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Author Topic: Aced's Search Thread (New Post 3/12!) [M Seeking F]  (Read 577 times)

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Aced's Search Thread (New Post 3/12!) [M Seeking F]
« on: December 29, 2014, 10:21:56 AM »
Aced's Intro

I was an active RPer here some years ago before real life does what it usually does and pulled me away. Things are nice and quiet right now and the holidays are over, so I figured it was as good a time as any to jump back in. I have a lot of experience roleplaying and I can comfortably roleplay just about any scene whether it is a bit rougher or romantic. With that being said, this search thread is going to be a bit of a work in progress as I get back into practice so please bear with me. Or just send me a PM and test me out, I promise not to disappoint.

What I am looking for:
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-Long Term Partners
That doesn't mean I expect someone to be on all day just waiting for me to respond. It doesn't even mean that I expect a reply every day. It just means that I am looking for partners willing to RP for awhile.

-Female Partners
I have nothing against guys playing as women. I'd even play as a woman for a RP. For me, the chemistry just doesn't work as a guy writing with a guy.

I'm pretty lenient on this. I really don't have any expectations for post length. You can send me one sentence or 5 paragraphs, it doesn't really matter so long as I can make sense of them. If spelling and grammar are horrible, it is going to be really difficult to remain interested in the roleplay.

-Smut vs. Plot
This is another area I am lenient on. I don't mind roleplays centered around smut but I am just as capable at brainstorming and writing out a detailed plot that involves adult themes. Both can be fun so lets give one or the other a try!

I'm looking for a writing partner. What I expect from a partner is someone who puts in as much as they expect to get out of a RP. I want someone to tell me what they want out of partner and what they would like to RP rather than someone who just PMs me and wants to hear my ideas for a plot.

What You Can Expect From Me:
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In addition to all of the items above, I respect whatever limits my partner gives me whether that is related to the roleplay or to OOC chat.

I am a completely open and honest person so feel free to ask me what you want to know.

-Time Constraints
Up front I will admit that I mostly RP from work when I sit at a computer for 8 hours a day Monday thru Friday. This also means that I am slower in my responses outside of those times in the evening and on the weekends.

-Post Length
My typical post is anywhere from 1-3 paragraphs. 5 Is my absolute max and I only make it to that length when I am inspired by a good story. Anything under a paragraph is when I match the length of my partner.

First of all, yes, I am perfectly capable of descriptive writing. I do like pictures though for inspiration and I do like to use them, unless my partner prefers otherwise.

You'll come to find in the plot ideas I post below that they leave a lot of room for different ideas and opportunities for different styles of games. I like my partner to get as much input as me in my Roleplays so I leave my ideas as open-ended as possible.

I'm sure I will think of more to add to this list. I will RP over threads or PMs. Please send me a PM if interested rather than posting here as future posts are going to include prompts.

Writing Samples

Business Relations (Coworker X Boss - Whimsical and Aced)

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Re: Aced Returns to RP (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2014, 10:41:35 AM »
Possible Plots:

This post will be a list of ideas that I am brainstorming. These are just prompts and I would like a partner to help me flesh them out. Organized by genre.

Urban Fantasy:

Bringing the Magic Back - Summoner X Fairy

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Re: Aced Returns to RP (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2014, 12:30:29 PM »
Demons, Angels, and Mortals - A Supernatural Setting


This Thread contains my first detailed setting, complete with backstory and mythos, but regardless of what is listed here please feel free to request any kind of additions or changes to a possible RP that would make it more enjoyable for you. I am nothing if not flexible when it comes to storytelling.

Please do not post a response here. Instead, PM me directly about roleplaying in this setting. I will only roleplay something in this setting via Threads or PMs.

Setting and Background

The setting of this roleplay is the eternal battle between good and evil. Because the battle is eternal, the time in which this takes place is flexible. It could be a prehistoric, uncivilized world or a modern day world. It could be a world of science fiction like technology in Earth’s far off future, or a war ravaged Earth where Angels and Demons battle openly.

The Eternal Struggle

In the beginning, there was only the Divine Presence and the Divine Presence is the bearer of the fire of creation. The Presence created all things in the universe, including all the Divine and Mortal races. While the
Presence is all-knowing and all-powerful, there has only been one thing the Presence has ever been incapable of; destruction because it is the opposite of creation. Lucifer was the most favored of the Presence’s creations, but, as an Angel was denied the full experiences of the Mortal races. Lucifer challenged the Presence on this but was rebuked. One day, while proving that he was indeed the mightiest of the Angels, Lucifer accidentally slayed a fellow Angel and discovered a secret; when he killed his brother the other Angel’s power redirected to Lucifer and did not return to the Presence. Thinking that he had found a way to challenge the Presence again over his denial of the gift of mortality, Lucifer set about gathering followers and slaying Divine beings to take their power. Though Lucifer’s power became great, he was still no match for the Presence for the Presence was the source for all things and could not be destroyed. Instead Lucifer was banished from Heaven for all time.

