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May 24, 2018, 08:38:27 PM

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Author Topic: Silver Eyes(Looking for partner for Plot-driven RWBY-based Game.)  (Read 226 times)

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Offline TheMusicianTopic starter

I'm pretty dry on roleplays right now, so I thought 'Heck, why not put up a request thread?'

I'm looking for a partner who is more or as literate as I, and can post two-paragraph or more replies consistently.

I'm a guy, myself. (It says Lord near my name. Duh. :P) But I prefer to play female characters, most of the time. For the purpose of the plot I've currently got in the works(In my head) My character is Silver, a huntress who is pursuing the man who killed her best friend and crippled her sister.

I can explain more about the plot later.

To give you a sample of my writing, here!

There wasn't much that could make Silver Rose angry. But jerks were at the top of the list, right next to the Grimm

Such as the jerk trying to reel her in with cheesy pick up lines, paid-for drinks, and the most infuriatingly cocky smile she'd seen on any man in her life. Silver suddenly turned to the man and held up a hand, stopping him from continuing to drone on about his new sports car.

"Sorry, but I don't recall asking you to buy me drinks, talk to me, or gloat about a car that isn't going to ever leave your damn garage. Now please, go the fuck away."

Silver turned back to the counter, until the guy pulled her off of her chair by her shoulder. Wrong move number 1.

"Who do you think you are, you bitch! I paid for your damn drinks! The least you could do is let a guy get some!"

Wrong move number 2

Then, in a final act of sheer stupidity, the guy shoved Silver. HARD. The ravenette bumped into an empty stool, which she had to take hold of to keep from falling on the ground. Her glass fell to the floor, and her oh-so-loved cola spilled across the floor. Silver's eyes followed the expanding puddle for a few tense moments, before they lifted to meet the man's eyes.

Wrong move number 3.

With a speed that would make any jet jealous, Silver charged. She ducked low and slammed her elbow into his chest, knocking the air out of his lungs and sending him flying. He collided with the wall and slid down, eyes wide and mouth agape. Silver strode toward his twitching form, one hand on the holstered revolver at her hip. She drew the gun, twisted it in her hands, and clubbed him over the head with the butt of the grip. He collapsed to the floor and was still.

Silver holstered her revolver and walked back to the counter. Her bill was 40 Lien, but she put down 50.

"Always tip." She said to the bartender, whose jaw seemed to have hit the floor. Silver giggled and merrily walked out of the bar.

So there you have it. And that's just a sample, too. c:

I would prefer it if you PM me if you're interested. Remember, this is based in the RWBY-verse.