The Only Thing I Can't Resist...(Bibliophilia's Temptations & Teasers)

Started by Bibliophilia, December 16, 2014, 06:55:22 AM

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A well-written paragraph can be as stimulating, if not more so, as an erotic image.  The construction of a character, where time and thought has gone into the creation, can be as rewarding as sculpting stone.  And, as with Pygmalion, when done well, the creation can take on life.  A breathing, thinking masterpiece that seduces the body through the imagination.

Hello, there.  I'm Bibliophilia, and I would love to shape a story with a partner who shares my passion for creating well-rounded, believable characters in ever-evolving worlds.  I'm going to be honest and state that I'm very choosy about solo roleplay partners.  I carefully vet those who send me messages with requests, and I reserve the right to end the communication at any point in the planning or gameplay.  I won't just stop responding to you, but I may not give a satisfactory reason as to why I have changed my mind.  I also may take a few days, up to a week, to respond to you, depending upon what is happening with my life and my level of inspiration.  However, if I envision a long hiatus, I will certainly let you know.

My expectations of a partner are fairly simple.  I expect maturity, cooperation and communication.  I also expect someone who has patience, as I don't typically play stories that jump directly into sexual encounters.  I like to build relationships.  I love the fleshing out of characters through interactions with one another, NPCs and various events in the game, be they mundane or extraordinary.  I prefer deep, emotional gameplay, stories that don't ignore the realities of how certain experiences and events would affect the characters.  I don't have a post minimum or maximum, but I do expect there to be plenty of meat with my filler.  A four paragraph post of pretty descriptions and well-written inner dialogue, with nothing for me to respond to, is just as frustrating and useless to me as a two line post without any description or character exploration at all.  The key is a good balance, and I can give as good as I get.

If you're interested in something I post and, after checking my O/Os and previous posts, you feel like we would be well-suited to write together, then send me a PM.  Please don't post here.  And please do not contact me requesting a PM, IM or email game.  I only play on the forums.

Not accepting solo requests at this time.

*Currently Craving :


Softer in the Dark
Incest, Disability, Exploration, Sensations, Romance

Everything is softer in the dark.

This game involves either a Father/Daughter or Brother/Sister pairing.  I prefer to play the female role.  The plot revolves around a blind girl, and her relationship with the male character, and the way it begins to change.  I would like for the events to unfold gradually, and I think it would be interesting to fully explore the relationship between the two main characters, and the way in which her blindness affects how they interact with one another.  As well as how they interact with the rest of the world.  I'm torn between having her be blind from birth, and having her blindness be something which happened no less than five or six years prior to the start of the game.  I'd like to work this out with my partner.

Drowning in You
FxF, Marriage, Love, Discovery, Fear

They were never supposed to fall in love.

My initial idea for this FxF story involved a straight woman marrying an androgynous lesbian, thinking she was a man.  But, possibly due to lack of sleep, I couldn't figure out how to make that scenario even plausible.  If you have ideas, let me know.  I've settled, instead, on a situation in which a straight woman and gay woman must get married, for some reason.  They're just supposed to be like roommates, but they begin to develop feelings for one another, but both are too afraid to say anything about it.  They struggle with their feelings, the pain of unrequited love, desire unfulfilled and the prospect of facing those feelings for a very long time.  How painful is it to love your spouse, but be unable to express that love, because you promised one another it was all platonic?  I am open to playing either role.

Strange Magic
Corruption, Power, Demons, Horror, Witchcraft

It was just a game...

In this story, I would like a pair of characters who are innocent, virginal, and naive.  Their sex doesn't really matter, because, as you'll see, they'll gain the ability to change that at will, though I'd like them to both be attracted to males and females.  I have no preferences as to their relationship, so it could be familial if desired, though I would like it to be a strong connection.  I'd like for them to be of relatively the same age, and very close, whether it be siblings, best friends or what have you.  The plot revolves around the two characters playing around with witchcraft, and unknowingly drawing the attention of a pair of demons.  The demons come to earth to try and corrupt the pair, awarding them with powers the deeper they go.  My partner and I would be playing both the innocents and the demons, unless, by some miracle, we find a third or fourth to play with us and all of us work well together.  I'd like to explore the psychological and emotional repercussions of the corruption, just as much as the thrill of using their new powers.  I'd like it to be about half story and half smut, with a serious focus on the character development and story crafting.  There are literally no limits to where this story could go, aside from the limits set by myself and my partner.

Executive Assistant
Fem-Dom, Office, Non-Con, Cuckolding, Eventual Romance, Balanced Story/Smut

She was the boss, in every sense of the word...

I'm really getting into taking the dominant role in heterosexual stories, and this story revolves around the idea of a high-powered woman who dominates the men in her life.  She is married, and fully controls her husband, who doesn't work and has no desire to do so.  He stays home, takes care of the house and generally fills the stereotypical 'househusband' role, while she works long hours, takes frequent business trips and enjoys flaunting her affairs without regard for his feelings.  Most of her lovers have been powerful men, and their relationships were ones of equals, but they never lasted long and she swiftly tired of them.  You would be playing her new assistant.  The plot involves a fairly balanced mixture of story and smut, front-loaded with story as the two characters meet, and my character finds herself enjoying the control she holds over yours.  The game would progress from her merely being a demanding boss, to slowly requiring more and more personal sacrifices on the part of your character, until their relationship finally becomes sexual.  I take a lot of inspiration for this story from The Secretary, but with our own personal twists.  I would like to include romance down the line, with our characters actually falling in love and the sexual explorations being an aspect of that, essentially, intimate and caring relationship.  The idea is fairly vague at the moment, but if you're intrigued, PM me and we can build the basics together.

I'm in Control
MxF, Age gap, Blackmail, Femdom, Non-Con

She had all the power, or so she thought...

This story revolves around a teenage girl, about 18-19, blackmailing her step-father in order to make him buy her things, and let her do wicked, humiliating things to him for her own amusement and pleasure.  The mother will be an NPC, unaware of what is happening, but certainly a fun tool of torment for the daughter to use against her step-father.  I believe the blackmail will likely involve something pretty bad, like a videotape the girl took of herself at 17 giving her step-father head while he was drunk.  Something he doesn't even remember, but could land him in jail, along with ruining his life.  I see the girl as being very manipulative and psychologically sadistic, and I'd like the step-father to secretly enjoy what is happening to him, though he's terrified of getting caught.  The fear only makes things sexier for him.  I'd like him to be strong, but kind, and not some jerk or someone weak.  The story progresses from the girl using her step-father, to falling in love with him, needing him as much as he needs her, and the difficulties that come with that situation.  This will require some serious planning and discussion between myself and my partner.



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