Lucifer and his followers created Hell from the twisted power of the Divine within them now and they found that their anger, hatred, and greed corrupted the power they had been granted. When the banished Angels
died, their energies no longer returned to the Presence because they were tainted and evil. Yet, whenever they killed an Angel they could no longer absorb their cousin's power because it was so pure and free of temptation. The banished Angels were no longer Angels at all. They were dark and unholy and christened themselves Demons. Needing a new way to create more power for themselves, they turned their attention to Mortals who they found easily tempted. Once corrupted, a Mortals soul could be consumed and added to the power of Hell. With each soul they consume they absorb more power and keep that power from returning to Heaven.

The Races

Angels are the Divine warriors of Heaven and Holy guardians of the mortal soul.

Demons are the Infernal spawn of Hell and waylayers of all life on Earth.

Mortals are caught in between the two warring forces.

The Planes


The Eternal realm of the Angels and the final resting place to the mortal souls that earn their place within. There are several levels to Heaven, just as there is to Hell. Mortal souls reside on levels that match the rewards
they earned while living. From sprawling idyllic cityscapes encompassing billions of mortal souls, to vast expanses of planes made as personal sanctuaries of the most devout, Heaven is home to a milieu of differing
scenes. Mortals rarely get the chance to transcend the plane where they are placed but there are some opportunities. Mortals can volunteer for some heavenly duties, from guiding and mentoring the souls of the newly
departed to taking on more dangerous missions that put their very existence at stake and earn an even greater reward in Heaven.

Angels permeate all planes of Heaven. Though they vary in distinction, they are all slave to the will of the Divine Presence and this lack of free will has caused many Angels to fall from grace to be trapped on the mortal planes, or even worse, the pits of Hell. Angels act as guide and guardian to mortal souls, and as warriors of the Divine Presence both in defending Heaven and in trying to eliminate the evil of Hell all together. Though Angels wield more power than their Demonic rivals, the war against evil is ever ongoing as Mortal souls and even some lesser divine beings are far too easily swayed by temptation.

Each Heavenly plane has a gate guarded by the holiest and strongest of Angels and even the lowest of Heavenly planes, Purgatory, have never been breached by Demonkind.


The Mortal and physical realm. Angels and even some Mortal souls visit the material plane. Mortals that are not stuck on the material plane, visit from time to time to check on loved ones or to aid in escorting recently
deceased souls to their final resting places. Some mortal souls get stuck on the mortal plane or refuse to move on, becoming one of any number of supernatural beings in the process. Angel and Mortal souls must take great care on the Mortal plane for Demons are commonly found here, tempting and claiming mortal souls for their own. A Demon takes every chance it gets to kill or capture a Divine being, whether Angel or Mortal.


The Planes of Hell are nightmarish and cruel, even to the Demons who are created here. The powerful dominate the weak and the weak dominate the weaker or die in service to stronger beings. Just like in Heaven, there are multiple layers of Hell with differing punishments based on the wickedness of the person. There are no rewards or lenience given in Hell and most Demons spend most of their time plotting their next escape from the pits for the only peace they ever find is on the Mortal planes.

Infernal energy permeates the planes of hell and eventually coalesce into new Demons. When a Demon kills another Demon, the victor absorbs the power of the victim. This causes Demons to constantly be at war with one another in the pits of Hell and the most powerful Demons rule over vast stretches of territory and command legions of lesser Demons.

Demons have to be careful when away from Hell because if they are killed by an Angel or a Mortal there energy simply disperses and they cease to exist. The infernal energy sometimes gets trapped on the mortal plane
where it diseases and corrupts mortal creatures and living beings.

Available Plots

Covetous: Demon x Angel


In the pits of Hell, power rules. The desire for more power is the defining characteristic of Demonkind, but it is a double edged sword. Too little power makes you a target for the dregs of lesser demons that infest the weakest corners of hell. Amass too much power, however, and you draw the attention of other Demon Lords or Princes that are all to eager to strike you down before you become a true threat.  Arcadia finds himself at a crossroads with droves of lesser demons clamoring for his leadership and with his peers one step away from hunting him down and stealing the power that he has spent centuries accumulating. It's a dangerous time for Arcadia, but he is still determined to come out on top.

