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Author Topic: Male seeking others to grow stories  (Read 6519 times)

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Male seeking others to grow stories
« on: December 17, 2014, 12:33:25 AM »
Updated 8/30/20

Hi! Welcome to my thread. It's in a constant state of flux with me adding ideas, or tweaking things so pardon if I miss something and somethings out of order. Please note, Don't post here, send me a message please. It helps keep things clean, and I'll just end up messaging you anyway. I don't mind the RL gender of my partners, just the ones in our stories. I prefer to be the monsters/male characters in the stories, but like to play the females as well. Though for female characters I play I have a thread here for them.  Open to alternate stories you might have too!

My posting rate is slow. Expect 3-4 posts a week, but more if I can.  Really slow. At the moment I'm only able to do a post or two every week or two. With RL as is balance has been off.


This part be important. I like my smut. I adore it. Most my stories have it in large amounts of all kinds. BUT, I also like my story. Much more than my smut, even if it's coyly disguised as smut. Without story smut is just filling holes going no where. I like a balanced approach to it. What I mean by that is the smut should serve the story, and the story should serve the smut. For me there is no ratio to it that I expect from any RP, but will happily go with more or less pending my partners request.


For kinks I'll be alright with a good amount of things. I have an O/O thread here, but it's mostly my ons since my offs can be summed up in no potty play, no blood to an extent, MxM, and I think that's all really. Plus if there's something a partner would like to do, I'll most likely be on board with it. I like to try new things and most the time I enjoy it too!

For characters I can play male, female, or futa, and prefer my partners to be female or futa depending on what the story calls for. I also have a thread here specifically for stories that I want to play a dumb cock crazed slut.

Treat all links as NSFW, and please let me know if you like anything here! Anything colored red or with Asterisks is something that I'd be personally want to do. With three of them having the most interest and willingness.

Stories on hold
Last day on earth X  Gwyenevere
Of Aleins and Hounds X Blinkin

Current Stories
Mommy slut X Ollumhammersong
A wife with no paramour X Dizzi

• Alternate Earth/Universe
•Post apocalyptic
•Medival (Like skyrim/oblivion. Swords, magic, and monsters. Oh my!)

Story Ideas

A lone wanderer
In the Mojave all kinds of strange and unnatural things go on. Between the apocalypse that man had unleashed on the world and the way they continued to destroy themselves left them little hope of a future like the past. Old world blues hung over some. Those that could read and were lucky enough to find books from before the war. The peace. The prosperity. All gone in a flash over having so little and squabbling over it. Not seeking to work together to find a solution to the problem. Now they would never find it again.

Even with the grim despair there seemed to be a glimmer of hope. People had gathered toghter, tried to make change. Though every time it seemed they would fall. To greed. To other groups. To monsters inhabiting the world. Nothing stood the test of time. A doomed race. That was what he saw.

He being a mockery of science. He being a twisted creation of many species combined into one. He somehow came from a lineage of these monsters that all men feared and yet he understood them. Talked as one of them. But wasn't. A death claw with the mind and wisdom greater than any man was he.

It wasn't always like this. His family had been shown mercy at one time to live and thrive. Let go into the wastes to find a home for those like them to be at peace. But he couldn't stand it. Being holed up. Feeling a sense that the world was so much bigger. He was fully grown and strong. Leaving those of his kind to seek out satisfaction of the pull he felt. The calling. Learning much of man and those he was part of. learning much from a distance. Creeping around camps at night. Radios left on for humans to fall asleep to.

That was until he realized how radios had worked. That he could speak to them. Understand them. Starting to take bounties for raiders and murders. Asking only for the bounties to be kept or left at dead drops. Becoming a most feared hunter of the wastes quickly. A ghost of a monster. Wandering into the Mojave in his travels he found a new call. A new quest on his path.

This would be a tale from the fringe of fallout lore. Calling back to the intelligent death claws of vault 12. The enclave experiments with F.E.V. creating this group. Smarter and more intelligent than their creators they lived in harmony with the dwellers until the enclave came back to destroy them. Except for this story the Chosen One is able to stave off the attack and help them survive. Though they do keep mainly to themselves some of them take to the wastes to wander and see what there is to see. That is where our lucky fellow comes in.

Like to act out how a female or three would interact with him. Whether they be afraid or curious to what he is. Maybe have it so that the events of New Vegas are taking place and that he finds the courier and saves them instead of Doc Mitchell? Plus plenty of smutty goodness depending on how we want to take it and his personality.

Some inspiration: Life in the vault before he leaves?  Too many rads to the system to handle.

War dog

A small family who happens to find a stray rummaging through their yard. For a moment, they consider shoeing him away so that he can be someone else's problem, but once they approach him, it becomes clear that he's a big, friendly ball of love. So, after taking some time to consider it, they decide to adopt him. However, what they don't realize is that their new addition to the family is actually a top-secret military experiment. He was bred and genetically altered to become the ultimate war-hound. He's stronger, faster, and way more intelligent than the rest of his species. Not to mention the unintended side-effect of having his genes altered, which turned him into a literal breeding machine. That knotted cock of his is beyond massive, and the seed leaking out of it is potent enough to inseminate the eggs of human women. Of course, he used this unforeseen aspect of his development to escape, overpowering the female scientist who came in to check in on him and turned her into a quivering mess. So, how long will it take until he decides to take over his new family, turning the mother and daughter into his obedient little breeders?

