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Author Topic: Roll the dice for some monstrous delights M lf F  (Read 1993 times)

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Roll the dice for some monstrous delights M lf F
« on: December 17, 2014, 12:33:25 AM »
Hello! Welcome to my little thread of monsters and mayhem! Before you scroll through the rest of my post I'd like to say some things for you to know. Or not. You do you. Also please dont post in this thread, send me a PM here or on aim if you're interest in anything or just have questions!

Really, really, really craving a fallout 4 inspired story! See below for details!

Current Stories
Camping with daddy  X Tom

 A father and daughter go on a camping trip together but, unbeknownst to the father, the daughter has plans to try to win her father over and make it a trip they'll never forget.

Last day on earth X Gwyenevere

An NCR ranger is caught by a bandit king. He plans on making her into something that he can love, but will she allow it?

Training the trainer   X BlackRockShooter

 An inexperienced trainer is loaned pokemon from another. Wild and disobedient , she tries to find out how to get them to listen to her.

An abnormal love X lukenukeas

A father send home an ancient book to his daughters. Upon reading from it aloud she grows a cock and balls with a new need to breed with it. Will sure be able to fix herself, or will she succumb to the evil pleasure?

Another is that when i send out some feelers, or some one sends some my way, i like to work out details for stories. Place, characters, setting, things they'll do of the start and things they could be doing later. This all accumulates into a financial message before a rp starts so that i know, without a doubt, we are on the same page. This isn't to say i don't like randomness. If we just make characters in a setting with a general idea, just going where the posts take us, I'm up for that too.

I don't think there's anything i have that I'd like to say at the moment that i can think of. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know and send out a message.

Hopefully that mini wall want too bad. For the minds of story's you find here are varied but the same. Monsters from the depths of the earth or suface, finding or being found by some poor explorer. Bored house wife's finding new best friends in their own home. Ladies finding strange artifacts or encountering stranger things, turning their lives in a way they'll never come back from. Plus a medley of game ideas that are sure to pick ones creativity. A bit of everything for everyone really.

Plot and story wise, i can do either in heavy amounts. Little story with lots of sexy, and lots of plot with little sexy. Lots of discussion to be had about this. In the thread below this there are some stories and things I'm figuring out in pathfinder, so if you're interested in that take a look.

Also tread lightly as almost all inspiration is nsfw.

Picture inspiration Really feeling the need for a good alien rp.

Also would like to make another RP like this. It was an old one that lasted quite a while but for some reason I just couldn't carry on anymore. Would love to do something in this setting again.

(Jurassicpark)Site B

This would take place on the second island where they actually made the dinosaurs. This could have all sorts of fun things to found since it was mostly a testing ground for the animals. I don't like the story of them going to the island to find someone. I'd think it'd be better if they go in search of something. Like a group of mercenary hired by another company trying to figure out why InGen had bought the island but never publicly used it. This would be heavy on the weapons they would need to bring, but I think it would be a good thing to play out. They have all the firepower they think they need, and it's not enough.

On the other hand, It could take place when the island is being shut down, a rapid evacuation of assets except some bare minimum to make sure everything shuts down properly to be taken away later. Though there won't be anyone to come get them since they've been abandoned. Leading them to have to fight for survive against the newly released dinosaurs, plus some experiments that were never meant to live in the wild. This could have numerous weapons, or makeshift weapons if we want to keep it something like the lore. (Guns bad, Dinosaurs expensive.)

This could also be about, since InGens death was fast and swift, the workers being abandoned on the island with just a few escaping on the few boats the island has and the rest trying to survive as the dinosaurs start to break loose and cause havoc. Perhaps they are able to maintain a base on the island away from the dinosaurs, resulting in an uneasy peace until the bigger dinosaurs find them. Or they could become nomadic, scavenging supplies to make a boat to get off the island.

I highly doubt anyone will, but here's some smutty inspiration.


Tripping the rift
I'd like to do a rp based on, or off this series. It's a slow I'd always wanted to do stories with, but never could come up with things. That and it was cancelled on the third season. this is the shows wiki.