Pairing Ideas

This plot can go several ways, depending on the preferences of my partners. For a Non-Consensual Exotic Roleplay, Arcadia can capture and enslave an Angel and enact a lengthy process of baptizing her in sin, slowly breaking and subverting her into his unholy servant and giving him a divine warrior capable of mowing down his rivals. For a Bondage, D/S, and S&M, he could tempt an Angel into his service with deception, enticing her to lay with him and then corrupting her by showing her dark corners of kinkiness she never knew existed. For a Light pairing, Arcadia could craft a partnership/relationship of mutual benefit with a Fallen Angel.

Picture Ideas (Arcadia)

This is one of my favorite pictures for Arcadia: [X]


[X] [X] [X] [X]


[X] [X] [X] [X]

Picture Ideas (Partners)


[X] [X] [X] [X]


[X] [X] [X]
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Re: Aced Returns to RP (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2014, 11:11:51 AM »
Moved this plot idea to another post for cleaning and organizing.
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Re: *NEW* Demon X Angel Plot Added - by Aced (M for F)
« Reply #4 on: January 02, 2015, 12:19:25 PM »
Cleaned up my post a bit, organized my supernatural setting, and added a writing sample from my first RP.

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Re: Aced RP Partner Search Thread (M for F)
« Reply #5 on: January 06, 2015, 02:44:09 PM »
Science Fiction / Near Future RPs:

Almost Human:

Technology advances at an ever increasing rate. What man cannot accomplish easily he uses technology to supplement his needs. As technology improves, it enables mankind to invent and improve new technologies. Recently a surge of development in cybernetics has provided the world with fully functional androids that can be used for anything. Of course, it didn't take man too much longer to take this technology and pervert it to fulfilling his own urges and anatomically correct androids are now being sold on the black market to perform in the bedroom and not just in the lab. Even so... the technology is highly experimental. Who knows what is going to happen to the androids Artificial Intelligence Units once they are put into carnal service of others.

Plot Ideas:

- Coming Soon!

Pictures Ideas:

[X] [X] [X] [X]

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*New* Modern and Alterniative History Roleplay Plots Added
« Reply #6 on: January 20, 2015, 10:07:58 AM »
Modern Roleplay Ideas

Cops and Robbers

Tonight is not her lucky night as the cop interrupts her illicit activities and arrests her. She begs and pleads with him to not be taken to jail. She'll do anything. When the cop drives her out to a vacant lot, unzips his fly, and pulls his cock out, he gives her her only alternative. Make him cum tonight and she can go free. The catch? His handcuffs stay on.

This is kind of a smutty idea but that doesn't mean the right partner can't help me turn it into a longterm roleplay with a more in-depth plot. Maybe her character gets addicted to the excitement of breaking the law, getting caught, and then getting fucked in handcuffs so she finds new ways to get his attention while she memorizes his beat? Maybe all her attitude is really a cry for help and he is an unlikely knight in shining armor come to rescue her. Shoot me a PM and we can come up with some ideas.

The Boss's Plaything

The Irish Mafia of Modern day Chicago has already been a group of small time criminals trying to scrape out a corner of the Windy City for themselves. Their numbers were few and unorganized and the surrounding gangs and police had little respect for them. That used to be true, up until Kent Murphy took over. Gathering the random Irish clans left in the Windy City, he organized the families under one banner and made them the ruling force in Chicago. But, the life of a mafia boss is high paced and stressful. People's lives hang in the balance of Kent's ever decision, including his own. To help alleviate the stress, he needs a young, attentive woman willing to serve the head of the family in anything that he might ask of her.

Science Fiction / Alternative Reality

Modern Day Knights

Their world is very much like our own, just as the theory of parallel universes says it would be. One of the differences, however, are this realities celebrities. In this reality, celebrities are not actors. Instead, they are real life heroes and the entertainment business is dominated by documentary style movies that record the celebrities adventures. Nothing is fiction in this world.

This idea needs some work but it arose late at night while I was watching Sir Patrick Stewart as a guest on Conan O'Brian. Patrick Stewart is officially a Knight. This train of thought led me to wonder, what if Knight meant today what it once meant back in the days of old? Not only would a knight be an entertainer, but they would be a modern day champion for the crown.

Anyone care to explore this train of thought further with me?
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Re: Aced's Partner Search Thread [M Seeking F]
« Reply #7 on: February 04, 2015, 09:39:34 AM »
A Writing Prompt

This years company Halloween costume party was bland and getting more stale by the minute. At least, that was the case until the mysterious stranger walked in. No one seemed to know who this new flamboyant individual was or what department he might have been from but the man entered with such confidence that no one thought to question his presence. The man was dressed in form fitting tights that seemed to emphasize a large bulge at the front, whether one wanted to notice or not. He wore a ruffled poet's shirt with a textured black vest and over his shoulders was a long flowing cape of nothing but white feathers. A white and black mask covered half of his angular face and a blonde, feathered man of hair crowed the top of his and cascade down his back.

