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Author Topic: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)  (Read 13589 times)

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「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
« on: December 14, 2014, 03:29:17 PM »

    DISCLAIMER-  Other than the logo below, I claim no ownership to the creation of the images/art that are used as visual references within this game.
    Sailor Moon and all related characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha and Toei Animation.

    We'll be the ones to fight for us all; protecting the stars
    Now’s the time a brand new legend begins, foretold by the heavens from long ago...


    B A C K G R O U N D
    The Past...
    Time and Time again, Usagi Tsukino and her allies battled evil threatening to destroy their beloved Planet Earth. In her final battle, the Guardian Cosmos revealed herself to Sailor Moon. For her service in defending the Galaxy from constant peril, Cosmos presented a choice to the Soldier of Love and Justice: Resume her old life back on Earth to be constantly attacked by her enemies or to return to the Galaxy Cauldron with the other stars. The story of Usagi Tsukino usually ends with Sailor Moon deciding to return to Earth with her friends. However, what if she had chose to remain in the Galaxy Cauldron?

    With the chance to be at peace with her loved ones was an opportunity well earned, Usagi gave her Sailor Crystal back to the Galaxy Cauldron where she and the other senshi were to rest. The return of the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou (Silver Crystal) to the Galaxy Cauldron initiated a reset on the damage that Galaxia, the Shadow Galactica and Chaos had wrought upon the Galaxy. Earth was restored, though the Sailor Senshi and the enemies they had faced were erased from the memories of Earth's people.

    The Present
    Twenty years have passed since the battle between Eternal Sailor Moon and Chaos. For the first 18 years, the Solar System remained at peace. That was up until two years ago where the seal placed on a dark evil was broken.

    A mysterious woman who calls herself Selene, claims to be the one true heir of the Silver Millennium. Learning that Serenity and her Senshi were no longer in existence, Selene has seized the opportunity to start plans of rebuilding her own Kingdom. Weakened from breaking her seal, she  sent out her agents to set base on Earth, collecting the energy needed to restore her to full power.   

    Unfortunately for her, Star Seeds have now begun to bloom into new Sailor Crystals and for new Guardians to inherit the titles and powers of the Sol Senshi. The time has come for the New Prince and Princess, along with their guardians to awaken for their destiny: drive away the new threat to Earth and establish a new era of peace with a new Silver Millennium.


    • I'm well aware that Real Life can get demanding and always comes first but post as frequently as you can. If someone is holding up a scene for more than a week, they will more than likely be skipped over because the story has to progress on. If a player is unable to continue the game or has vanished more than a month without warning, their role will more than likely be recast.
    • Please make your posts at least 1 paragraph long. That's about 5-7 sentences minimum. No 1-3 liners. I'm not a post count Nazi and I know the muse can get rust as hell on some days but I'd rather you put out one quality paragraph than toss up two sentences and call it a post. Be aware of spelling and grammar. We all make mistakes, there are probably some in this sign-up I haven't caught but just do your best.

      • Be respectful of other's O/O's. Don't try to force anything that the other player is strictly not willing to write. Also, no Non-Con/rape scenes without the other player's consent.
      • This game is going to serve as a continuation of the original Sailor Moon story. It will build on plots and themes established in the Sailor Moon Manga & Crystal more so than the original Anime series, such as the role of each respective Senshi, locations, etc. There will probably be a bit of some of the 90's anime and Live action mixed in. Story wise, expect things at the beginning to play out similar to the first story arc of the Animes, Manga and Live Action with the awakening of new Senshi and Knights. Other than that, this will diverge into it's own thing as the villains are established.
      • Even though this game is centered around hot chicks fighting monsters in the streets wearing mini skirts and heels with their sexy hunk companions, the story will get dark. After all, Sailor Moon was the original magical girl anime with dark and grim themes before other series like Puella Magi Madoka Magica. There will be Graphic Violence and since this is E, Strong Sexual  Themes and Situations like Non-Con intercourse. You've been warned lovelies~
      • This game will obviously be a little more on the hentai side of things. Please note that this isn't going to be a smut only game. There is plot and a story that needs to be told. I want to see Character and story development along with sexy times.
      • There is no system for this RP in terms of attacking. Just don't God Mod. Throw an attack at another player's character but don't have it connect unless the other player of the intended target is okay with it. Also, no constant auto-dodging. No one is invincible and everyone is going to take some damage over the course of the game. There will more than likely be death also. Dom't worry, death is cheap for the good guys since one of Sailor Moon's abilities is being able to revive people...civilizations...planets if you want to go on the grand side of her powers.


      Planet Earth, Tokyo. Fall, 2017
      A full 20 years after the ending of the original manga. The final battle of the manga took place at the center of the Galaxy, so depending on how far this game goes, this will mean that the battles won't just be on Earth but could span across the Solar System.

      Mugen Academy - Nearly two decades after having been destroyed following the former Sailor Soldiers' battle against the Death Busters, the Mugen School has been rebuilt. Utilizing the latest tech in it's classrooms, Mugen is still an elite, private school located in the district of Sankakusu district of Tokyo. It is an escalator school ranging from pre-school all the way up to College Graduate Level.
      Typical Mugen Academy Classroom: Clickies.

      Juuban Municipal High School- Where the peasants attend high school. Just your usual local High School in the Azabu-Juuban part of Tokyo. Where the former Sailor Senshi went to School.

      K.O. University- A highly renown college and One of the oldest universities in Japan.

      Game Center Crown and Fruits Parlor Crown- Updated for modern times, the arcade is still going strong after all these years and remains one of the hottest hangouts in the district. Just upstairs is the Fruit Parlor Crown which a popular Cafe/Eatery where many high school and college students relax and nourish themselves with delicious shakes, burgers, sandwiches, dessert, etc.

