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Author Topic: Bodyswap and Transformation ideas inside!  (Read 1245 times)

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Bodyswap and Transformation ideas inside!
« on: December 24, 2014, 03:06:09 AM »
     Seeking: I'd love to find a body-swap story or two to play out if anyone has any ideas! ;D Oh, and any story that has weight gain as a magical or science element ;D

          Hello everyone, I'm Evalon and I'm seeking partners. My ideas revolve around transgender elements and/or transformation. Cross-dressing, she-males, futanari, and any other variation are common and sought after. Pairing include M/M, M/TG, TG/TG, F/TG, and F/F. Other kinks include bondage and submission. If that doesn't turn you away please continue on.

          I'm not very good at posting my ideas but I'm going to do my best and hopefully attract a person or two. If something catches your key could you send me a PM so we can talk about it? Oh, and please check out my O/O page. It's not very pretty but it touches on the things you should know about me. I'm not stuck to just these ideas so if you have a flash of insight and think of something that you think fits me please contact me. I'd love to hear it.

Current cravings~
Themes- bodyswaps, possession, transformation
Settings- modern, fantasy, steampunk, futuristic
Ideas- Martial Affair, The Apprentice, Well, It's Money, Easy A, Cursed

Picture cravings~

If you can work with me to find a story I can play this picture in|become this picture in, then we will be best friends for life ;D
My current picture craving~


                    I don't have an idea written out for this but I'm been in love with a story concept that involves two people getting swapped into new bodies in some type of mass or minor swapping event and the story is about how those two people deal with the change and end up in each others arms. :)

          --Important Notes--

                    When it comes to the transformation aspect of scenarios I do much prefer to be the one being transformed BUT I'm not solely dedicated to that venture :) I do much love scenarios where both parties undergo some transformation, swap, or alteration. As long as you are willing to work with me in assisting my character in undergoing some transformation I'd love to assist you in the same way :) However, I prefer not to do stories where my character is a sole-transformation force, unless you are exceptionally convincing :) Otherwise the stories where I'm a transformation force should also include you are a transformation-force. :)


                    Set in the future-science fiction
                              The name is shamelessly stolen from the song by the same title. The scenario is inspired by the one line, "waking up on the prison bus." I imagine a dystopia future where prisoners and other undesirables are loaded up and shipped to a prison world or a prison space station. Here the prison is run by the inmates. It's an anarchist society governed by the strongest. Women are few and far between on the world/station. Certain new 'citizens' are chosen to fill the role. The scenario focuses around a prisoner who is chosen and is feminized.

          Convention Fever
                    Set in present
                              Think of an anime convention, though it could be any kind of convention where people dress up. Someone approaches a very convincing trap mayhap not realizing he is actually a man. He keeps his secret a secret as they get to know each other. It begins to go too far and the secret isn't easy to keep. What happens when it is found out? This could be a straight M/M | M/TG scenario or it could develop into something more. Transformation could be included.

                    Set in modern-supernatural
                              I'm fascinated with vampires. Old World of Darkness more than anything. However this ans that don't have anything in common, though you could probably convince me to play in that setting. In this scenario, however, vampires are a little different. Vampires don't just feed off of blood. They feed of of masculinity/femininity. A male vampire, if he feeds off another male, will slowly drain the masculinity from his target causing them to feminize. For a female vampire, I see them slowly feminizing their target as they feed.
                    Set in modern-science fiction
                              The character wakes up in a some time of confinement; a room, a cell, something along those lines. It is quickly made clear there is no getting out and the process begins, the character is feminized for whatever reason and put to use.

          The Brothel
                    Set in the future-science fiction
                              This is an idea I played out once a long-long time ago but I still remember it fondly. This takes place in a cyberpunk world where virtual reality is like a drug. The hot spot for illegal activity is a cyber-brothel. You jack in and do whatever you like to whoever you like. Most people believe they are interacting with AIs but the truth is a bit more grim. The hottest, most popular brothel goes a step beyond. Those who owe large sums of money or need some quick cash enlist with the brothel. They sell their minds. They take the form of the desire of their John and let their John live out their fantasy. The variation I played with, the machine wasn't perfect or was it a bit too perfect? The backlash caused the physical body to alter in slight ways after each use. Those who want money are advised to not do it often but those extra desperate can't stop and pay the price. The original version involved a small time gang leader who was trying to take over his region. To do that he needed information and the brothel specialized in information. The price was his mind. He gave it up to them and they would, in return, tell him everything his rivals were up to.

