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Author Topic: The Idea Emporium (M seeking F)  (Read 513 times)

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The Idea Emporium (M seeking F)
« on: December 03, 2014, 07:42:13 PM »
A random assortment of ideas and current cravings.

Please, read my On/Offs and DO NOT POST in this thread, before contacting me.

Link to girls I am interested in.[url]

The Ideas! PURPLE IDEAS are cravings.

#1 The Step-Daughter 

Peter and Maria had met, dated, and gotten married. It was the second marriage for both of them but only Maria had a child - a 16 - 18 year old daughter who lived with her ex-husband. That was fine for Peter - he had a healthy sexual appetite (as did Maria) and having a kid around the home was only going to get in the way.

Summer rolled around and Marias ex sprung a surprise vacation on them all - with his 21 year old 'secretary'. Which meant Charlotte - Maria's daughter - was going to have to spend the summer with them. Peter wasn't too happy about this but wasn't about to complain to Maria about her kid. But when Charlie - as she liked to be called - arrived, Peter found himself staring at her more then his own wife. The girl was gorgeous - and she  knew it! She flaunted her tight, teen body around, constantly teasing him, working him up.

When he slept with Maria at night, it wasn't Maria that he was banging - the image of Charlie was the only one in his head. And then Maria got called away to work, out of the country for two weeks, leaving Peter and Charlie alone together.

And Charlie was elated. She found Peter to be extremely attractive. He had a nice body and a very nice cock - she had seen him and her mother several times going at it. Now that her mother was gone for two weeks, Charlie decided that she wanted to know what it felt like to be her mother at night.

[OOC: Seeking a teenaged seductress, attracted to older man, who wants to get it on with her handsome step-dad.]

#2 Wife Goes Black

Sarah has found sex with her husband to be...lacking. He just doesn't do it for her anymore but she doesn't want to divorce him - she just needs something else in her life. Out at a bar one night with friends, she flirts with an attractive black man, wondering if what they say is true - he has a BBC. The thought arouses her and when her friends decide its time to leave, she tells them she'll back her own way home. Once they leave, she leaves with the black - her one goal is to discover just how big his cock is and if its what she has been needing.

[This will turn into a long running affair, where she submits to the blackman and his friends, finding that indeed it was the BBC that she was missing in her life, doing things with Jamal and his friends that she'd never do with her husband]

#3 Wedding Day Blues

Jennifer had the best day of her life when she married Paul. Everything was perfect. Everything went according to plan. And then she got really horny, thinking about all the kinky sex they were going to have that night. But he ruined! He ruined her night! He drank way too much and passed out in the corner. Two of the groomsmen had to help him up to the honeymoon suite of the hotel, where he continued to sleep. Jennifer was too pent up and too angry. If Paul was too drunk and dead to the world to make love to his new wife, then by hell she was going to let out all her pent up hormones out on the groosmen - besides, two cocks is better than one when you're as horny as Jennifer!

#4 The Bad Girl

The Bad Girl

Andrew was 10 years or so older then Sarah, who was 21 and single as far as he knew. But he had always been drawn to her - there was just something about her that made him think more about her then his own wife whenever he was at work. And he saw Sarah a lot.

Andrew was the CEO and Sarah had been hired by the HR Department to be his secretary. They spent a lot of time together as such. Andrew always appreciated the way she looked and the way she dressed, but it wasn't until a company pool party at his home that he fell for her.

She was covered in tattoos as she stepped out in a revealing bikini and he couldn't help but stare. He had come from a conservative family and married a conservative wife. Tattoos had always fascinated him and he had long considered getting one, not to mention finding girls who sported tattoos to be sexy. He'd never admit such a thing to his wife of course, but it was true. They almost turned him on in a way. But he found himself not only staring at Sarah for her tattoos, but also because of her beauty.

And Sarah noticed. She had to admit that she had a crush on her handsome boss and she noticed the way he was staring at her. So she flaunted it, subtly, in front of him.

[OOC: Looking to build up sexual tension between the two before they hit a breaking point. Sarah needs to be a switch, encouraging him even though she knows its wrong. Andrew has only known Vanilla sex, so she will have to be the one to break him out of the norm and start to get kinky in all forms, all the while hiding the relationship from his wife.]

#5 My Daughters Best Friend

My Daughters Best Friend

Richard enjoyed life.

He was wealthy, had a family, had a trophy wife, and was still attractive. Women flirted with him constantly and he had had an affair, once, though it was short lived. He had signed a large check to keep the woman quiet. And now he was getting itchy feet again, his eyes starting to wander towards the women who shamelessly flirted with him.

