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Author Topic: Multiple scene and pairing choices (Dom M seeking F or the right M )  (Read 1985 times)

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Offline IncantTopic starter

    Welcome to Roleplay Ad on the Elliquiy forums!

    Currently seeking 1 to 2 partners interested in playing females or sub/twink/effeminate/trap males.

    Let's start out with a little info about me
    • I am a male who has been roleplaying over different forums and messengers for the previous 12 years.
    • I prefer descriptive role plays that are more distributed 75% smut to 25% story by default, but I can go as balanced as 50/50. I enjoy story, but I do not see it as the main reason I'm on a site such as this one.
    • I am happy to play over forums or over PMs
    • I usually write from 4 to 5 paragraphs and sometimes more if my partner gives me more to work with or respond to in their posts.
    • I am overall very kind and courteous OOC and like to ensure that my partners enjoy the roleplays they are writing with me.
    • I am willing to play with female or male writer as long as they are interested in either playing a female or feminine/trap/twink male
    • If you're interested in playing with me please be aware that the use of images as a base reference for our characters will be something that is a requirement for me to enjoy our RP. However, additional images such as character outfits, possessions, homes, decorations, or examples of the acts being preformed are not required but GREATLY appreciated. They can be drawn or realistic images I have no preference. ** Bonus points if you're willing/able to incorporate more images throughout our posts**.
    • I at this time I'm only seeking one on one games.
    • I am willing to play any number of species and races including: Humans, Vampires, Demons, Incubi, Anthros(most kinds), Elves, Orcs, Were-creatures.

    What I'm currently looking for...

    Currently I'm looking for detailed partners who are interested in a one shot rp that could progress further depending on the development of the story.

    Possible Settings and Pairings
    • Modern Realistic-
    • Modern Fantasy -Including Vampires, Were-creatures, Potter-verse, DC, and Marvel universes (Some but not all of the options)
    • Medieval Fantasy - A world where species such as anthros, elves, dwarfs, dragons, or other monsters exist.
    • Near Future (A slight increase in our current technology but not quite Sci Fi)
    • Sci Fi (Futuristic would be willing to play in fictional settings such as Star wars, Mass Effect, Cowboy Beebop, or Outlaw Star Universes)

    Possible Pairings. My roles will be in bold (when both roles are in bold I would be willing to play either) (Just a note, I am going to assume Male X Female pairings, but most partners could be played as a male character. )  Items with a ** near them are particularly high on my list currently
      • Farmer or Ranch handX City girl
      • City boy/man X Farm/small town girl
      • **Perfect Student x Rebel Student
      • **Teacher/tutor x Student
      • **Sister's Boyfriend X Younger Sister
      • **Father X Daughter
      • **Best friend's Father X Friend
      • **Best Friend's Boyfriend/husband/Brother X Friend
      • **Male neighbor X Female neighbor
      • Boss X Secretary/employee
      • **Client X Stripper/Prostitute
      • **Client X Salesgirl/bartender/waitress/maid
      • Werecreature/Vampire/Demon x Human
      • King X Princess
      • Noble X Pirate/Thief/Whore
      • Superhero  X Super-villain (DC or Marvel Universe either OC or Canon)
      • Superhero  X Non-powered (DC or Marvel Universe either OC or Canon)
      • I am willing to hear out or discuss any other ideas/cravings you have that would fit well into the overarching theme.

    Possible games to resume

    Thank you for reading over my request thread and if you're interested feel free to look over my role play preferences since I do not at this time have an On's/ Off's page. [/list]
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    Offline IncantTopic starter

    Currently outdated
    I have found myself with a number of characters without threads as well as characters I feel like I want to organize here for people to get a better idea about what characters I play as well as ones that I'm looking to play.

    Character Has No Current Thread

    Name: Colin(or John if you prefer) Powers
    Personality: Outgoing, Sporty, and Confidant
    History: Colin had grown up with his little sister as his best friend. Of course that made him an easy target for other boys his age at first, but that didn't matter to him since he always had his sister to play video games, board games, sports, or even (when she talked him into it) house. Colin and Sarah's father had been a very good soccer player in college and he taught both of his kids to play at a young age and by the time the twins were old enough to sign up for the sport they were far more skilled then their peers. Colin's skill on the field quickly impressed the other boys and they happily accepted him as a new friend to their group, and even were willing to accept his sister since it seemed they were a package deal.

