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January 19, 2018, 03:59:00 AM

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Author Topic: Shy Guy Seeking Incest, Taboo, Seduction & More! [Male seeking Female]  (Read 72 times)

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Offline SilentFoxTopic starter


Hello there, thank you for taking the time to click on and hopefully read my thread! This is something of a departure for me in a lot of ways, now I know incest and taboo relationships in general are not everyone's cup of tea so I'll give a disclaimer right now. It does not have to include incest, it can be any number of taboo relationships, teacher/student, doctor/patient, bosses wife etc but if you clicked on this thread I'll assume it's at least a possibility.

The other big departure is I am using a scenario I once discussed and set-up with another writer whom unfortunately got claimed by the ever present demands of the real world. I just felt it would be a shame to see all the preparation and ideas wick away into the ether like smoke from an extinguished candle so I decided to base a request thread around it.

In a nutshell what I am after is someone to play a strong, mature, sexually experienced and aggressive older female character to my shy, awkward, geeky younger male character. I'll go into the characters in more detail in another section. I would like this to be a very long-term, slow burn type of roleplay with plenty of build up and suspense, the lust, the emotion, the dealing with taboo and the like rather than it launching straight into the sex.

So here is a quicker list of points of what I expect, what you can expect and other general things to help you decide if this is for you:

  • I am mainly looking to play this out via PM's, threads or other slower mediums as I expect fairly lengthy and detailed posts.
  • At present I can post once or twice a week with reasonable certainty though of course that can often be more.
  • Post length is generally highly variable and it depends on how much I am given to work with from you and of course what is currently happening in the roleplay. I can oft times average 4 to 8 paragraphs but the more detail I get the more I can give in kind!
  • Detailed posts, sights, sounds, smells, textures, feelings, thoughts, movements use all the senses and I will give as good as I get!
  • I am open to writing in both third and first person perspectives with a slight preference to third person.
  • You enjoy playing older sexually experienced, dominant and confident women!
  • You enjoy playing alongside shy/awkward male characters!
  • No pressure for replies, I know all too well that life can kick you in the muse or just make it difficult to sit down and write just keep me in the loop and all will be fine, I will also do likewise with you too!
  • Smut to story ratio, I see this asked a lot but as I see it especially in a long-term play trying to keep to a fixed ratio seems a bit restrictive. Sometimes there will be long stretches of story,
     others long stretches of smut, other times a more uneven switch back and forth so all in all there is no ratio I seek to maintain and it will depend on the set-up we use.
  • Set-up and discussion is important and should continue throughout even if it's just a friendly chat or some idea you want to give
  • No-one liners or half hearted responses to this thread please, now if you are just sending a quick message from your phone that is fair enough. Short replies to a thread, no questions being asked etc generally makes me quite wary.
  • For the moment this is open for anyone who feels they could write the female character convincingly that may change depending on interest.
  • Contrivance with the reasons for an incest/taboo relationship. This feels like the infamous problem with such plays and it will be something we'll need to figure out during set-up but to put it simply so long as it makes some kind of sense I am usually pretty on board with the reasons for things to escalate sexually.
  • If you have any questions about anything in this thread or even suggestions for it's improvement feel free to share them. :)

Setting and Scenario

Just a note this setting and scenario can be chopped and changed and more may be added over time so, if your idea is similar or even better than feel free to share it or any changes you wish to both the scenario and it's setting. I'll only be describing the setting and scenario as originally planned but it can be changed so rather than Mother/Son it could be Aunt/Nephew, Doctor/Patient etc.


This will be a modern set slice of life style of setting, so it shouldn't need too much explaining. As I see it the characters live in a fairly wealthy (but not stinking rich) suburb. Biggish houses with sizable gardens and the like somewhere in the US or England although I guess that part isn't all that important. The house is usually occupied by the mother, the father and the son (my character.) The parents are fairly successful executive types and the son is set to either start college or uni and we start under the assumption it's the summer before the start of such.

The passage of time will be important as it will change what outfits are worn, what events are currently happening such as summer barbecues, Christmas gatherings, Halloween, birthdays, family visits, holidays and the like (so it's not always restricted to just the house itself.)

Whilst I'll go into this in the 'Other Characters' section there will be other people around at times who aren't necessarily involved but provide ambiance and depth to make it a believable scenario. It won't be just a self contained little bubble as that would feel horribly contrived, also it adds more tension and suspense which will play into a lot of the kinks and scene ideas (discussed in another section.)

The exact layout and contents of the house can be decided during set-up such as do they have a shower or a bathtub or both? Do they have a pool? Are there studies or personal offices? Things like that which I guess very literally accounts for world building in a modern setting.

