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Author Topic: Amarx's Ideas (Newly Updated!)  (Read 2904 times)

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Amarx's Ideas (Newly Updated!)
« on: December 16, 2014, 02:25:02 PM »
About Me
You can call me Amaranthine or Amarx. I play F/F, F/M and may be convinced to play M/M. I greatly prefer F/F but I'm open to anything with the right plot. I don't care if you're a boy, a girl, both, neither, whatever - as long as you can play your character well. like 1-3 paragraph posts, story-based plots and a casual atmosphere (between us, I don't want to feel stressed or obligated to reply). I hate being badgered to reply. I roleplay over threads, no PMs or instant messengers. Maybe email. If you're interested in a plot, send me a PM and we can hash out the details.

Kink + Interest Stuff
Check out my O/Os - the link to said thread is in my signature. Basically, I like girls, reasonable human anatomy, outdoor sex, pregnancy (and the risk of) and light BDSM practices and my hard limits are rape, toilet play, heavy or non sexual pain and gorey stuff. My images thread has pictures of inspirational scenery/imagery, beautiful women I'd love to play as or against and some handsome men I wouldn't mind playing opposite of.

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For?
I'm open to a lot of things outside of what is posted on this thread. I have a preference for "slice of life" style plays, featuring a modern setting and character's in iffy situations. I'm also open to fantasy roleplays (whether that's simply vampires in a modern world, modern fantasy with all sorts of different elements, high fantasy, medieval fantasy, whatever) and I can be convinced to do historical plots with the right idea. Post-apocalyptic worlds are cool - zombie or otherwise. Dystopians? Fuck yeah. I'm open to original ideas as well as putting OCs in canon worlds. I also do fandoms.
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Re: Amarx's Ideas (Newly Updated!)
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2017, 08:55:35 PM »
Modern Plots

Premise: Closeted/Out; F/F
Characters: tbd
Plot: Maybe this could be slightly historical? Or modern day where the closeted person's family has a major problem with it and she has to hide her sexuality. The open one is the opposite - maybe her family is just more liberal or maybe she just doesn't care, maybe she's left them all behind. At first she's just a support system, knowing how being stuck in the closet can ruin a person, but as they grow closer feelings develop and they begin a relationship. Maybe it's what brings the closeted girl to come out, or maybe their love strains familial relations even further until everything comes crumbling down around them.

Premise: Exes; cheating; F/F or F/M
Characters: single ex (MC), ex in a relationship (YC)
Plot: Three years after finally ending their two years of on/off relationship, ex lovers meet at the school they used to go to, drink a little too much vodka and spend the night realizing that they never quite got over each other. Drunken sex and an admission of feelings ensues - but the problem arises the next day when they really take in what happened and the consequences of their actions. One of them has a partner and leaving them isn't really a viable option, maybe they have a kid together or something, but the main characters need to work through the changes in their relationship and the effect it will have on the people around them. Bonus points if they end up pregnant.

Premise: Best Friends; mutual pining; drugs and alcohol; F/F
Characters: tbd
Plot: A and B met in high school/college whatever and became fast friends while spending their time drunk and high and taking walks through forest and 2am drives. They've always loved each other but neither wants to admit it until one day one of them pushes the limits and they wake up hungover and naked the next morning. They're desperate not to let it change their dynamic but neither can deny that the night before was more than a mistake.

Premise: FWB turned more; drugs and alcohol; F/F or F/M
Characters: tbd
Plot:  Character A and Character B are long time friends turned more, and have been living as "friends with benefits" while denying that there are emotions involved. They both went a little wrong in life - one's an addict, the other's pretty severely depressed. Together they make a good combo, though, and they become codependent. When one of them loses their job and then quickly their apartment, they move in together. Mayhem and sex ensues.