Set in the future there's space ships, aliens, robots, and androids. Everything is possible through shady surgery and back alley deals. The crew of Jupiter 42 (and bob the ships A.I.) Fly through the galaxy looking for the next big score and suckers to take advantage of while avoiding the federation and Darth Bobo.

The stories would mostly revolve around the crews sexy hijinks. We could discuss some satire of other things and see agar craziness they could get into. I know this is a pretty bad thing at the moment, but I'll fill it in a bit with more ideas.

Heros and monsters

"Ever since I was younger I knew something was... different about me. I looked and sounded like everyone else. My parents made sure of that. I doubt they're my real parents. They have none of the things I have. Realized at a young age that throwing around cars is generally a bad thing. Breaking peoples hands in a pinch comes in handy, but people will catch on that it's not normal sooner or later. Another thing I can do is jump far and high. Even fly a bit. Makes getting around easier, if not for the views. Nobody else has these  things, but I've been searching for answers. Parents finally told me that I wasn't there's. And how they had found me in a crater one summer evening. Everything I knew already. Been getting a weird feeling anymore. Like, a pulling to the north. I don't know what it is, but I'm going to go for it. Maybe this will lead me to more of my kind. Home. Family."

This would be about a human like alien or such coming to earth and being raised. (Like a ceartain other hero.) This would mainly focus on him finding his roots, whether they be good or evil, and what he does from there. Perhaps he finds out he is the last of his kind and beins trying to breed with woman? Perhaps finds out he is the last of a line of clones, with him now at the control to add and take as he pleases. But first he needs some test subjects for a new model?

The Virus Is adapting
Umbrella created the T virus to create genetic bio-weapons to sell to the highest bidder. It had spent billions of dollars in countries all over the world to succeed at its goal, and had finally reached it when chaos broke out. A incident in the Arklay mountains involving several teams of a military unit from the nearby city, had both been a blessing and a disaster as the facility and experiments were destroyed, but proved the virus was a viable as a weapon. Now as the facade they have created  tears away as the world discovers the truth of what they have done and the outbreak in Raccoon city reaching a violent peak, they seek to gain control before  they lose it completely.

This comes in the form of a discovery in Raccoon City, as one of their teams discover the virus is starting to mutate and evolve. The virus was to spread only by bites and most of the time hosts killed the victim, but this new strain seemed to show that they had started to take a different approach to spreading itself. Though it held the violent trans-formative effects of the initial strain, it spread itself now through sexual contact. Sexual fluids being the primary means of it spreading now, with bites and scratches delivering the same in cases where it could not initiate sexual contact with the victim. More teams are being organized to be sent in as Umbrella uses this new development to try to save face, and perhaps take advatage of this new strain before it is destroyed for good.

I was seeing this as staying canon but at the same time plenty of oc characters and locations. Mostly just variations on already established lore and tweaking it to fit with this new virus, or just going off on a completely new path using old locales as ideas. I'd be up for any ideas to help sculpt this as neede to fit into a partners kinks and wants.




A different kind of pokemon trainer
This would be a quest for a trainer to figure out the perfect way to get her Pokemon to listen to her. She's tried everything but soon discovers there's one thing that Pokemon love after winning a battle. This could be either them refusing to listen to her after she gains even gym badges and tries something really drastic. Or that they soon make their needs more obvious, with them becoming more obedient the more deprived things she does with them.

Always looking for different ideas for this.

Dark days
This could be an AU where Pokemon and humans lived in harmony for some time, but a forgotten event caused the Pokemon to turn on the humans. Where there would be peace, there's now fighting and war. Pokemon are slowly winning as they evolve with mankind scrambling to keep up. I'd see this as a dark story. It'd be dark and bloody as we explore what would happen if Pokemon were't friendly and used their powers on humans rather than each other.


