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Author Topic: Corruption of Champions meets Pathfinder (System with a possibility of Freeform)  (Read 770 times)

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Offline indarkestknightTopic starter

So I seriously doubt I will be the first to pitch an idea like this, but here goes!

Basically, I'm tentatively interested in GMing a Pathfinder one-on-one set in a variation of Mareth with the classic D&D/Pathfinder races in addition to Mareth's millieu in Corruption of Champions.

I don't have anything but the most basic ideas, so pretty much everything is on the table, up for negotiation and subject to change. I welcome anyone who wants to collaborate and contribute their own ideas for mechanics or setting details!

While I don't currently plan on featuring any canon NPCs from CoC, again, this is up for negotiation if there's someone specific you'd really be interested in!

The PC could be a Champion or a Mareth native. If they're a Champion, they'll probably start at 1st level, but if they're a Mareth native, starting level is negotiable.

While I'd prefer system, if someone can pitch me a character I think would be really fun to GM for, I am willing to go freeform. Likewise, if you have a concept that can only really be done with 3.5 mechanics, pitch it to me. Who knows, I may love it!

While ideally I'd like to GM for a person and have someone GM a different thread for me - not necessarily Mareth, not necessarily even Pathfinder; I have lots of interests! - if you don't have time to GM a thread for me but are interested, please, express your interest anyway!

System thought stuff below.

Possible Sexy System Thoughts
-Lust damage, probably works something like nonlethal damage.
-Lust 'hp' could be equal to normal hp, which would be simplest. Alternately, 'lust' hp could be calculated using Wisdom modifier instead of Con.
-Alchemist discovery that allows bombs to deal lust damage will probably be a thing.
-Whips can deal normal damage or lust damage when used by someone proficient. Attacks normal AC either way.
-Open to collaborating on designing spells that deal lust damage.
-Lust Armor Class: Will save + 10 maybe?
-Teasing: lust damage equivalent of an unarmed strike. Uses Cha mod instead of Str or Dex for attack roll and damage.
-Can probably work with the player on what kind of gods and domains would fit the setting.
-Aside from the classic Pathfinder races, something like the Blissborn from the Shards of Eros campaign setting might be available, though I might not use them quite as written.

Questions? Interest? Either way, I hope to hear from you soon!

EDIT: Occult Adventures playtest material is kosher. If you want to go Mythic, bring it up. We'll work something out.
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Offline Koyume

This is an awesome idea, and I definitely might be interested. I'm a big fan of both CoC and Pathfinder (and 3.5). I never actually beat it, but I certainly explored the game thoroughly and ended up about as powerful as you can get. The last thing I remember in the story is getting (and repeatedly fucking) the young dragon, so I was basically right near the end of the game.

I think making lust HP/damage just work like nonlethal damage is a good idea. It keeps things simple, and teasing and dealing nonlethal damage are both about 'subduing' the enemy anyway.

Hmm, I'll certainly have to think about this. If I played, I'd want to be a young female heroine, maybe from Mareth, maybe not.

Offline indarkestknightTopic starter

Glad you're interested! I'll be looking forward to what you come up with.

I don't think there's a 'Good End' written for CoC at this point. Maybe in the future. It's still be worked on one or two days a week and Fen is hammering out a third dungeon, but the bulk of his time is spent on Trials In Tainted Space now, I think. So really the only 'end of the game' is Bad Ends which are... everywhere. Or just running out of new stuff to do.

Offline Koyume

Ah, I didn't realize it was still a work in progress. I just remember something about a succubus queen or something, and needing to use the dragon to get to her, and I assumed that was like the final battle. Maybe I'll have to play through again and see what's new.

I think I like the idea of starting out as a more or less pure, innocent, would-be-hero, so maybe she'd be kind of the village champion like the character in CoC. On the other hand, I'd rather be something other than an ordinary human though, like maybe a dhampir, elf, tiefling, or aasimar. What would we do for starting ability scores and wealth?

Offline indarkestknightTopic starter

I don't see why an elven village might not send one of their own through, or an aasimar get chosen to act as Champion for a humanoid village. Tiefling or dhampir... I guess those could work, depending on what you do with them.

Wealth depends on whether you'd be a Champion or a native.

I kind of like the idea of a Champion coming through to Mareth without any real starting equipment, but having her quickly pick up some. Obviously, though, in the case of characters who need spellbooks or holy symbols, you'd get those, at least.

For a Mareth native... why don't we say max starting wealth for 1st level, and standard PC wealth for anyone above level 1.

Starting ability scores... Well, since this would be a solo campaign, there isn't really that much need for balance, is there? You can more or less give your PC what ability scores you think would suit your vision of them, subject to approval. All 18s before racial modifiers would likely get vetoed, for instance.  :P

Of course, even if you start as an ordinary human in Mareth, odds are slim you'll stay one for all that long...

Offline Koyume

Well, I figure the difference between the champion being a human or aasimar and a tiefling or dhampir would be like the difference between "we're sending you because you're the best of us and you share our virtues" versus "we're sending you because you're the monster we need right now, and having you go is like killing two birds with one stone". But anyway, I think I'm just gonna go with a 'human' girl after all. She'll be a fey-blooded sorceress, beautiful and incredibly talented, but kind of flighty and naive.

I kind of like the idea of starting with nothing too, besides maybe a few gems or coins and basic supplies. It works well as a sorceress anyway, since they get Eschew Materials for free.

I like that idea for ability scores too. What about something like: STR 12, DEX 16-18, CON 13, INT 14, WIS ~10, CHA 20?

Actual character creation shouldn't take long at all, and I've got her spells, feats, and skill pretty much figured out in my head already. I'm thinking she'll look something like this:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I guess we should talk some more about ons/offs first too. I'm pretty open to whatever in general, and I like sexy, CoC-style surprises, but I'm not a huge fan of certain kinds of transformations, like growing multiple rows of breasts.

Offline indarkestknightTopic starter

Stats seem reasonable.

Touhou, eh? (Don't know that particular character well, just vaguely aware of it due to having friends who are fans of it.)

Let's see... I'm not big on pregnant sex. Driders, centaurs, barbed cocks, multiple rows of breasts, fuckable nipples, and oviposition I'm ambivalent towards; they don't do anything for me, but they don't squick me, so I'm open to writing them if you're into it, but it won't come up as often. If you're ambivalent, too, I'll probably just leave them by the wayside.

Offline Koyume

Heh, yeah I've just really had Touhou on the brain lately. I kind of like driders and centaurs sometimes, but they're definitely not 'must haves', and all the others you mentioned I'm either pretty ambivalent towards or kinda dislike. In general, as far as transformations go, I'd rather things feel mostly semi-permanent/reversible. Like, I'm all for her being cursed/transmuted with a big cock, but I'd like such things to ultimately be fixable as she learns more about Mareth's weird alchemy and so on.

I guess I'll make a full character sheet on MythWeavers.