Razor Fangs. It was inevitable that the boy would find his way to the Ninja Academy.

But before he would join the Academy, a tradgedy befell Ginryu. A season before his enrollment, the boy left the Hyuuga domain with his mother as usual. Along the way, something perturbed the 2, as a column of smoke came from the distance, where Hoshigin's home was. They rushed their step along the way, the feelings of worry rising as they got closer.  As they arrived in front of the home, the gasping body of Hoshigin was emerging  from the door of a burning home, bloody, covered in burns and stab wounds. The only word he was able to whisper was "Anbu" before his last breath escaped him, in the arms of his wife, his son by his side. Ginryu, aged 8, understood what had been going on between his family and his father. It turned the sweet, fun-loving Hyuuga child into a cold and darker being. He lost the joy in his heart. The next week, Ginryu returned by himself to the ruins of his father's home, looking around for anything really salvageable that he could remember his father by. The boy wasn't disappointed, finding his father's katana and wakizashi he used to keep on the wall as a memory of his old days as a samurai. The sheaths were entirely metal, and perfect for conducting chakra, just as much as the sharp blades residing inside. They needed a little restoration, however, after surviving through a fire, such as the grips and rope. It's wasn't like Konoha was short of weapon repair either, though it proved to be more expensive then he though, using most of his money for it. The boy wore them proudly, however, and didn't let anyone but his mother touch them. They were Hoshigin's memento to Ginryu.

Fae for Real?!:

Darius Von Stromm

Name: Darius Von Stromm, the Dragon Battlemage
Race: Ice dragon-human hybrid with ancient demonic lineage
Age, Sex and Orientation: 23, male, bisexual with a prominent lean towards women.
Affiliation: Ex-Resistance, now gone Rogue (his presence and motives are uncertain to both sides, as he may attack either of them or help them, if the price is right).
Appearance during most battles and fights
The man uses magic as a main offensive when things can get loud, but is found to also carry human weapons. Darius will be found with a .50 Sniper rifle with 2 clips with cold iron rounds, and twin semi-automatic pistols on each thigh.

Darius elected to be a battlemage, one of the strongest forms of mages to walk the sides of the Resistance. These mages all specialized in destructive and powerful magic, and training the future mages to master as many different magic and knowledge was the duty of the Academies. Darius was already able to use 2 of some of the most destructive types from his bloodlines; demonic and draconic, with some spells considered ancient. He isnt quite sure what he's doing sometimes in those cases truly, as limited information is being fed to him by is darker side as things go, and is very instinctual. His magic has a large inclination to chaote magic, and pulls it's tendencies from many different roots, like the 4 elements for example.

Daruis' strongest ones he uses are known as the Grand Division Arc magic, which specializes in dividing, or cutting matter itself. Also known as Great Slicing magic. In concentrated amounts, it can appear as swords that fly around the user. They fly like the wind and cleave through whatever stands in their way, may it be foes, trees, a wall or the ground (of course he doesn't cleave through the ground, but it will leave a trench in the ground with enough force into it). Elementalists call this one of the extremes of the air elemental magic. Though it is his strongest form of magic, it isn't the one he always uses, resorting it whenever he faces tougher enemies.

Born with faint residues of a dark ancestor, Darius passed many years tormented before truly regaining his hold over himself. Now, not only does it bring forth his draconic side, but he wields darkness like a cloak, and wreak havoc amongst the battlefield. Manifesting 2 large magic circles above his shoulders, they are the main means which he casts magic, though not the only ones. These are usually mirror to one another, but the mage is able to use one at a time if he so desires. These have different properties with the different characters and shapes that appear inside. They are created by his will, and are firstly created in his mind. He has to imagine them, and every moment that happens with as much accuracy as possible. Working with his entity, he resonates his soul closest to his magical sides, changing his body accordingly. Darius isn't fond of this because no one stands this form without horror or disgust as his body warps into that of a dragon's. Rare does he ever take on a full dragon's form, and often partially morphs his body or develops some parts of his father's side, such as spikes, horns, claws, scales, larger forearms, jaws, even wings and a tail.