Scenario and Writing Sample

The scenario itself is probably a bit cliche but there are plenty of other options we could pursue, putting two writers minds together and coming up with something even more amazing is the fun of written roleplay. As with everything it is open to changes and other ideas. :)

The mother and father are at loggerheads with one another and it has been like that for five or six months, the father spends most of his time working or going on business trips and spending less and less time with his wife his former fitness trailing off. The mother is in her prime (thinking mid-to-late thirties) physically fit, attractive, confident and a very physical and sexual person bordering on nymphomania but keeps it in check due to loyalty and for the sake of their son.

The reason for the fathers lack of interest could be anything from him actively cheating on her but it doesn't get revealed until a long time into the play but whatever the reason he shows less and less interest in his wife despite her best efforts. Even when things do get physical between them she is almost always unsatisfied as he finishes and falls asleep long before she is sated.

Quite how things turn sexual between mother and son is something we'll have to decide on between us, it won't happen for quite a while but there will still be sexual happenings which will likely revolve alot around voyeurism and such long before they ever touch one another. The only requirement really in my mind is that the mother is the one who seduces the son as that is kind of what I am after. :)


Miles had to brace himself with both hands palm down on the dashboard as his mother slammed on the brakes of her car again having hit the fifth red light in a causing her usually practiced and measured countenance waver. A barely audible cursed uttered through a hissed breath was all he heard as she tapped the painted red fingernails against the soft leather of the steering wheel waiting for the crowds of people to cross the street in front of them. It was supposed to have been his father that picked him up from his university open day given his route for the day supposedly took him right past it, however after waiting for nearly two hours his mother had shown up instead not being all that impressed fighting her way through rush hour traffic in the city.

The car lurched forwards again, jolting Miles back into his seat as his mother launched the vehicle forwards as though she were on a racing circuit as she pushed her way through traffic in a desperate bid to avoid the next set of lights. His mother glanced at him with a smile though genuine it looked tired, keeping her gaze largely on the road as she spoke her voice tinged with a hint of annoyance and laced with the rigours of a trying day.

"It'll have to be a take-away tonight, Miles.. It's been too long a day for me to cook.. Anyway, how was your visit to university?" She wove between traffic, jostling him from side to side as she navigated the busy street and cleared the next set of lights taking them out of the city centre and onto the more familiar route home.

"Wasn't dad supposed to pick me up?" He asked before really thinking about it, his features briefly showing a wince before his mother answered in a tone that dripped with cold indifference.

"He got held up at the office." To which Miles merely nodded in reply, thinking better of going any further on that topic and shifting the conversation back to her other questions instead.

"Take-away is just fine with me mom.. The campus is huge but I am glad I can commute rather than have to live in the dorms.. they look like shoeboxes only less spacious." This earned a small smirk from his mother even if his voice was laced with anxiety and excitement in equal measure. He'd always been the nerdy type and only really had a handful of good friends of which only three were going to the same university as he was, so meeting a whole load of new people at once was weighing heavily upon his mind.

The city soon faded into more open country and suburban homes and the rest of the journey passed in a relatively comfortable silence, the two of them lost in their own thoughts until the subtle bump of the curb under the wheels as the car pulled up into the driveway shook him from his reverie. Hefting the passenger door open he all but slid out of the car, the familiar click of his mothers heels against the paving stones only punctuated by the thump of the car door and click of the lock as he sidled up along behind her, pulling his rucksack up onto one shoulder. The familiar buzz of a phone disturbed the relatively peaceful backdrop of the breeze rustling the trees in the garden as his mother fished her phone out of her bag, swiping her thumb across before pinning it between the side of her head and shoulder, opening the door as she started talking.

"So are you going to be home or not? .... Okay, fine. When? ... Seriously? Okay... Okay.. Take care then." Her eyes rolled, a frustrated huff of air escaping her lips as she tugged the buttons open on the deep blue jacket of her business suit casually tossing her phone and keys aside as Miles moved in behind her dropping his own back by the coat rack as his mother worked her fingers into her neck.

"I'm going to shower and change, Miles, your father won't be home this weekend some urgent business in Germany or something.. I'll shout you when the food arrives." Miles watched as his mother pried her shoes off her stocking clad feet, working her fingers into them, wriggling and scrunching her toes before padding near silently upstairs.

My Character

Do keep in mind this is just the character as I roughly envisioned him and I can tweak and change any aspect aside from the obvious of him being a shy nerdy/geeky type. Other than that feel free to ask for changes!

