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September 26, 2017, 12:54:20 AM
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Author Topic: A bunch of Ideas! M lf F  (Read 2650 times)

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A bunch of Ideas! M lf F
« on: December 17, 2014, 12:33:25 AM »
Hello! Currently going through a bit of renovation in the thread. If anything catches your eye send a message if you want! Please note that almost all links here are NSFW.

Current Stories
Camping with daddy  X Tom

 A father and daughter go on a camping trip together but, unbeknownst to the father, the daughter has plans to try to win her father over and make it a trip they'll never forget.

Last day on earth X Gwyenevere

An NCR ranger is caught by a bandit king. He plans on making her into something that he can love, but will she allow it?

Training the trainer   X BlackRockShooter

 An inexperienced trainer is loaned pokemon from another. Wild and disobedient , she tries to find out how to get them to listen to her.

An abnormal love X lukenukeas

A father send home an ancient book to his daughters. Upon reading from it aloud she grows a cock and balls with a new need to breed with it. Will sure be able to fix herself, or will she succumb to the evil pleasure?

Story Ideas

Drinking from the tap

On a friend's recommendation, I'm about to walk into Fluid. She didn't tell me what it was, only that I "had to try it." I'm a pretty shy person, so she offered to come with me, but now I'm standing outside the entrance and she just texted me saying she isn't coming.

The outside of the building is nondescript. Blacked out windows along the front and a small sign above the door with the place's name are the only notable things about it. The name makes it sound like a bar, I figure even with my friend bailing, I can have one drink by myself before heading home.

I take a deep breath and head inside.


Fluid is a cum bar, the first of its kind. The walls are lined with gloryholes at each of the tables. On the menu, they have all kinds of offerings. You can get cum on tap, where the flavor you order is delivered in the form of a cock sticking out of the hole at your table (If you're not comfortable jerking it off yourself, the staff is full of encouraging, flirtacious women happy to help you). There are also a number of cum cocktails, all sharing one ingredient in common.

Nothing is off-limits here, as some women will even get up on the table to fuck their table's cock, though most patrons prefer to subtly jerk off or suck the cum out. There's even a VIP room in the back where guests can do anything they want with the men working there, without a wall in between them.



Enormous cocks
Excessive cumshots

"Who framed Jessica rabbit?"
For the longest time now, I have had a hankerin for a cross over of multiple universes. THis is just one of many ideas I have.

Jessica Rabbit for either some bad magic or getting kidnapped from her universe for some reason, is trapped away from her home. She now has to do what ever she can to try to find her way back. But all is not going to be easy in her quest. Though she will meet many that will gladly help her, others would rather use this doll for other less savory purposes. Will she resist the coming ons of every one she meets? Will she ever see her hunny bunny again? Tune in soon to find out!


The twins
Some times in life things just don't go as planned. Like a bride being visited the night before her wedding by an incubus, The husband never knowing a thing until when she gave birth to two lovely little succubi. Quickly they were whisked away by her, away from the prying eyes of the father and government that sought them out. Now they live a quiet life away from towns and cities. Though as they grew so did their powers.. and tastes for flesh.

This could be played many ways, but the starts of the show would be a pair of succubi. Basically following them as they travel around, fucking every one and each other as they go. This could be mostly smut or could be about them finding their own place in the world after being kept away for so long.

Say Yes To The Dress

A few wishes gone bad
Magical creatures can be the most majestic and friendly things a lucky person can meet. All their wishes come true! Their wildest dreams and adventures on the tip of their tongue granted with just a flick of a wand, or a snap of finger. These are not them. Either pent up with rage for some  isdeed or feeling bored by the mortals, these beings can and will make any wish they grant go wrong in the best way for the wisher. So be careful what you wish for and hope for the best!

Source story for this. Also a neat show on netflix called Gnatz:0 that first got me into this story. Both are amazing and I highly recommend reading/watching them!

What would you do if, when you died, you awoke in a room with other people? Each having died a different way at the same time, and finding out you have to hunt down strange creatures to make it back home alive. or at least the closest thing to it, until the next time you are summoned. That's pretty much the story line for this that it's based on. People die, get returned to life, kill things, and are free until recalled. There are rules though. You can't tell anyone about the game after you leave. You can't leave a certain area while you are on a hunt. If you die during the hunt, you die for real.