    Once they began high school Colin and Sarah had a tightly knit small group of friends that was very gender diverse for a group of tweens, and as they grew older and started to date none of the friends dared to date Sarah or Colin due to knowing how close the two actually were. The rest of the school seemed unaware of the tight bond between the siblings and since both were excellent athletes, Colin had become very good in basketball as well as an all state soccer player, they never had a shortage of interested suitors. Colin could never keep a girl friend long though because of their jealousy towards his sister and their closeness and while a few had tried their best to tempt him away by going 'all the way' with him as much as he wanted, they still couldn't break his ties to his sister.

    Little did his girl friends know, but Colin had started to harbor a deep crush on his sister. He knew it was wrong and he was smart enough to not act on it. However, if she showed any hint that the feeling might be mutual Colin wouldn't be afraid to tempt her down that sinful incestuous path.

    Name: Mr. Sterling Blanc
    Age: Mid to late 40's
    Personality: Confidant, Dominant, and Mildly Misogynistic
    History: Mr. Blanc had graduated from Northwestern Law School at the age of 27 and as the son of one of the more respected attorneys in Chicago nothing less was expected by his father and his trophy wife of a step mother. Sterling had been raised by the strict hand of his father who gave him very little coddling from a young age and discouraged when Sterling's mother, and Mr. Blanc's first wife, pampered him. Even while growing up with a strict set of boundaries Sterling never found his life to be overly difficult. He had all that any young man would want numerous friends, a steady stream of alluring girlfriends, and the best that money could buy.

    After graduating Sterling shocked his father and many of his peers by going to work for the District Attorney's Office instead of getting a cushy job in his father's firm. While Sterling's father was upset he was also proud of his son for taking his own path. Of course Sterling didn't see it that way, he wanted to stick it to his father who never thought he was good enough. Another one of the many ways that Sterling continued to stick it to his father was turn the trophy wife into Sterling's own lover and submissive.

    Sterling's interested in BDSM had started in high school when he was overly rough with one of his first girlfriends, but after their night together she had gone and told the story to her girlfriends who soon were nearly lining up to be the next one to feel his strong hands dominating their nubile bodies. Sterling never kept himself tied down to one girl for long, but that didn't mean he didn't have long term relationships. His most prized submissive was one of the girls who was a secretary in the Chicago DA's office, and from the moment he had walked in the door he knew all he had to do was play his cards right and she would be his. 

    That relationship continued until Sterling heard rumblings that the District Attorney in New York was not keeping the right people happy and his job was in jeopardy. Sterling had always been looking for the next step in his career, and without a second thought he put in for a transfer to New York and it was instantly accepted. It took less than 6 months before Sterling had turned into one of the most well known and successful Assistant District Attorney's in the city and was already gaining support to take over the District Attorney's position.

    When he first heard of Sarah he had been very impressed with her court history and was eager to spar with her in the courtroom, but when he saw her for the first time he was stunned at how gorgeous she was. Mr. Blanc was not so blinded by her beauty that he did not notice the way she looked at him, and how in the courtroom it appeared she was completely put off her game. After that day in court he hoped he would get to see her again, and when he did he was going to press her more to see if she would bend to his command and show the potential to be his next submissive. Until then Mr. Sterling Blanc was continuing to build a name and reputation for himself as a man not to be taken lightly.

    Name: Robert Powers
    Age: 45
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Personality: Confidant, Blunt
         Mr. Power's life had changed drastically in the last 4 or so years. Just before he turned 40 years old his wife filed for divorce. The reason she filed for divorce was not one of those "normal" reasons. He hadn't beat her, he didn't constantly piss her off, she didn't want his money, and he wasn't a horrible father to their kids. The reason that she divorced him was because she simply loved and respected him too much to cheat on him. In his youth Mr. Powers had been a college linebacker at California with the desire and skill to go pro. Those dreams crashed and burned when he was in a terrible collision that completely tore apart his left hip. Back when he was active he kept his body in perfect condition, but once he hurt himself he started on that slow downhill slide. By the time his wife filed for divorce no one would have thought he was the same person who stood proudly in their wedding photos or had that perfect 6 pack on the beach during their honeymoon. Mr. Powers had turned into an overweight slob trying to fight a receding hairline and bordering on the point of diabetes.

