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June 21, 2018, 12:08:57 AM

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Author Topic: looking for story-driven f/f and f/m (newly updated!)  (Read 3275 times)

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looking for story-driven f/f and f/m (newly updated!)
« on: December 16, 2014, 02:25:02 PM »
Hey! Welcome to my request thread, hopefully I can catch your attention. The first post will talk about me and what I'm looking for, while the next post has some basic plots and pairing suggestions. If by the end of it you're still interested, feel free to send me a pm!

About Me:
  • I've been writing since I was a child and roleplaying for a decade now.
  • I love writing f/f, but I am also open to m/f for the right plot.
  • I reply anywhere from the same day to once a week. I like having a slower reply rate of 2-3 replies a week.
  • I write in third person, past-tense and my replies are generally 2-3 paragraphs, never less than a solid paragraph and rarely 4+.
  • I'm not interested in writing anywhere but through threads.
  • I have an f-list, please check it out. And on-site o/os if you would prefer that format.
  • I don't mind checking in with me if I'm suddenly less active or if you want to let me know your reply will be delayed, but I'm not a big ooc chatter and I don't like feeling pressured to reply.
My Preferences:
  • Story-driven, like significantly so. I don't use roleplaying to get off so I'm not looking to write a porno - sex enhances the story rather than the other way around.
  • I like everything from lighthearted fluff all the way to darker elements.
  • I enjoy realism and risk, romance (whether it's working well or not), pregnancy, light bondage, roughness and oral play (both in terms of oral sex as well as kissing/licking/sucking/et cetera).
  • I don't enjoy most hard kinks. Keep anything that belongs in the toilet out of our roleplay, and no rape/abuse as kinks. No characters under 18.
  • I can play both dominant and submissive personalities but I don't really enjoy strict dom/sub roles. I prefer to play flexible characters opposite flexible characters.
  • When it comes to males, I prefer to avoid the alpha male types. Low amount of body hair, some scruff welcome, long-ish hair, a bit of muscle but not bulging biceps or anything.
  • I am a lot less specific in the types of women that I prefer; with them pretty much anything goes. I prefer small breasts over large and alternative-styled appearances but that's in no way limiting.
  • Regardless of gender I'm weak for glasses, freckles, tattoos and piercings. I love androgyny, especially in male characters.
  • Visible hip bones and collar bones (especially collar bones) are my weakness.
  • Genres that I like - dystopians, apocalyptic scenarios, survival in general. Slice of life/modern. Modern fantasy. A lot of fandoms.
  • Themes that I like - drug/alcohol use, mental health, secrecy/a forbidden element, imperfect people being imperfect, sexuality confusion/experimentation, domesticity, codependency.
  • I have an inspo thread.
My Cravings:
  • TWD - Tara/Cyndie, Tara/Rosita, or Carol/Daryl
  • FTWD - Alicia/Female OC
  • HTGAWM - Laurel/Frank
  • Shameless - Carl/OC
  • Modern - something f/f with a happy relationship in a less-than-happy situation, or something involving coming out
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Re: Amarx's Ideas (Newly Updated!)
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2017, 08:55:35 PM »
craving - closed
-- celebrity/non-celebrity (possibly open to real people - band members/actors/youtubers/etc.)
-- exes reunited
-- counsellors at a summer sleepaway camp
-- good kid/bad kid, late teens to early twenties
-- friends turned lovers
-- fuck buddies turned lovers
-- apartment neighbours
-- college roomies/dormmates
-- bride to be/maid of honor
-- in the closet/openly gay
-- step-siblings/adopted siblings
-- freshly graduated teacher/high school senior
-- psychiatric patient/volunteer worker

-- There's the girl next door and the boy next door - neighbours who have been friends since childhood. Everyone swore that they would fall in love and get married one day, have a lot of babies and live a happy life together. She had different plans, though - she was probably eleven when she first felt a strange curiosity about her best friend's year older sister. She passed it off as nothing - she was "straight" after all. Eventually everyone grew up, though, and went to college. She's in her sophomore year and has recently come to terms with the fact that she's a lesbian when she runs in to a familiar face in a coffee shop, and both girls realize that they've been holding back for a long time.