Update 1

          The Pact
                    Set in modern-supernatural
                              The story begins with the eccentric grandfather of my character, he disappears. No explanation, no reason. One day no one can find him and everyone suspects the worse. No one expects what truly happened. The grandfather, in his youth, made a pack with a powerful demon. The demon promised to one day grant the grandfather power in exchange for one of his blood. On my character's 18th birthday the demon decided to make good on his deal. Now the challenge begins. The demon's goal is to corrupt my character in ways he can only do to a sold soul. For what the demon wants my character must willingly give. The demon will use whatever means he must to make my character give in.

                    Set in modern-magical
                              My character has always dreamed of being a girl. He goes to great lengths to make himself feel like one. He'll pretend he's a girl to anyone who can't find out any better. One day he gets found out and a curse is placed upon him. Each time he interacts with someone he becomes their fantasy made-over no matter what it is. In comes his roommate, someone with a deep fantasy. The curse takes over and my character is at the beck and whim of his roommate who realizes the power he has over my character.

          House of Horrors
                    Set in modern-supernatural
                              A basic idea where my character somehow becomes trapped in a haunted house and must figure out a way to escape while the entities inside use him for their own plans. I can see this as a small group game where some friends enter into the house.

          Silky Prison
                    Set in modern-magical
                              My character, a cross-dresser, gets a gift in the mail. Something he doesn't remember ordering. It looks like bridal garments. He can't resist and they were delivered in his name. He tries them on to find they are more than just a set of clothes. They bond to him and slowly change him into who the clothes were meant for. As the story progresses I imagine more clothes showing up to further the transformation.

          Easy A
                    Set in modern-magical
                              Two friends aren't doing so well in their X class. One friend comes up with a plan that seems impossible. He said his grandmother was a witch, or that is what she always told him. When she passed away she left her 'magical artifacts' to her favorite grandson. The catch with the magic was it had to be used on someone else, supposedly. Maybe as a joke or maybe they are desperate enough to believe it the other friend agrees. He would become the teacher, change their grades, and then change back. What he doesn't know is he's about to go for a ride. Her life isn't the prim-and-proper life he would have expected.

Update 2

          Marital Affair
                    Content: Bodyswap, possibly chubby, other content is up to discussion :)
                              No one believes in magic. It's something you read about in a book or see on TV, but it's not real, right? That's what Daniel thought just yesterday. Before his life was turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Let me explain how his story took such a surprising turn;

                              Daniel's friend, a woman a little older than him with a heart of gold, was going through a bout in her marriage. She said the spark just wasn't there anymore. She was scared she had chosen the wrong man but didn't believe in divorce. She was a firm believer in until death do you part. Yet she confessed she couldn't imagine herself living with him another year. Daniel offered to help her in whatever way he could.

The friend
The exact image is up discussion but I'm -really- craving a story using this image ;)

                              That was where he made his mistake. She took him up on his offer. It's funny how magic works. His muttered sentiment was enough for the magic to work. That night, before she went to bed, his friend said a spell from an old book passed down from her great, great, great grandmother and drifted off to sleep. When the two would wake the world would not be the same.

                              Daniel found himself in a room he didn't recognize in bed with a man! He recognized the man as the husband to his friend. Then the other little things began trickling in. He realized that he was now in her body, in her life. She had used the spell to swap their bodies and she was now free of the marriage without the need for a divorce. Daniel was the one trapped in her life.

                              The secret is, Daniel had always fantasized about being a woman. Now he had the chance he wanted. He intends to turn her life around and make the most out of what he has been given. And that means starting with her husband. Does he lay it all on the table or does he try to pretend to be her and become a better wife than she was?

