Kimmy's Imagination (Lots of non-con/bdsm/tf/extreme, F for Any)

Started by Kimmy, December 21, 2014, 11:46:57 AM

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G'day, this has been updated: March 2016

Kimmy the short version:
I have a preference towards women, both in what I play & what I chase. But I do like a variety of all things so don't fret if your not blessed. I prefer my men to be cute or sauve & those inbetween are all sorts.

I do enjoy playing cute boys who like to get TF'd & TG'd as well. I swoon for rakes, rogues and rougher diamonds. I don't mind what gender you are as a player & I'll be mostly a woman, sometimes a cheeky boy & just rarely, a masculine man depending on my mood. My favorite sense is touch. My favorite elements for roleplay are Costumes, Control, Transformations & Unusual Species. I enjoy creating the minds behind beings who are more than human. My favorite On's are Charm, Control, Fur &/or Tails, Costumes & Transformations. Well, their quite similar really. My Off's are blood, gore and senseless violence. Both sexually and just in general for RP - these elements will get me to leave a thread pretty quickly.

I like my smut to have meaning - so there should be reason and emotion attached to what we write. If you can't draw emotion within me, we won't be writing for very long.

My writing style is very emotional, often visual & indulges the senses when your inspiring me. I can be dangeous with words - writing speeches & more on the fly. I'm quite talented at it, as I am at throwing together new lyrics for popular songs I enjoy. Depending upon your energy, I can post quicker shorter posts in rapid bursts, putting up a dozen or more in an hour. But more likely you will get one or a couple of posts each day. I work short shifts every day now, so I'm available each day depending on family eating my time. They do that a lot.

Short term or long term RP is fine, but I'm mostly looking for short term RP's upfront. And something longer once I know you a little better.

My current scenario's I'm hoping to write:

***Current Craving***
Corruption of Champions, Transformation/D&Desque/Monsters/Non-con/Beast

The idea is a barren land occupied by a desperate people. Their once lush land has crumbled - turning barren and even to desert in areas! So the Queen has called the greatest mages to begin restoring the land with summoned magics. They wish to restore life, water, fertility & magic to the land. They want crops to flourishs, beasts and animals to be summoned to fill it's new woods, rains to fall and rivers to form. So they can hunt and drink and eat! They would have wealth from the crops and fruits. The beasts would offer meat and hides, soon their land would be a booming economy!

So they flood their land with magics - opening gates to far off worlds and planes. Magic floods the soil. Seeds form and sprout. Water fills the sky - drenching the world in rain. Beasts are summoned and called, their bodies made fertile so they will procreate and fill the lands. Fruits and nuts form for them to eat. Crops flourish and forests form. Jungles rise from deserts - all within in the lands are changed.

Even the people are changed! The fertile magics touch their bodies, giving them children. The food and water they consume fills them with power - and the magic calls the beasts within them to life! The peoples begin to transform, becoming part beasts and even part monster. Some change completely - others still remain somewhat human. But within them all, lies this growing desire to repopulate. Love and romance grow - as does rape and lust. Beasts turn into monsters. And the people become dangerous. Men and women can't help themselves - they have to slake their lust!

All around the land, excess magic wells. Monsters, heroes and villians are drawn to this power - only to discover the curse of the land too late! The power that calls them also alters them. Flooding their mortal bodies and transforming them all! Soon even their neighbouring lands invades. Fearing the monsters and jealous of the wealth flourishing beside them. They try to claim the land - only be to claimed by it's magics. And slowly, that magic spread.

Somewhere in the heart of this new land lies the magics that spawned it. If it isn't controlled, it might one day encompass the entire world. Or worse, destroy it! Gods and Kings call their Champions, knowing they face terrible changes just entering the land. But they must ride forth - lest the whole world fall to this bestial nature!

And thus we have my TF D&D game.

Treating Inner Beauty with Hypnotism, Exhibitism/Hypno/Bondage/Mental Transformation/Sexual Redefinition/Possibly Lesbian or even sophisticated bimbofication

This story starts with a female psychologist (or perhaps a student of such) who wants to help someone get over their crippling social phobias. They want to use hypnotism to alter the triggers for all their stresses and social phobias, allowing these people to believe in their own beauty and right to a place within society. So she takes a young woman whom doesn't believe she has any redeeming qualities - the kind of girl who dresses to hide herself and her body. Someone who expects cricitism and bullying, not kindness and admiration. And she begins to hypnotise her.