Monster Mash
The world is in chaos.  All over portals have been opening up and monsters of all shapes and sizes appeared from them. At first many were slaughtered while others were dragged back through, never to be seen again. As the world responded it was already too late. The weapons and arms of the worlds military may have been effective but the monsters had already gained a foot hold on our world. Hot spots had begun to pop up and cause havoc. Where one nest of creatures was wipe out another three were found to takes it's place.

It was soon realized that they were also dragging most the females that they could back to their nests to use as breeders for making more of them. Somehow able to impregnate the humans with an accelerated birthing rate. The smaller more agile simply choosing to rape and do as they wandered while the bigger brutes had harems of many women serving them. though as time went on things seemed to get better. Zones were made and plans to keep them in line enacted. Though you were never safe in this new world. Monsters of the night were real now.










Trophy Wife on The Hunt
“Come on man, wake up! It’s your turn!”

Your friends yelled at you over the mic, which catches your attention abruptly.

“Uh, fireball?” You say without thinking.

“What?! Stupid bitch!” Your friend yells at you for probably giving him a fiery death.

You don’t respond, instead you look down between your skinny thighs where you’d usually find your massive, fat 18 year old cock, that put most elephants to shame, swaying freely.

But instead it’s my beautiful, married face, enthusiastically bobbing up and down, gagging on your gigantic fuckstick.

I had only been there for thirty minutes, and most of my ”Morning jogs ” took way longer than that, I had told my shrimp-dicked husband as I got dressed and prettied myself up, Heading  over to your places as your parents had headed to work.

While I’m making love to your unrealistically big slab of nerdy cockmeat I unclasp my bra and let my big tits free.

“Hellooo, are you gone again?” Your friends start nagging in the headset you’re wearing.

When you have everything you could ever want, you get bored. Evenings out with the husband get dull. Having friends over can only entertain you for so long. It doesn't help that your less than well endowed husband isn't the most satisfying person to spend the rest of your life with, but his money is endless and worth faking a few orgasms when he needs it. That's when the neighbor catches your eye somehow. How is up for discussion but it ends with her having lots of sex with a very unexpected partner who is shocked at the sudden turn of events in his life.

The curse
We had the house to ourselves over the long weekend with mom and dad gone, but we didn't expect anyone to knock on the door - much less, leave a note as strange as this one:

Dear Siblings,

I have finally grown tired of everyone fawning over you, of all the attention and love and approval you both receive, and it is time to make you humble. I have used magic to curse you - you cannot avoid it, it was already done before this letter was even written.

My magic will make you both lust for one another - a little at first, but constantly increasing. You will lust for only one another. You will not find sexual release by any other way than your sibling, nor will you even be able to fantasize about another. If one of you orgasms, you both will. The first orgasm will be the best of your life, and every orgasm after will be stronger than the last. On the fifth one, should you both be debauched enough to let it get that far, the brother will be compelled to cum inside the sister and the effects will become permanent, as she immediately conceives his child. The spell will last two days, and if you pass my test and resist the spell's effects for that long, you will be released.

Upon reading this, you will feel compelled to take off your clothes and cannot put on any others until the spell ends. You cannot leave the house, and attempting to tell someone about the curse will make you orgasm then and there.

Best of luck. You will need it.

Reluctant Succubus
Lust is a hell of a thing. All that pent up energy and need focused on one person? It's a force to rival even hate. That's why when Mark took the chance on a spell he had found some where to actually work he didn't really expect much. Just waste a few hours in hopes that maybe it would change the way they see him. The spell was permanent and couldn't be undone once it was used. But magic wasn't real, right?

That was until whoever he targeted the spell on started to be more friendly with him. Talking more, wanting to spend more time with him, dressing more skimpily and being more brazen with how she touched him. Little did he know that spell he had cast had turned her into a succubus. One that was growing to realize that she was becoming insatiable. That she was being drawn to him more and more as time went on and the more she fought it the worse it seemed to get. How long would she be able to last until her desires took over and she finally cracked under the pressure of her lusts? Only to realize she could never be sated.

Abnormal Love
Abnormal Love Non-Con Exotic  A father sends his daughter a book while he is away. She reads the book and takes a demon into her body that takes form of a new appendage and cant control her urges to breed.

This is an old idea that me and my partner were doing together. Unfortunately he has not been on in a few years. I'm hoping that I can find someone to continue the story where we left off, or restart it fresh. I REALLY like this and would be very happy to see it going again. Update 07/31/20 Seriously would love to do this idea again. Even if it's not exactly like this. Would be happy to tinker it into something new completely.

