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Author Topic: Seeking eloquent M for plot-driven, romantic, modern, stories.  (Read 347 times)

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Seeking eloquent M for plot-driven, romantic, modern, stories.
« on: January 01, 2015, 01:50:20 PM »
Before reading my short list of cravings, please take a look at my past posts and my O/O to determine whether or not we might make a good partnership. I am seeking a couple of male partners to take on my latest cravings. A potential partner must be able to write a decent amount, must be more interested in driving the plot over the smut, (yes, there will be sexual elements to the Rp, but it is not what drives the story) and hopefully, will have a similar craving to the following, so that we can create a decent story together.

The Live-in Nanny.

Jacob and his girlfriend were gifted an unexpected surprise in the form of a bouncing baby girl, just a couple of short months ago. Neither were ready to be parents, but Jacob was the first to mature, knowing full well that he had to for his daughter's sake. To him, there were no other options besides taking care of her, being the best father he could be to her, and giving her more opportunities than he ever had when he was growing up. However, his girlfriend disagreed. It was hard enough just convincing her to keep the baby, let alone take care of herself during her pregnancy, and become a mother once the baby was born. In fact, it proved to be too difficult for Jacob's girlfriend and when they got into a huge argument about whether or not they should put the baby up for adoption, his girlfriend bailed on him, and their baby. Jacob had become a single father overnight, without the slightest clue as to what he was doing or how he could take care of his daughter, he had no choice but to lean on his family for help. Yet, even they were not available to fulfill the demanding and grueling schedule that the newborn needed. In the end he had no other options but to seek professional help and hope that someone would fit his requirements, that someone could move in and live in his home to take care of his daughter, so that he could return to work and make an honest living for his child, and himself.

This summary describes a potential partner's character. The name can certainly be changed, I have no problem with that. The story would begin with my character, the live-in nanny, interviewing at the house, for the position, and hopefully, is hired on the spot or very soon thereafter. From there, the story is about the difficulties Jacob has to overcome, mending those wounds that his ex-girlfriend left behind, and the slow-building romance that begins to take place between our characters. I would like for there to be an age difference between the two, but a significant one is not necessary. I would like for this story to be about two strangers who spark, who come together for the benefit of the baby, yet the pair can't help but to want more from one another. Jacob can be a bit closed-off and mysterious, perhaps he doesn't want to discuss what happened with the mother of his child, perhaps he has a distrust towards all women after what happened to him, but his walls eventually start to fall and slowly but surely, he lets the nanny in. Ideally, it will be a romance story, with a long, slow, and steady, build-up.

The End of Times.

No one knows exactly when the outbreak started, but one thing everyone can agree on is how vastly different everything now is. Civilization as they knew it to once be, is no longer, and likely never will be again. After several attempts to eradicate the threat and to wipe out the infection, there is no more Government, there is no more democracy, there are no rules and there is no end in sight. Survivors from all over the world have a choice to either go it alone, or form a group. They can either stay planted in what they hope is a 'safe zone,' or they can continue to move from location to location. Call them walkers, or roamers, or lurkers, or biters, or infected, or even the living dead, it's all the same. They threaten the lives of everyone since a bite, even a scratch, can make people turn, or kill them for good. They aren't the only threat out there of course...

I know this is very broad and it's designed that way intentionally. I have attempted several apocalypse games and currently have one in progress, but am craving another. I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead (TV show, and game series), but do not require a potential partner to have ever watched or played. The plot here would be about our characters, surviving the outbreak once it infests wherever they are from, joining forces together and forming a group. There will be NPC characters who either of us or both of us can control, depending on a potential partner's preferences. My hope here is to have our two characters come together in a group, or perhaps they are together just the two of them, formulating a plan to survive and relying on each other in the process. It will be a romantic story, where the chemistry between our characters builds over time, slowly, or perhaps lust hits them all at once, and over time their connection becomes deeper. There's nothing I enjoy more than the element of the apocalypse being thrown into a story, so I'm really open here, and would love to hear some possible ideas from a potential partner, about the specifics of this story.

Happily Ever After.

Ken was always a nerdy guy, someone who barely managed the attention of the opposite sex, unless it was during an episode of embarrassing himself. What he wanted more than anything, even more than a perfect GPA at the University he went to, was a beautiful girlfriend. It wasn't just about being the envy of the guys, it was also about not being lonely, not having to wonder anymore what it was like to be in love, and to be loved back. One day, when trying to order a pizza for him and his roommate, Ken mis-dials and happens across a different number, a line he never intended to reach; the Goddess Help Line. Immediately after the call was placed, a Goddess appeared in front of him and asked him what his wish was. He thought he was dreaming, or maybe someone was pulling a cruel joke on him. Surely if he asked for the Goddess herself to be his forever, the horrible prank would be over, and he'd be able to keep a shred of his dignity in the process. So he does this, he asks the Goddess to be his forever, and she has to fulfill his wish. Yet there are complications involved, such as a few rules that, if they are broken, could mean the breaking of his desired wish. For instance, no one can find out that the Goddess is not, in fact, a human.

This story is, in my mind, a sort of romantic comedy and is largely inspired by an anime/manga called Ah! My Goddess. I do not intend to rip the exact same story line from that very long manga/anime series, however. I hope to make this a unique story about the implausible love between a human and a Goddess. I hope to explore questions like whether or not their relationship is real, considering it began based on a contractual obligation. Yet with the rules thrown into the mix, which they must follow, I am also hoping this can have a comedic spin on it, along with the romance element.


Alexandria is a full-time student, part-time model, who has a flawless face, and an impressive body. She turns heads everywhere she goes, dragging along the gazes of not only men, but women as well. The envy of every girl in school, as well as the ideal arm-candy for every guy, Alexandria was definitely living the high life. Of course, not everything lasts. Chances are, if something in life seems too good to be true, it probably is. Due to her growing popularity, she was recognized by strangers daily, not used to the slice of fame she had been granted, Alexandria had a difficult time understanding who to trust and who to be weary of. So naturally, an outsider noticed this and took advantage of it. He had been observing Alexandria from afar for a while, collected all of her pictures and tracked all of her modeling shoots. Now, he had the chance to meet her in person and make her aware of his affections. What would he do when he got the opportunity?

Again this is another story idea where the premise has been laid out, but the details are not necessarily scripted. I am interested in hearing from a potential partner about ideas for the direction of this story. Perhaps it is a rather harmless obsession that the stalker has, perhaps all he wanted was for Alexandria to notice him. Or maybe he has something a little more dark and sinister up his sleeve. Again, this is an open-ended idea because I want to be surprised for what's to come. Non-con is a possibility for this game, but not for any of the others, and please understand that I will need to be selective about the partner I choose for this game, due to that very fact.

If you're interested in any of these ideas, please PM me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!