Premise: Partners; romance; drama; hard times; F/F
Characters: tbd
Plot: Character A and Character B are in a long term relationship. They've moved in to a new apartment, got a cat, got engaged, whatever. They love each other more than life itself and they're kind of codependent on each other. They have a lot of great sex, exploring new ideas and places to fuck whenever they have the chance. An overlying plot arch to keep this moving varies outside of the sex - maybe they're actually arguing quite a lot? Maybe one cheated, maybe a family member died, or something else to maintain a conflict in the plot. Either way they're screwed, and they have to struggle to keep themselves together in a time where they need each other most. It's drugs and sex. It's late nights on the rooftop, stoned and drunk, and drives deeper in the middle of nowhere to try to escape the chaos of life. It's trying to keep yourself together when the world wants to tear your apart, and it's about not giving up. It's constant rain and tears. It's smoking cigarettes outside of your old high school in the middle of the night and dancing around half naked in the kitchen while you cook one of the only things you know how. It's everything possible and nothing at all, all at once.

Premise: Older man/Younger woman; romance; cheating/affairs; step-family; M/F
Characters: younger girl (MC), older man (YC)
Plot:  A (18-22) has secretly been seeing B, an older well-off man (early to mid thirties). They've been together a while, but A doesn't want to make their relationship public because she knows her parents (especially her father) will freak out. At a family dinner, she discovers that B has been less than faithful to her - when he shows up at a dinner that her mother prepared to introduce A to her new fiance.
-- A gets upset, and tells her mother that she has been seeing B for quite a while now, either during or after the dinner. A moves out, and B ceases seeing her mother immediately.
-- A gets upset, and tells her mother that she has been seeing B for quite a while now, either during or after the dinner. B continues to see her mother for a while, and A moves out. During a meeting where they planned to break up, A says that she can't live with out him and begs him to keep seeing her. He does, him and the mother break up.
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Re: Amarx's Ideas (Newly Updated!)
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2017, 08:55:47 PM »
Fandom Plots

Fandom: Orphan Black
Characters: Sarah Manning, Cosima Niehaus; roles variable
Plot: Lots of mutual pining and denying feelings because holy fuck this is my clone how can I want to get with them like this? I really dig their relationship and think, especially in early seasons, there could have come a romantic relationship out of these two. They just love each other so much but question the ethics of the way they care and hide it and repress it and act like it's not there until one night they're drunk and Sarah's lips are on hers and holy fuck this is great and next thing they know it's the morning and they're naked in bed together and how the fuck are they supposed to process this? I'd love to play the geek monkey.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: OC, OC
Plot: I love the idea of teenagers exploring and developing their sexuality in a non-magical environment, and I believe it could be fun in a magical environment as well. I'd love some sort of dynamic between them - maybe a pureblood finds themselves falling for a muggleborn, or a gryffindor for a slytherin. Two seekers. Prefect and someone who had wanted to be a prefect. Adjust year ages +1 so that seventh years are 18.

Fandom: Pokemon
Characters: Moon, Lillie; variable roles
Plot: After Lillie returns to Alola, set five or 6 years after the events of the game (so the girls are 16-17). They're all grown up now and Lillie's returned home to find Moon championing Alola, tired and burnt out after years of power. Reunited back in Hau'oli city, Lillie's presence brings a life back to Moon and as well as a feeling she had been pushing away for years - just how in love with her she had been.

Fandom: Orange is the new Black
Characters: Nicky Nichols (YC), OC (MC)
Plot: Sets place either in Litchfield where my OC is in the new batch of inmates that come in at the end of season three or in max after the riot ends. She's an ex-junkie and they bond over their... ex-junkiness? They support each other and look after each other, helping the other maintain sobriety despite the chaos around them. Friendship takes a sharp turn in to lust one day when they find their lips locked and bodies bared, and eventually fuck buddies turns in to a love they never expected to have.

Fandom: Life is Strange
Characters: Max (YC), Chloe (MC)
Plot: After the destruction of Arcadia Bay, Max and Chloe drive off in to the unknown. With only each other left, they need to make a life together and recover from the trauma that they've experienced. (I'm seeing them ending up in a little apartment and being domestic and shit but I'm open to ideas as this isn't thoroughly thought out.)
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Re: Amarx's Ideas (Newly Updated!)
« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2017, 01:30:40 PM »
Eeeh, gonna bump this up. Currently working on adjusting and adding plots and things.