The base of the story is my character gets sent a book from her father. She reads it and grows a dick. The tricky part is she has an older sister and younger sister she lives with and shes filled with an uncontrollable urge to breed them. Not only would she be fucking them, but her cock and cum are now extremely addictive making them slaves to her needs as she uses them and searches for a way to revert the spell. This would lead to her slowly expanding her harem from just her sisters to random woman. Fucking and breeding her way across the world. Though the more he does the more her cock corrupts her, until god herself tries to stop Mc only to be fucked and bred.


The Dragon Cometh
Long ago in ancient times it is whispered that dragons were once a proud race. As ancient as they were powerful and wise no race could match their brutality and mastery of the magic arts. When the first of the non dragon races began to appear, Lesser races they called them, dragons began building cities to co trol and dominate them. Massive empires of amassed wealth and power to show they were the true owners of the lands. There they took pity on the lesser ones. Teaching them language and the civilized arts. Their proud aggrogany ways even taught them how to control mgic and the arts of fighting without any thought of it being used against them.

In some lands they were worshipped as gods. In others they were allowed no such frivolities as the dragons ruled over them with terror and bloodshed. For generations this was the way the world was allowed to work. The dragons at the seat of power and the rest their subjects to do as they please. Though this was not to be forever. Dragons were slow to change, but the lower races had to adapt quickly to survive in this cut throat world. They began meeting in secret, gathering their strength as they grew restless of the dragons treatment. When they finally struck the dragon were caught off guard. Sword and magic were used to burn and kill indiscriminately as the dragons had done to them. All the world round the screams could be heard. But the most terrifying thing that the dragons saw was the use of their own against them.

In secret their had been groups stealing dragon eggs in Hope's of understanding them. What they discovered was that any of the hatchlings were wild and feral compared to the natural raised ones, but they could be tamed and led despite thier weakness. During the revolt they rode these beasts into battle against the dragons. With them the tide turned and the world was slowly taken by the humans. Peace and prosperity had finally come for them. They were free of the dragons tyranny.  Or so it seemed.

The current times are filled with strife and hardship as the humans fight amongst themselves. The massive kingdoms that used to be claims of dragons now are led by humans with no differences between the two. War is nearly always brewing and many of the old ones see humans as just replacements for the dragons. More disturbing is that the natural world seems to be falling apart for no discernible reason. Crops are failing to take hold and magic is no longer as co trolled as it once was. The ancient forests seem to be withering and dying with time, their treeline falling back farther and farther each year. Even the water running through the world seems to be tainted and undrinkable now.

This information is suppressed or blamed on those that oppose a national interest. But in secret it is postulated that maybe the dragons might have had a part in it. That their place in the world was much more than it seemed to be. That now with them slain and gone the worlds powers are no longer in check and its beginning to unravel itself through unknown means. Those that openly speak this are quickly stamped out or disappear, often with only blood and gore being left. Dragons were a cruel unforgiving race, they had no such control of the ancient world. Or did they?

This RP will be centered about an ancient dragon, survivor of the old purge, and those that come looking for him. Things are going wrong in the world, and there are some hints out there that the old stories about evil dragons and brave knights might not be entirely accurate. Will it inspire a brave few to ignore the old stories and commands from on high, and seek out one of the last remaining beasts? Or perhaps some dutiful soldiers simply wish to hunt down the remaining survivors and earn the glory that would come with such a kill?
The sole survivor:

Nombiet is one of the few remaining dragons. He was once a Silver dragon, one of the kinder and more benevolent of the draconian races, but over countless millenia, thousands of battles, and numerous bloody encounters, his scales have been scarred, charred, worn and burnt black. Now this massive ebony beast is a legendary terror among the mortal races. Stories speak of the horrors he has wrought; entire villiages consumed, armies slaughtered, cities laid to waste... How true any of these rumors are is anyone's guess.

As a dragon, Nombiet has a number of abilities and magical powers. He can, though he is loathe to, assume a more humanoid form. These days, however, he mostly just slumbers in a hidden mountain cavern, far from civilization.

Those wishing to find him:
Perhaps a bold dragon slayer, come to claim the beasts head? Or maybe a knight sent out on order of their monarch, to protect the people from this threat.

Maybe you took a different path, studying ancient secrets and hidden wisdom, and seek the dragons for knowledge.

Perhaps you are even the priestess of a secret cult, understanding the truth of the ancient beings, and wish to restore them.

Or, an evil overlord might try to capture a real dragon, to subjugate her rivals.

There are even a few other dragons out there… Maybe they wish to consolidate power, or repopulate?

Some visual inspiration:
Few venture up to the mountains where Nombiet is rumored to make his lair.
Dragons love to collect… Nombiet likes to collect more than just treasure.
There are bound to be some size issues…
It is said that much was lost along with the dragons.


You Are In Control
This would be a very simple RP. Basically it would be of someone having control over another through means of a remote control or App on their phone. This would be very much non con at the start until they possibly learn to like to. This could have many different kinks and possibilities. All kinds of pairings would be good for this.