      Galaxy Cauldron- At the center of the Milkyway Galaxy is the Galaxy Cauldron, the source if all life and stars in the galaxy. Also called 'The Holy Land of the Stars', this is the place where the crystals of Sailor Soldiers are born and where they will return when a Soldier's life has ended.

      More To Come

      Canon Characters
      Usagi-Chan and co. no longer exist as main characters. They are finally at peace and their star seeds have been reborn into new stars; our characters. This also means that Chibiusa won't exist anymore and the Starlights no longer exist in the continuity of this game.

      New Cast
      Roles and Personalities
      The Senshi and Knights will be brand new characters of our own creation. All I ask is to keep in mind the titles of each Sailor Soldier when creating a character to inherit  a planet's powers. I am not saying make carbon copies of the former Sailor Senshi but make sure that their role ultimately fits.

      For example: Mercury is the planet of Knowledge, so the Mercury Senshi and Knight should be highly intelligent, but they don't have to be wallflowers like Ami was. Jupiter is the planet of Protection, meaning the Senshi and Knight should be physically strong fighters but personality wise, they could be shy and introverted. Let's all try to have some diversity in personality among the Senshi and Knight casts. There might be some overlaps here and there with there being so many characters but lets not have 90% of the cast be angsty, lonely and angry at the world.

      Character Aesthetics
      Face Claims
      I probably shouldn't have to say this but I will say it anyway. Since this is a game based on an Anime and Manga, images for characters must be Anime or art reminiscent of that style. No Real Life face claims, please.

      ***Special Note Regarding Sailor Moon's Appearance***
      For those who don't know, Sailor V-Minako was the first Sailor Senshi created and while many believe that Minako is a copy of Usagi, it's actually the other way around. An canon reason was created to why Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus look so similar. Just as the planet Venus very much resembles the Moon in the sky, Venus is meant to serve as a body double for the Moon Princess. That trend could even be seen in the future Senshi with Sailor Ceres (Venus' Quartet counterpart) resembling Chibiusa.

      I would like to keep that trend going for this RP, with Venus and Moon sharing similar physical features. I won't enforce it, meaning that Moon absolutely has to look similar to Venus but if applying for the Moon Princess, please consider it. <3

      When the manga and anime started, Usagi and her friends were 14 years old and in middle school. Obviously considering the content that will occur in this game, our Senshi/Knights won't be that young to keep with site rules. The youngest age a Senshi/Knight will be 17, which is a 11th/12th year in High School. Ideally the new Moon Princess/Earth Prince and the Inner Warriors should not go past the age of nineteen/first year of college. The Outer Warriors can be older since they are stronger in terms of magical power but not really past 25.

      Well, since this is anime based, I expect everyone to be Japanese, though I may allow one or two Foreign/'Mixed' characters.

      Fuku & Armor Appearance
      This is actually important to address. All Senshi of the same Solar System only have slight differences to personalize their uniforms (i.e. different color schemes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, sleeves etc.), but they remain somewhat uniform because they are a team. A senshi's fuku should not differ too drastically from each other (except for the main prince and princesses of star systems i.e. Sailor Moon and Sailor Princess Kakyuu but even they still retained elements uniform to the other senshi of their star systems).

       The Sailor Senshi of our Sol System are identified by their white leotard with a chest protector, sailor collar, ribbons on the chest and back waist, skirt, choker, gloves, and a tiara. However, since this is a new story in the Sailor Moon saga and because of the erotic themes that'll inevitably happen, Senshi uniforms will pretty much look like this: Spiffy, Sexy and New design.

      As for Knights, since they aren't canon to the actual Sailor Moon metaseries, I'm allowing them to have a little more leeway in terms of design. Just think of light armor images. I also recommend looking at these designs for inspiration: Clickies. (Obviously your knight doesn't have to have his chest and nipples exposed, though I'm sure none of the Senshi would really complain.) Also, please stick to the colors attached to the corresponding senshi/element.


      • You can write out your senshi's and Knight's Henshin sequence with all the ribbons, stars, fire etc. you want. Even with said sequences, transformations are pretty much instantaneous in real time like in the manga. It can't be interrupted unless an enemy snatches up their transformation device.

      Teletia S-C: Named after the cellphones used in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (The C stands for Crystal because the phones are clear. I know, I R clever). For this game, they will be upgraded from flip-phones to Smart Phones. Aesthetically, they resemble This Phone. The base and interface of each phone is tailored to the signature color of each planet couple (The girls' phones will obviously be in lighter shades than the boys). On the phone's base is also marked with the planetary symbol of it's owner. They can be used to contact more than one person at once, allowing for group calls between the Senshi and Knights. They also have a special feature which allows the Senshi and knights to  disguise themselves by taking someone's picture with the camera and then take on the appearance (or at least the clothing) of that person. Since these phones are magic fueled tech, they get reception anywhere...even in space. 

      -The New Phase Broach: Sailor Moon's Henshin device. Very similar to the Manga incarnation of Usagi's first broach, though the body is half crystal and the crescent moon having more ornate detailing. To transform into Sailor Moon, she must shout "Moon Cosmic Power, Make-Up"

      -Planet Power Rings: Senshi Transformation devices, worn by the senshi at all time with the jewels  To evoke the henshin, the Senshi must shout the phrase “-Insert Planet- Planet Power, Make Up!”. Inner Senshi Rings. Outer Senshi Rings.

      -Quasar Watches: Knight Henshin devices. They resemble watches with a sleek black design. Each one lights up with the Knight's signature color with the center marked with a glowing planetary symbol during transformation.   To evoke the henshin, the Knight must shout the phrase “-Insert Planet- Quasi-Power, Armor Up!”