The characters would go against a wide variety of aliens/monsters. Anything is possible in this. In the manga they face off against birds that wear human suits that die without them, and in the movie they fight a literal god.,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/1526043608204799659.jpg

Links that I like but don't have a story for
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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2015, 05:36:55 PM »

So, I'm currently trying to figure out how to play pathfinder. Which is going pretty well. I've just been wanting to try to start a rp with it, but don't want to have it straggle out with frustrations for my partner if I don't catch on to things as fast as I should. I have the materials though and I'm highly motivated to get a rp going with it, since it would bring in a whole new kind of chaos into the rp which I've always wanted to try.

With that being said, I'm currently trying to build a world where something happens and now there's PF races on earth. I'm hoping to do something where, If people would be on board with it, Having Rp set in the world and affect it. One could be going on when they just starting to trickle in, following the stories of those few in this new world, while seeing how it will play into the eventually everything in PF on earth. Monsters, Magic, Races. All of it. Hopefully it'll go very well. hopefully.

And with that, The rest of what's below this will be set for expanding on the idea and building up the world. Hopefully you like what you see and want to try to shape the new world, for better or worse.

Some other small stories that are set in this world, either before or after could be, Aliens, predator, anything of Cthulhu, the thing, etc. Seems like if theres a horror of any kind it has been transplanted into pathfinder. While the ones I've mentioned I'd want to do, anything else that seems interesting I'd be more than willing to try.

Alt Earth Campaign

If, uhh, anyone finds some mistakes. Please let me know. I've got a guide but there's probably a problem somewhere.

Almus Alvina Beginner Adventurer caught up in this. Grand adventure, no idea what he's doing.

Almus had lived a good life up to this point. His family had loved him, father showed him the way of the sword, and mother always made sure he had enough to eat and heal him. But as time went on, he began to feel strange. The things that had once brought him pleasure made him feel hollow. He found himself wandering the hills more, and more as time went on. Seeking out strange places near his home, Climbing trees and pretending to fight.

That's when it clicked for him. He no longer wanted the safety of his home and family. The call of the world needed to be answered. People needed saving and helping and he was someone that could. Young, strong, and fast he set out. wandering to a nearby town looking for something to do. A tavern points him in the direction of the forest where rumors of a witch have been growing. So with sword and shield, he heads off. Ready to face the world.

Artahata Rieta Main player in causing the rift between worlds. Will do what ever it takes to further her agenda.

Some people never get a chance at having a good life. Their parents so vain and proud that they would rather have all the riches in the world for themselves and never share with each other, let alone a child. They both got what and what they hated in a single turn. Becoming lords of a realm and all the riches that come with it, but only for a night with the wife. With that, they were happy for a time, but the wife's belly grew swollen and soon gave birth.

Paige was what they called her. A simple thing that no one needed. They both grew angry and hateful as they had to waste their precious gold on raising her, teaching her. The bare minimum for them to do, and when they weren't they locked her up. Hidden away from the world for the demon she was. One day her parents grew tired of her, tossing on the side of the road on one of their trips to see their king. Alone and forgotten, Paige wandered. Soon a strange creature came to her, it's whispers filling her mind. She understood it, and embraced it despite not knowing what it was. It taught her to survive, growing past her parents as she took a new name. Artahata. Since then she's been gathering power. Learning and waiting. Seeing to understand the gift she has been given.

Map and timeline
This is the map I'll be using to plot various things for locations. First contacts, mass activity, etc. I'll put a time line and number the events on it to reference the areas on the earth where they are happening.

Time Line
1 - 1982 - Unexplained massacre at outpost in Antarctica. Rumors of a strange alien sight covered up by government. Leaked files show creatures shape shifting and massacring personnel in outpost. No survivors.

2 - 2004 - Separate expedition into Antarctica. Company sent to investigate heat sources on an island off the coast. Multiple experts in various fields. Reports are sketchy of various creatures. Files say only one person escaped and was found off the shore. A single strange spear in her possession.

3 - 2016 - Almus Alvina and Artahata Rieta are transported to earth during a fight. Breaking the barrier between the worlds and starting the fusing of them. Reports of monsters slowly start to come up around the globe.

