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Author Topic: Intentionally Unwitty Title ("M" for "F", gender neutral)  (Read 1631 times)

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Intentionally Unwitty Title ("M" for "F", gender neutral)
« on: December 26, 2014, 02:55:15 PM »
RP STATUS: Very tentative.  Message if interested.

28Aug2016 Note: A lot of these scenes are in need of some maintenance... I'm not against playing them, but they're quite one-sided in nature (often involving multiple partners, which isn't everyone's cup of tea.  If you're interested in a play here, elsewhere, or from scratch, let me know.  Best regards!)

⚠⚠⚠Note on RP Status: if it says "accepting" versus "looking"; it's self-explanatory.  If you want to RP with me really badly but I'm only listing accepting, it means I'll still consider it.  Don't be shy; I'll work with you from a message that only says "Hi" all the way to a full out RP.  Don't be shy.⚠⚠⚠

On this thread, I will use a few terms:
    ⚠“Partner”: Refers to individuals playing characters – not characters.
    ⚠“Character”: Refers to characters being played – not partners.

Here are some more general tips about information on this page:

    ⚠ As a generality, if I list a roleplay that involves multiple partners (either gender), I am mostly indifferent to one person playing multiple roles.  Typically, that actually works best; but I’m also one for “the more, the merrier.”
    ⚠ Anime/Real pictures are both appropriate while discussing characters/looks/etc. 
    ⚠ I would prefer you to PM me with anything pertaining to this page or requests, but will not crucify you if you use the thread. 
    ⚠ I am looking for long term partners.  No, that doesn't mean our RP must be long. I just like to work with the same people.
    ⚠ I don't care what sex you are - I just care about what you play.  I'm up for all listings and pairings (and will play any role in any of my requests as well).  I don't, however, do sexual MxM.  Sorry!
    ⚠ The ideas provided are just really broad (and simple) ideas.  If you like the theme of a plot (interracial, fantasy, whathaveyou) shoot me a "hi" and we'll work some magic together!

7 Days in Heaven & 6 Nights in Hell
Synopsis: On a one week summer or winter retreat, one man is accompanied by seven women.  It is a mature trip and nobody has strings attached to them.  Naturally, smutty fun follows! 

6 Nights in Hell alternate/addendum (OPTIONAL): With the man making it a goal for himself to bed all 7 women at least once each before the week is up, an evil force sees an opportunity for corruption.  After the first week is up, fate will keep these eight individuals bound together.  A force of good intervenes, opting to save all but one of the womens' souls.  The last woman herself will be inhabited by a demonic spirit.  The man will be notified of the rules, which follow as such: any woman (except the cursed) who is successfully bedded by the man will be saved.  If the one woman who is cursed, however, sleeps with the man, then all souls not yet saved will be sent to purgatory indefinitely; including the man's.  Should the man bed all of the "correct" women, he - and all the women - will be saved.  None of the women themselves know who is cursed.  Should the male fail to bed all of the "correct" women before six nights have elapsed, they will all be damned.

Notes: I really want to play the women in this game.  The cursed woman will be chosen far in advance; if anyone has a way to keep this "honest" (but secretive), please submit suggestions.  I'm more than ears.  The addendum is not, however, required for play; I would be more than eager to play out the smutty 7 Days portion in itself.

The Patient Will See You Now
Synopsis: A well-intentioned but lower end therapist takes on every single patient he possibly can.  He truly means well and wants to help everyone he can, but finds that some people will be much harder than others.  His newest patient appears to have no desire to actually see him for treatment; instead, she asks him about his life.  Instead, she pushes his buttons.  Convinced she has an illness or is misdirecting attention, he maintains her as a patient; over time, though, she becomes more erratic.  More selfish.  More demanding.  More seductive.  More crazy.  Pushing his ethical boundaries to the limit as often as possible.

Everywhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide
Synopsis: My idea is that a family is struggling to make it by in a world where water has almost dissipated, leaving the remnants to be incredible valuable and even a trade good.  Additionally, humans appear to be sterile on a widespread scale.  In an arid and barren wasteland (not necessarily desert, but could be), a family clings to their blood ties and their lives.  Push comes to shove (raiders, pursuit of happiness) and the family begins a journey towards a new life and continuing on.