    4 Years later it seemed the divorce had been the best thing that ever happened to him. Robert now had an immense amount of time on his hands with his wife gone and his 18 year old twins away at college across the country, and after the reasoning for the divorce as well as some pushing from his friends he decided he wanted to get back into shape. The first step had been losing the 100 extra pounds of fat that he had put on in the 20ish years of being a couch potato and over drinking. Robert's journey back to a healthy weight and a body that he was ok looking at naked was a tough one, and there were a few issues on the way. When he started just running hurt him because of the excess weight he carried, so instead of starting with running he got in the pool and worked on his diet. After nearly a year of swimming 5 times a week and watching his calorie intake he had dropped most of the weight and started to look at getting into chiseling his body. Being in Southern California and having the bankroll of a single man who didn't need to pay alimony or child support left him quite a lot of money to spend on a personal trainer and he went with the best.

    Mr. Powers had undergone quite the transformation and everyone close to him couldn't help but notice. From his friends and family to his coworkers and the people at his favorite restaurants and coffee shops he was getting compliments and encouragement from all aspects of his life. The part that Mr. Power's enjoyed the most was the attention he had gained from the fairer sex. Young women approached him! An occurrence that he never believed could happen, but the more and more it happened the more he learned that certain girls in their 20's had an interest in a mature man who had more to offer than just a good time in the sack. Of course Mr. Powers had that to offer as well, but he could give them more culture and guidance better than many of their own fathers. Soon he found himself making friends among his more active coworkers at the investment banking firm where he was one of the younger partners.

     The reason he had become a partner, nearly 10 years ago by now, was because of the Masters account. Robert had turned 2 million into 10 in just 2 years, and with the confidence of Mr. Masters he was given another 10 to invest just before the crash of the market hit. Where  some men lost over half their profile Mr. Powers had controlled the damage to the point where he actually lost less than a million of the 20 he had been working with. His quick and decisive action had put Mr. Powers eternally in Mr. Masters good graces and soon Mr. Powers was receiving referrals from men that owned buildings, production companies, and sports teams making his income sky rocket and turning him into a partner at the age of 35.

    Name: Mr. Carsons
    Personality: Caring, Passionate, Bold
          Mr. Carsons exists in a world where Anthros, Humans, and Neko-creatures all coexist. The slavery of all races is allowed an tolerated and these creatures are treated as commodities and it creates very lucrative business opportunities for those who are willing sacrifice their ethics. Mr. Carsons 'flips slaves' he takes untrained or difficult slaves and commits his time as well as resources to develop them into much more appealing investments for prospective owners.

    Dustin Mathers: Currently in use

    Name:Dustin Mathers
    Age: 26
    Personality:   Confident, Possesive, With a very small town right wing world view.
    History: Dustin had grown up on a farm in the middle of Oklahoma as the second of seven children and was the oldest boy. Being the oldest son of the seven meant that he was the one who was basically his Daddy's second hand on the ranch. Dustin grew up quick and by the age of 10 he was working chores 12 hours a day during the summer and during the school year he'd work 2 hours before school and 4 hours after, except during football season of course.

    Dustin never once thought of college as he was going through high school and was more concerned with girls, partying, hunting, football, work, and school (in that order). Most of his classmates thought that the only reason he graduated was because the teachers passed him to keep him eligible, but the truth was he worked hard enough to pass so his Mama wouldn't whip him senseless. He was a rowdy boy, but when you grew up in the middle of no where in Oklahoma there wasn't much else to do but fuck, fight, and fireball.

    After he graduated he started working as a farm and ranch hand who was always willing to put in the extra hours. Soon learned that not complaining and hard work was enough to get him noticed in different ranching communities and he was never one to let the chance of more money and a new town pass him by. After 8 years of hard work, that chiseled his tall broad body into the perfection of what women dreamed about when they thought 'ranch hand' or 'Cowboy', he has gained the reputation of doing the work of 3 men with no excuses as long as the compensation is right.

    That is where we being with Dustin, starting a new job on a ranch that just can't seem to keep any good help except the land owner's daughter who has had rumor's swirling about her since she first came back to town.
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    Re: Multiple smut heavy scene choices (Dom M seeking F or bot M)
    « Reply #2 on: November 13, 2015, 11:33:04 AM »
    Hidden to save space but let me know if there is interest in this character
    Character Has No Current Thread: I am willing to alter this character but if you have an interest in playing him in the original setting please let me know.