  • Name: Miles Jones
  • Age: 18-20
  • Height: 5ft 5in.
  • Build/Physique: Slim without being particularly skinny nor muscled.
  • Complexion: Fair with freckles.
  • Hair: Short, light brown.
  • Eye Colour: Brown.
  • Sexual Measurements: Penis 7 inches when hard.
  • Personality: Mild mannered, softly spoken and polite. Tends to get easily flustered around strangers or in situations he is not comfortable with. More at home behind a computer or reading a book than going out to parties. Has a handful of friends he has known since school.
  • Occupation: University/College Student.
  • Hobbies: Gaming, movies, going to gaming and related conventions.
  • Other Things of Note: Body hair is optional but typically I play with a generally light fuzz on the legs and the bush.

Your Character

For your character (or even characters) I will just give a general range of preferences for most things and a few example images otherwise I am fairly open I do have a slight preference for her being physically fit though (I have a thing for toned abs). She can be changed from a mother to a step mother to an aunt, bosses wife, best friends mother etc etc. This is just an example character the one I used when writing the sample above.

  • Name: Rachel Jones
  • Age:35
  • Height: 5ft 6in
  • Build/Physique: Athletic/Toned
  • Hair: Dark Brown, Shoulder length, many styles used.
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Sexual Measurements: Generous D-cup.
  • Personality: Confident, outgoing, playful, kind, generous with a wild and very sexual side.
  • Occupation: Managing Director.
  • Hobbies: Motorbiking, belly dancing, yoga.
  • Other Things of Note: When it comes to body hair on women I prefer none save for a neatly trimmed bush at most.

These are mainly body claims more than face claims I will accept other body types too but do bring examples, these are just some favourites!


Kinks, F-List, Erotic Scene Ideas etc!

I'll start off by giving you a link to my f-list for male characters:

The following is as much a list of scenes I'd like to see as well as kinks and examples where possible I'll try to be as thorough as possible.

  • Oral Sex (Giving and especially receiving): My biggest kink is likely on receiving but I do like to give as good as I get. To quote someone I once used to know "A good mouth can do so much for a cock." I prefer the slower more sensual kind than the brutal 'facefucking' variety.
  • Voyeurism/Exhibitionism: I'll lump them both together for succinctness but this is what I imagine much of the early sexual scenes will be, spying, peeping, overhearing sex or masturbation or outright watching. If done right this can be an incredible thing and can add a lot.
  • Outercourse of all Kinds: Blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, fingering, eating pussy any or all are options!
  • Vaginal and Anal: I know the latter isn't to everyones liking but if you want it included you need only say so. Fairly self explanatory.
  • Masturbation: This one ties into the exhibitionism/voyeurism kinks, the hearing of fingertips rustling through a neatly trimmed bush, the soft slick noises of fingers working, the gasps and suppressed moans, the curling of toes and shudders of release.
  • Acknowledgement of Taboo:Will mainly apply to incest pairings but can be applied to any of the taboo options like doctor/patient etc. No point doing a taboo play if the taboo nature of it is not acknowledged and the way the characters try and deal with it.
  • Massages: There is something inherently intimate and sensual about both giving and receiving them, everything from foot rubs and shoulder rubs to full body.
  • Dancing/Belly Dancing: Used as a method of teasing or such it can be a fun inclusion, belly dancing just plays into my love of toned abs on women. *hides*
  • Risky/Public Sex: A footjob beneath the table at a family dinner, a quick rut in bathroom with others in the next room, a blowjob behind the kitchen counter whilst trying to talk to someone etc.
  • Clothing of All Kinds: I love it when people like to include and describe clothing and it's removal/use in a roleplay. Everything from a simple bathtowel after a shower to classy lingerie and stockings. Summer dresses, tank tops and yoga pants and more the sky is the limit.
  • Multiple Orgasms: Something that is rarely done but always appreciated, wheres the fun at stopping with just one? Tends to play around with the increased sensitivity after an orgasm which I was going to make a separate listing but I'll put it in here.
  • Edging/Teasing: Taking someone to the edge of an orgasm over and over again or just teasing them with pleasure that isn't enough to finish them off.
  • Rimming (Giving and Receiving): Pretty much just an extension of oral but I know it's not for everyone.
  • Licking: The tongue is a very sexy thing.
  • Detailed Orgasms: Something I always like to see and try to give in kind!
  • Casual Nudity: There's just something appealing about a body confident woman showing off her physique as if it's the most natural thing in the world.
  • Sexually Aggressive/Assertive Women: It's a rare thing to find but it's always appreciated.
  • If something isn't on here or my f-list then just ask me, it's likely I may have never heard of it or be entirely neutral/indifferent toward it. As with everything in this thread, feel free to ask questions if something needs clearing up.

The End