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Author Topic: PRIME DIRECTIVE: CONTAIN (Sign-Up/OOC Thread)  (Read 844 times)

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Offline Inferior RabbitTopic starter

« on: December 17, 2014, 08:10:54 AM »
Hello all! My name is Max, but you can call me Rabbit, or... Max, I guess.

I'm here, mainly because I have become particularly drawn to sci-fi lately, especially in the horror genre. It started with me getting the new game Alien: Isolation(an amazing game btw), and just how interesting I found the idea of a space station going to hell because of an alien hunting the humans on the station. So let me say now, this idea is heavily inspired by the Alien franchise, as well as John Carpenter's The Thing, and various other movies of that nature.

The story would be centered around the space station Ulysses, a station the size of a small city that was constructed in Jupiter's orbit. It acted as a home, and a colony for the thousands of people on were part of a massive mining operation, in which they collect the particles affected by the atmosphere of Jupiter, and send them back to Earth, as these materials were a capable fuel source, in huge supply. Of course, the trip to Ulysses was often one-way. Shuttles came once a month to transport materials unobtainable out in the far reaches of space. Ulysses was considered one of the most technologically advanced living spaces ever conceived, with it's AI(known as Telemachus or Tele for short) and it's many androids capable of running the ship for hundreds of years. Humans were there to oversee the mining operation, and to keep the peace. On a station full of thousands of people, there was a security force of one hundred, and only thirty firearms on the entire station. It was considered hugely inadequate by some, but others were fine with the overall freedom that came with living on Ulysses. All was well... until June 5th 2309, when something seemed to emerge from the gas planet.

It appeared to be a mass the size of a car, ejected from the planet directly towards the station. Asteroids were a normal occurrence. The the strong gravitational pull of Jupiter often attracted rogue objects. The scanners were tuned to identify the object's element, and trajectory, so that the station's turret defenses could blast it out of existence. However, the material of this object managed to fool the station's radar, and slip past the defenses unarmed. It punched through the Ulysses' shell, piercing a living space in the lower section of the station. Luckily, it was during a work hour, and no one was inside the room. Alerts were raised immediately, and within three hours of it entering the ship, it was cut down, and carried off to the station's SciMed center for study. Androids patched the whole within twenty-four hours. Word spread throughout the station, and soon, everyone was talking about the strange object that had managed to play with their sensors, and slip by. A week passed by normally, with interest in the rock dying down as people soon realized that money was more important at the moment. Then, in the dead of night, an alarm was raised throughout the station, awaking the station. The SciMed center had raised the alarm, and for ten minutes, they hailed the sector, awaiting an answer, but receiving none. Then, silence. The alarm was cancelled, and suddenly, Telemachus lowered the blast door on the hundreds of people locked within that station.

Tele would not answer their questions. The people had to wonder if something was wrong with AI. Numerous technicians ventured to the AI's core, only to be blocked off by blast doors a foot thick. Overrides were denied, and commands put into the console were ignored. People were frightened of the AI, when they should have been afraid of what was locked inside the SciMed sector. Needless to say, it wasn't locked in for long. The next day, engineering was lost, and promptly locked down. Then comms, and then the civilian district. It continued, leaving people frightened, and fighting for resources as they prepared for whatever the hell was going on. Of the four thousand people on-board the station, only one-hundred and twenty were accounted for. People of different races, cultures, professions, and attitudes.

The story will revolve around a group of these people trying to survive on-board the station, as they figure out what the hell is happening. What they don't know is that there is an unknown creature on-board the station, picking them off, tearing them apart. This group has one month to find out what is going on, before the shuttle comes, and allows them to escape.


When and how are we?
-The year is 2309, and the earth was officially declared devoid of all natural resources in the year of 2097.

Describe the technology.
-The technology level is advanced mainly in regards to industry, travel, and the production of food and goods. Weaponry is not much different. There are no laser guns, there are some parts of the station that regularly need maintenance, the androids on station are the most advanced in terms of robotics, and none of them can operate without Telemachus. Space travel is still a relatively young industry, with cryogenics only being invented half a century ago. There is no warp speed, or anything else of that nature. This station is the first of it's kind.

Who runs Ulysses?
-Ulysses is owned by a conglomerate of corporations, mainly led by the Cystech corporation, and has several grants from various governments, due to their reliance on their fuel. The chain of command on board the Ulysses usually runs in this order:
Cystech Executives->Telemachus->Chief of Security->Various Officers-> Citizens.

What kind of jobs are there on the station?
-There are various jobs on the station, most relating to the mining operation in someway. This includes machine maintenance, engineers, scientists of various kinds who study the planets atmosphere, the janitorial staff, and anyone else. However, there are also several businesses aboard that are separate from Cystech, and are privately run. These are people who rent out space on the station, and run a business. Examples include a pub, a book store, fashion store, a couple restaurants, and various other smaller shops, though there aren't very many.