      • I'm just gonna say that we're going by the Manga in terms of Senshi/Knight power levels where they were all pretty powerful (even Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Kamen), with Moon and Saturn having the strongest abilities. As you remember in the original anime, the senshi always just attacked and weakened the monster for Sailor Moon to finish it off. That will not be the case here. Each Senshi and Knight are capable of killing off youma or a General on their own. Just for the sake of drama and drawing out the story, there won't be one-hit KOs all the time.
      • Fights will be more physical in nature in this game, closer to how the Senshi fight in Crystal than in the 90's anime. Flashy elemental attacks are the Sailor Moon norm of course, but these girls and guys are magical warriors, thus they are capable of physical hand to hand combat. They can also leap up buildings in a single bound aka your typical anime action physics. Because they are magical, Senshi and Knights are in possession of far more endurance than the average person and their bodies can take more punishment. Which is why they are occasionally favored sex toys for the bad guys
      So they can survive being struck by lightning, falling off a roof or being slammed into a brick wall, whereas a normal human would die from such blunt force trauma.

      • You're free to have your character inherit the attacks of the past Senshi. You're fee to make up your own attacks. You're free to do a combo of both. Each Senshi and their Knight have an Element (more than one for some) assigned to them, get as creative as you'd like.
      • Senshi are also armed with weapons that at times play a roll in their attacks. Your character can inherit a canon weapon from the former Senshi or create a new one (unless Mercury is good with a Lyre and Jupiter with a crown of leaves xP). By default, the new Outer Senshi will inherit the Talismans of the former Senshi.

    S E N S H I/ K N I G H T S
    Typical practice for Sailor Moon RPGs these days, there will be a Senshi (Female) and Knight (Male) to represent each planet in the Solar System (And yes, in this continuity, Pluto is still a full fledged planet, screw what the  astrologists now say). Only because it's not fair for Sailor Moon to have herself a man while the other Sailors lack one. Not that it really mattered for the former Uranus and Neptune since they were into each other, but still.
    In game, the excuse will be that considering how many times the Earth and the Solar System has been targeted by Chaos in the past, The Guardian Cosmos has decided to up the Sol System's defense by creating  two Sailor Crystals for each planet, each one in the solar system to have a Senshi and Knight. Except Earth. There won't be a Sailor Earth. Tuxedo Kamen represented Earth and so his successor will also continue to be Earth's Guardian and also serve as the male counterpart & Knight to Sailor Moon, so there won't be a 'Moon Knight' either.

    I N N E R _W A R R I O R S

    Heirs of the Solar System:
    In the past, all the planets of the Solar System were once populated. The two prominent civilizations were Elysion aka the Golden Kingdom on Earth and the Moon Kingdom aka The Silver Millennium.  The Successors of those kingdoms will receive the two of the most powerful Sailor Crystals in the Galaxy; the Golden Crystal and Silver Crystal.

    Terra Knight/Prince of Earth_
    Successor of Mamoru Chiba aka Tuxedo Kamen and Prince Endymion.  Keeper of the Golden Crystal.
    Element(s): Earth and Energy
    Signature Color(s): Gold

    Sailor Moon (Soldier of Love and Justice)/Moon Princess_
    Successor of Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity. Keeper of the Silver Crystal.
    Element(s):  Moonlight, Love, Healing and Energy
    Signature Color(s): Blue, Red-Pink,White and Silver.


    Senshi and Knights of the Four Guardian Deities
    The four Sailor Senshi protected by Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. It is the Inner Senshi's duty to protect and serve their Moon Princess. 
    Similar to the Shitenou (Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite and Kunzite), The Inner Knights will serve as the Earth Prince's guardians.

    Venus (Soldier & Knight of Love and Beauty) _
    Both serve as leaders of the Senshi and Knights respectively and are the first in command under Sailor Moon and Terra Knight. Combat wise, where the warriors of Mars and Jupiter excel in offensive attacks and the Mercury warriors excel in strategy and defense, the Venus warriors are more rounded in terms of offensive and defensive maneuvers, acting as the balancing force to the Inner Guardians and are able to take command and lead when necessary.
    Element(s): Love, Light and Metal
    Signature Color(s): Yellow, Orange and Gold.

    Mercury (Soldier & Knight of Water and Intellect)_
    Guided by the water planet, the Senshi and Knight of Mercury act as the brains of their team. They are gifted with genius intellect and while they may not hold as much offensive strength in their attacks as the other senshi and knights, they more than make up for it in their analytic strategies in defeating enemies. They are gifted with special hand held computers and visors to make calculations, analyze phenomena and scan an enemies' vitals to gain stats and weaknesses.
    Element: Water (All forms of water including Ice, Snow, Vapor and Mist)
    Signature Color(s): Blue and Light Blue

    Mars (Soldier & Knight of Soldier of Flame, War and Passion)_
    The Senshi and Knight of Mars act as Second in Command of their respective teams. As they are guarded by the Roman God of War, their attacks are primarily offensive with some abilities to dispel and exorcise evil. They are granted some clairvoyant abilities as well, able to sense evil and receive premonitions.
    Element: Fire
    Signature Color: Red

    Jupiter (Soldier & Knight of Thunder, Courage and Protection) _
    The warriors of Jupiter are third in the chain of command for the guardian court. Guided by the planet of Protection, they are physically the strongest of the inner warriors and have the most resistance to damage. Both act as the muscle of the Senshi and Knights respectively. Their attacks are primarily offensive. Utilizing the power of nature and the storm, are very damaging in terms of magical attack strength. There was a reason why Sailor Jupiter was always usually the first to be taken out during fights in the 90'sAnime.
    Element: Nature (Electricity & Wood)
    Signature Color: Green

    O U T E R _W A R R I O R S
    Senshi and Knights of the Outer Solar System
    While the Inner Senshi and Knights serve as personal body guards for their prince and princess, it is the Outer Senshi who serve to defend the Moon and Earth Kingdoms and the entire Solar System from destructive forces within or invading forces outside the Solar System. To help in their task, the Outer Senshi and Knights are granted stronger magical attacks. The Senshi themselves are armed with the three Talismans: The Space Sword, Deep Sea Mirror, Garnet Orb by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto respectively, while Saturn is keeper of the Silence Glaive.

