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Author Topic: Role play partners wanted  (Read 867 times)

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Role play partners wanted
« on: December 16, 2014, 03:33:39 PM »
Alright first thing I should mention is that I don't play normal human characters. I play other species. Mythical, fantasy, Sci-fi based. I play those things that go bump in the night. Aliens, tentacle creatures, monsters, vampires, werewolves. I play in all sorts of time periods. Modern, medieval, fantasy based, historical time periods, including futuristic and outer space areas.

Things that I am looking for is a literate player who plays non male characters. I am not a spelling nor am I a grammar Nazi. I don't really care to much about it, so long as you can type well. You can keep up with long posts and you contribute to the play. I like long term and short term stories. I like writing hot erotica. That's what I am into. I will write non erotica stuff as well. Though the story has to be interesting to me. I've been rping since 1994. So I write a lot. I am not the slightest bit an elitist. I am easy to get a long with. I will write with one or more writers. Depending on the idea. I have several ideas available. Come at me with your ideas. The things you are curious about playing. You might be surprised that I might be willing to play it out. Get my blood pumping and I'll keep your blood pumping. I write well, or at least I like to think so. :) Send me a message, and we'll see if we can work things out. :-) :-)

So more things to understand:

Offline and family come first for me.

I prefer drama free from the writers.
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Offline metallliclimbsTopic starter

Re: Role play partners wanted
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2015, 11:20:36 PM »

Offline scribevirgin2

Re: Role play partners wanted
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2015, 06:37:37 PM »
Hi!!! I love Role Playing. I started in 2009 on Facebook and I have played mostly in Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter groups and a few BDB groups as well as 2 that were original. I love fantasy, paranormal, erotica, sci-fi, etc. I am a writer and I have even had a few books published. My current story that I am working on is called The Blood Courtesan. Here is a sample of the outline for that story: Blood Courtesan

Main Heroine and Hero:
Evangeline Antoinetta Di Silva -Daughter of a courtesan and friend of Veronica De Franco
Born in Venice Italy in 1544 and was raised to be a courtesan. 
In modern day she is known as Eva or her professional name “Venus” and wears a full or half mask during the night when she works at the strip club Delilah’s Den.
Description:  She is average height, curvy in chest and around the hips. Has long dark hair with auburn/chestnut highlights. Eva has hazel blue eyes that can change depending on her moods; content-hazel blue, Angry-dark sherry red, Hungry-silvery black , and aroused they are more blue than hazel.
Her best friend is Raphael-he has no last name but he found her and saved her-familial love only
Her only human friend-a woman named Debra who is in her late forties who runs a battered women’s shelter out of her home that Eva gives most of her earnings from Delilah’s to.

Eva is quite deadly when she has to be.  She can hear thoughts and can see auras.  She is slightly telekinetic and is only telepathic with other vampires.  Eva feeds only on those who she senses are deplorable and only in extreme emergencies does she feed off those she considers “innocents”.  She is melancholy but tries to hide most of her emotions.  She cannot stand enclosed spaces and has an extreme fear of being bound or fed on. She does not share blood with anyone even Raphael.  Eva also cannot rest in the dark. As a vampire the sun can kill her but she sleeps with the room well lit.
Eva has a great love for all sorts of music, art, and books. 

Dante De Marco
Dante has lived for thousands of years. No one knows when he was born but he became a servant of the Egyptian God Anubis in his mid-twenties. He is not truly Egyptian. He became a servant to Anubis to save his brother from death only to have his brother betray him. Anubis found favor with Dante and thus made him a vampire but also enhanced him with the powers of a demi-God.  Dante is one of 13 warriors who retrieves souls that escape Anubis’s underworld.  When he is called to service, a tattoo upon his chest will illuminate and Dante must speak an incantation that teleports him to Anubis. 
Description: Dante is nearly seven feet tall and is impressive to gaze upon. His beauty is flawless with his golden tanned skin, topaz eyes that have a faint trace of kohl outline, thick dark lashes, and wild hair that has all shades of deep dark browns laced throughout.  He wears a simple gold hoop in his ear and has an intricate Egyptian tattoo on his left chest pectoral.  He is very dominant yet has a tortured soul.  His eye color changes with his moods as well.  Topaz when he is content, dark sherry red when angry, jet black when hungry, and honey gold when aroused.
Dante’s real name is Akhom meaning Eagle but he chose Dante to distance himself from his brother  and his partial Egyptian heritage.  When he meets Eva-he is a Marquise and has been a longtime friend of the Doge of Venice. Only the Doge knows what Dante is. Dante appears at the Venetian palace when he senses the pull of his mate; Evangeline. It is the only time in his existence that he has ever lost control.
Dante’s Powers: Dante is physically quite strong and his abilities in strategy and his ability in warfare are unsurpassed. Dante has many psychic abilities but his strongest is his ability to control the elements with a preference to fire.  His weakness is his mate, Eva. Unlike most vampires and Eva, the sun does not harm Dante. It weakens him a bit but it does not hurt him.  He only kills a blood host when he has to but he feeds indiscriminately with the exception of children and pregnant women.