Inpisration NSFW

"Let me be blunt with you. You will lose. You will be violated. You will be tasked to repeat things you fail to do again and again until you succeed. You will have no true allies and will need to debate yourself at the pleasure of others at times. Welcome to Paradise.

As the last words seem to ring in your ears, your seem to regain consciousness. The feeling of hot sand underneath your body is what you recognize first. Then the smell of salt water and the sound of water rolling to shore. As you blink and scan your surroundings you see you're on some shore of sorts. An island? Continent? You cant really remember as you stagger to your feet and get your bearings. All you can remember is that you need to get somewhere here. A roar sounds in the distance. The ground shakes as something approaches. What will you do?

This will be a survival based story with LOADS of smutty goodness. You're character will be alone on a island trying to figure out where the objective they're looking for is. Everything on the island will be looking to take advantage of them. What those things will be is to be decided, but my interests in them are wide and varied and I'd love to accommodate for this one no matter what they could be.

Sweet summer space
It came down from the sky one night. A streaking ball of fire as it fell and landed on the island. Out from it stumbled a man like any other.  He shook his head and looked around, staring the the jungle that surrounded him. Where was he now? This wasn't home. He had been on the ship, but hit his head and the fell into a pod. He rubbed his head as a pain shot through it. Thinking hurt. He could something massive in the distance that reached up far into the sky above the trees even and shone light on its skin. A rustling in the bushes warned him of something approaching, but he was ready aware of it. Could smell and taste it. As it got closer he could feel what they couldn't. The fact they were in heat.

This story would take place on an island resort as an alien tries to seduce and breed his way through all the guests. But these won't just be any guests, they'll be various vixens from video games and movies! This will be mostly smut focused with a sprinkling of him finding out what he really is as, and why he feels the need to tro to impregnate as many of the woman as he can. This could go in many directions!

For what the alien itself would look like is up to is to decide. Will it be a humanoid like superman? Perhaps something like from Mass Effect? Maybe it'll just be a beastial thing unlike anything on earth, or perhaps a REALLY charismatic tentacle beast with a face drawn on a paper plate?

Some of the ladies I'd prefer to see. NSFW
Jill Valentine
Ada Wong
Samus Aran
Jessica Rabbit
Holly would
Six of Nine 1 

Women Of Character
Random pictures that could be used as inspiration/face picks.

Goth/Alt ******


Talia  *** Would love to use her in the "Home Wrecker" Idea










Random Pictures *** *** ***** *** ***

Anime/Drawn *** *

Monster Inspiration

Old prompts
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Warm waves
Living on the shore isn't that bad. A nice cool breeze on the hottest day. A view people would only see in pictures they'd describe as "tropical". Everything here was crafted for everyone to enjoy. Well almost everyone. Scal was a suscceful Tech startup. Having made a state of the art security system he now spent his days living on the shore and enjoying life like few could. That didn't mean he was happy. Though he had everything, he was alone. All that would change one day though when during a swim he found himself face to face with a mermaid.

Small little plot based on this picture.

The Endless Forest
Deep in the woods, where trees grow dense and the suns light is but a dream. Where the songs of birds and insects is but a long gone memory from distant ancient times. They sleep. Monsters and demons of all shapes and sizes wait with an unending patience. Dreaming of the day they an stretch their limbs and feel the air move around them again. Of hunting and conquests. To see the world torn apart as it is and reworked in their way. Some wishing for but small tracts of lands while others wish for whole continents to bend to their will.

The world over they have many place such as these. Where the ancient have sealed themselves away until they are found again. Some lat dormant far from human civilization while others had great temples built over them. In reverence and fear of what the people could barely fathom or understand. Though as long as their lives are the memories of humans are short and soon they are forgotten.

Now is time. Through some hapless explorer they have started to awaken. An unstoppable force bent on reclaiming what is rightfully theirs Humanity as a whole swings in the balance and they have yet to realize it has started.

Depths come to light
From space the ground looked as though it was a boiling sea. As the light hit the surface the light bounced off a rainbow of colors as it churned and swelled. A slow realization that what they were seeing was not an ocean of color but a horde of things so crowded and massed they looked as one. All kinds of shapes and sizes could be seen as they dared closer and closer to it. Searching, finding, destroying. Constantly they moved in no way that they could figure out. what was this mass? What were the things that made it?

Calls were made quickly and soon a drone was screaming from space towards the swirling mass. It observed for a few days. Recording the habits of them before it finally went to complete it's mission. Through the many days of watching it had observed the largest of the mass dropping what the scientists considered 'eggs' on the ground. Life on the planet was null save for the horde of things. Whatever part of this they played an unknown element to the observers. So the drone quickly scooped several of the eggs up, taking care to not disturb them or break them. Before setting a course back to the station.

