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October 29, 2020, 10:49:57 PM

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Author Topic: Cop Show style game, Recruiting for the Ubiquitous PD! Fem Detective Required.  (Read 5878 times)

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Offline HazySky

How about Mr Owen? He's the right age. That would only need a few tweaks to the sheet to fit.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Sure, As I said, my only real requirements are: 1) no canon characters/actors who play them, 2) modern day photo so that clothing and hair styles are contemporary (or deliberately retro if it fits the character). My objection to Steve McQueen was that to use that image would mean serious changes to the character to make him a lot more retro, which doesn't really fit...

Offline HazySky

Mr Owen fits nicely then. Will that image do or do you have any specific requirements Chrystal my sweet?

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

He looks a bit scruffy there, but whatever you are happy with, my old fruit.

Offline HazySky

Scruffy goes with a Ford Crown Victoria. :)

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Okay, if you could PM me an amended char sheet, please?

Offline Blinkin

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The only thing that the crown vic goes with are cops and really old men. ;)

Offline ChrystalTopic starter


NowhereWoman has regretably dropped out from the game. While I have several other detectives in the game, none of them are particularly active. Without NW's character Rosa Danilo, I get the feeling that the game is probably going to fold, because, frankly, no-one is actually investigating anything!

So, please could someone step up to the plate and take over the character who was doing some police work?

There are three options available:

1) The character created by NowhereWoman is available for another player to take over as is. This mandated by the game rules of play. Players are allowed to post in their own style, of course, but in this option I would expect the player to try and keep the character's personality as consistent as possible.

2) If a player likes the character of Rosa Danilo but feels they cannot play her as is, I will consider allowing a revised character with the same name, but with different attributes. This has already happened twice in the game, so far, and I'm sure the rest of the cast will be changed before the murderer is caught (if ever). If you would like to take this option, please submit a revised character sheet to me by PM for approval.

3) I will also consider a totally new character, who can be assigned by the chief of police (played as a NPC by myself) to replace Danilo, for a reason I will come up with. Rules of character creation as detailed in the opening posts of this thread apply, obviously. Please submit a character sheet for approval.

If I get more than one applicant I will consider them on relative merits. If I only get one (or less) over this week it will end up being "first come first served"

The character sheet for Detective Rosa Danilo can be found here.

Obviously, please read the rules etc at the start of this thread before applying. If you are able to glance through the IC thread and Case File thread too that would be helpful. You don't have to read the entire OOC thread but reading the first two posts there would be a good idea. If you wish to take over Lt Gunselman, either as-is or modified, you will need to read the IC and Case File threads before posting IC. If you want to create a new character then you could, in fact, have your character "read" the threads IC, as a new detective assigned to the case would probably not know any more IC than you know OOC...!