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May 27, 2018, 06:48:23 PM

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Author Topic: six new ideas (MXF)  (Read 217 times)

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six new ideas (MXF)
« on: December 17, 2014, 08:52:14 PM »
1-Trading in the queen-A country has been at war with it's neighbor for over two decades.  It has drained the country of men to do anything but soldier and usually get killed.  The woman are forced to do labor that is all war related.  People are starving as the country is raising taxes for the war.  Clean water is becoming scarce as the infrastructure is not getting adequate funding for repairs.  This includes roads, and schools. 

A new queen replaces the one who started the war as she has passed on.  However her beautiful daughter replaces her and is just as adamant about continuing the war as her mother.  The neighboring country has a king who is willing to end the war and give up the demand for rights to a valuable mine near the border which was the reason the king invaded in the first place.  He believed his country had rights to the valuable resource that the mine produced.  He has one condition

The new queen must be turned over to him to do with as he pleases and the queen won't enjoy it nearly as much as he will(what is involved is up for discussion)  The queen laughs at the suggestion although her people are not laughing with her.  A group of soldiers turn on the queen drugging her and having her delivered alive and well to the King.  She is now his property as a gift for ending the war.

The witch makes his dream come true-An old evil witch has held a handsome prince captive for her own gratification or so that was her plan when she kidnapped him.  However, her magical potion is one both must drink and in her excitement she drank from the wrong glass.  Therefore the prince can ask her for any wish he wants and she must obey or die.  He asks her to win him the heart of the woman he has always lusted for.

3-A man happily married and his wife with baby is accidentally killed by her twin sister.  This may have happened in another time period where court system is different.  While the twins are almost impossible to tell apart his wife was obedient and her sister willful and independent.  Once the court says he may ask anything of the twin sister she has he demands she carry his baby and replace his wife as provider of chores around the house and the fulfillment of his sexual needs.( Details to be discussed)

4-Slave switch-A woman who has a male slave is able to control him with a drug she feeds him every morning.  One morning she forgets and he recovers his senses slowly that day but by morning his senses fully recover and she does not realize he is able to see that she is drugging him.  They have breakfast together and since she is oblivious to his knowledge pays little attention as he trades bowls of oatmeal with her.  She then becomes the slave where he seeks his revenge and more as he makes her his slave

5-The collector-An ulta rich man who deals in the rarest items in the world from original paintings from Picasso, to personal letters from Benjamin Franklin, to original manuscripts to some of modern fictions most prized works.  However one day he receives a request he cannot turn down.  He has someone willing to pay a fortune times 3 for him to deliver a trained woman who is one of the most famous modeling faces around.  He kidnaps her and makes her to hs specifications  (all up for discussion)

6-Teacher vs teacher at a wizarding school.-  No Harry potter but what I was thinking is that a female teacher new to the school is after his coveted job and so she puts a glam spell on him having him fall in love  with one of the graduating class members.  She takes some compromising pictures and thinks she is in.  What she does not know is that he has a protection against that spell and  not only will the spell weaver forget they cast it the moment the spell is cast therefore leaving any evidence gathering plan moot but the wielder of the spell is beholden unto a lover of his choice once the spell reveals who  did it to him.