But secretly, his strongest magic is a simpler kind; enchantments on objects. He always had a strong sense to his own energies and as magic grew stronger, so did he. His enchantments are rather powerful, but these require a ritual that can, depending on the enchantment's strength, take much energy and time. It also demands a near-controlled environment with no disturbances. These sometimes seem to have pagan backgrounds in them. They often function as buffs and protection wards, shielding the protector from certain types of spells or magic, or to help with healing processes.

Weakness: Holy water, for one, causes red burns on his skin. His unwanted hybrid self also hinders him to social extents. Has a knack of going 'full-throttle' and running out of energy, doesn't fare well with teams. A little of a loose cannon, his rudeness and lack of tact with others can seem arrogant, cold or outright mean. He also doesn't like it when people see him use magic, as his dragonic side grows as he uses stronger powers. In battle, he is often cloaked and by himself, preferably on higher ground and away from everyone, so they can't see all exactly how his magic twists his human body, so his spells and abilities pass overhead and land on desired enemies without hitting friendlies as much as possible. Darius has also developed a more grey area of mindset, accepting the demon's inherent presence in his blood (explained more in bio)

Personality: Arrogant, selfish and a spirit that yearns for freedom, Darius isn't the easiest person to handle. He knows politeness, but doesn't always use it. His tact is near zero and rarely has much to chatter about. Much of a workaholic, he's devoted most of his life to magic and his chaote-style practices, one which melds many different forms which the practitioner feels more in-tuned with. A small fear of crowds makes him nervous when there are many people around, and will often opt to be more on an observation advantage and out of the group. He doesn't enjoy thinking about family, or his origins and despises both. Though he has accepted what he is, he isn't always fond of what he becomes, and will push people away before he harms them. His darkness that flows in his blood and his past make him a sour and hateful person, who lives in great pessimism and rare hope. Darius rarely gets attached to anyone, but if he does, he tends to be a lighter and happier soul, with somewhat of an easy-going and laid back attitude. The sense/need of freedom never leaves.

Biography: Darius was the issue of the rare offspring that survived a woman being raped by a dragon 3 years before the war started. By then, things hadn't gotten so bad, and no one believes his mother, that is until they saw her son that she gave birth to. At first, they thought it was hostile human enemies that had attacked in the middle of the night. Every one evacuated the city when the sounds of loud crashing and fire started spreading. His mother was one of the first few houses to be struck, and the dragon that attacked her played with his 'toy' in the most vile of ways, destroying her honor, her spirit and her esteem as he defiled her. Choosing to let her live instead of killing her as extra torture, the dragon left to raid more homes, leaving the woman on the ground in her destroyed home.

She was awoken by rescue guards the next day, aching everywhere. She was brought to the hospital and kept there for a while to restore herself. She began feeling the morning sickness after a week in the hospital, and discovered that what she hoped was just an awful nightmare after being knocked in the head from debris, had some truth to it. All that was detected by the doctors were that she was impregnated. She demanded an abortion, and so she took appointment for it. But the procedure failed, the fetus remained untouched and intact, the the dismay of all the staff present. She was truly stuck with this child, after trying multiple times, with different clinics. She bore hatred for this child she never asked for, who ruined her life. And as nature goes, 9 months past, she went into labor and gave birth to a... normal human son. She was slightly puzzled, but happy that she didn't give birth to a scaly monster. It didn't make up for the fact that he was issue from intercourse that was never intended. But maybe, just maybe, this child would grow up to be a normal human being. A futile hope, but she was able to grasp that hope until his was 3. At that age, tiny little spikes began to poke from the contour of his visage, his shoulders, elbows, and knees. Dread flooded his mother when she first remarked these, and deep down, knew her hopes were nothing but desperate dreams. 4 years later, the declaration of war started, and the full-on display of the Fae forces displayed for the world to see. They understood how humans communicated and got a hold of the equipment, with the help of some rebels garbed in green hoods and cloaks. The Fae displayed worldwide the battle the first took humans by surprise, nearly destroying a whole city and killing most of it's civilians before evacuation was possible. They fully demonstrated the power of magic they had awoken, truly destructive forces that raged through the city, before the attacks began to spread around the globe.