Jessica carefully made sure everything was in her back pack. Flashlight, batteries, food a for a day or two if she got caught in the rain or foul weather. She slung the bag over her shoulder, grabbing a water bladder and taking it down stairs. The lights were out since it was dark out. Light attracted insects and other things that ate them. She shivered at the thought. Quickly she filled the bladder and put it int her bag, connecting a tube that ran along the inside over her shoulder.

Taking a drink from it she sighed. She didn't like going out at night. They were much better suited for it then humans were, but she had to get a message through for more supplies. The people in town were starting to get scared that food was running out. quietly she made her way to the door opening it and taking a step outside, turning back into the quiet home for a second. Before going through and closing it behind her.

Pallet town. A little town far from most of the  harsher things in the world, that still held its dangers. Even with such low level Pokemon could over whelm a person easily if they weren't careful. Making off at a quiet jog, she headed into the tall grass surrounding the town. Even as the tall blades nicked and scrapped at her, she had to keep going as fast and quietly as she could.

(Fallout)The hearts of men and beast are as cold as a cryo-chamber

This would just be a basic retelling of fallout 4, but from the wife's perspective. Instead of just taking the baby and killing her, they take both of them. The baby for science and the woman for breeding and a slave. This could go to anywhere we want to take it, with the base of just finding her child the only solid thing from the game. Maybe she escapes from the people that have taken her, and falls into the hands of raiders. A pack of wild mutated animals could stumble upon her as the raiders leave her to die, only to use her as a breeding vessel and keeping her safe while she bears their young/eggs.


Who needs faith anyway?
Stacy had never been the most...faithful wife. What, with her husband being away all the time helping the war effort and her alone by herself. She had her needs. Whether she was helping the neighbors or going to a party in town, she was always the life of it. Even as she finished up the "Survey" with the vault associate, she couldn't bear the thought of what was going to happen after the bombs fell. What would she do? Who would she do?

Though after being unfrozen, and frozen and thawed again seems to have her mind set straight. Though the fact her husband is dead could do something with it, that she's going to find her son using any means necessary. No matter what is asked of her or she needs to do, whether it be man, beast or in between. She sets off, the sounds of gunfire going off in the distance.

A genetic difference in purity
As you wake from the deep freeze you see you son get taken away and you husband killed. As they take the child away , the last thing you see is your dead husbands body starting to cool. A hiss wakes you up as the door to your pod opens. A hand catches you, steadying you as they take you from the pod and lay you down. Another set of hands holds you down as a sharp pain happens in your arm. You're realeased and as your eyes focus, whoever was there is gone.

When she finally gets out of the vault, strange things start to happen. You feel urges you've never had before. Deprived and dark as you travel through your old home, serum coursing through her veins. She realizes how hot she is, unzipping the suit of hers slightly as she continues on, reaching a gas station. A lone dog comes out of the abandoned station. Barking happily at her. Her body throbs as he comes near. She just feels so hot and wet, like her husband has been teasing her for hours.

That's when she realizes she doesn't want her husband, she wants this dog. Unable to help herself, she gets on her hands and knees and pleasures the beast and herself. Feeling disgusted her mind is back to normal it seems. Taking her new companion she heads off, looking for her husbands killer and child, wondering what the strange voices have done to her.

This could be same as the main story, but she was injected with something that changes her to be able to breed with animals and such. Though the serum has the side effect that it makes her body go nuts randomly and just want to suck and fuck the nearest being, and not being satisfied until she does. This could tie into the institute wanting to further a more populated wasteland for creatures. Knowing how hard it is to find two willing pairs of them they take a short cut and have a human female be the breeder.



(Fallout)Almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter
Mojave, Mo Problems. Ever since the legend of the courier started creeping around people haven't been the same. NCR seems to finally be getting their shit together.  The legion seems to be failing, rumors that ceaser is ill running rampant. Plus all those robots on the strip seemed to have gotten some kind of upgrade. If I didn't know any better, I'd say this courier guy is real.

These stories would either be the retelling of New Vegas, or happen after everything is said and done. Could be lots of custom characters and places. I'm going to put al my things here as always.