    Uranus (Soldier & Knight of Sky and Flight) _
    Leaders of the Outer Senshi and Knights. As the warriors of sky, Sailor Uranus and Uranus are the most nimble and fastest of all the Sol Senshi.
    Element: Sky/Space (Can generate attacks based on Wind, Sound and even hurl energy attacks by drawing upon the force of the Heavens as seen with Uranus' 'World Shaking' attack.)
    Signature Color: Navy Blue

    Neptune (Soldier & Knight of Deep Waters, Elegance and Comphrehension) _
    Like Mercury for the Inner warriors, Neptune is the most intuitive of the Outer Warriors and like Mars, are in possession of precognitive abilities to sense evil and warn them of coming danger.
    Element: Sea (Neptune's attack are driven by the forces of the Ocean, giving her access to stronger aqua attacks than Mercury and also energy based attacks by drawing upon the force of the sea as seen in her 'Deep Submerge' attack.)
    Signature Color: Sea Green

    Pluto (Soldier & Knight of the Underworld, Revolution and Space-Time) _
    The warriors of Pluto draw their powers from the god of the Underworld and fight with the element of Darkness. On the other side of the coin, they also possess powers of her time and have the ability to manipulate time and even stop time, though this power is forbidden.
    Element: Darkness and Time
    Signature Color: Black & Crimson

    Saturn (Soldier & Knight of Silence, Death and Rebirth) _
    The Saturn warriors can be considered the polar opposite of Sailor Moon and Terra Knight. The Senshi and Knight of Saturn are bestowed great power and aside from Sailor Moon and Terra Knight, easily the strongest of other Sol System Senshi and Knights. With a mere conscious gesture, the warriors of Saturn have the power to bring about ruin to entire worlds. It is their duty to 'Harvest the life of a planet' ending it so that Sailor Moon may use her powers of resurrection for rebirth.
    Element: Destruction
    Signature Color(s): Dark Purple, Black & White

    The Blood Moon Kingdom

    Acting as a dark reflection of the Silver Millennium,it is  under the rule of a mysterious woman shrouded in shadow who calls herself Selene. Beneath her are a handful of Generals who carry out her will and beneath them are their minions, creatures known as Draugs (Our Monsters of the Day). The Blood Moon kingdom itself has replaced the ruins of the Silver Millennium. Their goal is to expand their territory, assimilate Earth, turning the entire planet into their domain.

    On Earth, they operate under the guise of a company called Lun-Tech, known for their trademark Smart Mirrors. Also under their umbrella is a cosmetics and spa company: NewU and Erotica company Lunsires, known for their line of Toys, Lubes and Books.

    Blood Type:
    Physical Appearance:
    Favorite Food:
    Least Favorite Food:
    Favorite Subject:
    Least Favorite Subject:


    Senshi/Knight Identity:

    Turn Ons & Offs:

    Theme Song:

    Code: [Select]
    [b]Blood Type:[/b]
    [b]Physical Appearance:[/b]
    [b]Favorite Food:[/b]
    [b]Least Favorite Food:[/b]
    [b]Favorite Subject:[/b]
    [b]Least Favorite Subject:[/b]


    [b]Senshi/Knight Identity:[/b]

    [b]Turn Ons & Offs:[/b]

    [b]Theme Song:[/b]

    Can I play a canon senshi?
    Nope. Usagi, Mamoru and their friends returned to the Galaxy Cauldron after Galaxia and Chaos were defeated, which is why New Senshi are being born to take their place. This also means that the timelines have been shifted and even Chibiusa has been written out of history within this game.

    Will there be a new Chibi Moon? What about the Asteroid Senshi?
    It's possible for a Chibi Moon to come from the Future to try and prevent something bad that happens in her time. But before we can even discuss that, the plots in the present have to get rolling first. As for the Asteroid Senshi (Pallas, Vesta, Juno and Ceres) there's potential for them to appear as well.

    Are Senshi/Knights from other Solar Systems like the Starlights playable?
    I'm going to say no at the moment. And if they do eventually appear, they may just be NPCs. I have no vision for them in the story right now.

    Can I make up my Senshi's /Knight's attacks?
    Yes, as long as it relates to their element.

    Can I make my Senshi/Knight related to a canon character?
    I'd rather not have any direct relations between the New Senshi & Knights with the former Senshi. Though if you wanted to make your character related to a side character like Motoki (the guy who ran and now owns the arcade), then that would be fine.

    Can I make a villain?
    Absolutely!  Like other Sailor Moon  villain groups, There will be a nice supply of Youma released upon the city. There's also the roles of Generals to act as Psycho Rangers to the Sailor Senshi and Knights.

    Can I play more than one character?
    Yes. However, no doubling up on Senshi and Knights quite yet. If you would like to play a hero and make a villain and/or NPC, that is okay.