                    Setting: Modern day. I envision it primarily taking place in the couples home. Other areas can be brought up as we discuss them :)

                    Requirements: I'm looking for someone willing to play the husband :)

          The Apprentice
                    Content: Transformation, other elements are open to discussion :)
                              Fantasy: Everyone aspires to train under a truly skilled master of the art. To train under a master is the road to one day becoming a magister worthy of the songs of bards. It's not an easy task however. With the most gifted in high demand it takes a large amount of luck. Ever is an aspiring mage with promising talent but no master to teach him. All the local masters already have students and he is in too much of a hurry to wait for an opening, should one ever come available.

                              Ever sets out on an adventure to find a reclusive master of the arts who is willing to take him under his or her wing and mold him into the magi he knows he can be. Will he be able to make the cut? Will he pass the tests put down by his new master? Will be able to keep up with the regimen his master puts him under? He'll take whatever is thrown at him in stride and keep moving forward. He wants to be the best he can be, what is a little trial here and there?

                    Setting: Modern day. I envision it primarily taking place in the couples home. Other areas can be brought up as we discuss them :)

                    Requirements: Someone to play the lovely master willing to take Ever under his knowledgeable wing and train him in the lost art of magic, at a price :)

          Well, it's money.
                    Content: Transformation, other elements are open to discussion :)
                              ((Kim could be a he or she. That is dependent on what a potential partner would like :) I'll write Kim as a he for the description.))

                              Technology is booming. The streets are filled with smoke and money is hard to come by for those without that special touch. Poor Kim is one of those unlucky types. He doesn't have the technological know-how that has become vital for those looking to make the big bucks. He can't even find a job as an assistant to one of the new technology labs setting up shop around town. He seems out of options and with his reserve of money running short... there is always one job open to those courageous enough to take it on.

                              With all the tech-shops opening up, they are always in need of volunteers to test their latest invention on. When you sign up you never know what you are in store for. It could be a hair growth formula or a new type of socks that massages your feet as you walk. Some are life changing and some are complete flops.

                              Kim decides his best bet at some quick money is to sign up for one of these 'flip-shops' as they are commonly called. He scans the listing down at the local posting board and sees one offering leaps and bounds more than the rest. It's a one month assignment and it pays as well as a full year at a normal job. He snags the slip of paper from the board to keep the competition down and heads to the address. If this worked out, he'd be set for awhile, or at least until he could find a real job.

                    Setting: Slightly futuristic. Heavily based off my love of everything steampunk but not focused solely on that. The setting can be toyed to fit the desires of my partner :)

                    Requirements: Someone willing to play the scientist/inventor looking for a test subject to try out his or her latest inventions on. The inventions could be anything under the sun, but I must confess I would enjoy some smut in here if possible :)
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Re: Idea Collective | (Transgender themes)
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2014, 02:28:40 PM »
♥ Pictures I would love to play ♥

SFW (mostly)


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Re: Idea Collective | (Transgender|Transformation|Bodyswap)
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2015, 12:45:21 PM »
          Added three new ideas located under Update 3 in the first post which are Martial Affair, The Apprentice, and Well, it's money. :) Oh! Also added a craving section to the top-part :)

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Re: Idea Collective | (Transgender|Transformation|Bodyswap)
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2015, 12:24:40 AM »
          Crime and Punishment
                    Set in the future-science fiction
                              The future is here and it has revolutionized the way the judicial system handles punishment. Prison is rarely used, though is still an option for those unwilling to cooperate or for the most heinous of crimes. Nowadays something a little more humane is used. For those who have committed non-violent crimes, a new option has opened up. A new rehabilitation program that, ideally, makes them realize everything they may have taken for granted.

                              This new procedure is signing away your body. You agree to give your body to someone who desires it. People sign up on huge waiting lists to get a chance at a fresh body with a fresh start. Their record is wiped clean if they can adjust and adapt to their new bodies and become productive memories of society.

                              This would be a a story of a criminal who has committed a non-violent crime and has been given the option of the new program. Someone on the waiting list deems his|her body desirable and the swap is set in motion. A chance at a new life is given, but is it really worth giving up the thing you most took for granted as your own?