A craft then sent the eggs on a transport back to earth. Locked up and stabilized. Leaving no chance to them being damaged on the voyage. It quietly made it's way through the cold vacuum to home. Humanzied queen,h_554,al_c,q_90,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/b48128_21be594c06234da48e1bae34d31f12c0~mv2.webp,h_554,al_c,q_90,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/b48128_25227b37be2e4b208c46c79bb9ab79e6~mv2_d_1820_2356_s_2.webp

Dovakiin Reimagined
This would follow the path of skyrim as it with a big old kinky twist. Generally the dragon born get power from the souls of the dragons they've killed but in this story it would be from their cum. Specifically your character has a mutation where a person/creatures cum grants them power. The more powerful the beings cum is the more powerful they become. Whether they're covered and coated or they're filled with it, doesn't matter.

This could have a wide range of effects that we can discuss. My favorite being that the female character is a ridiculously strong wizard but has yet to tap into said power. While cum makes it show and lose control of it.

The Genie
Have you ever wanted wealth? To buy whatever you desire on a whim without ever having to worry? Have you ever wanted to be famous? Adored by millions and living in luxury because of it. Perhaps you want to be beautiful? To be wanted by everyone you see, to have a body of a goddess that would make the gods jealous. You can have that and so much more. All you need to do is ask. But be warned, everything has a price, and nothing is free.

This story would mostly be between a normal woman, and a free genie. He'll slowly turn her into a form more fitting to him, but only if she keeps wishing for things.  He can grant wishes of any sort, following the usual wishing rules and has to stay close to her or be called. The catch is though, that every time she makes a wish he can change her how he likes, or she has to do something for him. Could range from getting a much bustier chest and plumper ass to fucking in public or giving  a hand/blowjob at the table of a fancy restaurant. Anything he wishes could happen as easily as they could for her.

The Home Wrecker
You're young, about to be engaged with a girlfriend who's leaving to her friends for plans and alone time. Then there's me, your hot 20 year old neighbor from across the yard who's been wanting to be with you ever since I moved from Russia. Despite this it's always infuriated me you've stopped my advances based off the fact of how goregous I am, most men would jump at the chance but you seem to be reserved. That's why, after you see me going into my house as you kiss your girlfriend off for the week I show up at your door, knocking lightly wearing some open toed sandal heels, a black tee with a matching lace bra and some black leggings and a black lace G-String.

I'd simply smile, waving slightly as you open the door. Showing my clevage off in the top I'm wearing as I bend my knee forward a bit to give you a better view. Hey there, do you think I could come in? Everyone's busy and there isn't much of anything to do today. I give you a dazzling smile as my plump lips tug up and my eyes look into your own.

Life is just a simulation

"Chloe, time to wake up for school sweetie!" My mom's voice echoed up the stairs as I groggily opened my eyes the day after my 18th birthday.  I could hear the muffled sounds of moaning coming from the bed beside me. Oh fuck!  Did I fall asleep while watching porn last night!?  Fuck, what if my parents heard me!  I quickly untangled my laptop from my blanket and hit mute, a little surprised that it had continued playing all night.  On the screen I saw a weird popup that said "Download Complete: SEXperience the Game RPG", but I didn't have time to figure out what the hell I'd accidentally downloaded during the night as I closed every window and threw my laptop into my backpack.

I shuffled into the bathroom to get ready, my eyes still half-shut with sleep.  I blindly washed my face and brushed my teeth, then finally opened my eyes fully to look at myself in the mirror.  But something was different.  There was a fuzzy border around the edges of my vision, and transparent text appeared on the top left side.

Chloe Williams: Level 1- Prude
SEX-P: 73/300
Reward Points: 0
Current Arousal: 3/10
Libido: 24/50
Attractiveness: 6/50
Charisma: 7/50
Promiscuity: 2/50
Dexterity: 13/50
Kinkiness: 21/50

What the hell? I only played a few video games, but I knew what a stat sheet looked like. I blinked a few times, but the text didn't go away. Instead, a new text box appeared hovering right in front of me.

NEW QUEST: Dress for Sex-cess!
Wear a mini skirt today
Reward: 3 Points

The text seemed to pulse as if it was waiting for me to do something. It was so ridiculous, but as soon as my eyes had seen the offer of reward points, I felt this compulsion well up inside of me. I'd always been competitive and I had a problem with instant gratification. I knew I had a jean skirt somewhere in my closet that I'd never really worn and I was curious what would happen if I did.

Tentatively, I reached out towards the glowing green "Accept" button and pressed it. The text box disappeared and a little circle labeled "DFS Quest" appeared in the top right corner of my vision. I finished up in the bathroom and went back to my bedroom to pick out an outfit. I dug through my closet until I found the jean skirt and paired it with a simple white polo shirt. As soon as I finished getting dressed a burst of fireworks spread across my vision.

Dress for Sex-cess completed!
+3 Reward Points
+1 Attractiveness
Only 7 more points until your first reward!

The little circle in the upper right corner was now filled in green. And in the top left I saw that my reward points had been tallied in my stats. Plus, my Attractiveness score and SEX-P had both increased by one. I quickly calculated the totals in my head and realized that my SEX-P was the total of my individual stats. Clearly I needed to max out all of them in order to level up. Ugh, why were all my stats so low...I wanted to level up like now.