    Code: [Select]
    [floatleft][img height=200]CHARACTER IMAGE URL HERE[/img][/floatleft]

    R O S T E R

    | Villains |

    Selene - Closed
    General Tanzanite- Koto Hissuga | Karasu
    General ???- Katra
    General ???- Angiejuusan
    General ???- Saphir
    (If you're interested in making a General, contact me or Brazen.)

    | Sailor Senshi |

    --I N N E R S--

    Sailor Moon- Hanae Mizuki | ThatOneShrroth
    Sailor Venus- Orimoto Kokoro | Saphir
    Sailor Mars- Tensuke Kamira | Niki315
    Sailor Jupiter- Oshiro Miyu | D12
    Sailor Mercury- Kawaguchi Suisei | Brazen Endeavors 

    --O U T E R S --

    Sailor Uranus- Open
    Sailor Neptune- Zara Fairchild | Ember Star
    Sailor Pluto- Asada Nagisa | Vampricprincessty
    Sailor Saturn- Tresea Serene Katsaros | Katra Alexion

    | Knights |

    --I N N E R S--

    Terra Knight- Saito Ren | Wolfenbastion
    Venus Knight- Katsuro Isamu | Laughing Hyena
    Mars Knight-  Shinta Li | Deathnote
    Jupiter Knight- Hayashi Masahiko | ReijiTabibito
    Mercury Knight- Hikari Kazuki | Angiejuusan

    --O U T E R S --

    Uranus Knight- Open
    Neptune Knight- Allistor Heidenov | pendarious
    Pluto Knight- Togashi Satsu | Togashi
    Saturn Knight- Gabriel Apostolos | Dorian Grandale
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    Offline Angie

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #1 on: December 14, 2014, 03:33:07 PM »
    I call-someone's already called Sailor Mercury. Then I call Knight Mercury!

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    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #2 on: December 14, 2014, 03:35:41 PM »
    Why has nobody called Meatball Head yet? Possible interest for Meatball Head!

    Offline Angie

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #3 on: December 14, 2014, 03:39:16 PM »
    Oh yes, I may also drop in a villain. Ehehehehe... >:)

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    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
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    Name:  Kawaguchi Suisei (Western:  Suisei "Sue" Kawaguchi)
    Age: 17
    Blood Type: A
    Height: 168cm (5'6")
    Weight:  51kg (112lbs)
    Physical Appearance: 
    Sue has the lean build common to most swimmers, though it's usually hidden by clothes that sway more towards comfort and ease.  Blue eyes regard the world behind an almost lackadaisical air.  Her hair has become a canvas, currently dyed a pale white blonde with streaks of dark blue throughout. 
    Hobbies: Gaming, hacking, acting, some judo, music mixing (piano), running, swimming. 
    Favorite Food: Seafood (especially crab); Sashimi
    Least Favorite Food: Tsukemono
    Favorite Subject: Computer Science
    Least Favorite Subject: Lunch
    Personality: Most regard Sue as "cold" and "indifferent", and not without bias.  While she can be easy to talk to, there seems to be a wall between her and the world at large; a certain, subtle apathy that bleeds into her social interactions.  Extremes such as sadness, embarassment, or excitement seem almost unattainable in the youth.  In emergencies, she is quick to analyze and do what needs to be done, adjusting well to surprises.  Very few have breached this shell to know the true woman who lurks beneath. 

    Seventeen years was born a babe to the Kawaguchi family -- a family known well to business district of Tokyo, as leaders of private sector waste management.  This babe was the youngest of three, an older brother who was heir to the Kawaguchi fortune, and an older sister expected to marry well.  Suisei, little celestial angel, was more than a baby -- she was the baby, destined to be pampered without the social burdens of her siblings. 

    It became clear early on that "Sue-chan" was a prodigy in her own right, reading before she was four years old, and playing the piano with an ear that was a marvel.  As she reached school age -- and was enrolled in the elite Mugen Academy -- her parents gifted her with the usual in the latest of electronics.  Her first tablet was modded within a week by her own hand, showcased with pride when she had managed to run her sister's midi keyboard from it to compose her own melodies. 

    Before her second year of school, her parents had set her up with her own little studio; a top-of-the-line desktop, recording equipment, and full-sized keyboard.  While music was fun, intervening years allowed her passions to grow and include the equipment she worked with.  From there, and in part due to school, she learned the basics of computer programming.  On her own time, she studied more of it, opening up worlds in cyberspace.  Barely into middle school, she'd discovered how to hack into the school's mainframe and adjust grades.  With subtle advertising, it became a swift and lucrative business.

    At seventeen years, Sue's quiet demeanor and longing for solitude broke the hearts of her family.  She had advanced to her final year of high school, on the brink of continuing to university level classes.  The Kawaguchi family was shocked to learn that, just after her 17th birthday, Sue rented her own condo apartment with the intent to support herself.  Hacking had been a lucrative business since she was 13, after all.  She was able to live on her own and concentrate on her own desires, including internet courses for "ethical hacking" alongside other top programming courses.  This, on top of her school studies and prep courses for college. 

    Her free time is usually spent gaming from the comfort of her home.  At rare occassions, she makes an appearance at local arcades.  She dislikes rude and crude gamer boys, to the point where she becomes vocally aggressive.  She is usually polite, however, though her aloof nature seems to discourage any fruitful interactions.  Her other passions include obscure trivia, word games, producing music, and cats.


    Senshi/Knight Identity: Sailor Mercury
    Teletia S-C: Standard phone/communication device between Senshi and Knights.
    Mercury Planet Power Ring: A dainty silver ring inset with Saphirsapphire and tanzanite.  Mercury's henshin device.
    Mercury Goggles: A bit of a misnomer, since the power behind this beauty is contained within her earrings.  A touch summons a virtual display before her eyes, feeding Sailor Mercury a wealth of information.  Usually, it is used to scan enemies and surrounding areas.  A keyboard, if needed, is projected virtually.  Mouthpiece is also included.  The whole of it seems to pair with her Teletia S-C, allowing for communication with others while she uses it.
    Mercury Aqua Mist:  A mist of water or fog that blinds and confuses enemies, though Senshi are able to see through it to launch their attacks. May also generate a stream of water to fling at enemies.

