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July 24, 2021, 08:09:35 am

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Author Topic: A Unique Superhero/Spy RP (Light to Heavy Feminization)  (Read 1329 times)

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Offline miniochTopic starter

A Unique Superhero/Spy RP (Light to Heavy Feminization)
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:54:52 pm »
Note: If you prefer, we could do away with the "TV show" elements, and simply make it a hero and "female" sidekick/partner instead. This is simply the base idea, and can be customized to taste.

There's an idea I've had for quite a number of years that I've always wanted to give a go. For the purposes of this RP, I'd be open to almost ANY KINK  you may have.

Before we begin, I'd like to say that I could use Freeform or almost any system that would work for such a game. My RPG collection is rather vast, even if many of them don't get used.

The Premise: The idea comes from reading long ago that in the British TV show, "The Avengers", there was a male stunt double who did many of the fight and action scenes for Emma Peel, etc.

The idea involves something along those lines in which a struggling actor/stuntman (MC) is attempting to gain employment. After auditions for an unknown project, his agent calls to inform him that he's been offered the "female lead" (alongside a more capable male lead, of course) in the show, the producers having decided to simply have the stuntman play the character entirely, with a voice-over.

Though the character accepts the role with much hesitation, it's destined to be obviously humiliating.

I'll leave the details there, as I have a couple of ideas for the "female lead" character.

The show/campaign could be superheroic or even a spy type show similar to The Avengers. Any time period would also work for me.

We can discuss how any adult elements would play into the RP, as well. I was thinking a lot of the "story" elements could involve the on-screen adventures, so it's kind of like an RP within an RP.

I'm pretty open with the smut and adult elements. The idea is that, once in costume, the actor will be "unmistakably" female, with the suit also being made to have feminine curves and boobs. I have something pretty awesome in mind.

Additionally (and unfortunately, for my character), on the details the cast members receive for their TV characters, the bottom of the sheet reads: "makes very animated and exaggerated faces during intimate scenarios, due to the hero's prowess." So, not only does he have to pretend to be having sex with your character, but he also has to pretend as though it's the greatest thing ever.

Aside from possible "on-screen" romance, I was thinking that the "female lead" is often the "token female" on set - an with skintight sexy costume and make-up, etc. is constantly surrounded by hard-ons. Sure, they know, but it's kind of like a "trap" and they don't really care. After actually being treated like a woman by everyone, I don't see why a real relationship couldn't develop - whether coerced, blackmailed (the general public wouldn't know it's a man), or what have you.

At least, that's one possibility.

If you're interested in further discussion, please send me a PM. Thank you!

Added: This is completely optional, but I thought I'd add it anyway. Perhaps my greatest fantasy: A man not only having to pretend to be a female superheroine in a skintight, feminine-shaping costume, but the writers decide to make the role become pregnant - leading to such having to built into the costume. Thus, he then has to not only pretend to be a superheroine, but one who is knocked up by the male hero, forced to be a symbol of his virility. If you're into this one, it couldn't be any better.
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