The take Over

The beginning
This point will be, as stated, the beginning. Small amounts of creatures and races will begin to filter into the world. A bare trickle that, depending on Alignments, will stay steady for a time or become like a fire house to the world. Most the characters would be normal earth humans. No magic, no super duper skills. A few races start to work their way in, realizing that they're no longer on their home world, stay out of sight, or get caught by some body or another and is beginning detained.

I'm going through most of the things I can find online, and some other sources, but if you have a creature or idea for that you would like to see let me know!

Just some lore to set the feeling of what's happening during this time.

Divergent paths
This will be around the time that things are becoming more mixed commonplace. Creatures are now adapting and so are the denizens of earth. More and more of the Golarians races will be here now, each with their own paths and agendas. Some might chose to integrate. Starting business and otherwise being helpful despite no longer being home. While others take darker seedier paths in this new world. Breaking into and rising fast in the criminal world as both sides scramble to contain both magic and non magic things. Military's taking an very close on eye on things as they rapidly seek to understand and contain whats happening with the least amount of force. To varying degrees.

This could be the start of mas riots in some places, while others are dealing with great amounts of peace. Though the growing threat of monsters is still rising with even stronger things appearing. Bands of earthlings and Golarians actively start hunting them when they can work together, through magical or non magical means. Perhaps the main force of this starts to coordinate attacks on the humans, trying to cause as much chaos as they can.

Just some lore to set the feeling of what's happening during this time.

Jurassic Park
Going  through the bestiary I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has quite a large amount of dinosaurs. So, with that, I've also been going through and gathering things to make a game styled after it or modeled around it. Maybe a retelling? Maybe something completely not like it? Who knows!

I'm going to put all the links for the things I find Here, from characters to dinosaurs!

All the dinosaurs can be found here. All of them are already for pathfinder and could be tweaked if needed or created.
Using this map for anything pertaining to the main island. (Until I find a map I, or we, like more. And this For anything on site B. Ill put any other maps of Ilands that look like that serve a good setting
Grenade launcher
Rocket launcher
DMG (s) 1d6
DMG (M) 1d8
Crit X2 
Range - 20Ft
Misfire - 1-2
Capacity - 5+1, 6+1, 7+1, 8+1, internal tube magazine
Weight - 9 Lbs
Type - B and P
Specia l- Scatter

A walk in the park
This would be mostly a retelling of the first book. With either the original characters or ones we've created. Or we could go and completely do something different.  Either way this will be an early viewing of the park, Whether by government officials or family members visiting the park. Things will of course spiral down hill as they fight to survive and make it off.

Another way it could be spun is that the park is already being evacuated, and the characters are part of the team that needs to find the rest of, if any, personnel or guests on the island. This of course would mean fire fights with the dinosaurs and overall more action orientated then the other. This could be short or long depending on if we just want to get guests off the island, or be an extermination team to clear the dinos and save the guests.

Sheets for original characters.
I gave all the characters besides the kids and Muldoon and Hammond Lvl 5. I tried putting their points into things that would benefit them. (Hopefully) All I did was give them the base Abilities (4d6 each), HP (10d6 except kids and Hammond, 6d6), Then all the skills they'd need.

Tim Murphy
Robert Muldoon
Ray Arnold
Lex Murphy
John Hammond
Dr. Ian Malcom
Dr. Henry Wu
Dr. Ellie Sattler
Dr. Alan Grant
Donald Gennaro
Dennis Nedry

Plan B
This would take place on the second island where they actually made the dinosaurs. This could have all sorts of fun things to found since it was mostly a testing ground for the animals. I don't like the story of them going to the island to find someone. I'd think it'd be better if they go in search of something. Like a group of mercenary hired by another company trying to figure out why InGen had bought the island but never publicly used it. This would be heavy on the weapons they would need to bring, but I think it would be a good thing to play out. They have all the firepower they think they need, and it's not enough.

On the other hand, It could take place when the island is being shut down, a rapid evacuation of assets except some bare minimum to make sure everything shuts down properly to be taken away later. Though there won't be anyone to come get them since they've been abandoned. Leading them to have to fight for survive against the newly released dinosaurs, plus some experiments that were never meant to live in the wild. This could have numerous weapons, or makeshift weapons if we want to keep it something like the lore. (Guns bad, Dinosaurs expensive.)