As soon as the man stalked regally into the room, the ambient noise seemed to pick up. Music thrummed through the corporate venue, electrifying the air. People start to dance as the mysterious man makes his way down the decorative staircase. He makes eye contact with you and you can feel the heat immediately between the both of you, but he doesn't come straight at you. Instead he weaves and dances his way around the room. You lose sight of him several times. Slowly you notice that the room is filling with what look like bubbles, some of them clear and some of them tinted in various hues of blues, purples and reds. They reflect and refract the light around the room, giving the party a hazy, dreamlike feel. Finally you turn around and the man is right behind you. You drag in a deep breath in surprise, but before you can recover he sweeps you into a dance. He twirls you around the room at a dizzying tempo and you melt into him.

"Fear me," He says, his voice deep and commanding and yet you seem to be the only one you can hear him, his words meant explicitly for you. "Love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave," He tells you as you dance, the beats of your heart matching the haunting rhythm of the original piece of music being played by the hired orchestra. Around you the party thrums with new life as people laugh and dance as if a palpable madness has settled over the attending employees. You don't answer him because he continues to talk, "I ask for so little. Just let me rule you and you can everything you want." His words haunt your mind as if imbued with some hidden power.

You relent and he kisses you. You feel as if your floating as his tongue invades your mouth and when you open your eyes you are alone with the mysterious man and you are at home in your bedroom. Without giving you time to question how that was even possible, he kisses you again and the heat between your bodies becomes unbearable. Frantically you undress one another, in between passion laced kisses. You're swept up again and placed upon sheets of silk and satin. In the back of your mind you know that this is your bed, but they are not your sheets. The man's mouth and tongue begin exploring your body as he hungrily tastes the salty spices of your skin seasoned by a night of dancing and teasing. Its as if he is a man possessed by a spirit that has starved for years and your body is the main course. No part of your body is left unattended as he kisses, licks, and nibbles his way across you. When he settles between you legs and his tongue pierces the moist, pink folds of your sex you cry out and he devours your pleasure. Just as your orgasm crashes upon you he slides inside of you, thrusting his erect shaft slowly into you, extending the length of your orgasm with each thrust of his hips. Your bodies intertwine and your lips interlock and you both get lost in the lusty needs of your bodies. You feel his body quiver as he cries out in ecstasy and the pure greedy pleasure that courses through you negates any concerns you might have once had. When he collapses on top of you, you are both panting for air. Sleep soon engulfs you both. When you wake up, the man is gone and your party dress remains leaving you to wonder if the night before had been merely a dream or fantasy. All that is left, whether you notice it or not, is the small crystal sphere on your dresser.

A "Labyrinth" Inspired Roleplay

Jareth is the Goblin King. After Sarah rebuked him, she shattered his power and he was left nearly powerless and broken. He wandered the world as a snowy owl, watching and waiting. In you he found the spark he needed to live again and he let you taste the power he once held. In order to sustain this power, however, Jareth needs a queen, a queen that will let him rule her thoughts and needs. If you are that queen, you will find your doorway to his world in your closet. Your journey will not be without danger as no mortal can gain access to Jareth's castle without first traversing his Labyrinth. He comes to you often, encouraging and helping you as much as he can. He imbues you with as much power as he can the same way he did that very first night you met and with each passing encounter you both grow stronger. By the time you reach the castle you will be ready to sit by his side as his Goblin King. Though you're power was first just a piece of his, it will grow with the right practice. Jareth's magic comes from the belief of others, this is why he needs your love and worship. He will do the same for you of course and in return your own power will grow. It will be a tentative balance at first, but as you get stronger you will be able to seek new subject and conquer new lands, hand in hand as the Goblin Empire.

OOC: So as you may have guessed, the writing prompt entered hear is a Labyrinth fandom RP that will start somewhere after the movie ended and expand around and build onto the existing mythos. The prompt is provided as a means of inspiration born out of Jareth's lines from the movie. I am open to any changes to the plot established above. We can start before the prompt or after it. And where the story goes from here is completely open to interpretation.

Anyone game to be my Queen?
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Re: Aced's Partner Search Thread [M Seeking F]
« Reply #8 on: March 12, 2015, 03:39:04 PM »

This concept is kind of a very loose work in progress
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