-Yes. Families are usually allowed on the station, as long as they're under four in size, and include a registered worker on the Ulysses. There is a school system, that it relatively small, due to the extremely small amount of children on the station.

Is it possible for someone to get off the station in a timely manner?
-It's a one way trip because it takes six years for a human shuttle to get there. Because of this, cryogenics are used to put the family to sleep during the trip. Due to the length of these trips, and the still unknown effects of cryogenics on the human body, it's not permitted for a person to make a return trip unless they've gone 8 years without being frozen.

What is the alien like? Who will play it?
-I am going to keep that under wraps until we actually get to an encounter with the creature. While inspired by the xenomorphs in the sense that they're bug-like, that's pretty much where the similarities end. Needless to say, I want it to be terrifying. I will be playing the alien, though I am planning on having multiple ones, so if you wish to play one later.

How do I sign up?
It's easy! We're gonna start this as soon as we get a few people here to post their profiles. This will be the thread for announcements, ooc, and profiles. When posting your profile, simply put your name, age(sixteen and up, though I want the general age to be between 25 and 35), their job aboard the station, and back story(mainly why they chose to come to the ass-end of this solar system).

How much are we writing?
I expect a minimum of one paragraph, and it had better be detailed, meaty. I don't believe in quantity over quality, but I do believe in quality with a little bit of quantity. Have fun kids!
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Offline Inferior RabbitTopic starter

« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2015, 08:06:36 PM »
Code: [Select]
[b]So what do I call you?[/b]:  (Self-explanatory)

[b]How old are you?[/b]: (Sixteen and Up. Between 25-35 preferred)

[b]You're a[/b]:  (What does your character see every time they're in the shower?)

[b]So, which team are you batting for?[/b]:  (Who do you bone?)

[b]Who controls your life?[/b]:  (Who are you personally?)

[b]Where ya from?[/b]:  (Where did you live before the Ulysses?)

[b]What do you do for a living?[/b]:  (What is your job aboard the Ulysses?)

[b]What are you good at?[/b]:   (General talents you have that may assist the others in survival. Fun stuff like art is alright too.)

[b]I wanna know the person who I'm gonna be trusting to watch my back. What's your story?[/b]:    (This is a general backstory for your character. I'm expecting a basic synopsis of their life. Perhaps they got married, had a divorce. Most of all though, I want to know why they came to the ass-end of the solar system? It could be any reason. Nowhere else to go, debt back on Earth, or even just a thirst for adventure. Make it good, be creative!)

[b]So how do people describe you?[/b]:    (Basic personality. Are they a huge dickhead? Nice guy? Conniving bitch?)

[b]Anything else you wanna tell me?[/b]: (This is your chance to add any little details that you feel didn't fit in the other category.)

[url=http://insertpicturelink here]"Make this a quote for your character."[/url]

Offline ragarth

« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2015, 03:47:56 PM »
Name: Jenna Allaway

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Bi (The elliquiy norm!)

Player: ragarth

Birthplace: Born in the USA

Purpose on Ulysses: Jenna is one of many countless mid-level technicians who work to maintain the station systems alongside a far larger number of drones and androids. She's an 'at-call' technician, which means her specific systems assignment rotates based on need.

Skills/Talents: Jenna is a skilled and accomplished technician. She has certifications in electronics repair, systems repair, welding, zero-g operations, and drone & android repair. She's been in places on the Ulysses that have probably never seen the touch of human hands except her own.

Background: Jenna came to the Ulysses with her husband, Mark Allaway, after he received a position as a mineralogist on the station looking for new resource deposits. Prior to departure, Jenna was a graduate student studying orbital engineering, but was forced to abandon her education when her husband received his position on the station. She almost didn't come to the station, she seriously considered divorcing him over making her choose between her career and him. She finally decided to leave with him, but for months after arrival their relationship was heavily strained. Upon arrival, Jenna applied for a job as a technician on the basis of the the skills she acquired in her ill-fated education and was hired as a low level dronetech. She earned many of her current certifications on Ulysses, and used them as leverage to gain a promotion to a general, at-call technician. She's been satisfied in her current position for a couple years now.

Personality: Jenna is proud of her accomplishments but a little wistful about the 'whatifs' of her life. Her marriage is repaired and functional again, but she's still sour about what Mark did to her in derailing her plans for his. Overall she's nice a nice person and as a technician working a dangerous job, she understands the value of rules while also understanding that sometimes they should be broken.

Errata: Jenna is the recipient of a neural implant. She essentially has direct access to a computer in her brain along with wifi and an optical data port hidden behind her left ear. She made her husband pay for it after arrival on the Ulysses in compensation for him dragging her to the ass-end of the universe.