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October 22, 2016, 06:39:33 PM

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Author Topic: Amarx's Ideas (Newly Updated!)  (Read 2188 times)

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Amarx's Ideas (Newly Updated!)
« on: December 16, 2014, 02:25:02 PM »
About Me
You can call me Amaranthine or Amarx. I play M/F, F/F and may be convinced to play M/M with the right plot. I don't care if you're a boy, a girl, both, neither, whatever - as long as you can play your character well. like 1-3 paragraph posts, story-based plots and a casual atmosphere (between us, I don't want to feel stressed or obligated to reply). I hate being badgered to reply if you're waiting on me unless it's been longer than a few days. I roleplay over threads, no PMs or instant messangers. If you're interested in a plot, send me a PM and we can hash out the details.

When Messaging Me
Introduce yourself, at least giving me a name to go by. Inform me of any discrepancies in our kinks - what you don't like of my interests, what you like that isn't on my list. Tell me what plot you would like to do - if you don't like any that I have posted, suggest an idea of your own. Don't just say "hey wanna roleplay". Tell me if you want it M/F, F/F, whatever. Be aware that just because it's on here doesn't mean I'm interested in doing it right now. Please title your PM after the plot idea you want to do - Elliquiy has a really lame PM system and vague PM titles lead to me getting different threads mixed up.

Kink + Interest Stuff
Check out my O/Os - the link to said thread is in my signature. Basically, I like girls, reasonable human anatomy, outdoor sex, pregnancy risks and light BDSM practices and my hard limits are rape, toilet play, heavy or non sexual pain and gorey stuff.

Didn't Find What You Were Looking For?
I'm open to a lot of things outside of what is posted on this thread. I have a preference for "slice of life" style plays, featuring a modern setting and character's in iffy situations. I'm also open to fantasy roleplays (whether that's simply vampires in a modern world, modern fantasy with all sorts of different elements, high fantasy, medieval fantasy, whatever) and I can be convinced to do historical plots with the right idea. Post-apocalyptic worlds are cool - zombie or otherwise. Dystopians? I'm open to original ideas as well as putting OCs in canon worlds. I also do fandoms.

My current fandoms are: Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, Doctor Who, Vampire Diaries, Inuyasha, Eureka Seven, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Carmilla, and more. If you're curious about if I'm interested in a specific fandom, just ask!
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All's Not Gone
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2015, 04:13:28 PM »

Name: All's Not Gone

Content: Light Human; content as per my partner's and my own O/Os

Scenario: Their life is rainy days and snowy nights in the small town where they grew up, buried deep in the middle of nowhere. Between the pair of them they have one salary, a beat up car and a tiny little house that they rent, but they don't need anything else but each other. They're drunk on love and doing the best that they can to survive, but when tragedy strikes their peaceful, "perfect" relationship is suddenly torn to bits right before their eyes.

What was the tragedy? That's up in the air. Maybe one of them cheated, maybe a family member died, maybe the one that's employed lost their job. Either way they're screwed, and they have to struggle to keep themselves together in a time where they need each other most.

It's drugs and sex. It's late nights on the rooftop, stoned and high, and drives deeper in the middle of nowhere to try to escape the chaos of life. It's trying to keep yourself together when the world wants to tear your apart, and it's abou not giving up. It's constant rain and tears. It's smoking cigarettes outside of your old high school in the middle of the night and dancing around half naked in the kitchen while you cook one of the only things you know how. It's everything possible and nothing at all, all at once.

Setting: Modern; mostly set in the main character's small home town.

Requirements: No requirements; this is pretty open to interpretation.

Other info: None
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Let's Not Forget
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2015, 04:54:51 PM »
Name: Let's Not Forget

Content: Light Human; M/F; cheating, drug use, pregnancy

Scenario: YC and MC dated for a little while when they were younger. It wasn't the best relationship - he cheated on her a few months in and they broke up, only for him to lose his virginity to her while dating the girl he cheated with, and it just got more convoluted from there. Eventually MC got in to a relationship and they cut off the romantic aspect of their relationship, but swore to remain friends. They did - they were about as close as two people could be for the longest time. Eventually YC when to college (he was a couple years older), and MC eventually moved in the opposite direction to go to school as well. They grew apart, and YC entered a relationship. It's been a few years now. MC is 21 and out of school, and YC is 23 and has a young child with his girlfriend, who he's lost interest in. When MC moves back home, her and YC end up drinking behind the old high school where they used to hang out all those years ago, and they realize that neither of them ever really moved on.

This would open up with a scene where MC has just recently moved in to a new apartment after finishing college a few weeks before. It's late spring, around May, and they haven't even finished unpacking. They get a call from an unknown number which turns out to be YC, calling them drunk. There's been a problem, maybe a fight with the girlfriend, and he's feeling lost. MC and YC meet up at their old high school, where they talk, drink and end up saying (and doing) some things that will have long term consequences.