    Mercury Frigid Storm:  Offensive/defensive.  Can create a projectile blast of ice that freezes enemies, or a defending barrier of ice.

    Shine Aqua Illusion:  A concentrated blast of water that drowns out her enemies with it's constant assault. 

    Mercury Aqua Mirage: Engulfs enemies in a globe of water, destroying them when the water bursts.

    Mercury Aqua Sword: Sword summoned from water and ice. 
    Weaknesses: Fire, social interaction, near-sightedness.

    Turn Ons & Offs:
    Turn Ons: Romance, assertiveness, mystery, charm.  Being dominated.  A more extensive explanation.

    Turn Offs: Bathroom play, vore, losing limbs.

    Theme Song: to be added

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    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #5 on: December 14, 2014, 03:47:14 PM »
    Hi guys!  What hasn't been said is that we are having a pretty open casting call -- anything not claimed, you may apply for.  Multiple people can submit for any one character, and we'll choose the one we think most fitting.  Also, you may apply for as many as you like, but at most we will only choose one or two spots for you to fill.  As a matter of preference, we'd like to ensure each Senshi and knight has a different player.

    Offline Angie

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #6 on: December 14, 2014, 03:49:31 PM »
    I can get behind that-I know I said "I call Knight Mercury" but I'm pretty casual about stuff.

    Offline MiraMirror

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #7 on: December 14, 2014, 04:00:35 PM »
    Pretty much, whatever suits the character (and is open) is fine.

    Online SweetSerenade

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #8 on: December 14, 2014, 04:17:41 PM »
    You know I am in on this. Please PM me and let me know how I should fill stuff in? I am not sure how to classify Kogane, given the information you know...

    Offline Angie

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #9 on: December 14, 2014, 04:51:37 PM »
    I am currently on my phone, but I plan on building the Mercury Knight as soon as possible. I'm thinking going Craftsman style with him-he builds awesome stuff, then goes and uses it to nuke a Youma or three. I kinda want him to have a bike-as in motor cycle.

    Offline MiraMirror

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #10 on: December 14, 2014, 05:16:11 PM »
    Awww, but why not a trike/tricycle, Angie? :(

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    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #11 on: December 14, 2014, 05:36:23 PM »
     Well since it seems I'm early enough here is my sheet. Some of you might recognize him some may not who knows.  ;D ;D ;D

    Name: Ky Windfield
    Age: 21
    Blood Type: O-
    Hobbies: Swordsmanship, cooking, playing music(ocarina)
    Height: 188cm (6'2)
    Weight: 205 lbs
    Physical Appearance: human form
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

    Favorite Food:  yaki beef, grilled steak and Tea
    Least Favorite Food: Raw Oysters
    Favorite Subject: Music
    Least Favorite Subject: Math
    Personality: Loyal, cool-headed, Honorable, loving
    Background: Ky is the son of a British diplomat and a Japanese woman, though it proved that he got more of his father's genes than his mother, as evidenced by his blonde hair and blue eyes. Ky spent his youth growing up in japan learning of his mother's culture and his mother's people. When he was older Ky's father took him to a museum that showing different swords from across the world. As Ky looked on the various swords around the exhibit his attention was drawn to a finely crafted blade. The name on the plaque identified it as a bastard sword. The hand-and-half sword captivated and when he left he told his father he wanted to study the use in such a weapon. He cocked an eyebrow as to why his son wanted to use such weapon but sighed giving up the argument. He found a teacher for him and from then Ky learned to wield the blade in both one hand and two hands. Along with learning how to wield the sword Ky's mentor impressed on him the qualities of honor, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.  Also around this time Ky also became entranced in the musical arts, finding a talent inside himself for playing the small ocarina. On his eighteenth birthday as a gift from his mother he received a sword like pendent that etched into the hilt cross guard was the symbol for Venus. Ky initially scoffed at the symbol but in secret he really did feel an attachment to the small pendent. It was also about then that his father was being transferred back to Great Britain and his mother was going with him. Ky decided to stay in Tokyo basically telling them that his life was here and this was where he intended to stay. His parents respected his decision and set up a monthly styphen for him to live on while he went to school there.

    Senshi/Knight Identity: Venus Knight

    Knight form
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

    Weapon/Equipment: Holy sword Excalibur


    Arc of Light: With a downward swing of his sword Ky generates a scything blade of light

    Light Arrow: By infusing his sword with Light Energy Ky can fire a focused bolt of energy that can pierce armor and magical shields

     Sacred Edge: Ky infuses his blade with Light energy adding a shaper cutting edge to his blade and attacks his enemies cutting through evil creatures.

     Rising Force: Ky coats himself and his blade in energy and charges forward slamming his sword and the energy around the both of them into his opponent

     Healing Touch: Ky can call upon the his Light powers to heal someone. He could even resurrect the recently dead but at a high cost to himself, he would be sacrificing his own life energy to do so which would in turn effect how long his life span is so it's possible that if done this way enough times he could die from it.

    Weaknesses:  His sense of honor, darkness/negative emotions

    Turn Ons: vaginal sex, anal sex, oral(both giving and reciving)
    Turn Offs:  Scat, watersports(i.e. Anything to do with urine.), beastality

    Theme Song:
    Code Geass - Ending Song of episode 25 R2 (Continued Story - Hitomi)

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    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #12 on: December 14, 2014, 05:52:22 PM »
    Nice to see you back, Sessha!  If you could please rework your character sheet to fit the new format instead of copying and pasting your old one?  Thank you.

