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Author Topic: Historical & Fantasy RPs  (Read 595 times)

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Historical & Fantasy RPs
« on: December 31, 2014, 10:20:16 AM »
From the Ashes of War

Genre: Historical
Setting: Post WWII Munich, Germany 1957

His past was simple: he had rigidly served the Reich, and belonged to the Nazi party.
She had been a young woman who grew up in Berlin during the war years, and knew the hardships under the Russian occupation.

Two displaced individuals found one another through circumstance after the war.
It was in the city of Munich, the birthplace of the Nazi Party, which the two met, fell in love, and married.

Under the American occupation, the city was steadily restored, rebuilt, and it reflected the will and determination of the German people in the state of Bavaria. New lives and new opportunities arose from the ashes of war, new experiences awaiting them...

But present lives can be haunted by the past. One pull of a wayward thread can unravel so much...Secrets can spiral out of control. Emotions can be destructive.
Does one have the strength to forgive?
Can one elude those who hunt for war criminals?

Notes: Requesting an individual to write from the perspective of either character, and from the point-of-view of the Axis. Looking to explore the themes of survival, romance & marriage, the consequences of rape, crimes of war, etc.   

Of How It All Ends

Genre: Historical
Setting: 1920s Prohibition America

America was the land of opportunity, of dreams, and immigrants flooded to the new land—in desperation, in want of hope, penniless and emotionally starved—to start a life anew. Chances were taken, but once through the gates of Ellis Island, once through the stations of inspection, one did not always find themselves welcomed, and it became a struggle to survive. No better was it than the homelands.

Violence escalated in Hell’s Kitchen…
Warehouses stored bootleg whiskey…
Crime became rampant.

She was Irish, the working class poor, and she resided in an overcrowded tenement with her siblings as they attempt to make ends meet.
Her brother was a boxer, once a soldier for the IRA, and his past never escaped him. Deadly, he could be, when required.  His promoter, an Irish crime lord, asked him to take a fall in a match. It was during this meeting in which she would meet her future suitor for the Irish crime lord had a business partner with him: a well groomed self-made gentleman, a former immigrant, a Sicilian.

Being hit with the ‘thunderbolt’, lust, obsession and jealousy never knew mankind to be reasonable. The Sicilian would want her, would have her, and their worlds would collide.

Romance there would be chased by hardships, and blossoms of appreciation followed by tragedy. They would become an American dream.

Notes: Looking for a partner (gender not important) to write from the point-of-view of the Sicilian. Looking to explore the themes of lust, obsession and jealousy; the rise from poverty, or the making of the American dream and the possible threats of losing it all; violence; pregnancy or the risk of; cultural differences etc.
If interested in either, please send me a PM.
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Re: Historical RPs [Post WWII & Prohibition Era]
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2015, 05:55:06 PM »
Der Erlkönig

Genre: Fantasy
It was said that it dwelled in the darkest of the ancient woods.
It was said that only the Innocent could see it… the unearthly creature that bestowed fear deep within, that created nightmares…the epitome of iniquity.

The Elf King.
Fae born and Immortal.

Centuries it has been since the Elf King had his beloved child stolen—a rare treasure birthed to him by his wife long deceased, a wife loved beyond worship—and on a particular eve of every year, it was said he haunted the woods, and the villages. It was said that the Elf King scoured the mortal realm for his child.

Ages passed and tales of the Elf King became myth, became forgotten.
But some things should not be abandoned with the passage of time, and not all prisons hold true.

Notes: Looking for a partner (gender unimportant) to write from the perspective of the Elf King, and to help create the overall plot and necessary npcs. Looking to explore the emotional aspects of abandonment, of loss, and of being reunited; of the madness an obsession can create; incest; and the tides of revenge.

Please PM if interested.
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Re: Historical & Fantasy RPs
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2015, 07:10:00 PM »
Awkward. Uncouth. …But Us

Genre: Drama/comedy
Setting: Contemporary

Over a decade ago, a businessman was in a relationship with a single mom of a teenage girl.  To a degree, he got along better with the teenager, befriending her, and becoming a father figure. They shared the same mentality at times, enjoyed the same movies, games, music and style of humour. He was easy to talk with, and never judgmental. She offered her support when he burdened her with troubles pertaining to his relationship with her mom, or work.

He, however, wasn’t always mature. He was emotionally needy due to insecurities, and made impulsive and sometimes poor choices because of it...but he believed himself as witty and suave, and one hell of a good lover.  Sometimes, it was by dumb luck that he was successful in his career, and likewise, in his relationship.

It wouldn’t last.
He would find himself single… and a restraining order was put into place given he pestered his ex-girlfriend. He couldn’t understand why she would leave him.

But time heals wounds. Mainly.

A decade later, the teenage girl -–now a happy-go-lucky young woman—finds herself employed at his place of business …and things become a little awkward when they realize there is an attraction between them.

Notes: Looking for a partner (gender unimportant) to write from the male perspective. Must be willing to write NPCs, and to create and develop plot. Wanting to explore the emotional complexities of this unusual reunion. Age differences. That the story will vary from being lighthearted at times to serious and/or emotional. 

If interested, please PM me.