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Author Topic: Monsters that go bump in the night [M lf F]  (Read 1550 times)

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Monsters that go bump in the night [M lf F]
« on: December 17, 2014, 12:33:25 AM »
Currently not accepting  stories.

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Welcome! Here are some story beginnings i have put together that would be interesting to see put into motion. I'm very open to changing them dramatically as well as leaving them be as is. I'd rather see a nice mix of both our ideas then lacking from either.

Posting time is going to be a bit irregular, but i should be able to get a few really good worthwhile posts in at least once or twice a day depending on how busy i am.

I'm also always up for most anything involving aliens or beasts of any kinds. Whether they're there to spread peace or their genes, it's always a fun time.

I'm currently craving something with breeding with lots of cum and swollen bellies to match. Something with beasts taking woman to spread their seed through either dominance or terms that they've come to. Anything really with pregnancy or ovipostion would be a go for me if you have any ideas, or see one of my ideas that have something like it in it. If they also were in a tropical setting this would also be a big plus too. I'll mark the ideas with Craving.

Also tread lightly as almost all inspiration is nsfw.

The Virus Is adapting
Umbrella created the T virus to create genetic bio-weapons to sell to the highest bidder. It had spent billions of dollars in countries all over the world to succeed at its goal, and had finally reached it when chaos broke out. A incident in the Arklay mountains involving several teams of a military unit from the nearby city, had both been a blessing and a disaster as the facility and experiments were destroyed, but proved the virus was a viable as a weapon. Now as the facade they have created  tears away as the world discovers the truth of what they have done and the outbreak in Raccoon city reaching a violent peak, they seek to gain control before  they lose it completely.

This comes in the form of a discovery in Raccoon City, as one of their teams discover the virus is starting to mutate and evolve. The virus was to spread only by bites and most of the time hosts killed the victim, but this new strain seemed to show that they had started to take a different approach to spreading itself. Though it held the violent trnsformative effects of the initial strain, it spread itself now through sexual contact. Sexual fluids being the primary means of it spreading now, with bites and scratches delivering the same in cases where it could not initiate sexual contact with the victim. More teams are being organized to be sent in as Umbrella uses this new development to try to save face, and perhaps take advatage of this new strain before it is destroyed for good.

I was seeing this as staying canon but at the same time plenty of oc characters and locations. Mostly just variations on already established lore and tweaking it to fit with this new virus, or just going off on a completely new path using old locales as ideas. I'd be up for any ideas to help sculpt this as neede to fit into a partners kinks and wants.




In case the pictures stop working for some reason.
Backup links

More then a normal love
On a tropical island there really isn't much fun to be had for them and the men have made them bored. They've always shared everything with each other. Drinks, beds, men. But the one thing loved loved more then anything is the attention of their brother/father. They've always been attracted to them in a way no sibling should to another, but have always had some curiosity to see what would happen if they did. When one starts to try to make a move on them the other is quick to pick up on it and want to do the same. Sharing is caring to them, and why wouldn't they share something they love?

I'm not really sure what I'm looking for beside something involving a sister or twin sisters coming onto their brother or father in some way, and seeing how that expands through the everyday. I'd even be up to play a sister that is actually a futa that the twins find out about and want to know if it's different then a normal man. Would want to make this as dark or fun as we could.

Some kinks could be obviously incest. Pregnancy could be another. One of them finds out their significant other is sterile and turns to a helpful brother or daddy?


The breeding bitch
Ahh, the great outdoors. Trees, wild animals, and views that people would die to see. You get them everyday since you moved out here. Coming from a rich family, and a rich husband to boot you find that you could have whatever you want at a moments notice. Everything that is except attention when your husband is gone. You're left alone for weeks at a time since its so secluded. You invite friends over, but they just get bored after the fith or so visit. So in an attempt to alleviate the boredom you get a dog.

This works out well always having a compaion with you. But soon it seems that your other needs start to boil over and you start seeing him as less of a dog and more of a source of relief. It started out slow, but now you've become his bitch. Whenever he wants the fuck you have no choice but to give in, despite not wanting to with your husband around.

This would mainly revolve around the day to day life of the dog and the wife and trying to keep it a secret from her husband and friends.

