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Author Topic: Monsters, curses, and those destined for them.  (Read 4552 times)

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Monsters, curses, and those destined for them.
« on: December 17, 2014, 12:33:25 AM »
Hi! Welcome to my thread. It's in a constant state of flux with me adding ideas, or tweaking things so pardon if I miss something and somethings out of order. Please note, Don't post here, send me a message please. It helps keep things clean, and I'll just end up messaging you anyway. I don't mind the RL gender of my partners, just the ones in our stories. I prefer to be the monsters/male characters in the stories, but like to play the victim as well.


For the smut to story ratio it all depends on what's going on. Is the main lady/characters being dragged into a pit or alleyway regularly? Okay, so what's happening besides that?  Does she still need to go the work with cum covering her, or the date she was supposed to actually be seeing? Smut is nice and most my stories involve lots of it, but the story needs to help it along.


For kinks I'll be alright with a good amount of things. I have an O/O thread here, but it's mostly my ons since my offs can be summed up in no potty play, no blood to an extent, MxM, and I think that's all really. Plus if there's something a partner would like to do, I'll most likely be on board with it. I like to try new things and most the time I enjoy it too!

For charters I can play male, female, or futa, and prefer my partners to be female or futa depending on what the story calls for. Most the time I won't have face claims or what characters should look like except for special cases, but other than thoughs I don't mind what the opposite looks like.

Treat all links as NSFW, and please let me know if you like anything here!

Current stories
Last day on earth X  Gwyenevere
A future buzzing with potential X Snake
The hunters and the hunted X Timeskeeper
A few wishes gone bad X Jessica
You abandoned me... X TotesRider

Fallout 3/4/New Vegas
•Jurrasic  Park/World
•Cabin in the woods
•Starship Troopers
•Corruption  of champions
•Metro 2033
The haunted forest tour

• Alternate Earth/Universe
•Post apocalyptic
•Medival (Like skyrim/oblivion. Swords, magic, and monsters. Oh my!)

Story Ideas

I put the kinks that I'd like to see on the outside of each idea, but if there's any kinks you think that would fit in or want to add, please don't be afraid to ask!

Camping with daddy
Nothing better than heading out to the great outdoors, going for a long hike followed by a swim in the river... That's basically all this dad had in mind, but his nympho daughter has been waiting to be stuck with her dad in a tiny tent miles from anywhere for quite some time. He resists for awhile, but through her persistence and outright depravity (sneaky morning blowjob attempts, skinny dipping, overall nudity), she eventually gets what she wants. A really dominant daughter would be a good fit.

Looking to have the father be more ashamed even though be likes to fuck her, while she is really happy and pleased and would do anything and everything for him. How would their lifestyle change after it? Would he try to hide it while still indulging himself? Would the wife and son get suspicious? What would happen when they find out she's pregnant from all the fucking?

The great beginning
There have been factures in the worlds now. Tears where one drip to another, sometimes gently while other times over taking it completely. No one can tell why or when these things happen, but it is slowly beginning to happen faster and faster with the flow of time. Though strangely there has been a world that can tap into other worlds, drawing from them Inspiration for thier own works of art, not realizing it is entire other worlds they see. Watchers to the peace and havoc that lies in others. Thier dreams are becoming duller and duller as the worlds change and molt, shrinking now.

A gentle breeze pushed through the window as he sat on his bed, wearing just a pair of briefs as he tried to stay cool in the summer heat. His body shimmering with a slick of sweat, his body tossing and turning as be dreamed. He was matching. as a lone figure stalled the halls of a strange ship, her armor bright against the darkness. Dark cuts and burns marked the yellow and gold limbs of it, the bright red chest piece with a hole nearly burned all the way thriugh showing a light blue.

A hissing sound broke the silence as the figure stopped, looking around and listening. Another figure jumped from the shadows, claws out stretched as a long tail swung behind it. She raised an arm, several small balls of energy whizzing thriugh the strange creature as it fell to the floor. Screeching it spasmed and it blood fell on anything around it, a hissing and burning smell filling the air as it was eaten through.

The figures armor was covered in it as their armor blocked any from contacting their skin. Tbey worked quickly as air hissed from the suit and it started to fall to pieces around them. All that was left was a human figure. A bust female at that as she stretched slightly, taking her gun from the bright blue suits holster. She looked down at the strange monster. A curved head and black skinny body was all thst was left as the blood hissed and drained around it.