Most of these I'll get inspiration from the...shadier mods around. Things that are good by themselves but could be expanded upon in a story setting.


Need some company for the road?

Inspired by this mod. Ever feel like even though there's plenty of companions in Vegas, they just didn't scratch some itches? This would follow the take off the courier. Except this time bed pick a lady in goodspring. Abandoned by her ex, she's looking for a new man to help her survive in the wasteland. They'll laugh! They'll cry! They'll drink, do some jet, and chick like rabbits!

We could do like she is in the mod.
Mod Story
Player talks to her, recruits her. Does jet and drinks enough whiskey to gain affection points. She gives back story that she lost her teddy bear at a nearby resort. Retrieved teddy and she'll start dancing some dancing and suck your dick. After more drugs, alcohol, and bj's say about a man group of men sole her locket. So you set off to wreck their shit and get it back. You'll get some more back story and have sex with her. After wandering around more drugs sec and rock n roll, she'll talk about her ex and how she never let him fuck her ass. Ex shows up a bit later. You wreck him, and shortly after let's you fuck her ass.

I think this would be a better thing to have a damsel in the waste land kind of thing. She gets by with having near no skills by fucking and sucking but gets in all sorts of trouble that the courier has to get her out of. Which in exchange she'll be his companion plus all the sexy things he needs.

While I'd like to follow along those lines I'd be up for expanding on it. Having her as a comping through the Mojave. Beating the think tank, and settling the divide. Witty and sexy happenings throughout while they journey onward. Perhaps even being a companion Throughout some of the other stories here?

A genetic difference
Deep in the Mojave, there's a place where no one goes. Tales of Death Claws using it as a nest that never depletes no matter how many hunting teams are sent in to clear it.The hunters that do come back from there bring tales of a science lab of some sort. Strange materials and odd half beasts in tubes. One even says there's an alien space craft in it. But no body knows for sure, since every time they clear it out more Death Claws come back.

That doesn't stop the courier though. Used to fighting tooth and claw with these beasts alone or with a single companion, she dares to go into it and clear it herself. Once and for all claiming what ever is in there for her own. After several waves of them she gets to a lab.Exploring and reading through logs, she finds out it was a testing facility for some kind of strange alien serum from a crashed ufo. Something happens and she knocks over a beaker, spilling out a gas that quickly fills the air. Unable to escape she passes out, wracked with pain as she starts to change.

She wakes up to snorting coming from the entrance of the lab. The death Claws are back to reclaim their den. The courier still woozy from the serum, isn't strong enough to fight back. A snout comes through the door of the lab and the courier steadies herself. A few hours later she comes out of the cave, belly bulging slightly. Unharmed and safe.

So begins her journey to find out what the serum was and if she can reverse it, Quickly learning that whatever it is can make any animal breed with her and have her carry through. Will she be able to save herself? Or will she be able to use this new unique gift to turn a profit?

  Nothing bad can come from splicing genes from common insects right? to make them bigger so their yields of valuable products would increase! It would be a win win for everyone! Well, that is when they finally got them under control. Things like this take time, and they require the hard work and sacrifice of women from all over the world to further this plan! That's why we need YOU to sign up for Genecorps today. For a better future!

this would take place in a modern/future world where animals of all kinds are just being looked into for their harvest. Spiders for silk that's stronger then steel. Silk worms to produce masses of silk. Ants to construct buildings thanks to their strength now being multiplied even more to their size. But with all things, testing is required, and even these bugs have....bugs. This is where the fine young ladies eager to change the future come in. They'll help test and improve new batches of these insects as they march towards the final goal.

Beyond the sky
We sleep now. Waiting for the day when something stirs our minds. The many bodies we have ache for freedom and to spread, but we must wait. We wait for those not from here, for we are everything but things that come from the sky. They will take us to the sky, and we will show them the way to one.

A planet full of life, similar  to earth bit as alien as the moon. Everything on it connected via some link. Wishing to be free and expand beyond. Earth is dying. A probe ship containing everything a small colony and more needs to survive lands, unaware of the life that is taken interest in them in more them one way.