The hearts of men and beast are as cold as a cryo-chamber
This would just be a basic retelling of fallout 4, but from the wife's perspective. Instead of just taking the baby and killing her, they take both of them. The baby for science and the woman for breeding and a slave. This could go to anywhere we want to take it, with the base of just finding her child the only solid thing from the game. Maybe she escapes from the people that have taken her, and falls into the hands of raiders. A pack of wild mutated animals could stumble upon her as the raiders leave her to die, only to use her as a breeding vessel and keeping her safe while she bears their young/eggs.

  Nothing bad can come from splicing genes from common insects right? to make them bigger so their yields of valuable products would increase! It would be a win win for everyone! Well, that is when they finally got them under control. Things like this take time, and they require the hard work and sacrifice of women from all over the world to further this plan! That's why we need YOU to sign up for Genecorps today. For a better future!

this would take place in a modern/future world where animals of all kinds are just being looked into for their harvest. Spiders for silk that's stronger then steel. Silk worms to produce masses of silk. Ants to construct buildings thanks to their strength now being multiplied even more to their size. But with all things, testing is required, and even these bugs have....bugs. This is where the fine young ladies eager to change the future come in. They'll help test and improve new batches of these insects as they march towards the final goal.
Beyond the sky
We sleep now. Waiting for the day when something stirs our minds. The many bodies we have ache for freedom and to spread, but we must wait. We wait for those not from here, for we are everything but things that come from the sky. They will take us to the sky, and we will show them the way to one.

A planet full of life, similar  to earth bit as alien as the moon. Everything on it connected via some link. Wishing to be free and expand beyond. Earth is dying. A probe ship containing everything a small colony and more needs to survive lands, unaware of the life that is taken interest in them in more them one way.

Pictures for inspiration
So you wanna be a dragonborn?
The daedra and adreada of tamerial are fickle beings. All the power a man could dream of and more, yet they grow bored. They have taken to giving some of the stranger wishes to their followers. More or less any way. That's why, when they all felt their names invoked, they all strangely decided to listen. The pawn was in play, now they only had to decide what they could do with it.

Basically your character wants to be the dragonborn. This could be a sudden wish in a really tense situation that you might not make it out alive, or a life long dream since you meet the dragonborn in person. This could lead to all kinds of funny things happening as the gods give you boys and pieces of the dragonborns power, but for a price each time.

Pictures of inspiration. Note that they can get extreme to involving non humans bit those will be marked. Most if not all are NSFW.

Non human pictures



A day at the beach
White sand, glistening clear water slowly splashing on the beach, the smell of sunscreen and tanning lotion . Everybody needs a day at the beach to unwind and relax. Whether just relaxing and soaking up the sun, taking a swim in the ocean, or just watching the world go by, there's always something to do. Maybe they want time hook up with some random people that know how to have some fun, or spend quality time with your family/significant other. Maybe there's a mermaid lurking around in the water, hoping to find a walking person to the depths? Maybe all the boats have disturbed an ancient evil, who suface to take woman to its lair to start its reign of terror, or you change its ways and become its queen? So many wonderful things happen at the beach, let's find something for them to do. 

Please note that above is more of an over all kinda thing. A bunch of things that COULD happen, but don't exactly need to happen all at once. Though combining ideas isn't a bad thing, don't take it as a"we need to do all these things in one story".

The genie and his deals
Have you ever wanted wealth? To buy whatever you desire on a whim without ever having to worry? Have you ever wanted to be famous? Adored by millions and living in luxury because of it. Perhaps you want to be beautiful? To be wanted by everyone you see, to have a body of a goddess that would make the gods jealous. You can have that and so much more. All you need to do is ask. But be warmed, everything has a price, and nothing is free.

This story would mostly be between a normal woman, and a free genie.Hell slowly turn her into a form more fitting to him, but only if she keeps wishing for things.  He can grant wishes of any sort, following the usual wishing rules. The catch is though, that every time she makes a wish he can change her how he likes, or she has to do something for him. Could range from getting a much bustier chest and plumper ass to fucking in public or giving  a hand/blowjob at the table of a fancy restaurant. Anything he wishes could happen as easily as they could for her.

