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June 17, 2018, 09:21:07 PM

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Author Topic: GM for Mutants and Masterminds (3e or 2e)  (Read 759 times)

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Offline miniochTopic starter

GM for Mutants and Masterminds (3e or 2e)
« on: December 29, 2014, 02:02:40 PM »
Although we will be defining and discussing the setting in more detail...

I'm interested in running solo M&M games - they can be either adult or non-sexual, it's up to you - but characters must share one certain aspect of the superhero genre: Like many of the greats (Wolverine, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, all showing a statement of total power), all PCs will play heroes who wear briefs over their costumes.

I'd like to provide a little background, as I think it will help to properly convey my interest.

Ever since I ended up with some of the issues as a kid in the early 80s (they could have been reprints), the Silver Age version of Superboy has always been my absolute favorite superhero (by far!).

Seeing Superboy pose heroically in his briefs and performing incredible Silver Age style feats of strength became what fanboy dreams are made of, as I'd totally geek out every time it happened.

Of course, this is also the entire origin of my thoughts regarding how much more powerful the briefs make a superhero appear, even though I wasn't quite aware yet.

Years later, continuing to read comics, I noticed one day that every single comic I collected at the time (Wolverine and related X-Stuff, Batman, Superman, Aquaman) featured a superhero who wore briefs over his costume.

And a few years after that, I was finally able to afford to build the Superboy collection I always wanted. It took quite some time, but I stayed at it. My girlfriend at the time jokingly called it a "Superboy fetish", and after giving it some thought, I'd have to say that I couldn't completely disagree.

Following that, I had the mental image of Superboy (and then Batman, then Wolverine, etc.) adjusting his briefs - pulling them up sharply and making his briefed bugle bounce. An awesome statement of male power.

To me, a superhero with briefs over his costume is probably the most awesome thing in the world. There's just something about the thought of a powerful superhero standing there posing confidently with his fists on the hips of his tight briefs that makes a statement of complete power.

Thus, all characters will gain a special advantage that would allow them to use their briefs to provide in-game bonuses to their actions. Of course, this applies to female heroes as well.

When the briefed superhero adjusts, pulls up, arranges, or shows any sort of descriptive special attention to his briefs (this can be anything from adjusting the back to pulling them up high so they cup him all the more comfortably, as well as making his bulge bounce in his briefs), it counts as an "activation" of his briefs (like activating a Complication) to gain a Hero Point, which can be done once per scene. Using his briefs to influence interaction checks can be done at will.

Aside from indulging the GM in this one aspect, I am very interested in running a long-term campaign that will be an otherwise-normal Four Color superhero game...

If interested, simply send a PM with a basic character concept for a PL10 character, and a general idea of costume design, and we can get started!