At first it's simple things. When your stressed, don't hide away but instead check your makeup and fix any imperfections. Thus if you can fix your makeup or redo it, you can relieve yourself from that source of stress. When you see yourself naked, you see someone beaitiful. In fact, you see everyone naked as beautiful. And it's only when you dress that you can ruin that beauty - or enhance it. Don't be afriad to be naked - be confident about it. Enjoy it. Dance through your house when you leave the shower. Don't dash and hide behind closed doors or under tightly wrapped towels.

And then the games begin. As the treatment starts to build a confidence - and a sense of being beautiful, socially acceptable, able to manage stress just by altering her appearance - makeup, outfits, shopping... Then we can start having fun. When you see someone beautiful - tell them. But when you tell them, touch them in some way. Caress them. Show them your confidence in their beauty. Don't let them ever think like you used to!
Today we'll have partners in our class. Your partner is going to be hypnotized into your own personal doll. You can dress them and use them as you require. Now, lets talk about sexual gratification and masturbation. How do you masturbate? Care to show us - if your embarrassed, please just use your doll. Don't worry, tomorrow we'll trade places.
This week we're doing a public experiment. So today we're going to wear something daring and do something equally daring. And then tomorrow we'll meet to discuss it. Then we'll pair off. And you'll do what the other says - one act and one outfit of their choice. Something daring and new for your partner. Then we'll trade places the next day.
And so on! It's an idea of replacing social phobia with *bimboy* concepts - transferring stress into our appearance. But also supplementing that with the thought that we are all beautiful. So with just a touch of makeup, a new pair of shoes - maybe buying a new outfit, our stresses can be forgotten. And our fears - well they can be turned into sheer confidence. We are all beautiful. And all we can do is dress to disappoint or impress. Then comes sexual exploration - a slow development of our own bodies and others in our group. Soon sexual acts will be common place - and desirable. As will daring public acts and displays. Be they as simple as flirting in a nice outfit a few inches shorter or tighter than usual - or truly daring displays of kissing, fetish clothing and sexual acts.

Get on and explore. Primarily this is F/F story, but it could be F/F/F or F/F/M or even a group game.

Hypnotism & Petplay, Exhibitionism, Costumes, Mental adaptation, possibly more

This story involves two friends, roommates or lovers are going to see a Hypnotist show. During the act, one or both are taken up on stage, where they are hypnotised. They are made to think their various kinds of pets - until the hypnotist suffers a heart attack. It's only when they come home that they realize one or both of them are still under the hypnotists effects - and their states can be triggered with certain ques. From there it's a question of how much trouble and fun will they enact and inflict upon one another, whilst trying to find a cure...

And maybe, they'll like it too much to stop it. This is very open ended with lots of opportunity for dom/sub, pet play of all kinds, threesomes as previous relationships entangle with this new one, revenge sex & punishments, possibly even more unusual elements.

The Cop's Run, Lesbian, Power, Humor, Light Non-Con & Bondage

A small time cat burglar out for some fun, being chased by an irrepressible detective. She robs lingerie, clothing & jewelery stores - anything that's an indulgence. Meanwhile this annoying detective seems to turn up where ever she goes - be it luck, skill or unfortunate circumstance. Now the idea there has been a series of 'running battles' where they fight and struggle, each trying to earn themselves their prize. And it's something that's been going on for a while - the cop has not managed to catch her thief but she has stolen back a few bags of loot. And the thief has left the cop a few parting gifts when she has come out of top.

Teasing, troubling gifts - the kind of gifts a proud cop would never report to her bosses. You don't want to explain how a thief got your gun, made you undress, then choose some really beautiful lingerie and made you redress, hiding the tasteful pieces under your uniform. Or how she gave you a good spanking before disappearing with the jewels. Or how when you finally got her pinned, she kissed you and slipped you some drugs - escaping in your confusion. Or how she slipped stolen property into your pockets... The pieces you'd been eyeing earlier that day!