With features that began growing in that were less human, the little love that he received from his mother shut out like a candle. With little money, his mother managed as she could to raise him and survive, but she put herself before her son. He was taught early on that he had to keep his head down and mouth shut, or bad things happened. The Von Stromm used to have money, but the issues of the last generation ruined them completely as one of their main holders was caught red handed in drug deals and weapon contraband. Their holdings was seized and the name was stained since, but everyone knew that they were never a 'straight' family in the first place. Darkness and 'evil' seemed to be in their blood. Darius wasn't raised on the nice side of town. Soon, he already pushed people away and bore scary blue eyes that glowed with his emotions. And as years progressed something stirred up inside, as depression, hatred and the sight of death soaked his soul.

Darius first started out as a lone swordsman in his childhood. He would go out in the back alleys with iron pipes and swing them around, to his own beat and imagination. His depressive lifestyle made him wish he could be a swordsman, but lacked will, motivation and strength to do anything about it. His blood mix didn't quite get along, and there were repercussions; his body was weaker, developed little muscle mass and had low stamina. Plus, it wasn't something his mother encouraged, but she never encouraged anything in the first place. He couldn't quite use his dragon abilities, they barely showed in the first place. At first, all he had were a few spikes and a set of little horns that prodded above his hair. As his emotions darkened more and more, something else awoke in him, something that was asleep in his lineage for a long time, waiting for the right one to present himself. His teenage years not helping his strength problem, his irregular blood began clashing a little as they fought over which would be-throne this vessel; the demon or the dragon. Having conflicting sides within his own mind and spirit, it took much time and meditation to reach a point where he could do something about himself.

When he reached sixteen, the boy left the home and headed to meditate, with something heavy on his mind. Sitting down with himself, he zoned everything else out and asked himself the fundamental questions. Who he wanted to be, to solve his current issues that fought within his body and what needed to be done to accomplish that. He was a smart kid, and calmly looked over his whole life and what he thrived for. It was then that he truly approached his inner fighting core and waged things out. Setting the deal between the 2 entities that fought over him, coming to an understanding. He had found his will; to thrive with these forces within. With that will, he was able to merge them both together. The demon didn't complain, he gained the powers and appearance of a dragon. The dragonic side gained their vessel and thrived off their united energies and in exchange, becoming the foundation if his true magical strength. And when such happened, he found out that he could use a lot of power. Seeing what he could with himself, he set himself on a new goal, use this strength to change his world.

Darius left his hateful mother, enrolling into a boarding Academy for Mages. His mind set on controlling not only the forces he was born with, but also those around him, his cold determination and sharp mind allowed him to learn quickly and progress quicker than most. As his magical abilities opened up, the demon that delved within him began helping him out by revealing to him spells, dances and incantations, but only when things required it. It wasn't very often that it would simply willingly help him out, often leaving him to his own to test his determination and capabilities. When results were decent, he was a little more amiable. The Academy years brought him much knowledge and power, more power than he ever thought he could wield with a body that wasn't so strong. By going for a chaote aspect over magic, he was able to use a variety of different magic that sometimes didn't get along. He took what he found useful and warped it to his needing, to his interpretation and used his strong magical flow to bring from these interpretations into reality, the second foundation of his magic. Darius had a better hold of his draconic powers, and was able to morph more to his father's ancestry, so he was able to make up for a weaker body in a pinch by adopting a stronger one. He wielded a power that placed him as a high-rank battlemage by the Graduation Mage Ascension Test, which grades it's graduates to the positions their magical abilities would suit them best after their years of training and specialization.