To his shock and arousal, however, it was his daughters best friend that his eyes kept being drawn to. The girls had certainly grown up and there was something pleasing about her nubile, lithe body and the way she carried herself, like she didn't know her body made mens eyes follow her.

And she was a shameless flirt, at least he thought so. She was always asking for him to rub lotion on her skin - he was more then happy to do so - and it seemed like she spent most of her time at his house, trying to draw him into conversation.

So he flirted back, wondering just how far she would take it. He didn't have long to wait either. And the best part? She was a virgin, saving herself for him, knowing she wanted him to be her first years ago.

[OOC: Looking for a lusty affair with a virgin. Despite her lack of experience, she knows what she wants and is willing to do anything to get it.]

#6 Blackmailing Sister
-Andrew has an older sister. She's always been a bit of a rebel, going against what their parents want while he's always been 'momma's boy'. With their parents off on vacation, that means its just the two of them together for the week. A nightmare scenario for him - she'll have her friends over, party, do drugs and all. But he's noticed her boots are often muddy when she goes out to 'have a smoke'. So he decides to follow her, wondering why she goes into the woods in their backyard to have a smoke.

He soon finds out - she is growing weed! Virtually in their backyard! Its the sort of thing that will get her kicked out of the house and even into jail if anyone were to find out. So he takes pictures of her, tending to her pot plants. He confronts her about it and she begs him not tell, that she'd do ANYTHING in exchange for him not telling. Well, the good news for Andrew is that she means to stick to her word. He's never been kissed, so she's happy to show him how to do it. Never touched boobs? Touch hers. He's always had a crush on his older sister anyways...and soon he becomes more demanding. Despite her rebel ways, for instance, she's always made a guy wear a condom. But Andrew isn't going to have any of that - no, its bareback or jail for her!

#7 The New Student

St. Judes Academy was going through many changes. For the first time in history, it had accepted female students at the all-male boarding school. This was groundbreaking and went against 150 years of history.

YC (Your Character) is one of these girls at the boarding school. Her roommate is an awkwardly shy boy, the same age. Theres an almost immediate attraction between the two.

YC also becomes the subject of a teachers affections, taking advantage of having a teen girl in one of his classes.

Details for this game need to be discussed.
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Re: The Idea Emporium (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2014, 07:52:32 PM »
One Shots: My character can be played in a variety of ways.

Happy Ending Massage: A massage causes MC to have an erection. The Massage Therapist, an attractive and open minded girl, is always looking for a few extra bucks. She offers to help him out with his 'stiff muscle' for a few extra bucks.

Free Riding:   A Teen girl is hitchiking and needs to get out of dodge. But with no green and no grass to offer, she'll have to pay with that ass!

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Re: The Idea Emporium (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2014, 08:48:46 PM »
Picture Plot Ideas

NSFW Idea 1
Inspiration NSFW Drew didn't quite know why, but he let his girlfriend tie him up one night, in his room. He was completely naked. They thought they were alone, of course, but when they heard the front door, his girlfriend freaked out and fled, leaving him naked and bound. A half hour later, he heard some one enter his room. He wasn't sure who it was as they didn't answer him when he called out to them, but he was pretty sure it was his girlfriend. She slowly teased him back to hardness before using her mouth on him. Something had certainly changed in her since the freak out, though - her blowjob was amazing! What Drew didn't know was that it wasn't his girlfriend who was worshipping his cock, but it was really his sister.

NSFW Idea 2
Inspiration NSFW Kim was a slut. She knew it and so did her older boyfriend. She had eagerly agreed to an open relationship with him too. Of course, she didn't quite know what he had planned for her. Kim loved being bound and tied up before being fucked helplessly. So there she was, in some rundown building, naked and bound. Her boyfriend had told a few people where to find her and when. What followed was an evening of being taken roughly and frequently by a varied group of men. She loved every minute.

Idea 3
Sarahs father had taken her virginity when she turned 16. He had sex frequently after that. But once she turned 18, things changed again. He made her wear nothing around the house, allowing her brothers to have their way with her whenever they wanted. And when they had people over, instead of being allowed to wear normal clothes like before, she was only allowed to wear very specific clothes - bras and panties mostly, but that was all. Of course, that led to her fathers friends having their fun with her too.

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Re: The Idea Emporium (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: December 15, 2014, 07:58:55 PM »
Updated with ideas.