Then again, maybe you'd prefer a story where our poor policegirl ends up wearing a very kinky chastity belt, with the number for a discreet locksmith on her ass...

The idea is, the burglars has lost a few battles, but she's had the upper hand enough to make this more than just a game of cat and mouse. But just when the cop finally gets the upper hand, the burglar will do something selfless - and save the cops life. They will stumble into another robbery, and only together can they handle the situation. And that selfless moments leads them to a new game - foiling every other burglar in the city. And somehow sneaking in a dastardedly act of passion whilst the poor crooks are left tied up, waiting for backup. Whether it's a quiet kiss before leaping out the window - or daring acts of revenge - a thief might be walking home naked. Or worse, wearing some very kinky jewellery & needing a good locksmith. Could you drive through a police blockade with some vibrators uncomfortably placed?

This concept is about raw passion, physical strength & combat, humiliation & non-consensual acts. Toys & restraints, particularly locking lingerie and restraints, sexy costumes and public acts are a big part of this. It can be as racy and sexy as you want. The play can be all about ropes and handcuffs - restraint so only one can be free. Maybe the cop will even catch our thief - and then turn the tables by making her work for the police to catch others. And constantly mess with the girl, knowing she's out on parole and has to keep up a clean image... Plus who would believe our heroine cop could ever do such things?

Another idea for this story is starting back at the beginning, havin the two meet in Real Life & within their costumed world. The Policewoman always shows her face, always known. But she's left only with vague suspcions that the women she is dating is the theif who teases her so badly. And I can imagine it leads to a lot of pent up emotions to be taken out on her new girlfrend. Leading to two lives, two sides of control & power. And all the teasing phone calls as they call one another after a job and ask all those "innocent" questions of one another...

Renamon's Escape, Non-con/BDSM, Teasing, +Many Light Kinks

I've always had a love of the idea of a dominant Digimon partner. A quiet, shy gamer starts up this new game - and finds themselves transported within the digital world. There they find a Digimon partner - one who is willing to push all the buttons to get what they want.
This concept is pretty open. You can take one of the more humanoid Digimon like Renamon - or something else if we can both agree on it. Or even a Pokemon for the concept. You can add in elements - like what if someone ended up as their 'digital world character' instead of themselves inside the digital world? Did you become tall & strong, small and weak, male or female? What happens when your digimon wants out - into your world? How will they get there? What kind of relationship do you share? Is it intimate? Do you want it to be? Do you have a choice? What if your Digimon starts hacking the code - your code? Trying to cross the lines between Human & Digimon, so they can escape with you? What if you could carry their digiegg inside you - would you leave the world pregnant? Or come out together? Or would something disasterous happen? And if your code altered - what happens to you? Are you more than human? Can you become a digimon? And well, if you do... what happens with sex?

Dominance, Sex, Teasing, Bullying, Escape, Maybe some weird elements with hacking/altering codes - Transformations, Pregnancy, Ovi, Etc... Lots can happen here.

Transformation Labs

You have a lab. I have a victim. Begin your work - Transform, adapt, adjust, train, breed, terrorize... Let your imagination run wild. Most of you have an idea that you might like to inflict upon someone. Allow me to be your victim.

The Playhouse Stables (Ponygirl & other Petplay Training/Sex)

Sarah's been untaking her Ponygirl training for a while now. She attends the discreet Playhouse Stables - where men and women of all varieties can come and partake in the pleasure of Petplay & Sexual Desire. The staff here can provide you with outfits to suit your desires - as well as Handlers & Trainers for those looking to learn the art of petplay - or perhaps you'd enjoy a themed strip tease show? Maybe your after some one on one with one of our sexual professionals? Or maybe you just wanted to attend the day camp - socializing with other pets and setting a workout and training routine at your own pace?
This is an open ended idea where Sarah comes to learn to be a Ponygirl. Handlers could train her, Stallions could breed her, other ponies could socialize with her. Or perhaps you'd like a catgirl or puppy to play with for the day?
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26/12/2014: Added in several new stories, including a Ponyplay story as well as Hypnotism & Petplay, Treating Inner Beauty with Hypnotism & Corruption of Champions.
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1/01/2015: Added in Pet Princess & The Paladin & Demon to herald the new year. ^_^
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