Dark ending AU "Ladyhawke" LF a "bishop" for long term RP

Started by lordgriffin, December 25, 2014, 12:25:56 PM

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I am a role player of some 30+ years, I have many different tastes and desires one I have had for about 12 years is a darker ending to the film "Ladyhawke"

A few notes, please do respond, please do not just "disappear" please DO bring your ideas. So fare out of 5 years on E here I have never received a single response.

I am seeking not just SEX I would like PLOT.

That said MY vision is a Bishop who IS dark and evil but is also REALISTIC.

If you remember the film, there was a scene where "Phillipe the mouse" witnessed Navarre's transformation into a wolf, and Isabeau's transformation from hawk, to (naked)woman.  Frightened the thief ran.

Now MY idea, in the story the Bishop's men caught Phillipe and wanted to execute him (stupid) My thought was, with Phillipe convinced Navarr and Isabeau were some how demonically cursed, the Bishop gives Phillipe amnesty, in exchange for knowing the location of the lovers to be.

Phillipe readily agrees, and the NEXT time Navarre transforms into a wolf, and Isabeau is alone in the barn...the Bishop and his mean are READY...

I can play Isabeau, Navarr (if even needed) and many supporting roles

i PREFER Rp over IM, but will not require that