-- A and B met in high school/college whatever and became fast friends while spending their time drunk and high and taking walks through forest and 2am drives. They've always loved each other but neither wants to admit it until one day one of them pushes the limits and they wake up hungover and naked the next morning. They're desperate not to let it change their dynamic but neither can deny that the night before was more than a mistake.

-- A is a waitress at a 24 hour diner. B is the girl who used to show up every night with a few friends in tow - only now she comes alone. On a quiet night, they bond over all day breakfast and coca cola. It's a small, Southern town and B's friends didn't have a positive reaction when B came out. As it turns out, A's also facing the same struggle. Over time, their budding friendship becomes something much more, and together they come up with a plan to get out of this town.

-- Three years after finally ending their two years of on/off relationship, ex lovers meet at the school they used to go to, drink a little too much vodka and spend the night realizing that they never quite got over each other. Drunken sex and an admission of feelings ensues - but the problem arises the next day when they really take in what happened and the consequences of their actions. One of them has a partner and leaving them isn't really a viable option, maybe they have a kid together or something, but the main characters need to work through the changes in their relationship and the effect it will have on the people around them. Bonus points if they end up pregnant.

craving - closed

-- zombie apocalypse
-- dystopian settings
-- medieval fantasy
-- modern fantasy (especially nightworld style)
-- time travel
-- vampire/human
-- vampire/their sire
-- witchling/mentor

-- Dystopian world where at twenty, the government forces you in to marriage/a certain career/reproduction et cetera. MC and YC are two people who have had an interest in each other since childhood. They virtually grew up together, they were born within a month of each other, and their parents were best friends. As they grew up their relationship became more than friendship. Maybe they acted on it, maybe they didn't. Either way, they're now twenty and have just been married - but not to each other. One night, the tension between them breaks and they admit their feelings, resulting in an illegal affair.

-- Something based on the plot line of The 100. Post-nuclear apocalypse, many years have passed and after a century in space their time left there is growing thin. A group of people are sent to the ground to find out if it's still inhabitable to find out that it is and that people have been living there all along.

craving - closed

I enjoy playing oc/oc, canon/oc and canon/canon pairings depending on the world and the plot we have in mind. Any canon/oc pairings below are ones I'm interested in playing the OC of - however I'm more than willing to double up and play a canon of your choice if you're open to playing one of the canons listed for me.

-- Fear the Walking Dead: Ofelia/Alicia, Ofelia/Nick, Ofelia/OC, Nick/OC
-- Walking Dead: Carol/Daryl, Tara/Rosita, Tara/Cyndie, Glenn/Maggie, Savior/Alexandrian, Negan's Wife/Savior, Rosita/OC, Siddiq/OC
-- OITNB: Lorna/Nicky, Alex/Nicky, Alex/Piper, Poussey/Soso, Nicky/OC
-- The 100: Clarke/Lexa, Lexa/Costia, Clarke/Raven, Raven/Octavia, Abby/Kane, Octavia/Lincoln, Raven/OC, Bellamy/OC, Jasper/OC, Delinquent/Grounder, Delinquent/Delinquent
-- Hunger Games: Finnick/Anna, Tribute/Victor, Victor/Capitolite, Tribute/Tribute, Peacekeeper/Citizen
-- Twilight: Jasper/Alice, Rosalie/Emmett, Jasper/Newborn Vamp, Seth/OC Quileute
-- How To Get Away With Murder: Wes/Laurel, Frank/Laurel, Wes/OC, Laurel/OC
-- Shameless: Carl/OC, Lip/OC, Lip/Mandy, Fiona/OC
-- Harry Potter: Slytherin/Slytherin, Ravenclaw/Ravenclaw, Slytherin/Ravenclaw, Slytherin/Gryffindor, Werewolf/Witch, Pureblood/Muggleborn, Prefect/Non-Prefect, Quidditch Rivals, Friendly Rivalry
-- The Host: Wanda/Ian, Human/Host
-- Doctor Who: Ten/Rose, Tentoo/Rose
-- Vampire Diaries/The Originals: Caroline/Klaus
-- Wentworth: Frankie/OC

-- Shameless: After finishing military school, a now eighteen year old Carl Gallagher enrolls in a policing program at a local college. At that point he meets a nursing student that he quickly bonds with, though his history with women has him skeptical that anything could work out for him.