    Offline Laughing Hyena

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #13 on: December 14, 2014, 06:01:49 PM »
    I am currently also wanting to run for Venus Knight as well. So I shall also be submitting a sheet.

    Online SweetSerenade

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #14 on: December 14, 2014, 07:02:08 PM »
    Name: Tsuki Kogane (Kogane Tsuki)
    Age: 36
    Blood Type: O-
    Height: 5'4''
    Weight: 115lbs
    Physical Appearance:
    Physical Notes: Gold eyes, Black Hair.

    Writing Novels, some are published
    moonlighting as a heroine in her younger years.
    Caring for Yuki and Yuri - Even though they are grown men
    Favorite Food: Steak and potatoes, a simple woman.
    Least Favorite Food: Anything Heavily Spieced Indian or Mexican
    Favorite Subject: N/A Teacher, she deals with many
    Least Favorite Subject: N/A Teacher, she deals with many
    Kogane is a calm woman, always seemingly collected in a way that many would not understand. She remembers the strange years of her youth, and remembers the things she had to do. The recent 18 years of piece has been a godsend, but always in her heart of hearts something did not feel right. She never felt at home with what was happening around her. Even as she taught English at Juuban, even as she went about her daily life. Something always felt off, like there was more beneath the surface than she could ever know.

    She has no experience with romance, nor does she feel any need for. She is classified as Demisexual, even though outwardly she seems even intent to not even have any romantic situations. Never been kissed, never been touched. She is a woman that is of her own. She doesn't even touch herself, and some say that makes her hardwired to be on the edge - but she doesn't seem to change in that calm collected demeanor that surrounds her.

    She is very loyal, especially to her family. To her students she is a hard taskmistress, but she will be fair. Though she prefers to think she is heading towards the peak of her career, she is intent on getting into Mugen Academy as a teacher. Which is something she is pushing for very hard. She doesn't hang out with her collegues, and quite often is seen along - other than her two brothers who are 26 at this time. Her parents are lamenting, constantly, that she will never give them grandchildren. But somewhere deep in her heart she wonders why she feels no need like others do.

    Sure some men might be a bit attractive, but she never feels any sexual urges.
    Not that she would tell anyone.

    Silver Millenium - Information Redacted, Classified Material

    Kogane was born the oldest of her parents three children. Now, thirty five years later, she is someone that her parents can be proud of. She had a normal child hood, other then her martial arts training. Other then that, her odd gifts, were something her parents worried about. They loved their daughter, and didn't believe that her powers were evil. They believed that a person could choose their own fate, and that it wasn't dictated by the energy they used. Their daughter Kogane, didn't have an easy child hood. But they loved her all the more.

    When Kogane was ten years old, her twin brothers Yuki and Yuri were born. She watched over the pair like a mother hen, and would do everything in her power to protect them. She was only fourteen, when the Sailor Scouts first started to make an appearance in the media. It was around this time, that her powers made some interesting and sporadic jumps. Around the time that Sailor Moon began to appear, Kogane's powers reached an odd peak of chaotic intent. She had to relearn how to control her gifts, but she used them for good.

    She was not a Sailor Scout, but she believed in Civil Defense. She used her powers, and moonlighted as a heroine of her own. No name, no knowledge of her existence, she handled youmas that slipped through the Senshi's radar. She did this to protect those she loved, and she did it well.

    As time moved on, and things seemed to die off, she went through high school. She finished the top of her class, of a small private school. She had only ever attended a private all girls academy. She attended Tokyo U, and got several degrees. As it currently stands, she is an English Teacher at a local High School. She writes novels in her spare time, novels about dreams she has had since she was a child.

    Her brothers grew into two rather fine young men, and they were as much of gentlemen as Kogane could teach them to be.

    IN recent years her brothers, Yuki and Yuri, seemed to take on a new guise of abilities - like their older sister. They fought beside her, and the trio took out what spare youmas they could. They are now hiding their gifts, and trying to find out what is happening in their city. They have also noticed a severe lack of the Senshis presence, and this worries them.

    They don't know what is happening, but they won't stand to see their people harmed. They just hope the senshi are not gone, that there are people to help fight for the defense of the common people. If not, Kogane will have to lay her life down to see Tokyo defended.

    Redacted - Information Classified
    Senshi/Knight Identity:
    Shadow/Darkness Manipulation -
    Since she was young, she has had the ability to manipulate shadows. She doesn't understand it, but she uses it for what she calls 'good'. The only thing that matters to her, is the protection of her family. Kogane has, and will always be 'family' first. This shadow manipulation only applies to shadows that are actually there. The manipulation of darkness is the same, she can only use what is already there.

    Chaos Manipulation -
     Sinve she was young she had the ability to heighten and manipulate the chaos around her. THis proved useful against youma, as it gave her the ability to 'feed' off of their chaos and manipulate it into a tangible form.

    Martial Arts Experience -
    Kogane was raised by parents who believed in 'self-defense'. She originally joined into her martial arts classes, because she wanted to learn to defend herself. But when she was ten, Yuki and Yuri were born. She continued her courses, because she wanted to protect her two younger brothers. She mastered none of the courses she took, but she took enough to be able to defend herself if the situation warrants it.

    Weaknesses: She can only handle so much Chaos, and she is only human (As far as she knows) So she has a lot of physical limitations of a human.
    Family endangerment
    Tall, Dark, Handsome (*Just because she has a weakness for this, doesn't mean that weakness can be used against her to get sex. Her sexuality is still something that has to be taken into consideration) (IE Demisexual)
    Hard to Anger, but Hard to calm down - Get her to blow up? She doesn't think straight for a long time.
    Would Sacrifice one, to save the many
    Willing to do whatever it takes, even kill

    Turn Ons & Offs: N/A Kogane has not had a chance to explore these things, and really doesn't care to explore them.