Wait... Level up? Come on Chloe, you don't live in a video game. Am I dreaming?

Just as I was trying to figure out what the fuck was happening to me, I heard my mother's voice calling out to me again. "Chloe, you're going to be late if you don't leave right now!"

Fuck... I'll just figure this out later.

I grabbed my backpack and cellphone, then sprinted down the stairs and managed to get out to my car before my mom noticed my outfit. I wasn't sure if she would approve of wearing a miniskirt to school, but hey... if there was a game going on, I wanted to win it.

Chloe, or what ever name we chose for her, has somehow downloaded a magical Sex based RPG (Where the R stands for real life) that's going to turn her into a super slut! It has every addictive thing you would expect to find in a modern video game. Rewards, challenges, Achievements, loot boxes, and much more to keep Chloe playing while it changes her both mentally and physically!

This is meant to be a highly customizable RP where it can go in many different directions. Does she fall hard for the addicting nature of the game and start to fall into a class type (Bimbo, cumslut, prostitute, Homewrecker, etc.) Or will she resist the call of it as long as she can while at the same time changing to not fit into a certain type? A CYOA game where we build the world around her as she changes and adapts to the challenges we present to her to overcome or fail at. Kinks could be seen as "Perks" that give her certain advantages for different things or repeatedly doing something. All having a sense of humor to them.

Daddy's Little Butt Slut
Hazel isn't sure exactly when these feelings started. When she realized that she really loved her father. Really, really loved him. Maybe it was when she realized how toned and fit he was despite his age? Perhaps when she'd come home to him lone drinking and accidentally calling her her mothers name and how much he loves her? Or when she'd walked in on him while he was having some "private" time and seeing just how long and hard it was to be a single father raising a daughter.

This didn't stop her from denying her feelings though. She'd gone out and done things with her boyfriends and had casual flings. Shed learned a lot about what she liked and even more of what she loved. Though no matter what she always had a lover for her daddy. So for her eighteenth birthday she was going to show her father exactly how much of a woman she was, and how much she loved and wanted him.

Love to do this idea of a girl becoming an absolute butt slut for her father. I have a few ideas in mind for her appearance. I really want to have the following kinks : Anal, incest, age gap, cum play, large amounts of cum, public scenes (Where she sucks him off on the way to school or fucks him on a crowded train car. Where they can be caught easily.), risk of pregnancy.

I'd really want to play the girl in this, but would gladly play the father if need be.

Super Powered Slut
Power Girl does the best she can. Between fighting crime and leading a "normal" life, she doesn't have much time for anything else but the two. Pile on her own vow to never hurt anyone and sometimes things can get a little tricky. Though she can usually squirm her way out of any situations she gets into.

That all changes one day as a man finds her while shes changing from her work clothes to her civilian attire. Knowing that he'd be able to recognize her she bargains with him to not tell her secret. Of course he wants to use her "assets" and she begrudgingly agrees.  When all is said and done they part ways, and super girl is sure to never see him again. Except she does. On the walk home, on the bus to and from work. Turns out he even works in the same building as her.

From her he goes and pushes her limits and sees what he can get away with. Maybe coping a feel as she walls by, or feeling her up on the bus? Slowly escalating to all minds of indecent acts and fucking whenever he meets her. Will she be able to overcome this in addition to everything else? Will she learn to accept her new place and enjoy the treatment and being able to fuck again?

Inspiration NSFW

Changes for next bump post

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2015, 05:36:55 PM »
Empty space. Nice isn't it?
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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2015, 04:52:33 PM »

Just a place where I'll be showing my past stories i've done.

We are not alone Non-Con Exotic  A secret government project to protect the world from aliens coming to earth. Lots of smut.

Abnormal Love Non-Con Exotic  A father sends his daughter a book while he is away. She reads the book and takes a demon into her body that takes form of a new appendage and cant control her urges to breed.

Last day on earth Light Human  Negan takes over the Mojave in this Fallout new Vegas inspired story.

Not exactly a legend Extreme. She has untapped potential to be the greatest mage in skyrim. It's too bad she's a clutz and the only way her powers work is under duress and being covered in cum.

On Hold

Non adult
The Onyx

One shots
Camping with daddy!
Of Aliens and Hounds

Group Games
Survival Instincts
The asylum
Pelani Triana: Omega
Mortal Kimbat Redux
The collapse of mankind, a post apocalyptic RP

Light: Human soles
You were never there for me
The takeover
Crème brûlée
Last day on earth

NC Human-Freeform Solos
Daughter like mother

NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos
A Future Buzzing With Potential
We are not alone
A day at the beach
The centaurs field
New Frontiers
Abnormal Love
Training the trainer
A future buzzing with potential
The hunters and the hunted
A few wishes gone bad
A uncharted world

Extreme Solos
Holding back the ancients
From the sky to the depths
Beyond the sky
Not exactly a legend
The old facility
Wrong place, Wrong time
For science, right?
Land of milk and monsters
Night time festivities, morning regrets
You abandoned me
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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2015, 12:21:21 AM »
Cleaned up lots, added some stories, and hopefully ready for a new bumping story.