A new Home
A a far away part of the universe. Where humans have just begun to explore and understand. A planet has been full of life waiting. Taking over civilizations, Spreading their seed across the world until nothing but they remained. A landing ship on this planet causes them to stir and search anew. Soon they will begin to spread once more.

A rare Valkyrie platoon is venturing into this new world. Sent ahead of the fleet to scout out and see if there is any resources they could make use of. They are the mos heavily armed force in this far away place the humans have. Btu will it be enough?


Pictures for inspiration

So you wanna be a dragonborn?
The daedra and adreada of tamerial are fickle beings. All the power a man could dream of and more, yet they grow bored. They have taken to giving some of the stranger wishes to their followers. More or less any way. That's why, when they all felt their names invoked, they all strangely decided to listen. The pawn was in play, now they only had to decide what they could do with it.

Basically your character wants to be the dragonborn. This could be a sudden wish in a really tense situation that you might not make it out alive, or a life long dream since you meet the dragonborn in person. This could lead to all kinds of funny things happening as the gods give you boys and pieces of the dragonborns power, but for a price each time.

Pictures of inspiration. Note that they can get extreme to involving non humans bit those will be marked. Most if not all are NSFW.



A day at the beach
White sand, glistening clear water slowly splashing on the beach, the smell of sunscreen and tanning lotion . Everybody needs a day at the beach to unwind and relax. Whether just relaxing and soaking up the sun, taking a swim in the ocean, or just watching the world go by, there's always something to do. Maybe they want time hook up with some random people that know how to have some fun, or spend quality time with your family/significant other. Maybe there's a mermaid lurking around in the water, hoping to find a walking person to the depths? Maybe all the boats have disturbed an ancient evil, who suface to take woman to its lair to start its reign of terror, or you change its ways and become its queen? So many wonderful things happen at the beach, let's find something for them to do. 

Vixen Island
Somewhere in the pacific, there lies a tropical resort called the Hibiscus Island. This island was a veritable paradise for people looking for adventure, romance or even just sex. My character is a visitor to this island, and upon arriving he finds himself surrounded by many sexy women in need of a well hung stud, but convincing them to let him take them to bed, much less without protection, might be hard. Some of them require romancing, others require favors, some may need to be tricked into it, can he leave the island as a legend?

My character
My character is a male looking to become a legend in Hibiscus Island by performing Nakadashi (unprotected creampies) on 8 of its hottest visitors. He can be anyone as long as he is from a modern/sci fi setting.

His Harem
His harem will be canon girls from multiple settings of your choice. You'll play all of them, and we can discuss the stories prior. Here are some of my favorite settings, if you have requests for girls from other settings, let me know.

-Tomb Raider
-Dead or alive
-Resident Evil
-Mortal Komabt



The genie and his deals
Have you ever wanted wealth? To buy whatever you desire on a whim without ever having to worry? Have you ever wanted to be famous? Adored by millions and living in luxury because of it. Perhaps you want to be beautiful? To be wanted by everyone you see, to have a body of a goddess that would make the gods jealous. You can have that and so much more. All you need to do is ask. But be warmed, everything has a price, and nothing is free.

This story would mostly be between a normal woman, and a free genie.Hell slowly turn her into a form more fitting to him, but only if she keeps wishing for things.  He can grant wishes of any sort, following the usual wishing rules. The catch is though, that every time she makes a wish he can change her how he likes, or she has to do something for him. Could range from getting a much bustier chest and plumper ass to fucking in public or giving  a hand/blowjob at the table of a fancy restaurant. Anything he wishes could happen as easily as they could for her.

This is a place where I put pictures or things that I'm interested in making a story of, but nothing is really forming from them.
WIP   A species of aliens holds the gift of being able to bear anything that breeds with them. Do they take this gift with open arms, or try to fight and hide it?

What does samus do on her days off?