Setting: Modern, the main characters' home town.

Requirements: None

Other info: I'm also willing to play YC's girlfriend as required.
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College Lesbians Plot
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2015, 05:47:03 PM »
Name: Unnamed

Content: Light Human; F/F; romance, coming out

Scenario: Our characters are roomed together in dorms for college. MC is secretly gay and yours is pretty actively bisexual/gay. Over the course of the year they grow from awkward acquaintances in to friends in to new lovers.

Lesbians, college and all the fun associated with it. Orientation play, coming to terms with your sexuality, coming out. Making those first steps, learning how to please. Awkward conversation turned to holding hands for the first time turned to comfortability. Sneaking kisses around the people you're not out to yet, sneaking a hand down their pants when the doors are closed.

Setting: A college town

Requirements: None

Other info: None
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Summer Road Trip Plot
« Reply #4 on: December 14, 2015, 06:09:32 PM »
Name: Unnamed

Content: Light Human; M/F or F/F; slow burn romance, alcohol, cute relationships

Scenario: Summer road trip across the country between two friends who end up sleeping in the back of a truck watching the stars and realizing that their friendship has been verging on something more for a long time now. This would be pretty cute and fluffy and happy and once they realize they've never seen each other as just friends I see it getting pretty smutty - nineteen year olds drunk on vodka and love, travelling the country with no one to stop them or tell them what to do.

Setting: On the road through various places - the origin and destination, as well as places along the way, are up in the air.

Requirements: None

Other info: None
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Ex-Lovers Pregnancy
« Reply #5 on: December 14, 2015, 09:27:34 PM »
Name: Unnamed

Content: Light Human; M/F; ex-lovers reuniting, pregnancy and miscarriage, angst and romance and all the good stuff

Scenario: Once upon they were high school sweethearts, destined to fall in love and marry each other and live happily ever after. At least that's what the story said - they got much, much different. After dating for a couple years in high school, A and B ended up going their own ways.

He went to med school after graduating high school, became a doctor. He was twenty seven when they saw each other again, for the first time in ten years. He was hotter than ever, and his facial hair had finally grown in. (Way back when he couldn't grow a beard to save his life.) He's got a job in the local hospital and is going through his residency. He's single, though he's had a couple steady girlfriends over the years.

It took her years more to figure out what she wanted to do, and eventually she settled to be a kindergarten teacher. She's twenty six and freshly divorced when he shows up at the bar across the street from her new apartment. She's got four miscarriages under her belt in the last year and she feels broken and worthless. Her husband left her because of the depression but he never quite got just how bad it felt to be responsible for the death of your own children. Her husband had never really wanted kids - maybe that was why he never really got it. She'd wanted kids ever since she was a kid.

Her ex doesn't recognise her when he steps in to the bar, but she's sitting three chairs down by herself with several shots of tequila in front of her, half of them gone. She recognises him the moment that she seems him, approaches him and they talk. When she seems too wasted to function, he offers to take her back home. She begs him to stay "just one night" - though she doesn't remember anything about that in the morning, and her only reminder is the naked body of her high school sweetheart tucked beneath her comforter, clothes strewn across the room and a very familiar feeling between her thighs.

Three weeks later the puking begins, and she knows. The first time that her head goes to the toilet bowl she knows, and being pregnant again almost sucks the life out of her. She tells him and they quarrel for a bit about what to do with their current situation before they decide to give a relationship between them a shot once more. Surprisingly enough, she manages to carry the child successfully through the first trimester without any troubles. From there though? With a new/old relationship to try to keep together and a baby on the way, their situation isn't the greatest.

Setting: TBD

Requirements: Someone to play the doctor ex boyfriend

Other info: None
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Life is Strange Plot
« Reply #6 on: February 23, 2016, 02:56:04 PM »
Name: Unnamed
Content: Light Human; F/F; Fandom: Life is Strange; drug use, lesbian sex, romance
Scenario: Max chose Chloe - Arcadia Bay is in ruins, torn apart by the hurricane that Max's powers caused. Now dealing with the aftermath of their decision, the pair must find a way to move forewards and move on. In Chloe's pickup truck, the two leave Arcadia Bay behind and start a new life together.

Basically I just want a post "sacrafice Arcadia Bay" ending LiS roleplay between Max and Chloe. This would work best if you've seen/played the entirety of LiS. We can decide together what major choices were made over the last week, if anyone managed to survive the hurricane, et cetera. I'd see Max as pretty virginal - especially when it comes to women - and Chloe, while not a virgin, would still be on the nervous side when they eventually wound up having sex. I'd like a build up to that, though. I'd also love to wander on to a path where Max develops PTSD after all the things that happened over the course of the game - all the times Chloe died, all the alternate timelines, what happened in the Dark Room, et cetera.
Setting: TBD

Requirements: Someone to play Max

Other info: I'm really open to whatever ideas you might have in mind, I don't have too much thought out for this beyond what's been written.