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2015, 12:04:52 AM »
Did some mild story cleaning and added new ideas. "Beyond the sky",  "The lost path" and "so you want to be dragonborn".
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Re: A list of stories to share[M lf F]
« Reply #5 on: April 02, 2016, 01:36:57 AM »
Bump to get off the dust and get some new sexy stories fired up! I'm also open to any ideas you have that might match up with my ideas or the like.

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Re: Monsters that go bump in the night [M lf F]
« Reply #6 on: May 05, 2016, 01:22:11 PM »
Bumpity bump

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Re: Monsters that go bump in the night [M lf F]
« Reply #7 on: June 04, 2016, 02:28:07 AM »

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Re: Roll the dice for some monstrous delights [PF] M lf F
« Reply #8 on: December 02, 2016, 01:14:15 PM »

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Re: Come see what lies in the dark depths! M lf F
« Reply #9 on: November 06, 2017, 11:51:25 AM »
It has been a long time. Let's see if we can start a story together with some fine monstrosities and their prey!

Bonus pints for alien themed ideas. Anything with xenomorphs is a huge plus. I know I don't currently have an idea for it in my main post, but I've been reading the novels and have been loving them up.

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Re: A medley of monsters!
« Reply #10 on: December 23, 2017, 03:04:29 PM »
Added more detailed stories to themes, and more interests.

•"Streaks in the sky/Tales of space terror" with "Project eden"
•"Who framed jessica rabbit?" with "Lost in the lost world"
•"legend of linkette" with" Power Draw"
• "Fallout-New vegas/4" with" The Forgotten '

•The haunted forest tour (absolutely would love anything to do with this. Think jurrasic park but with all kinds of monsters in place of dinos. Like, seriously. Wouldn't pass up on anything dealing with this. )

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Re: A medley of monsters!
« Reply #11 on: December 23, 2017, 04:29:52 PM »
I have a few kinky ideas that may fit into a few of those areas.

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Re: A medley of monsters!
« Reply #12 on: February 17, 2018, 05:10:43 PM »
Dusting and cleaning to maks it bigger and better! Lots of story ideas added, plus ive thrown some things into the one shots ads looking for ideas.

•"My other ide is your dad"
•"Womb raider"
•"lets get really wierd"
•"Streaks in the sky/Tales of space terror" with "Breeding season"
•Pathfinder section with "Rebirth begins with destruction" and "Lost worlds"
•Starfinder section with "Tripping the rift" and "The Facility"
 •Mixers section with "Secrets of life"

•"Breeding Bitch"
•"Say yes to the dress"
•"The twincubbus" mostly because i had mistakenly been using incubi instead of succubi. They be thristy ladies.

That should be everything, but i most likely missed somethings since i add things sporadically.
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Re: Monsters, curses, and those destined for them.
« Reply #13 on: March 22, 2018, 11:48:38 AM »
Did some cleaning. Added new ideas and removed some other. Added tags for kinks that could be included in ideas and some craving tags for what im craving right now.

If you have any ideas that might match mine please just send a message! Been playing a lot of fallout so im shoulder deep in 4 and new vegas lore and setting. That or something with xenomorphs.

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Re: Monsters, curses, and those destined for them.
« Reply #14 on: April 17, 2018, 01:07:16 PM »
Cleaning up and added some things. All the stories I've added I'm craving.

-The great beginning
-The russian home wrecker
-Tropical island harem!
-Camping with daddy
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Re: Monsters, curses, and those destined for them.
« Reply #15 on: July 24, 2018, 09:06:11 AM »
Cleaned up the thread a bit. No big changes. Currently in the mood for some non-con fun. Anything with a monster taking control and using some poor woman would have extra points. Plus some breeding thrown in to mix.

Open to any ideas you might have in mind too!

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Re: Male seeking others to grow stories
« Reply #16 on: September 07, 2018, 12:59:29 AM »
Cleaned up the thread a bit more. Have more time during the week to write now, though the pace might be a few posts a day to one or two a day. Plenty of new ideas that are fresh and malleable and looking for partners to help turn them into something really nice.

God of war : Reign of the sun
It's god of war but in Egypt with the Egyptians gods and OC characters. Not well thought out but the very bare bones shell is there. Highly looking for someone to try this with.

Sweet summer space
An asteroid lands on a island that's home to a resort. He doesn't remember why or what he is, but has an overwhelming need to fuck all the ladies on the island. He tries to figure out what happened and why he feels the need to breed the woman so badly.

A tear in space and time
Let's make a story about video game charecters coming together to fight a big bad evil!

Camping with daddy!
A father and daughter go camping in the woods. They might swim once or twice I think. Clothing optional.

