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Author Topic: [SPOILERS INSIDE] Dragon Age Inquisition: Solas and M!Lavellan  (Read 994 times)

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[SPOILERS INSIDE] Dragon Age Inquisition: Solas and M!Lavellan
« on: December 15, 2014, 06:22:49 PM »
Just to be doubly clear: If you haven't finished the game, please don't read this idea. Major ending spoilers are abound, okay?


Just in case. Click to see the plot.
Several months before the Conclave gathered and peace-talks tentatively sparked, chaos choked every corner of Thedas. It seems that not a speck of land was clear of the horrors that mages and templars inflicted on the world around them; even the reclusive Dalish clans struggled to keep out of the firing lines. Most of the nomad tribes kept to themselves, and to the worship of their Old Gods in desperate hope that they would be kept safe from the storm that the shems had brought upon them. Day after day they would pray... and day after day the Gods were silent.

Clan Lavellan was the same in almost every aspect. They too, were caught up in the war, and they also spent their days simply trying to survive. But that was where the similarities ended. As a clan, their worship was not divided between Gods beyond counting. There were no carvings of the Huntress or the Protector - even the All-Father wasn't to be found upon their caravans. Instead, every piece of wood, every blade or bow, depicted the face of a wolf. Fen'Harel was their only salvation; their only deity. Where all others saw the Dread Wolf as a trickster, as the one who caused His fellow Gods to leave the world forever, Clan Lavellan viewed him as a being of greatest will and strength.

Fen'Harel might not show Himself, but that didn't stop the clan from trying to reach him. When it was decided that one of their own would be sent to observe the Conclave, a ritual was to be held in order to secure the safety of their chosen spy. Fallon Lavellan; the Keeper's second, would submit himself to the Fade for three whole days of slumber. There, he would pray and search for the Dread Wolf, who would lead him safely through the trials of life.

Walking the Fade was not difficult for a mage. Fallon was able to sleep peacefully as his consciousness was pushed beyond the comfortable boarders of his mind and out into the farer reaches of the Fade. Hours, minutes, days; time twisted and distorted around him as he walked through stone and water without an end in sight. On the final day, when it seemed like his efforts would be in vain, a sign of hope came to his ears.

A howl, echoing from all around him tugged at his chest.

A flash of fur the colour of a starless night.

A clatter of teeth and claws.

A pair of great, bright eyes staring intently into his own.

Then he awoke.

The dream was hazy, but the feeling was very real. He had seen the Dread Wolf, heard His roar and felt His fur. Fallon was ready for the Conclave... but not all that came after it.

That's basically the set-up to this idea. Put simply, Solas/Fen'Harel, meets Fallon in the Fade during the ritual, and immediately is attracted to the strength of spirit shown. Spirits are innately genderless, and so when they meet in the real world its of no consequence to him that Fallon is a male.

The story would start after the end of the game, and after Fallon drank from the Well of Sorrows. He is a servant of Mithal thanks to that, and after Solas effectively devouring her spirit (at least, that's what I think happens) the servitude is then passed down to him. What actually happens would need to be planned out, but I'd like for there to be a good, tense build-up to the final reveal when Solas shows himself for who he really is. Fallon would end up leaving the Inquisition in order to satisfy whatever conditions would be demanded, since the initial spark of desire will never have left the Dread Wolf, despite all the time that has passed.

Kink-wise... hearing Solas' romance lines in-game, he's definitely a passionate and forward sort. All the moreso when his true identity is revealed. I'd be looking for some fairly forceful scenes, and the potential for Fade-wolf-sex is definitely there (and would be amazing).

That being the case, I'd be wanting this rated Extreme, unless the wolf-sex angle is too much... in that case I'd settle for Exotic.

Thanks for reading! Please PM me with interest.