Notes:Plot to include incest and survival.  I would like this story to be very sexual heavy (but not smut) in an effort to procreate and also as one of the few alternatives to being happy.  I'm not sure if I want this as a small group game or not - any takes on this would be appreciated, and I'm alright with any count of men to any count of women.

I think you should try a new angle...
Synopsis: Two competitive photographers hang out and take notes from eachother, forming a mutual bond and a friends-with-benefits sort of attachment.  The city is their playground as they fight for the best shot (even though they're not in direct competition for a job, etc.).

Notes: This idea is fairly open right now, and it's just something I wanted to get out of my memory and onto the page... I see some interesting experiments like mutual photography during sex or a sort of "who can film the better porn" sort of thing.  In any case, I want a partner who will play a spry and spunky young lady for this.

The Man Who Can’t Have it All
Synopsis: The general idea of this is to be a modern setting.  An excessively wealthy man through family fortune has a trophy wife.  She’s very flexible, loving, and capable; the one thing she won’t do is get breast augmentation.  The man is upset so badly that he seeks the love of a mistress – one who has one or more procedures already under her belt.  The man continues to see the mistress and, eventually, the wife catches on and takes up enhancements of her own.  It’s a battle for attention between the two as the man is too wealthy to be rid of.

Notes:  Partner must at least play the wife, although preferred interaction would be playing the wife and mistress to some extent.  Ideally, this would involve the sort of threesomes that are so absurd they’d never happen in real life.  The underlying theme of this plot is silly materialistic nature and infidelity.

Vanilla Twilight
Synopsis: The title probably says it all in terms of excitement, but this is an idea I’d really like to do.  A young man who just finished his bachelor’s degree moves to a backwoods county (thinking somewhere like Montana or Nebraska).  He has a business license and has opened up shop.  Shortly after, he comes across two women (perhaps people he hires) who individually catch his attention.  He later finds out that they’re sisters, but ends up (somehow, some magical way!) developing a relationship with both.  The women can either be OK with that or not OK with it – that much is up for discussion but both would need to be played.

Northern Hearth
Synopsis: Three people have become stranded somewhere in the wilderness.  It’s cold and bitter, but they’ve come across abandoned quarters.  At first at arms with eachother, they grow closer over time and the men affectionately share the same woman’s heart and body in their struggle to survive.

Notes:   I am willing to open this roleplay up to much larger scale interaction - zombies, apocalypse, EMP bombs, nuclear winter; the works.

Highway 101
Synopsis: Your character(s) and my character end up on a road trip.  Our mutual friends have organized a huge road trip across the state (or country) but end up flaking out at the last second for various reasons. Our characters are already there and waiting. Having invested so much, I tell you to give me the keys. "With or without [you all], I'm going."  The map is in the dashboard of the car as it overlooks the bleached-white beaches of Florida.  The sun is beating down as I crank the car; noticing it's low on gas as I tuck myself into it, my bags are packed away safely in the back seat.  "First stop gas station, Florida" I mutter half-enthusiastically.  Summer break and nothing to do; nowhere to go... no job, and no family to hold me down.  It's time I got some adventure beneath my shoes.

Notes:  While I typically don't mind (and suggest) playing more than one male, I only want to play one developing character for this role.  This RP would be free-form strong, and I'd like to just have a travel partner. Not just in the car, but seeing new places. I envision it as a virtual reality road trip. Additionally, it does not have to be bound to any one country.  I'd like public scenes, maybe some drama, and ideally develop sequels in other regions or areas with the same characters and/or partners.  Characters involved can be anything from strangers to best friends or even family.

Blood Red Sandman
Synopsis: "They prayed to the Heavens above that I would never ever come back." Something evil is in the air, but nobody can put a finger on it.  "The neighborhood's pretty dead at night when I'm the one to blame."  Women are dissapearing on a nightly basis; sometimes men as well.  "Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep."  The police aren't able to turn up clues without going missing themselves.  "On this unholy night I will make you my own; blood red sandman, coming home again!"

Notes: Lyrics, image, and inspiration all borrowed from Lordi's "Blood Red Sandman."  I want to clarify this plot as a hearkening/throwback to "classical horror."  It can be campy, it can be brutal, and it can be fun - whatever my partner and I decide.
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