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May 27, 2018, 10:37:54 PM

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Author Topic: Assassin's Creed: Division (M for F)  (Read 247 times)

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Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Assassin's Creed: Division (M for F)
« on: December 30, 2014, 12:11:46 PM »
The endless war between the Assassin's and Templars in this modern day and age is reaching a critical point and has only complicated over time. Mysterious groups like the Instruments of the First Will and Erudito appearing, Abstergo Industries releasing the Helix, a Cloud based software gaming system, to the public, and the Initiates, a group with the express purpose of being the hacking and otherwise intellectual and cyber force of the Assassins who recently have been tasked with recruiting gamers of Helix, and so on and so forth. The apex of the conflict seems quickly approaching yet so far away and unpredictable in the arrival of it's end and both sides are struggling for dominance.

Aiden Bellamy, young Initiate turned full blown Assassin finds himself at the head of a fate that has spanned through time that he must search through to accomplish the Assassin's goals, finding yet another artifact of those who came before humanity dubbed a Piece of Eden. Little does he know... that his fate is tied to another.


Hello everyone!

I'm looking for a longer term Assassin's Creed story initially based in the present day. Ideally, I would like a duo of main characters, yours and mine, to be members of the Templar Order and Assassin Brotherhood respectively. Much like our line of protagonists (for the most part) in Assassin's Creed involving a descendant/ancestral line of important characters, I would like to create a story of ancestral characters who repeatedly meet somehow throughout time almost as if drawn by destiny much like Desmond's family line except instead of being destined to solely do great things, these two's families are destined to accomplish great change in the world, or at least effect it or the main conflict in some way, through their fate together. Perhaps a pair of ancestors were great enemies who's battles shook the very ways of the Templars and Assassin's, putting one far ahead of the other, or maybe a duo united to accomplish a great feat. In short, I would like our main characters to have a family line in which eventually their ancestors have always met one way or another and for these meetings to fuel and further the overarching plot. 

I would like to use this as the driving factor of the story, perhaps the two are each using Animus tech (Helix or Animi or what have you) to go into their ancestor's memories, possibly to the end of discovering something within the family lines of these two characters who at the moment are on opposing sides. Lovers who came together through strife, siblings on opposing sides, a master and slave, playing with their characters and any time period we wish would provide a rather fun and unique story. I was thinking the driving force could be a Piece of Eden, possibly something powerful that needs to be found or perhaps disposed of in some way. At the very least I was thinking something that could be used offensively either indirectly like the Apple or directly like the Sword, something that would create a pretty great final boss battle if it were in the game. Something like a Shield of Eden or the like that hasn't been used (to avoid contradicting the story) sounds appropriate to me.

Your character is your own so any detail I give is completely suggestion and subject to your discretion to use, tweak, or go a completely different route than. This is simply the idea I had that inspired the request so do not feel pressured to play a certain character. I imagine my partner playing a badass, high ranking, modern day Templar to oppose my experienced enough upstart Assassin, I want to make them rivals for some fun power play, fighting for dominance, and perhaps ending up in some awkward and or sexy situations throughout their rivalry. Between their meetings and missions their time is coincidentally spent looking through the animus, seeing their families' dealings with the Piece of Eden and exploring their history tied together. I'm thinking a format of each story arc, much like the games, involving a different pair of ancestors instead of just zipping around ancestors to avoid too many one shot characters and to make sure the story flows evenly.

This is an inspiration pic for my partner's character, again nothing I suggest of my partner's main needs to be followed, I am merely presenting my thought process for others to better understand the idea and help us be on the same page. This image is what first started my thinking on this idea. To me this is one of the ways I imagine a modern day named character Templar to look like.
Templar example


My O/O's can be found in my signature. What I am looking for in a partner:

- Female. I would prefer to roleplay this story with an actual female partner. It's just a comfort thing, I am far more comfortable talking and playing with females than males and while some stories I can be convinced on, this one I would just prefer to be with a female partner.

- No vanilla. I'm not interested in the average love story of two people falling for one another sweetly. I'm looking for action, adventure, rough sex/smut/kinky places and or settings with unique themes and fun rival power play. Romance can definitely play a part but kinks are required.

- Activity. Assassin's Creed is a fleeting inspiration to me right now having finished Unity and having nothing else much to play until Chronicles comes out whenever and Victory next year. While my other AC games are deep enough into the story to hold my interest despite slow response time, I'm going to have to require at the bare minimum one post per day (I would prefer more but I can live with that) to make sure that I don't suddenly lose my inspiration and can't post because I've bored of the story due to inactivity. Of course real life is a thing so if my partner is going to be away or unable for an extended time I will understand and wait patiently, but I would prefer it if any interested partner planned to not be away that long until after we've gotten a bit into the story rather than leaving on vacation after the first post or something. If something prevents you from coming back for weeks on end and you cannot reach me to let me know, I will understand when you come back if you let me know that was the case and if you are still interested I will try my best to reignite the inspiration if it has in fact been lost by then.

Any interested partners shoot me a PM with your thoughts and tweaks to the story idea and we can perhaps flesh something out together.

Hope to hear from you soon! ^^