Darius was placed in the Resistance, the military forces that fought against the invading Fae and protected human civilians. They were specialized in dealing with different fae, from demons to angels, passing by elves, fairies, dragons and leviathans. With every year, new varieties of different fae kept being discovered, as the world that we once knew began to change and warp with their presence. Darius remained under orders for a few years, 2 years and 11 months to be exact, before breaking out of the Resistance forces. After several warnings of excessive and over-destructive magic use, Darius grew sick and tired of the human ways. Tired of their constant hypocrisy, of the lies that were always told to everyone and how everyone complained, but rare did anything about problems. And their unwillingness to take greater measures. He began to act to his own will on missions, Darius embraced his darker side even more, living for the freedom of using his powers for no one else but himself instead.. His mission was to hold down a fort that was being under siege by fae, a Resistance strong point that had held up since the beginning of the war. As his final sendoff to the Administration as departure message, he tore down the fort's walls and allowed the fae to run within the fortress. During that fight, he fought both the human Resistance and the attacking fae in a flurry of destructive magic and frayed himself a path through the battlefield to reach the edges of the battle and escape in the wilderness. He knew they wouldn't chase someone like him, it would involve too many risks. To retrieve an out-of-control hybrid battlemage? Pah, it made no sense, no one would chase after him afterwards. He demonstrated how he fared with no rules binding him, and they already had much on their hands...

Leaving most human civilization behind He could fly the skies wherever he wanted, eat whatever he wanted. Making a bit of money wasn't too hard out in the raging war zones. Though the Green Rebels approached Darius before, the man simply showed his face, with spikes and horns and glared straight in their eyes before simply telling them that he would take contracts or jobs from them when needed, but he wouldn't tie himself to them nor would he promise of any friendly casualties. With hard restrictions as such, they only contacted him when they really needed. He extended the same offer to the Resistance, who also swallowed it hard. But the raging war was now his home, and his income.

Fairy Tail:

Xeo Silvers

Theme Song:We Are Giants | Lindsey Stirling/Tragedy + Time | Rise Against ~ Battle Theme:Virunus | Eluveitie

About Me
Colder than your average freezer

Xeo Silvers

Freezing Dragon, Ice Wraith



Ice Dragon Slayer-

Unlike most dragon slayer magic, ice has 2 'forms' that is presents itself around Xeo's body. The first is rather obvious, cold flames that glow blue and freezes anything it touches. The second is ice accumulating on his body and moving with the flow of his magic like an extension of himself. Also referred to Burning Ice and Solid Ice respectively. This ice also tends to take on the shape of a dragon, giving him the features of one if he chooses so. It gave him the nickname of Freezing Dragon, as the more he gets serious, the more he looks like a dragon of ice. This is different than his Dragon Drive. He took the knack of trying to imitate a dragon's form, down from the tail to the horns, passing through the claws, plates and even wings, with ice since the day he could use it, mimicking his only parent's appearance and movements. He can barely feel cold due to over-exposure of ice against his bare skin, and a result of his time at the sides of an Ice Dragon and a side-effect from his Dragon Slayer Magic (just like those of fire don't feel the burn of their flames, poison dont succumb to their poison, etc)

Solid ice is like the usual Ice Maker magic; it recreates in ice what the wielder wants. Xeo is very good at making sharp edges and spikes around his body as well as a variety of different solid ice 'tools', or whatever he needs for the situation. Down to theory, solid ice is layers of ice stacking onto each other to form it's shape. Burning ice doesn't act like like solid ice, however. Burning ice freezes everything under it's touch, inflicting cold damage in depth of whatever it comes in contact with. With enough freezing power, the target will become solid and could crack or shatter with impact.