This could also be about, since InGens death was fast and swift, the workers being abandoned on the island with just a few escaping on the few boats the island has and the rest trying to survive as the dinosaurs start to break loose and cause havoc. Perhaps they are able to maintain a base on the island away from the dinosaurs, resulting in an uneasy peace until the bigger dinosaurs find them. Or they could become nomadic, scavenging supplies to make a boat to get off the island.

Louis Ann  Security guard
Not many people can boast both military experience and police work. Though her looks seem otherwise, she can tumble with the best of them. Joining the armed forces as soon as she could, she worked her way up in rank before moving into the private sector after her contract was up. Her skills as a guard have paid off in spades as InGen picked her up and quickly put her skills to use. Though she may not agree with the company on the use of force on the guests, She's happy that muldoon has worked with her to get some extra fire power on the islands just in case.

As the reports roll on about the storm coming and evacuation of the main park, she is all that's left of the skeleton crew. Having evacuated non essential personnel, all she has left to do is wait and hope nothing goes wrong. Though she's not thrilled with the company.

Alexis Star  Supervisor
Alexis has always been a daddy's girl. Having what ever she wants when she wants it, and if she cant get it using her wiles to. Her father was an investor of the company, so when she asked him for a job, he pulled a few strings and got her a one with the company. Though Alexis has started to realize that not everything is as it seems, and she might have gotten over her head here, hasn't figured out a way to get out of it.

Clarissa Jones Geneticist
Brought up in a military family, Clarissa was raised to be able to survive in harsh conditions. Though her true calling despite her fathers wishes was in the sciences. Easily taking to the sciences as she climbed to the top of her classes and graduated with honors. Quickly showing potential and being hired by InGen early as Wu took her under his wing. He's trusted her to monitor the refining process of genetic material while he is away during an early showing of the main park.

Travis Brown
Growing up poor, there was very little chances Travis had in life. He was part of the dirt and muck for all the business owners cared. So to busy himself, he helped his father in repairing the odds and ends he brought back home. He was a natural as he could take apart and put things back together with little to no supervision and with out any prior knowledge. This, while something very simple, landed him his first job at a scrap yard. Taking cars apart for scrap and for people that needed them but didn't have the tools or no how.

It was only after he was caught breaking into an InGen manufacturing plant for their vehicles that his potential was seen. He was caught taking a prototype generator apart with just a screwdriver and his hands. Quickly hired and trained, he was sent off to learn and make sure that nothing in the parks goes wrong at any time. Caught in a lay over at a strange island, he waits for his flight back to the main resort.

I've also found the resources that someone made for putting the xenos and their different types into pathfinder. It looks really fleshed out and could make for an interesting campaign with them in in. Whether it's on earth or galorian.

A tar streaked through the air, falling and burning everything near as it crashed onto the surface. Animals ran from the strange object as the forest burned around it, but as the flames finally settled something stirred. The object shook and cracked as a bird came near, a hiss escaping it as it opened. Thing claws carefully came from inside, the bird hopping closer. Before it realized what had happened, the thing flashed out onto its face. Flapping uselessly as it passed out, the strange creature beginning its work.

A few hours later the bird awoke. The strange creature curled up dead next to it. Ruffling its feathers, it flew off to greener pastures.

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2015, 04:52:33 PM »
Bump for lots of new ideas and story's.

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2015, 12:21:21 AM »
Cleaned up lots, added some stories, and hopefully ready for a new bumping story.

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2015, 12:04:52 AM »
Did some mild story cleaning and added new ideas. "Beyond the sky",  "The lost path" and "so you want to be dragonborn".
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Re: A list of stories to share[M lf F]
« Reply #5 on: April 02, 2016, 01:36:57 AM »
Bump to get off the dust and get some new sexy stories fired up! I'm also open to any ideas you have that might match up with my ideas or the like.

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Re: Monsters that go bump in the night [M lf F]
« Reply #6 on: May 05, 2016, 01:22:11 PM »
Bumpity bump

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Re: Monsters that go bump in the night [M lf F]
« Reply #7 on: June 04, 2016, 02:28:07 AM »

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Re: Roll the dice for some monstrous delights [PF] M lf F
« Reply #8 on: December 02, 2016, 01:14:15 PM »