This is a place where I put pictures or things that I'm interested in making a story of, but nothing is really forming from them.
WIP   A species of aliens holds the gift of being able to bear anything that breeds with them. Do they take this gift with open arms, or try to fight and hide it?

An alien broodling loking to reclaim its homeworld from invaders? Or maybe an egg falls from the sky to the earth where a woman finds it and starts down the path as the queen to the species as the eggs contents change her.

What does samus do on her days off?

The seeds of change
A government facility is on lock down. Everyone in the facility is left alive, and just shaken up. There's one scientist missing though. The head of a project testing a specimen brought back from the moon. Both she and the specimen are gone. Some where in a small quiet town, the alien is taking control and taking over.

I imagine this could be the lone alien/monster slowly taking over the town via breeding the populations woman. This all starts with the head scientist as she tries to get the word out about the things capabilities and that it must be destroyed. This could have any number of kinks depending on where we want this to go.

  Craving Marking this because it has some ideas that involve current crave.

Active Stories
For Science, Right? Xrenigade A neko in a crowded world joins the ranks of a genetic company, RadaaGENE. Expecting a well paying job, she soon realizes that its not what it seems to be.
Camping with Daddy A father and daughter take a capming trip to the wild forests. Both are expecting a completely different kind of bonding to happen than the other.
From the sky to the depths XMingnon A lone explorer searches the galaxy for hospitable planets for the human race to colonize. A lone portal casts her into the unknown away from her shuttle, alone and without any help.
Beyond the sky XLuna Another lone explorer doing what she does best before her ship crashes onto an uninhabitable planet in uncharted space. Uninhabited by humans yes, but there are other creatures that still roam the surface.
The Centaurs fields A maidens sister is offered as a sacrifice to the Minotaur. She goes off in search of her.
Not exactly a legend XDopplergirl Tale of a savant mage and her travels through skyrim.

Past/Dead stories
New Frontiers XAngiejuusan A crash landing on an alien planet leads a lonely explorer to a brood mother. The alien looking to use her to its own end.
We are not alone XOutLawHarlot A secret oranazation dedicated to stopping an alien threat. A lone woman is dragged into the brawl when an alien crashes to earth and fulfills its purpose and her.
Daughter like mother
Crème brûlée
You were never there for me
A day at the beach
Holding back the ancients
The take over
The collapse of mankind

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2015, 05:36:55 PM »
So I guess this will be a bump and new ideas in above post.

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2015, 08:31:28 PM »
What is Corruption of Champions?

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2015, 08:57:41 PM »
Corruption of champions is a delightful little flash game. It features a lot of different things. Story is that your a sacrifice for your village and you are sent to a strange land. Whether it's body expansion, different kinds of creatures and bodies to match, wide amount of transformations that you can do to yourself whether intended or not, and a very nice Corruption system that changes scenes and interactions depending on your level.

There's a lot of things I haven't said about, but the best way to experience it would be to just jump in. It showed me a lot of kinks that I now enjoy that I didn't before. Futa being one. Hopefully that explains it a little, without saying about the story that is.

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #4 on: February 16, 2015, 09:45:54 PM »
Okay thank you. :)

Not sure if I wanna do an RP with you, haven't come up with any good ideas yet... ;)

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #5 on: March 24, 2015, 04:52:33 PM »
Bump for lots of new ideas and story's.

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #6 on: July 01, 2015, 12:21:21 AM »
Cleaned up lots, added some stories, and hopefully ready for a new bumping story.

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Re: Charles ideas and things [M lf F]
« Reply #7 on: October 02, 2015, 12:04:52 AM »
Did some mild story cleaning and added new ideas. "Beyond the sky",  "The lost path" and "so you want to be dragonborn".
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Re: A list of stories to share[M lf F]
« Reply #8 on: April 02, 2016, 01:36:57 AM »
Bump to get off the dust and get some new sexy stories fired up! I'm also open to any ideas you have that might match up with my ideas or the like.

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Re: Monsters that go bump in the night [M lf F]
« Reply #9 on: May 05, 2016, 01:22:11 PM »
Bumpity bump

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Re: Monsters that go bump in the night [M lf F]
« Reply #10 on: June 04, 2016, 02:28:07 AM »