-- OitNB: Takes place either in Litchfield where my OC is in the new batch of inmates that come in at the end of season three or in max after the riot ends. She's an ex-junkie and after meeting Nicky they bond over their... ex-junkiness? They support each other and look after each other, helping the other maintain sobriety despite the chaos around them. Friendship takes a sharp turn in to lust one day when they find their lips locked and bodies bared, and eventually fuck buddies turns in to a love they never expected to have.

-- Walking Dead: After a perilous journey in the apocalypse, MC comes across the Sanctuary and at first it seems just as it name suggests. However, after her brother is sentenced to death she becomes Negan's wife, and from there starts a journey towards freedom once again. After escaping she comes across Alexandria and helps with their plan to take the Sanctuary down. Opposite: Tara, Rosita, Daryl

-- Walking Dead: Carol/Daryl - start anywhere in the canon timeline (winter before the prison? at the prison? at the church and the following night in atlanta? on the road to alexandria? in alexandria?) and get them to act on the ridiculous amount of slow-burn they've been building on. I would prefer, of course, to keep a slow-burn and not rush in to anything. They're both abuse survivors who are scared about trying to love and that wouldn't make for an "easy" relationship.

-- Orphan Black: Sarah/Cosima with lots of mutual pining and denying feelings because holy fuck this is my clone how can I want to get with them like this? I really dig their relationship and think, especially in early seasons, there could have come a romantic relationship out of these two. They just love each other so much but question the ethics of the way they care and hide it and repress it and act like it's not there until one night they're drunk and Sarah's lips are on hers and holy fuck this is great and next thing they know it's the morning and they're naked in bed together and how the fuck are they supposed to process this? I'd love to play the geek monkey.

-- Pokemon: After Lillie returns to Alola, set six or seven years after the events of the game (so the girls are 17-18). They're all grown up now and Lillie's returned home to find Moon championing Alola, tired and burnt out after years of power. Reunited back in Hau'oli city, Lillie's presence brings a life back to Moon and as well as a feeling she had been pushing away for years - just how in love with her she had been.

-- Harry Potter:  Something set the year after the Dark War had ended, preferably featuring ocs or at most background canons. I'm interested in something involving the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts, with everyone still affected by the gruesome things that they had to both witness and do in order to survive being under the Carrows' reign. Something emotional, where they are learning to heal and forgive both others and themselves for the things that had to be done. Someone who was left disfigured for being muggleborn, who watched their best friend die because they wanted to hide during the war. A pureblood slytherin who was disowned for fighting on the side of the order, a Gryffindor who struggles to live with the guilt of knowing she used Dark Arts against her fellow students to keep herself alive. Basically a bunch of traumatized young adults coming back to finish their education, and learning how to heal in the process.
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Re: Amarx's Ideas (Newly Updated!)
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2017, 01:30:40 PM »
Eeeh, gonna bump this up. Currently working on adjusting and adding plots and things.

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Re: Amarx's Ideas (Newly Updated!)
« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2018, 05:48:35 PM »
May as well bump this up again.

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Re: looking for story-driven f/f and f/m (newly updated!)
« Reply #4 on: March 07, 2018, 05:03:04 PM »
Re-made the entire introduction post, as well as organized the plots section a bit nicer (at least in my opinion). Now includes pairing ideas to work with for both original and fandom verses, rather than strictly plot ideas (which, well, is a loose term).