The seeds of change
A government facility is on lock down. Everyone in the facility is left alive, and just shaken up. There's one scientist missing though. The head of a project testing a specimen brought back from the moon. Both she and the specimen are gone. Some where in a small quiet town, the alien is taking control and taking over.

I imagine this could be the lone alien/monster slowly taking over the town via breeding the populations woman. This all starts with the head scientist as she tries to get the word out about the things capabilities and that it must be destroyed. This could have any number of kinks depending on where we want this to go.

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2015, 05:36:55 PM »

So, I'm currently trying to figure out how to play pathfinder. Which is going pretty well. I've just been wanting to try to start a rp with it, but don't want to have it straggle out with frustrations for my partner if I don't catch on to things as fast as I should. I have the materials though and I'm highly motivated to get a rp going with it, since it would bring in a whole new kind of chaos into the rp which I've always wanted to try.

With that being said, I'm currently trying to build a world where something happens and now there's PF races on earth. I'm hoping to do something where, If people would be on board with it, Having Rp set in the world and affect it. One could be going on when they just starting to trickle in, following the stories of those few in this new world, while seeing how it will play into the eventually everything in PF on earth. Monsters, Magic, Races. All of it. Hopefully it'll go very well. hopefully.

And with that, The rest of what's below this will be set for expanding on the idea and building up the world. Hopefully you like what you see and want to try to shape the new world, for better or worse.

Some other small stories that are set in this world, either before or after could be, Aliens, predator, anything of Cthulhu, the thing, etc. Seems like if theres a horror of any kind it has been transplanted into pathfinder. While the ones I've mentioned I'd want to do, anything else that seems interesting I'd be more than willing to try.

Alt Earth Campaign

If, uhh, anyone finds some mistakes. Please let me know. I've got a guide but there's probably a problem somewhere.

Almus Alvina Beginner Adventurer caught up in this. Grand adventure, no idea what he's doing.

Almus had lived a good life up to this point. His family had loved him, father showed him the way of the sword, and mother always made sure he had enough to eat and heal him. But as time went on, he began to feel strange. The things that had once brought him pleasure made him feel hollow. He found himself wandering the hills more, and more as time went on. Seeking out strange places near his home, Climbing trees and pretending to fight.

That's when it clicked for him. He no longer wanted the safety of his home and family. The call of the world needed to be answered. People needed saving and helping and he was someone that could. Young, strong, and fast he set out. wandering to a nearby town looking for something to do. A tavern points him in the direction of the forest where rumors of a witch have been growing. So with sword and shield, he heads off. Ready to face the world.

Artahata Rieta Main player in causing the rift between worlds. Will do what ever it takes to further her agenda.

Some people never get a chance at having a good life. Their parents so vain and proud that they would rather have all the riches in the world for themselves and never share with each other, let alone a child. They both got what and what they hated in a single turn. Becoming lords of a realm and all the riches that come with it, but only for a night with the wife. With that, they were happy for a time, but the wife's belly grew swollen and soon gave birth.

Paige was what they called her. A simple thing that no one needed. They both grew angry and hateful as they had to waste their precious gold on raising her, teaching her. The bare minimum for them to do, and when they weren't they locked her up. Hidden away from the world for the demon she was. One day her parents grew tired of her, tossing on the side of the road on one of their trips to see their king. Alone and forgotten, Paige wandered. Soon a strange creature came to her, it's whispers filling her mind. She understood it, and embraced it despite not knowing what it was. It taught her to survive, growing past her parents as she took a new name. Artahata. Since then she's been gathering power. Learning and waiting. Seeing to understand the gift she has been given.

Map and timeline
This is the map I'll be using to plot various things for locations. First contacts, mass activity, etc. I'll put a time line and number the events on it to reference the areas on the earth where they are happening.

Time Line
1 - 1982 - Unexplained massacre at outpost in Antarctica. Rumors of a strange alien sight covered up by government. Leaked files show creatures shape shifting and massacring personnel in outpost. No survivors.

