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Author Topic: Open World System Game, D&D 3.5, PathFinder, and D&D 5e friendly  (Read 873 times)

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Offline AEvumTopic starter

Open World System Game, D&D 3.5, PathFinder, and D&D 5e friendly
« on: December 31, 2014, 01:48:33 AM »
Note: I sometimes disappear for some time due to work. I'll let you know ahead of time but now and then real life gets in the way and I can't RP. For this reason I've learned I can't really play group games because I eventually have to disappear and screw over the group so don't bother asking me to join a group RP.

I'm open to playing with anyone playing any gender but I am not going to do any MxM. Futa or other x Male might be okay but definitely no male homosexuality. Otherwise everything gender and orientation wise is on the table. I myself am also open to playing as anything.

Alright so now that's out of the way here's what I'm looking for. I'm looking to play a campaign leaning on the smutty side (though story will no doubt develop naturally) that is essentially dropping the player into a world full of things that want to do naughty stuff to the player. I'm willing to GM or play. I'd prefer to not have a whole lot of combat and have it rely more on wits and have defeat be met with some lewd punishment rather than death. It's intended to be mostly non-con and potentially a bit brutal, though no gore or anything too extreme.

I'm also considering doing small, somewhat linear oneshots involving a single dungeon or quest or something. Something like this would probably have less story but be a bit more gamey; just a bit of fun. I'm not entirely sure what it would be but it sounds like it could be fun. Let me know if that idea interests you.

I'm open to all races and classes though I'm not too excited about dwarves, halfings, or gnomes. I'm quite fond of elves, fey, and tieflings. If you have and idea for a unique character let me know; I'm fine with homebrewing a race or something. I may try something other than 3.5 or Pathfinder but I'm most familiar with those two. As far as settings go I enjoy most anything. Standard fantasy, steampunk type stuff, modern "hidden world" type of fantasy, sci-fi, and so on.

Please send me a PM if you're interested. Let me know what it is you're looking for.

A few of the things I'm interested in. (All images NSFW):
Male/Female - Female/Female - Futa/Female - Futa/Futa - Female/Monster - Futa/Monster
Demons - Angels
Elves - Fey - Tieflings
Revealing Clothing - Torn Clothing - Living Clothes
Kidnapping - Enslavement - Restrained
Exhibition - Public Nudity
Mind Control - Aphrodisiac/Drugs
Monsters - Tentacles
Monster Girls both Cute and Scary
Robots - Sex Machines - Living Dolls
Cursed sexual items
Imgur album of assorted images that fit what I'm looking for

Of course not all of those are necessary or wanted. Rather it's just sort of an assorted list to give you an idea of what it is I'm looking for in this kind of game.

What I don't want:

Combat heavy games; I'd prefer to keep interactions non-combat focused. In fact I prefer to punish or be punished for direct combat by having most foes be much more powerful than the player.

Romance, in or out of character, is generally not something I'm looking for.

Death; I'd like defeat to end up with consequences of course, especially lewd ones, but straight up death isn't a good idea given the NC and increased danger I'm looking for.

Definite Offs:
Anything homosexual between two men
Gore - I'm fine with gore outside of sex but I don't want any in sex. Some cuts or blood or whatever during sex is fine but guts hanging out is too much for me.
Impregnation - I don't mind the fear of impregnation but I don't want to RP any actual pregnancies.

Setting and Plot Ideas
I may add more in the future. Generally I would DM these settings.

Playground of the Gods: - A standard European fantasy setting with some influences from other cultures.

This is meant to be a D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, or 5e game but other systems or lack thereof is fine. All races and classes are open. I'm expecting the player to provide a little backstory so I can place them in an appropriate location. Alternatively I could describe the various places in the land and let the player choose where to start.

   From the religious zealots of Ibella to the giants of Xuduo; from the vampires of Sangsue to the barbarians of Khangol the land is a dangerous one. Every nation has its fair share of corruption and danger that threatens the unsuspecting. Some of it is straight forward such as the bandits that roam poor countries whilst others are more well hidden such as the magical contamination that infests the city of Magi.
   Each location has it's own issues and conflicts that can lead into a storyline of sorts if the player chooses to address them. Otherwise this, like all of my games, is largely sandboxy and thus allowing the player to do as they choose.

The Sin of Lust: - A dark setting focusing on the nation of Lust within Hell.

The term "succubus" could be swapped out with incubus or angel or whatever; it's the setting and gameplay style I'm interested in. This is meant to be a D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, or 5e game but other systems or lack thereof is fine. All races and classes are open; in fact the standard races are rather reskinned as being different types of incubi/succubi (a female elf for example is a elven succubus).

   You play as a newest demon in Hell. More specificly the newest succubus in Lust which is the area devoted to that sin. From the wastelands roamed by feral incubi to the cities walked by cunning succubi Lust is a place of twisted beauty and carnal desire. Though the cubi are the most common inhabitants of this land other, stranger, and more bizarre beings dwell here as well. All creatures that call Lust home feed on sexual energy and thus cannot survive without it. In addition creatures from other lands often visit Lust either as simple tourists such as the dark angels or as foriegn invaders such as the oni.
   As the newest succubus to find yourself in this sinful land you'll have to learn quickly and rely on wits rather than brute force. Nowhere is truly safe and the creatures of Lust are more than capable of subduing any succubus foolish enough to fight directly. As a succubus you'll of course be rather lustful yourself and actually need sex to survive. That shouldn't be an issue though as you're bound to find yourself more than satisfied. You'll put out a constant aura of desire that will cause any nearby creature, even ones not native to Lust, to covet your flesh.
   As for storyline it's up to the player to decide where it goes. The current situation involves the recent collapse of the former government and the fighting amongst the nobility that ensues. Meanwhile outside invaders aim to take advantage of Lust's weak state and take what they can from the weakened nation.
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Offline AEvumTopic starter

Re: Open World System Game, 3.5 or PF friendly
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2015, 02:05:55 PM »
Updated with a few new images, bolded the important bits, added some more information, and generally prettied up the post.

I received quite a few responses last time but unfortunately the individual I was planning on RPing with took some time to respond and was only able to tell me they couldn't RP after I had already turned everyone else away (not that I blame them of course; real life just got in the way). Hopefully now though something will work out without such issues. Feel free to resend a PM if you already contacted me to let me know you're still interested.