She went to continue to where she was gking when she stopped suddenly. Eyes focusing as she looked around, settling on him. Even in his dream state he could feel his heart beat quicken as she approached him. She stopped just short, reaching out to him. Suddenmy a crack of thunder echoed through the ship, and a flash of light blinded him.

He woke with a start, his heart racing as he shook and tried to calm himself.  It was just a dream. Nothing more. He looked around his small room, posters of various games and things lining his shelves and walls. Maybe one day he'd be something. Breathing he tried to rememberwhat had happened. Some mind of alien and a warrior. Wait. He stood up,  going to books on his shelf and picking one out. It was an alien. He hadn't played any games like that in months, and that armor. He looked through his room, trying to find anything.

Suddenly the door of his room clicked open, a pistol coming through as the figure entered the room.  Carefully she enetered and closed the door behind her. Blond hair in a pony tail as she stood her ground, eyes focused on him. It was samus. What the hell was going on? She spook quietly yet firmly as she kept the gun on him. "You're going to tell me exactly whats going on, and where i am."

The basic premise of this story would be that all the arts humanity has come up with are just different worlds that we've seen thriugh dreams. Anything can go in this as the hero searches for a reason to why all this is happening, and figuring out how Samus (or whichever character thats rathered) ends up in his room and getting her back. I was thinking that he some how can pass through the borders and barriers of worlds, either going or bringing things to where he's at. Growing an army of characters as be brings them to saftey on his world, or where ever he decides to call home.

For smut it could be he goes through each, saving characters from his freshest media first. How is up for discussion. Personal preference would be fucking them into submission, but I'd be open for other ideas. Was thinking of using the basic D20 system.

Tropical island harem!
Sun drenched sands,  clear blue water, a paradise as far away as one could from the world and all your problems. This was something else! Though it was much much harder to get a reservation here than anywhere else. Why? Because this is where all the characters from gamous games go to relax and get away from what they consider thier day to day. Less blood, guts, and fighting; and more relaxing by the pool and having a few drinks.

 Though the odd guest does manage to sneak in. A man that shouldn't have any business being there has managed to do so, now on an island full of drop dead gorgeous women he does what any one else would do and ecides to try to sleep his way thiugh them all! But he also has picked up something from the powers that be. His cock can now control those that take it into their body, becoming addicted to his semen and craving it in thier bodies. Only being sayisfied when they either swallow it or beingcovered or filled with it. With each woman he fucks growing the harem until he has all the woman on the island under his control.

This could have any feme characters from any game. Widow maker, Jill, Ada, Samus, anyone at all. The sole reason theyve come here to relax, and a man showing up to bkther them should be interesting with all the different personalities. The onky kinks I really would like to see are oral and creampiesl, with everything else just supplementing scenes as needed.

Craving Anal,Oral, Cumplay, Addiction/Mind break

The Russian home wrecker
You're young, about to be engaged with a girlfriend who's leaving to her friends for plans and alone time. Then there's me , your hot 20 year old neighbor from across the yard who's been wanting to be with you ever since I moved from Russia. Despite this it's always infuriated me you've stopped my advances based off the fact of how gorgeous I am, most men would jump at the chance but you seem to be reserved. That's why, after you see me going into my house as you kiss your girlfriend off for the week I show up at your door, knocking lightly wearing some open toed sandal heels, a black tee with a matching lace bra and some black leggings and a black lace G-String.

I'd simply smile, waving slightly as you open the door. Showing my clevage off in the top I'm wearing as I bend my knee forward a bit to give you a better view. *Hey there, do you think I could come in? Everyone's busy and there isn't much of anything to do today.* I give you a dazzling smile as my plump lips tug up and my eyes look into your own.

Looking for someone to play as this bombshell to my almost engaged character. Hed be set for life thanks to his tech company and just moved into the neighborhood with his wife. Though he's not happy at all and with the right amount of charm could be lulled into doing a bit of risky play not befitting of an engaged man.
Big dick, lots of cum, multiple orgasms, Dominance,  Exhibition, mind break/ addiction Craving

The potted brazzers ligth cast shadows all over the room. Five men were seated on the floor in a circle. Four of them were dressed in matching robes, beards long and grey hung from their faces as they gazed on the single man across from them. His armor was tight over his figure, muscules clearly defi ed as he sat there. His armor was that of a warrior, strips of leather and iron crossing and comi g together to give him all he needed. His eyes slowly moved from each of the figures, shadows dancing over them as the flames flickered.

He'd been summoned for some reason or another, and he wasn't sure what to expect. His mind going over where the best place to sell the frost troll pelt would be. The man in front of him coughed before sighing slightly, "You have answered our summons, but do you really believe you are the dragon born?" His voice raspy as he coughed again, the room shaking slightly. Shaking his head and turning his gaze to the warrior again.