The artists creations
An artist is sucked into his world that he's drawn or wrote, and the characters have decided they want to thank him for bringing them into existence. Inspired by a very NSFW comic.

Fun on the beach!
All the fun things people could do on the beach! And in the water! And in a forgotten entities tomb that they've awoken! Wooh!
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Re: Male seeking others to grow stories
« Reply #17 on: January 08, 2019, 12:30:26 AM »
Very much looking for someone to do "Sweet Summer Space"! Also in the mood to play as a female going against all sorts of monsters and terrors. Whether willing, hesitant, or struggling any would be a good time!

"The Dragon Cometh"- The last dragon in the world is hidden in the mountains as the world seems to be dying from something no one can understand. Many have sought him, and all have failed. The next in their quests for him will not meet the death they expect, but to be used as the next stepping stone in bringing the dragons back from the edge.

"Hell Is A Pleasure On Earth" - A demon, of to be decided gender, escapes hell and tries to live a human life on earth. At some point finding a human that they start to have feelings for. I'm all full up on this idea on this idea.

"Paradise"- A woman wakes up on the shore and has only one goal. To escape before she becomes trapped as a toy for one of the places denizens. There will be monsters, beasts, and aliens of all kinds looking to take advantage as she tries to reach her goals.

"Abnormal Love"- A father sends his daughters a book while he is away digging through far locations. One of them reads a passage in the book and grows an evil cock. She then proceeds to hate herself as she fucks both her sisters and slowly gives the world a dicking like it's never had before.

"You Are In Control"- What would you do with an app that gets you control other people? Clearly end world hunger! Cum is a sustainable food source after all!

Removed/added Interests
More grammar fixes
Removed ideas
Added tag for "Camping With Daddy"
More detail in "Sweet Summer Space" concerning what the alien could look like.
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Re: Male seeking others to grow stories
« Reply #18 on: November 30, 2019, 02:43:25 PM »
Looking to get back into writing again. I'll update this as I keep tally of stories that I add. I'm in the mood for a romance sort of story with a bit of age play in it  but it's honestly been so long since I've wanted to I'm not really having any ideas for it. Be glad to hear any that you could have in mind though! Now back to what I've added/changes!

-Added "woman of character" which is just a place for links to woman that I find tantalizing for face claims.
-Red coloring AND asterisks are used to show interest in stories. Three having the most interest.

"Dovakiin Reimagined"- A quick dirty take on the dragonborn and if they were powered by cum instead of dragon souls.

"The Genie"- What if was magic was real? To have things at the say of a word and a swish of the hand? Everyone thinks it's fake until you find the genie in a bottle. Though for every wish granted he has a price you need to pay.

"Life is just a simulation"- Chloe wakes up in the morning after her eighteenth birthday to find she's running late and moans coming from her laptop. Soon realizing she has a HUD and it's offering her a reward for dressing in a skirt. Barely remembering that she had seen something about a game on her laptop screen. What could she have found the night before?

"Trophy Wife on The Hunt"- A bored wife starts to look for something exciting to take up her time. Not exactly fleshed out but a small scene is what I have for a bit of inspiration.

"The Curse"- A pair of siblings receives a letter that they've been cursed to slowly start lusting for each other for the next two days. With their parents gone and the curse making them unable to tell anyone or wear anything, how long will they be able to last if they can?

"Reluctant Succubus"- A person becomes the victim of a spell of lust cast on them to turn them into a succubus. Though they may fight it they can't control the urges forever and soon realize they'll go mad without giving into it.

"The Home Wrecker"- A man has the good life. Has a home, a wife, and a very secure job. Life couldn't get better! That's what he thinks though. His neighbor has been watching him and when his wife leaves for a vacation takes her chance at trying to finally get him.
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Re: Male seeking others to grow stories
« Reply #19 on: August 30, 2020, 08:18:59 AM »
Im really, really, really craving something with monsters/beasts/aliens using and breeding some hapless women. Whether crash landing on anceint planet, picking through forgotten ruins, or simply dealing with her suddenly unruly horse. I'm all ears. Though I'll only be able to take on one or two stories at the moment.

-General cleaning up. Moved what RP's are active and those that aren't into their respective places/posts.

-Big kinks are big cocks, aliens, beast, Cumflation and all other cum based things, very much breeding too. Think Scifi and space themed yet also wandering in the woods alone and being chased after. Anything with them getting caught or losing to the monsters they're fighting really.

- Added "War Dog". A normal looking dog is taken in by a family but is anything but. How long will it take to find out his true nature, or before he shows them?

-Added "Monster Mash". A world invaded by monsters. Future? Modern? Medieval? Could be any! Lots and lots and lots of monsters and the woman they use.

-Updated "Women of Character". More faces!

-Put some prompts in new section for those I'm not currently looking for.

-Cleaned up "Abnormal Love". Added pictures and edits.

-Looking for something starring a cast of monsters and the woman that fall prey to them. Can be anything from humanoid to masses of ooze and everything in between. This includes the more extreme ends of things too. Less human and more... Well, you get the idea.  >:)
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