Water Magic-

With ice as an element that was a natural to Xeo, he was able to get a good hold of Water Magic, understanding the composition difference between ice and water. It's not his realy strength, but he was able to learn to apply the shift between water and ice and vice versa, so he isn't required to constantly produce solid ice and reuses what he has already made in the first place. Molding something different from something already existing isn't as demanding as creating from scratch every time. His water magic does come very handy for any 'submarine' missions or any situation that would require one to stay under water for longer amounts of time than a single breath could give.[/font]

Left Palm interior

My Personality
I'm colder than the winter's heart, you've been warned...

Cold || Distant || Serious || Creative

Cold by nature, Xeo isn't the friendliest of the Fairy Tail members. He prefers to keep his distance and his more personal self locked up and away from everyone else, as if he always kept his walls of ice around himself. Some think he holds a mask of cold politeness and 'perfection' because he held past wounds, but no one knew for sure. People who know him know that he truly has a good heart, if you get by the thick layer of ice and scorn. He can prove himself arrogant and he has trouble sympathizing with others, but that's because he truly has a hard time putting himself in other's shoes. From very young, he fended for himself, even when he was under the care of a dragon. His social life never existed before coming to Fairy Tail, so Xeo still feels awkward around people and social events.

But don't let his social awkwardness fool you, Xeo is very adept in battle, being a class A wizard. You may not approach this one for help with a love life problem, but if it's anything close to fighting, this dragon slayer has proven himself more than once that he may be a candidate of choice. He didn't search for fights so much around the guild, it was more the jobs he took on. Often, the young boy would take jobs that demanded fighting skills, and rarely bit the dust himself. There was a raging anger inside him that he rarely showed, but wasn't to be messed with. If he wasn't known for fighting, it was for his craftiness with the magic he controls. He also left a frozen trail of shattered buildings and objects in his wake every time, bringing justice to the famed guild that always went overboard.

Xeo also despises any modes of transportation that involve machines. He doesn't have motion sickness (unlike a his famed predecessors), but rather severe anxiety whenever he finds himself stuck in a train, car, plane, roller-coaster or other such contraptions. It isn't as bad as motion sickness, where the victim would be incapacitated on every budge, but it will make Xeo panicky and be about the only situation the Ice Dragon Slayer would lose his cool. He is able to get used to/tolerate some forms of transportation, however these must be rather stable and steady in their movement. Any rapid displacements, tight turns or sudden halts could entice panicky reactions from him.

If it were to ever happen that Xeo would actually allow someone close, he won't seem exactly like the same person. Instead of pushing that person away and trying to be on his own all the time, he will be more tempted to be around said person. He will become very defensive of the person and most likely put himself through a lot of danger for their sake. But his cold ice will never freeze them, even if it freezes the world around them. A tenacious resolution harbors itself in his mind, the bond of family that Fairy Tail has ever so present within him, though it's hidden under many layers of ice. Even if he doesn't like to admit it, he likes going to the guild and seeing everyone.

My History
A cold part still haunts my soul, but I'll never stop fighting...


For the longest Xeo can remember, he was at the sides of a beautiful Ice Dragon who named herself Crystalia. He didn't really know what happened to him before that, or his actual parents. There was no way an abandoned baby could remember the destruction of his hometown due to an experiment of a Dark Guild gone wrong. It was in a town up north in a land riddled with ice and snow all year around, and they were experimenting with local animals and trying to turn them into powerful killing machines. It worked, only they weren't able to control the beasts. The creatures went on a rampage one night and slaughtered a good part of the town. People were awoken by the screams to the ones who fell first and grabbed arms and hid their kids. Xeo's parents were some of the villagers who grabbed weapons and headed out to fight, only to never come back. The handful who lived to see the dawn didn't stay, they ran away as soon as they could, saving their dear hides.