The man looked off behind them, shrugging. "I guess. I mean i did take that dragons soul and shout it into submission. So i guess?" His mind going back to the dragon. They had some massive scales on them. Maybe he could get some and make a set of armor? He looked bacm to the old man. "Is this going to take long? I got this sweet troll pelt that i wannasell today." Motioning to his pack in a corner.

The old man loomed to the pack and then to the warrior. "Please. This is not some dilly dally. The fate of the world could rest in your hands. If you really are dovakiin then that me-" Stopping as the man rose suddenly, wiping his legs off. "Sit back down. There is much to discuss. You must realize what is going on?" He asked, watching as the man grabbed his pack.

The warrior shurgged again as he shouldered it. "I put a dragon in its place with my voice. Im clearly this dragonborn person those guards were flipping out about." Throwing his hands up and moving towards the still kneeling men."Are you going to tell me that the dragons are returning and I'm the only one that can stop them? Because i already realized that. Again, i just shouted one to death while stabbing it."

The old man just looked up to him, brow furrowed. Finally after a moment, he sighed, his shoulders sagging. "You are correct. We are here to guide you but if you i sist on going take along our knowledge and a simple task for us to make sure you really are what we think. Retrieve a horn from this cave, and bring it back. Do this and you'll prove you can save the world." Tossing him a scroll. The othertwo men bowing their heads slightly as the dovakiin started to glow for a few seconds.

The dovakiin stared for a second, watching his arms glow and fade. "Okay. Don't do that again. I'll go to where ever as soon as im done with selling my pelts and going to tbe brothel. Goign to have to blow a load before i even think of doing some crazy shit like this." Waving the scroll for a second before turning and leaving, a blizzard blowing in from the outside. "Sunny and bright out today!" They heard him call before the doors shut again.  Silence dropping over them again.

A faint rumble moved through the room again. The man in the middle nodded,"Yeah. Thats the dragonborn alright. Cant do anything about it besides he does what he can."

This will be pretty much skyrim, but tbe dovakiin is an asshole. He's using the title as dragonborn to get as much free things and woman he can while also somehow saving the world. That is even if he can somehow find the horn to get started on his journey. Id think this would be more of a tounge In cheek fun with smut mixed in. Light hewrted but dark. Dovakiin just stirring shit up because the mayor had a nice ass and so did her daughter.


We are not alone
Humanity has long searched for the answer if we were alone, and if not, what was our place? A world wide effort that has spanned centuries has come up with an answer that was quickly hidden. Humanity is breeding stock for other life forms. Quietly there have been teams assembled to fight off the comi g aliens. At first they had little luck, with tbe aliens having advantage of knowing weaknesses we weren't aware of. But now with time the fields are changing little by little. We understand ourselves and the way aliens attack us, but there is never an end. All the training to prevent losses does little.

Now, unknown to humanity, the world has become ripe to harvest. The beings are coming from the darkest reaches of space to bolster their numbers. In the end there will be little to do but lay down arms, and accept their place. Or is there?

This will be an xcom style game with loads of smut but all that smut will drive the plot. I did have a story based off the idea before, and it was fantsatic. Id love to get a another game styled after this idea going.


My other ride is your dad

My dad's got a new girlfriend. I just can't seem to figure out what he's doing with a girl like her. I've heard the screaming and moaning coming from my dad's room at night, and constantly getting teased by the skimpy clothes she wears around the house in the morning. I'd give anything for a cahnve at her, but that's something that would never happen.

So how does it start? Do I catch you doing something I shouldn't and blackmail you? What if one of us accidentally sent a sext to the wrong person? Do you convince my dad to have a threesome? I am open to any of these, and if you have any ideas please share! I'd be looking for her to be something like a pornstar or someone that could pass as one. Some of my choices would be Holly Micheals , Alxis Texas , and Carmella Bing .

Dub Con, Pregnancy, Preg risk, Black Mail, Cheating.  Craving

Let's get really wierd.
So i really have been craving a romance lately, but also smut. Not a normal smutmance either. Something where a man gets turned into some sort of creature, whether by hubris or because someone didnt like them macking on thier girl. The only way to break the curse is to find someone that truly loves them in that form. Which would be near impossible. This leads to some lucky (or unlucky) girl finding thier way to him, whether by him taking them to his lair or by seeking him out because he has a bounty on him. This leads them on thier quest of lurv and smut as he tries to break the curse. That's all i got.