2 - 2004 - Separate expedition into Antarctica. Company sent to investigate heat sources on an island off the coast. Multiple experts in various fields. Reports are sketchy of various creatures. Files say only one person escaped and was found off the shore. A single strange spear in her possession.

3 - 2016 - Almus Alvina and Artahata Rieta are transported to earth during a fight. Breaking the barrier between the worlds and starting the fusing of them. Reports of monsters slowly start to come up around the globe.

The take Over

The beginning
This point will be, as stated, the beginning. Small amounts of creatures and races will begin to filter into the world. A bare trickle that, depending on Alignments, will stay steady for a time or become like a fire house to the world. Most the characters would be normal earth humans. No magic, no super duper skills. A few races start to work their way in, realizing that they're no longer on their home world, stay out of sight, or get caught by some body or another and is beginning detained.

I'm going through most of the things I can find online, and some other sources, but if you have a creature or idea for that you would like to see let me know!

Just some lore to set the feeling of what's happening during this time.

Divergent paths
This will be around the time that things are becoming more mixed commonplace. Creatures are now adapting and so are the denizens of earth. More and more of the Golarians races will be here now, each with their own paths and agendas. Some might chose to integrate. Starting business and otherwise being helpful despite no longer being home. While others take darker seedier paths in this new world. Breaking into and rising fast in the criminal world as both sides scramble to contain both magic and non magic things. Military's taking an very close on eye on things as they rapidly seek to understand and contain whats happening with the least amount of force. To varying degrees.

This could be the start of mas riots in some places, while others are dealing with great amounts of peace. Though the growing threat of monsters is still rising with even stronger things appearing. Bands of earthlings and Golarians actively start hunting them when they can work together, through magical or non magical means. Perhaps the main force of this starts to coordinate attacks on the humans, trying to cause as much chaos as they can.

Just some lore to set the feeling of what's happening during this time.

Jurassic Park
Going  through the bestiary I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has quite a large amount of dinosaurs. So, with that, I've also been going through and gathering things to make a game styled after it or modeled around it. Maybe a retelling? Maybe something completely not like it? Who knows!

I'm going to put all the links for the things I find Here, from characters to dinosaurs!

All the dinosaurs can be found here. All of them are already for pathfinder and could be tweaked if needed or created.
Using this map for anything pertaining to the main island. (Until I find a map I, or we, like more. And this For anything on site B. Ill put any other maps of Ilands that look like that serve a good setting
Grenade launcher
Rocket launcher
DMG (s) 1d6
DMG (M) 1d8
Crit X2 
Range - 20Ft
Misfire - 1-2
Capacity - 5+1, 6+1, 7+1, 8+1, internal tube magazine
Weight - 9 Lbs
Type - B and P
Specia l- Scatter

A walk in the park
This would be mostly a retelling of the first book. With either the original characters or ones we've created. Or we could go and completely do something different.  Either way this will be an early viewing of the park, Whether by government officials or family members visiting the park. Things will of course spiral down hill as they fight to survive and make it off.

Another way it could be spun is that the park is already being evacuated, and the characters are part of the team that needs to find the rest of, if any, personnel or guests on the island. This of course would mean fire fights with the dinosaurs and overall more action orientated then the other. This could be short or long depending on if we just want to get guests off the island, or be an extermination team to clear the dinos and save the guests.

Sheets for original characters.
I gave all the characters besides the kids and Muldoon and Hammond Lvl 5. I tried putting their points into things that would benefit them. (Hopefully) All I did was give them the base Abilities (4d6 each), HP (10d6 except kids and Hammond, 6d6), Then all the skills they'd need.

Tim Murphy
Robert Muldoon
Ray Arnold
Lex Murphy
John Hammond
Dr. Ian Malcom
Dr. Henry Wu
Dr. Ellie Sattler
Dr. Alan Grant
Donald Gennaro
Dennis Nedry

Plan B
This would take place on the second island where they actually made the dinosaurs. This could have all sorts of fun things to found since it was mostly a testing ground for the animals. I don't like the story of them going to the island to find someone. I'd think it'd be better if they go in search of something. Like a group of mercenary hired by another company trying to figure out why InGen had bought the island but never publicly used it. This would be heavy on the weapons they would need to bring, but I think it would be a good thing to play out. They have all the firepower they think they need, and it's not enough.