    Username: Incant
    Character Name: Petyr Parker
    Canon: Mixture of Spiderman and Brynden Tully
    Age: 28
    Physical Description: Not an overly tall or imposing figure Petyr stands at about 5' 10" with a muscular athletic build with not a scarp of extra fat on the 180 pound frame. Thick brown hair that falls across his fore (include things like height, weight, hair color, physical build, etc)
    Sexuality: Bisexual with heavy female preference but has been known to be seen in the company of other males.
    Role: Lord of House Parker
    What does your character desire most?: A peaceful Marvelous
    Personal Philosophy: Those who seek to disturb the peace of Marvelous for their own gain should not be tolerated within the realm.
    Notable Equipment & Weaponry:
    3 Dimensional Maneuvering Gear: This allows Petyr and his most skilled knights increased movement through wooded and developed terrain. However it does little over flat plains. Each set of equipment is equipped with Adamantium blades. Upon the controlling handles of the Maneuvering gear.
    Bolas and weighted nets to immobilize and capture enemies.
    Slings and steel throwing knifes: For use as projectiles.

    Skills: A prodigy at a young age using his father's newly invented 3 Dimensional Maneuvering gear. Petyr was taught how to used the device at the age of 10 and continued to push the boundaries without fear. This fearless confidence turned him into 

    A List of Powers/Spells attributes of your character:
    Spider-sense: Innate ability to sense incoming danger
    Poison immunity: Due to his altered physiology Petyr is immune to all but the most potent poisons.
    Advanced healing: While not nearly on the level of some of the others in the realm Petyr heals faster than a normal man.
    Petyr was born as the only son of the Lord and Lady of House Parker and was the sole survivor of an assassination attempt on his family. The assassins had filled the Parker family's bed chamber with deadly spiders in hopes that the spiders would do the work for them. While the cunning methods may have been ingenious they were less efficient than a simple blade to the neck. Unbeknownst to his parents or anyone in the realm Petyr's mother had a lineage that reached back deep into the first people of Marvelous and through his mother little Petyr had gained a resistance to the spider's venom. However, his father was not as lucky and died that night to the venom of the spiders.

    Petyr's mother could not bare going on without Petyr's father and gave up her son to his Uncle Benjamin and Aunt Meredith before she disappeared from the land of Marvelous.

    The Lord Parker, Petyr's father, had been a technological  genius only surpassed in his time by Lord Howard Stark and his son Anthony. Lord Parker's greatest invention had been a device that used cords, hooks, and pressurized air to send a warrior flying through the battle field. The device had long been dormant among Petyr's possessions, but once the young heir found his father's last great work he could not stop himself from finishing it. The device was the first of its kind and Petyr himself at the ripe age of 10 took it for its first test run.

    A prodigy at a young age using his father's newly invented 3 Dimensional Maneuvering gear. Petyr learned how to use the device at the age of 10 and continued to push the boundaries without fear. This fearless confidence turned him into  a daredevil in the woods around the Riverlands. As Petyr grew into puberty he became even more agile and powerful than a boy of his size should have been. It was all due to the attack that killed his father. Over the years his body had not expelled the spider venom, but instead had absorbed it. When the changes of his body started at puberty the venom reactivated and caused him to mature much faster than the rest of the boys his age.

    By the age of 15 Petyr was the size he is now and could easily stand toe to toe with some of the bravest and most skilled warriors in the realm. Not that he could over power them all, but with a mixture of his advanced speed and 3D maneuvering gear he was able to hold his own in battle among much more experienced men.

    At the age of 20 Petyr's Uncle Benjamin and primary father figure was killed by bandits without banners in the Riverlands while on a hunting excursion with the family. Petyr was the first to find him and in his arms the man who had raised him took his last breath while pledging Petyr the lands of his father, and reminding him to keep the security of the realm in his mind with every choice he made.

    I pledge to: House Parker.
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    Re: Multiple smut heavy scene choices (Dom M seeking F or bot M)
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    Character Has No Current Thread


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    Re: Multiple scene and pairing choices (Dom M seeking F or the right M )
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    Modified and bump as of 4/12/16

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    Re: Multiple scene and pairing choices (Dom M seeking F or the right M )
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    Bump 8/25/16

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    Re: Multiple scene and pairing choices (Dom M seeking F or the right M )
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    Revised and edited as of 9/14/2016

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    Bumped and revised 5/19/2017

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    Re: Multiple scene and pairing choices (Dom M seeking F or the right M )
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    Bump 9/2/2017 Seeking a homewrecker.

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    Slight update and bump. Please refer to my tumblr for image inspiration :D.