Also would like to have my partner play on of these lovely ladies. If you have some one youd like to play, I'd be okay with it, but i have a strong preference for these.
Three [/url

Beast, Dub con, Romance, Pregnancy risk?, Transformation

Fallout New Vegas/4 Inspired

The Forgotten
There are people out there, that belong to no where. They have no home, no love, and no future. They wander the wastes for what they've seen. What they've done. Whether by personal choice or being forced to. You can see them in the bars. Silently drinking away what thoughts they have, staring at nothing. Laying down to a cold bed roll and a warm fire under the stars. Moving contantly during the day, collecting the bounties on those tbat others have called for. The have no remorse for those they are after, no feeli lngs besides the warm blood coming from the stump of their neck for a few cold caps. These are their stories.

So this is mostly something following bounty hunters through the fallout world. Chasing after bounties as they do and causing trouble where they go for who or what they are. Humans, ghouls, super mutants, anything. They can all be bounty hunters. I'd like to be like a gm for a story set in new vegas /captial wasteland/ commonwealth.  I adore all the settings, but have a personal sweet spot for new vegas.

Super easy start would be going after the bounties placed on the raiders jn new vegas. A start, but growing out from there. Will they find love and romance? Will the wastes eat them and their memory? Lets find out!

What is love after 200 years?
All she can remember is the cold. Bright lights and screaming as they were dragged somewhere. The feeling of going down so far, just so cold. Waking up to screaming klaxons and strobbing lights, they stagger out from their capsule. They don't remeber being here, why are they here? They find a way out only to see, everything is gone. As far as the eye can see is in ruins. A crow caws as kt watches, eyes whirring as they focus on the woman. In a room somewhere a man speaks into a microphone."she's awake."

That is where this would start. A hidden subject dragged in at the last moments to vault 111. They wake up, cold and alone. But things are not as they seem. The institute has an interest in her, but its not clear as to what.

Beast, non/Dub con, Pregnancy, Risk of pregnancy, drugs, futa, cum play, all kinds of other strange things. All these are optional and don't need to be included at all.
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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2015, 05:36:55 PM »

Here at Trans-Genetics we realize that the only thing that makes things impossible, is the lack of drive to get there. We've made great strides in technology, medicine, and space travel to be etched into history and send humanity to places no other species has gone before.

Our latest and greatest strides in medicine have allowed us to regrow organs and limbs at an unheard of rate, finally ending the need for waiting lines on life saving organs. With this has come a firm understanding of how the body works, and a shifting to break trhoughs in the ways medicine is applied and how they interact with the body. In short, we've learned how to make the human ecosystem work like a fine tuned machine.

Technologically we've figured out how to integrate man with machine, allowing unheard of complex biological wonders. No longer will limbs be fixed with frail still imitations, but with tech that mames the body whole, as if they had never lost the limb and better in every way. Deeper understanding is coming even as we speak! With everyday transplants and new ways to expand or "upgrade" yourself coming every day and only getting better.

Space travel has been the biggest push for us. Whether being the first company to privately settle on mars, or making access to the moon easy and affordable,  nothing is out of our reach. With new and exciting things coming from our many contracts and labs working around the clock.

But we have one problem here. What might that be? We need YOU! We are searching for the best and brightest of the world to come and join us here at Trans-Genetics, to help us help you. The world can and will be a better place, but only if we can get it tbere first!

Apply now!

Earth 2130 - life is hard as populations soar and resources become scarce. Cities and countries have burned, bringing with them new choas and oreder in the death and rebirth. Though in giant cities there is peace and unheard of prosperity. Well guarded they are the forefront of humanity trying to save itself. People flock in waves trying to find work, through back alley deals or more clean methods, money can easily be a non problem if you're willing to pay the price.

There have been rumors though.  Of testing animal and human hybrids. That not all the workers on the payroll at Trans-Genetics are there to do science, but they are the ones being tested on. Of secret underground facilities where they openly and freely experiment on the populations, free from laws and ethics. But only in Whispers are these things spoken. People that speak too openly about it always seem to disappear not long after.

Moon base alpha - The first amd most successful base so far on a non earth. Things are easy and the suffering on earth is something long forgotten. Life is simple and easy, with advances being made everyday, and sickness all but eradicated. A utopia that bumanity has worked for and earned. Though if one was to really look into the history, they'd find a long bloody struggle. From breaking with the earths governments to the riots and civil unrest of when the populace realized no one from earth would ever come for them, and they'd never see those they left behind again. But those times are long gone and swept away.