It was a dragon nearby who heard the wails of the abandoned child as it explored a deserted area and came across a dead town that began to smell of rot. A motherly instinct seemed to govern this powerful being as it nearly ripped off the second floor of the building to find the poor, starving child. Taking it with her back to her lair, the dragon began nursing the toddler back to health and raising it as her own child. She taught him everything she could, when times were right for Xeo to learn more. Knowing only the dragon before him as a parental figure, the little boy was convinced he would one day become a dragon, even if Crystalia told him he was a human and she a dragon time and time again. Xeo just inhibited the skills of a dragon and reproduced the look of a dragon in ice, and believed, at first, that that's how Crystalia became so big and strong. But after a few years of growing up, he started to realize that Crystalia was also aging, but not only in a different way than he was, but by how much time it took her to have changes due to aging. Even if Crystalia's training was hard, Xeo always pulled through and enjoyed the times he got to pass beside his 'mother'.

Many years passed while the boy was beside Crystalia, but that time wasn't forever. Xeo had become a strong young bong nearing teenage years when he woke up in their icy fortress, empty apart from himself. There was no trace of fighting or leaving from the dragon herself, and it sent the boy in a flurry of fear and rage at first. He didn't understand why she would leave without notice or warnings, and he only feared the worst. He waited a few months in their fortress of ice, hidden in the glaciers of the north, surviving on whatever he could catch. But afer several months and food becoming more and more scarce, the dragon slayer had no choice but to move out and begin searching the world for clues as to what could've happened to his dear 'mother'. Shortly after, the boy also made his first human contact ever since he was adopted by a dragon.

Puzzled at first, the boy observed from a distance the other beings who were shaped like him. All he had ever seen before was wildlife and a giant dragon who was covered in chunks of ice that reflected the light like crystals. He was severely shy, and didn't approach other humans at all. That is, until someone offered him some food. It marked the beginning of Xeo's new life as a human being, and began walking the world to discover more about humans and how things worked in their world, compared to living with an ice dragon. He also discovered how evil and dark humans could be, and the existence of Dark Guilds as well as Normal Guilds. And even though technically being a wizard, he never felt a pull to join one. He was still motivated to travel and learn more about what happened to his dragon.

As the search moved him around the globe, Xeo looked in the areas where it was colder first, most naturally. And as he searched the nothern areas for any trace of a dragon, he came across something that changed his heart. The young teenager came across a deserted town, buried under snow. It didn't seem much at first, with most of the buildings run down and falling apart. What caught his attention was a house that had it's top floor ripped off and flung aside. Something inside his heart was pulling painful strings as he explored the ruins, but his mind never really homed in on the feeling. Until he came across a picture frame, cracked and broken but with a clear picture beneath; a small child and 2 happy new parents. The eyes of the child held the same exact color as Xeo's and his hair, though now silver-white from ice and snow, was the same light-blond color that it used to be. With such a huge discovery, Xeo bunkered down in the ghost town for a few nights, desperate to put together the puzzle of his past. And eventually found out the Dark Guild's headquarters nearby. The answers he found grieved his heart and darkened his soul, as he found journals of some of those who tried to survive through their mistake.

With a darkened heart, Xeo had turned his back to the world. He hated Dark Guilds, and cursed their existence. He wouldn't be all alone if it wasn't for them, he wouldn't struggle to survive and need to fight everyday to be able to see another day. His hate for dark guilds slowly turned to simply guilds, and before long, to people themselves as he saw more and more the negative sides of humans and how cruel they could be. Emotions began ruling over Xeo, and for a while, a blizzard raged around the boy as his mind revolved around the darkness that this world inflicted to itself, how humans kept hurting each other for their own greedy desires. His emotions took him so strongly that he began causing problems to nearby towns, taking an ice dragon's form and wreaking havoc in nearby towns with large snowfalls and accumulations of ice, freezing homes and causing them to rupture unto themselves, snapping from the sheer cold, frostburning everything in sight.