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Re: Bodyswap and Transformation ideas inside!
« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2015, 06:35:51 PM »
"I know I should have been weary, but when you're this close to absolute power, even your own soul seems a small price to pay."

Birth of a god

   This scenario would feature a mixture of elements that revolve around darker elements of both modern society, the supernatural and fantasy worlds. Key elements I would like to include, but not limited to, would include; pregnancy, transformation, and corruption.

   Kor'shen, a prodigal mage, hungered for power and his hunger was never ending. Each new piece of knowledge left him wanting more, never satisfied. He wanted more than to be remembered, he wanted to become a legend.
   Kor'shen was reaching the limit of his abilities. He couldn't surpass his ceiling. His hunger began to drive him mad. His studies shifted to topics of transcendence and those studies gave him an answer. He could surpass his limits. He could harness the power of a god.
   All he had to do was summon a celestial and make a contract, binding them together. He succeeded in doing the unheard of and breaking the dimension barrier, summoning the specter of an ancient god.
   His plan was guaranteed. He was willing to pay whatever price for his desires, and the specter was more than willing to assist. Truth be told, this was a blessing to the both of them. The ancient god had been imprisoned long ago during the war of creation and had been seeking a way out. Kor'shen was his way out.
   You will be taking the part of the ancient deity making his break from the prison. Once bound to Kor'shen he is able to push a small fragment of himself into the new dimension. He has devised a way to escape, and that is through the transformation and corruption of Kor'shen, making him into his maiden avatar and the one who will become pregnant with the deities new form in order to escape the prison realm.

   Fantasy, but it could be modern. Prefer fantasy though.

   I'm willing to change names, background, and scenario. Those are there to help inspire. The core I want to keep is a male character makes a deal gaining power, but in the process sells his soul to the entity granting him power. The entity proceeds to corrupt and transform the male character into his avatar in order to bring himself into the mortal realm.
"I didn't understand what was going on. All I knew, and cared about, was sating my growing hunger."

Sign on the dotted line

**The premise is completely alterable. What I'm craving is a story that includes weight gain and breast expansion. If this particular idea doesn't call to you and you have an idea that includes those elements then send me a message with we'll see about working something out :)**

         **Gender change**, weight gain, breast expansion, mental alteration, non-con or con, partner's preferences

               **Gender of primary character is interchangeable. I will include a possible male and female route**

Personal Desire:
         In this scenario I wish to play the character undergoing the drug trial.

         No job, no money, and no time. Three elements that, when mixed together, lead to desperate decisions. Sara picked up a flier from the ground, brushing off what he could of the footprints that had trampled over it.
         "Interested in scientific advance? Desire to be on the cutting edge? Want to take part in shaping the future? Looking for some quick money? Stop by the 7th Street Pharmaceutical Lab located on 12th Street."
         A list of requirements were printed at the bottom as well as the pay rate for those accepted. The requirements had been trampled beyond recognition, but the money signs were clear. What harm could a little science do?
         Sara showed up to the lab with the flier in hand. When (s)he walked in the receptionist gave him(er) a once over with a silent, judgmental stare before noticing the paper in his(er) head. Immediately her eyes lit up, "Oh, you must be here about the drug trial." She was pulling out papers and rapidly asking questions. Half of the questions she didn't even wait to be answered. She was all too eager to sign him(er) up.
         The problem? This drug trial was intended for females and our poor protagonist is a few shades androgynous with a heavy hint of feminine. The receptionist took it for granted. After all, he read the requirement, right? Turns out the medicine, a designer drug, was extremely adverse effects on the wrong gender...
         **If female, the drug is designed to give a woman a more plump frame, but it hasn't been properly tuned...**

         I'm searching for someone to play the doctor administering the drug trial and someone who is willing to dictate the speed of the change the drug induces.

         This is open to Lords, Ladies, and Lieges :) The premise is completely alterable. What I'm craving is a story that includes weight gain and breast expansion. If this particular idea doesn't call to you and you have an idea that includes those elements then send me a message with we'll see about working something out :)