Base omega - Trans-Genetics main testing facility.  Here they are at work they deem too unstable or a danger to civilized life to work anywhere else. No one knows where exactly it is. The shuttles that bring people and supplies back and forth have long since automated with no signs or maps of where they are being taken. All that is known is that all of thier break tbriugh technologies start here and the ones that never do are well bidden or used for military applications.

The latest reports indicate more strides in teleporatation, with them hinting at some strange anomlies. Being able to cross into places and brining artifacts back from them. Though even more progress has been made with gene editing, with the first offical human animal hybrid confirmed and many others on the way.
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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2015, 04:52:33 PM »
Bump for lots of new ideas and story's.

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2015, 12:21:21 AM »
Cleaned up lots, added some stories, and hopefully ready for a new bumping story.

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2015, 12:04:52 AM »
Did some mild story cleaning and added new ideas. "Beyond the sky",  "The lost path" and "so you want to be dragonborn".
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Re: A list of stories to share[M lf F]
« Reply #5 on: April 02, 2016, 01:36:57 AM »
Bump to get off the dust and get some new sexy stories fired up! I'm also open to any ideas you have that might match up with my ideas or the like.

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Re: Monsters that go bump in the night [M lf F]
« Reply #6 on: May 05, 2016, 01:22:11 PM »
Bumpity bump

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Re: Monsters that go bump in the night [M lf F]
« Reply #7 on: June 04, 2016, 02:28:07 AM »

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Re: Roll the dice for some monstrous delights [PF] M lf F
« Reply #8 on: December 02, 2016, 01:14:15 PM »

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Re: Come see what lies in the dark depths! M lf F
« Reply #9 on: November 06, 2017, 11:51:25 AM »
It has been a long time. Let's see if we can start a story together with some fine monstrosities and their prey!

Bonus pints for alien themed ideas. Anything with xenomorphs is a huge plus. I know I don't currently have an idea for it in my main post, but I've been reading the novels and have been loving them up.

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Re: A medley of monsters!
« Reply #10 on: December 23, 2017, 03:04:29 PM »
Added more detailed stories to themes, and more interests.

•"Streaks in the sky/Tales of space terror" with "Project eden"
•"Who framed jessica rabbit?" with "Lost in the lost world"
•"legend of linkette" with" Power Draw"
• "Fallout-New vegas/4" with" The Forgotten '

•The haunted forest tour (absolutely would love anything to do with this. Think jurrasic park but with all kinds of monsters in place of dinos. Like, seriously. Wouldn't pass up on anything dealing with this. )

Online Snake

Re: A medley of monsters!
« Reply #11 on: December 23, 2017, 04:29:52 PM »
I have a few kinky ideas that may fit into a few of those areas.

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Re: A medley of monsters!
« Reply #12 on: February 17, 2018, 05:10:43 PM »
Dusting and cleaning to maks it bigger and better! Lots of story ideas added, plus ive thrown some things into the one shots ads looking for ideas.

•"My other ide is your dad"
•"Womb raider"
•"lets get really wierd"
•"Streaks in the sky/Tales of space terror" with "Breeding season"
•Pathfinder section with "Rebirth begins with destruction" and "Lost worlds"
•Starfinder section with "Tripping the rift" and "The Facility"
 •Mixers section with "Secrets of life"

•"Breeding Bitch"
•"Say yes to the dress"
•"The twincubbus" mostly because i had mistakenly been using incubi instead of succubi. They be thristy ladies.

That should be everything, but i most likely missed somethings since i add things sporadically.
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Re: Monsters, curses, and those destined for them.
« Reply #13 on: March 22, 2018, 11:48:38 AM »
Did some cleaning. Added new ideas and removed some other. Added tags for kinks that could be included in ideas and some craving tags for what im craving right now.

If you have any ideas that might match mine please just send a message! Been playing a lot of fallout so im shoulder deep in 4 and new vegas lore and setting. That or something with xenomorphs.

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Re: Monsters, curses, and those destined for them.
« Reply #14 on: April 17, 2018, 01:07:16 PM »
Cleaning up and added some things. All the stories I've added I'm craving.

-The great beginning
-The russian home wrecker
-Tropical island harem!
-Camping with daddy
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Re: Monsters, curses, and those destined for them.
« Reply #15 on: July 24, 2018, 09:06:11 AM »
Cleaned up the thread a bit. No big changes. Currently in the mood for some non-con fun. Anything with a monster taking control and using some poor woman would have extra points. Plus some breeding thrown in to mix.

Open to any ideas you might have in mind too!