It was Fairy Tail who showed up to the villagers' aid against the attacks of an Ice Wraith, or so they believed. The villagers believed that Xeo was actually a spirit of ice that came to haunt their villages, burning everything it touched with eerie blue flames that froze everything they touched, angered because of the nearby recent minining industry that began starting up was disturbing it's slumber. There had been a legend of a spirit of ice sleeping at a mountain's top, the mountain itself neighboring the village. The legend told that the spirit would protect everything on his mountain, covering it in eternal, peaceful winter and that it would slumber until it would need to protect the mountain once more. The wizards began trying to converse with the miners when they were attacked by the 'wraith'.

The moment the battle began, the wizards realized that this wasn't the workings of a spirit, but a very powerful wizard using very destructive magic wildly and dangerously. They attempted to make their stand but had to retreat, as the onslaught was difficult to deal with. They weren't used to have to fight flames that could shatter whatever they touched. It took some thinking and some slight comparing from their own knowledge to figure out that they had a dragon slayer on their hands. The magical circles seemed familiar, though slightly different in color and some characters were obviously different, sice the techniques are obviously not the same. The foundation, however still remained; the dragon's symbol in the center of the magic circles.

The next encounter they had with the dragon slayer, the Fairy Tail team had a better idea of what to do. Instead of raising arms and clashing fists right away, they inticed the bezerking wizard to explain himself and his actions. It obviously took a little convincing before Xeo even thought of listening to what these 'petty' humans had to say, but they began putting up a stronger fight and Xeo began talking in frustration eventually. They realized that he had been tormented and isolated from much, along with knowing how to stop him. They explained to him what Fairy Tail was. The moment was intense to everyone, who had been through a rough fight. It was like a warm light was cast across his world wrapped in darkness, and as things dawned unto the poor cracked soul, his rage calmed itself, as did the powers he had raging about. Almost like molting, the ice that had wrapped itself around himself and the village faded out, revealing to the wizards and the villagers who were present his actual self for the first time. Everytime, Xeo had been covered in thick, dragon-like ice and had hidden his identity as such. Not that anyone knew who he was, he was a survivor of a ghost town, raised in isolation by a dragon, with only a few years as a young teenager to walk the globe.

Not even sure where to go, he couldn't go back to the Fairy Tail guild with the wizards, Xeo felt too stubborn and prideful to go with other people. Plus, they were taking a train to head home. Xeo had already become aware of his dislike to transportation and how on-edge it could drive him, and wanted to avoid such situations at all costs. There was also a few ounces of guilt, after causing a lot of trouble to many villagers, workers and the wizards who had been dispatched to help. The teen chose to travel a little more, by his own wings, to understand the world a little more and with a more open-minded attitude. He wanted to grasp the aspects of good and bad correctly before anything, he didn't want to cause trouble like he did before. His actions had been just as one of a Dark Guild would have been, and he couldn't accept continuing without fully understanding how his actions influenced the world. But that didn't last very long before he stumbled across Magnolia by pure chance. And that of course, meant the day he would enter a guild.

He wasn't very used to the attention he was getting, as a dragon slayer never really goes unnoticed when he joins the ranks, especially with Xeo's strength of magic. Asking around a little, Xeo decided to broaden his skills even more, by just a little and began to learn Water Magic a short while after joining Fairy Tail. His master wasn't a Fairy Tail member, and in fact, lived in a town a good distance away from the guild. Even though he was now a member of Fairy Tail, Xeo just wasn't used to being friendly with soo many people in the same area, in a place that can be so rowdy and hectic. He missed having time by himself, and his master was great with that aspect; he tended to show Xeo how it was done and then sit a few distances away while the dragon slayer tried to use water instead of ice, or preventing the water from freezing. It took a while to get it down, but Xeo was eventually able to use both water and ice, sometimes as a combo, but mostly for practical uses, such as holding air bubbles under water to be able to breath under water, walking on the surface or moving water around itself.

Severe Anxiety related to Transportation, he doesn't admit it but he's actually a really good singer

Likes: Ice, Cream, strawberries, humid areas, magic
Dislikes: Tofu, deserts and dry places, attraction rides, Dark Guilds

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