On the other hand, It could take place when the island is being shut down, a rapid evacuation of assets except some bare minimum to make sure everything shuts down properly to be taken away later. Though there won't be anyone to come get them since they've been abandoned. Leading them to have to fight for survive against the newly released dinosaurs, plus some experiments that were never meant to live in the wild. This could have numerous weapons, or makeshift weapons if we want to keep it something like the lore. (Guns bad, Dinosaurs expensive.)

This could also be about, since InGens death was fast and swift, the workers being abandoned on the island with just a few escaping on the few boats the island has and the rest trying to survive as the dinosaurs start to break loose and cause havoc. Perhaps they are able to maintain a base on the island away from the dinosaurs, resulting in an uneasy peace until the bigger dinosaurs find them. Or they could become nomadic, scavenging supplies to make a boat to get off the island.

Louis Ann  Security guard
Not many people can boast both military experience and police work. Though her looks seem otherwise, she can tumble with the best of them. Joining the armed forces as soon as she could, she worked her way up in rank before moving into the private sector after her contract was up. Her skills as a guard have paid off in spades as InGen picked her up and quickly put her skills to use. Though she may not agree with the company on the use of force on the guests, She's happy that muldoon has worked with her to get some extra fire power on the islands just in case.

As the reports roll on about the storm coming and evacuation of the main park, she is all that's left of the skeleton crew. Having evacuated non essential personnel, all she has left to do is wait and hope nothing goes wrong. Though she's not thrilled with the company.

Alexis Star  Supervisor
Alexis has always been a daddy's girl. Having what ever she wants when she wants it, and if she cant get it using her wiles to. Her father was an investor of the company, so when she asked him for a job, he pulled a few strings and got her a one with the company. Though Alexis has started to realize that not everything is as it seems, and she might have gotten over her head here, hasn't figured out a way to get out of it.

Clarissa Jones Geneticist
Brought up in a military family, Clarissa was raised to be able to survive in harsh conditions. Though her true calling despite her fathers wishes was in the sciences. Easily taking to the sciences as she climbed to the top of her classes and graduated with honors. Quickly showing potential and being hired by InGen early as Wu took her under his wing. He's trusted her to monitor the refining process of genetic material while he is away during an early showing of the main park.

Travis Brown
Growing up poor, there was very little chances Travis had in life. He was part of the dirt and muck for all the business owners cared. So to busy himself, he helped his father in repairing the odds and ends he brought back home. He was a natural as he could take apart and put things back together with little to no supervision and with out any prior knowledge. This, while something very simple, landed him his first job at a scrap yard. Taking cars apart for scrap and for people that needed them but didn't have the tools or no how.

It was only after he was caught breaking into an InGen manufacturing plant for their vehicles that his potential was seen. He was caught taking a prototype generator apart with just a screwdriver and his hands. Quickly hired and trained, he was sent off to learn and make sure that nothing in the parks goes wrong at any time. Caught in a lay over at a strange island, he waits for his flight back to the main resort.

I've also found the resources that someone made for putting the xenos and their different types into pathfinder. It looks really fleshed out and could make for an interesting campaign with them in in. Whether it's on earth or galorian.

A tar streaked through the air, falling and burning everything near as it crashed onto the surface. Animals ran from the strange object as the forest burned around it, but as the flames finally settled something stirred. The object shook and cracked as a bird came near, a hiss escaping it as it opened. Thing claws carefully came from inside, the bird hopping closer. Before it realized what had happened, the thing flashed out onto its face. Flapping uselessly as it passed out, the strange creature beginning its work.

A few hours later the bird awoke. The strange creature curled up dead next to it. Ruffling its feathers, it flew off to greener pastures.

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