2nd Heroine
Debra Harrison-Debra is in her late forties and runs a women’s shelter out of her home. She travels the streets at night looking to help women in need. She comes across as a gentle woman with a big heart. She comes across Eva when a pimp tries to take her life and Eva saves her life. She knows there is something different about Eva but keeps it to herself.
She is human. Petite. Slightly round, shoulder length slightly graying red hair, round green eyes, and a cheerful disposition.  She has no special abilities other than she is kind and protective of those she takes under her wing, including Eva.
2nd Hero
Raphael-Raphael is older than even Dante and little is known about him. He is vampire but he is powerful. He is over six feet in height, lean muscular build with long blonde hair that is practically white. He dresses mostly in gothic/steam punk style and Eva even jokes that he reminds her of the Mad Hatter in the Alice in Wonderland story because he has an assortment of hats and pocket watches.  Raphael has silvery blue eyes.  Raphael has foresight, various psychic and kinetic abilities, control of elements, and other magical abilities.  His eye color liquid silver and does not change.  His complexion is flawless and is beautiful in an unearthly sort of way. He wears black nail polish and lines his eyes.
Raphael is very charismatic and sometimes speaks in riddles or can be quite vague. He is very protective of Eva yet he knows Dante is her mate and though he has never brought another across with the dark gift; he considers Eva his fledgling.  So far he has no weaknesses but he does not discuss his origins with anyone not even Eva.
Duchess Charlotte Giverny:  Vampiress who basically rules Paris, France vampire society. She is statuesque and is very prim and proper on the outside and carnally evil within. She is a devourer and derives great pleasure from the torture of her victims. She has long blonde hair and is very Marie Antoinette in a lot of ways. She is weak against the sun and outside of typical vampiric abilities, she has no known powers.
Countess Erzabet Bathory-Once a human, Erzabet Bathory became deranged and obsessed with staying young which led to the murders of several women and young girls as she bathed in their blood.  She is a good friend to the Duchess who has given her sanctuary. It is not known who turned Erzabet. It is rumored that the devil himself bestowed the dark gift upon her.  She is quite deranged, evil, and driven.

Major Conflicts-
Eva-Eva fell in love with Dante and when he abandons her, she is broken. She is also tortured by the Duchess Charlotte and Countess Erzabet.  Being able to cope with every day is a challenge for Eva with what she’s been through but nothing hurts worse than the loss of Dante. She has hardened her heart towards him and the idea of love outside of what she feels for Raph and Debra.  When Dante surfaces she doesn’t know how to deal with it. She tries to shun him and push him away and even at one point considers running. 
Dante-Dante has been searching for centuries for Eva. He first thought she had perished but then finds she is alive and well and with another man (Raphael).  Through the centuries he has tracked and followed her, always one step behind until he lands in the states and finds her. He has to explain to her about where he was and  to tell her his truth, but she won’t listen. He knows that there is a place somewhere down deep that he has to get to. Raphael informs him exactly what happened to Eva and Dante is consumed by fury and extreme guilt. His drive to earn his way back into her life becomes even more of a priority until Eva’s life is put into danger. He senses a great evil but he has no clue just how evil.
Minor Conflict-Eva’s  trauma and hang ups and the fear that Dante will once again be called back to the service of Anubis
Minor Resolution-Raphael frees Dante from Anubis’s service but Dante is still a vampire.
Major Conflict 2
Return of Erzabet Bathory. She arrives or is awakened in the bowels of the city. Her blood lust is out of control. She sees Dante and Eva and her quest for revenge for Charlotte begins. She begins making blood slaves-zombie like creatures and coming after Eva.
Dante battles Erzabet’s minions not knowing that she is the one behind all the killings and attempts on Eva’s life.
Erzabet finds a way to capture and hold Dante and it is Eva who saves him from Erzabet with Raphael’s help.
 Raphael ensures through his own powers that Erzabet is fully destroyed and that her essence is bound.
Dante suspects something about Raphael but still Raphael reveals nothing but there is a hint that he’s the son of Lilith and perhaps an Atlantean God King.

If any of this interests you please let me know. We don't have to RP this story-I'm merely submitting it as a sample.  :-)

A little more about me-

Family has to come first for me as well. I am a mom to two. I live in a small city in the buckle of the bible belt (ugh, right) but I am very accepting and very open minded to all walks of life. I love all sorts of books but really my tastes run from paranormal to the dark and macabre. I mean I was sent home for two days because I was caught with Anne Rice's Interview With the Vampire. I love Manga and Anime but I stick mostly to supernatural/fantasy and horror. Vampire Knights, Diabolik Vampires, Trinity Blood,  Vampire Hunter D, Blood +, and Vampire Hunter D are some of my favorites. Manga favorites are VK, Midnight Secretary, Black Bird, and Elfen Lied. My favorite television shows are: American Horror Story (although Freakshow was a bit lack luster), Orphan Black, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Face Off, Vikings, and Defiance. I also like The Following and Hannibal. Movies-well I can go anywhere from animated to horror-I'm just not huge on war or political movies unless there's aliens or zombies involved. ha. Music-I appreciate just about all types of music but I am pretty much a rocker chick. I find that I am a loyal person and I am somewhat emotionally stable so I'm not going to be shallow or clingy. I respect my fellow RP'ers especially those who are my partners. I believe in creativity and that while one can be creative-two can be better. I am also not an elitist nor am I an attention hog. I totally hate that crap. It cranks the yank right out of me when someone has to be the star-the victim-and savior all the time and craps on anyone else's ideas or role playing. I don't jive well with people who get possessive or jealous. Since you've been Rping for so long I think I could learn a lot from you. I would be welcome to glean anything you'd be willing to share.
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Offline Verasaille

Re: Role play partners wanted
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2015, 07:33:26 PM »
Doesn't this belong in the One on One rp requests?

Offline scribevirgin2

Re: Role play partners wanted
« Reply #4 on: February 09, 2015, 10:20:53 PM »
I'm new here and was just going through the forums.