Arishok's Role Playing requests (M for F and M)

Started by Arishok, December 23, 2014, 08:20:12 AM

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Howdy as you may be able to see my name is Arishok a, as of now, 21 year old bloke who is very eager to do some role playing with you all. My ONs & OFFs are in my signature so I please make your way there if you want to see my general interests. As for how I write I intend to write 1-3 paragraphs I’m a believer of quality over quantity. I intend to post several times a day but that may change depending on my schedule but I hope to at least post daily.

Fandom's I'm into
Dragon Age
Avatar (both TLA and LOK)
Fairy Tail
Mass Effect
Star Wars (Slightly)

Some Kinks I would love in most if not all of my roleplays
Interracial (Particularly dark skinned women)
Oral sex
Anal sex
Dominating (if I’m the male in the roleplay)
Sub (If I’m female in the roleplay)

Those are only a few of my kinks you can find a more in-depth look in my ONs & OFFs list which again is in my signature so please head there if you are interested. So if that’s that please read my roleplay list (which is by no means finished but for now this is all) I hope you like one of them and all my roles are up for discussion so feel free to ask questions.

Here are a few ideas that I am currently interested in please give them a read and if you are interested in any of them please PM me, I would rather you not post here. These roles are flexible, by that I mean I am willing to play either role.

(M/F) Idea #1 (OPEN): The world is separated by a giant wall that has existed since the beginning of time. The wall only separates one thing however males and females live on opposite sides and while older members know what each sex looks like it is generally agreed upon that they wouldn’t tell the youth. When members of both sides reach a certain age they perform a special ‘ceremony’ which is the only time both genders meet. The ceremony pairs two random members of each population and they are obligated to ‘mate’ as the politicians say.

(M, F/Pokemon) Idea #2 (OPEN): [Pokémon roleplay] a trainer is doing their best to get to the top of the Pokémon league in (which ever region) that they belong to. It started rather innocent enough when they decided to give one of their Pokémon a massage that soon turned rather racy. It had been several days since then and they couldn’t get the pleasure of having sex with Pokémon out of their head. The start of the roleplay would put the trainer alone one night with their Pokémon once more trying to resist the thoughts running through their head.

(M/F) Idea #3 (OPEN): A young woman was set to be married in a few weeks however she was concerned about her special day. She wasn’t worried about the day per say she was more nervous about the night that was to follow after her wedding. She was a virgin and knew she wasn’t going to be able to perform much in bed, she also knew that her husband to be was rather experienced in bed and as such she was worried she would disappoint him. Understanding her concern a friend of hers sent her to a hotel room telling her that there was a man that could help her by teaching her how to please a man. Little did she know her friend was leading her to a man intending to break and have her renounce any love for her fiancé.

(F/F) Idea #4 (OPEN): The world is currently facing a rather ravenous disease. It only affected women and it showed no real symptoms at first so it was hard to tell who was and wasn’t affected. Eventually however the women started to feel warm and intense sweating followed. However the most significant symptom was the clitoris growing until it reached sizes exceeding 7 inches. The enlarged clitoris soon turned into a penis even capable of performing all the feats capable of any male penis. By this stage women also feel an intense need for sex and it’s at this point they were typically placed into solitary confinement for treatment. However one night a young lady was resting her best friend and roommate sleeping in the other room. She started to feel warm initially thinking nothing of it her crotch out of nowhere seemed to be on fire.