    Theme Song:   N/a Not sure honestly
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    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #15 on: December 14, 2014, 07:24:36 PM »
    A question I just realized-are we starting this off with our powers or are we going to gain them after we start? Because I planned for Hikari to build all his own gear...

    Offline MiraMirror

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #16 on: December 14, 2014, 07:29:11 PM »
    I have so many ideas...but I need to make them fit thematically.  Using gaps, sadly, does not fit the theme of the moon. -w-

    Offline Sessha

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #17 on: December 14, 2014, 07:35:00 PM »
    Nice to see you back, Sessha!  If you could please rework your character sheet to fit the new format instead of copying and pasting your old one?  Thank you.

      Edited. I don't have time right now to puzzle out his personality yet, but I hope my new sheet works.

    Offline Angie

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #18 on: December 14, 2014, 07:36:35 PM »
    A question I just realized-are we starting this off with our powers or are we going to gain them after we start? Because I planned for Hikari to build all his own gear...

    And I have another question-would it be alright to involve human NPCs in our backstories? This is all questions related to backstory, because I don't wanna spend two hours working on it only to realize I had the COMPLETE wrong idea.

    In my case, Hikari's worst bully is gonna become his best buddy.

    Online SweetSerenade

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #19 on: December 14, 2014, 07:39:03 PM »
    I do believe that all of the senshi, minus Venus Senshi/Knight and Terra Knight will be awakened - but you can fill in their sheet details of what they will have when awakened.

    Offline Angie

    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #20 on: December 14, 2014, 07:40:15 PM »
    I do believe that all of the senshi, minus Venus Senshi/Knight and Terra Knight will be awakened - but you can fill in their sheet details of what they will have when awakened.

    Well I'm going for Mercury, so that's a good sign! Brb, becoming awesome.

    EDIT: I have Mercury Knight mostly built, but I'll refrain from posting til I hear a GM answer to my questions.
    « Last Edit: December 14, 2014, 08:21:39 PM by Angiejuusan »

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    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
    « Reply #21 on: December 14, 2014, 08:53:15 PM »
    Name: Orimoto "Koko" Kokoro (Westernized: Kokoro Orimoto)
    Age: 17
    Blood Type: B
    Height: 5'3'' (160 cm)
    Weight: 110 Pounds (49 kg)

    Physical Appearance:
    As the Senshi of Venus, it should not come as a surprise that Kokoro embodies physical aesthetics usually associated with the goddess of Love, Beauty and Sensuality. A petite, slender build with a pronounced bust and hips giving her a slight hour glass figure accompanied by long slender legs.  Her skin is fair like porcelain, soft to the touch. Draping from her head are long and glossy golden locks of blonde mid-thigh length hair. Her eyes are generally viewed as being blue, but actually border on indigo in color. Aside from her school uniform, Koko's wardrobe is vast, though her style remains in the territory of preppy-casual. 

    Hobbies: Ballet/Dance, Drawing, Karaoke, reading Steamy Romance Novels and Fashion.

    Favorite Food:
    -Steak stir fry
    -Passion Fruit
    -Desserts in general. Put anything sweet in front of her and she will devour it.

    Least Favorite Food:
    -Brussel sprouts

    Favorite Subject: Art
    Least Favorite Subject: Mathematics

     Although it  is the picture she wishes to paint for those around her, though who truly know Kokoro is that she is far, FAR from being the 'Perfect Princess'.  She doesn't take her studies as seriously as she should since she decided from an early age that she would be a world renown ballerina, which she believes doesn't involve any of the subjects learned in school. She's also known for her lighthearted and playful attitude, especially with guys. It's not uncommon to see her going around playfully flirting with the opposite gender. She can also be very passionate, showing off a brash and outspoken side to herself when she's worked up and excited or angry and upset.

    When she first became a Sailor Soldier, she believed it to be all fun and games along with being a beautiful heroine to be idolized. Though during her last two years as Sailor V, she's unfortunately learned that being a Sailor Soldier does come with overbearing responsibilities and sacrificing the chance of a normal life. Having experienced a tragic loss and already somewhat battle hardened, she takes her role as a Senshi seriously. Now that she's distancing herself from her classmates, she's looking toward her mission of assembling a new team of Sailor Soldiers to help fight the enemy. To further elaborate on her a little more, traits and tropes:

    Lovable Alpha Bitch
    Beautiful. Sarcastic. Playful. A tease. Catty. Popular. Since she was a child,she has been doted on and given everything she wanted. Although being filthy rich and spoiled is usually a recipe of disaster for creating an insufferable, self centered person, Kokoro isn't like that at all. At least not very much. She does cross over into acting superficial, is materialistic and slightly self centered but she manages to balance it out with the compassion she has for her family, friends and sometimes even strangers. Particularly, she's known to reach out to and befriend those of weak will and who are unable to defend themselves. Bullies who are disagreeable and go out of their way to make others miserable are earn themselves high on Kokoro's shit-list. She doesn't tolerate disrespect towards herself nor does she tolerate it towards her loved ones or the innocent. One can be sure that if there is a wrong being done in her presence, Kokoro WILL right it.

    Plucky Girl
    Kokoro runs on confidence and energy. Her parents and older brother always told her that there's nothing one can't do if they put their mind and heart into it. And you know what? It was a lesson that was absorbed and taken to heart.  Those who know Kokoro have never seen the girl turn down a challenge...well except challenges that relate to Math but other than that, one can expect the blonde to always rise to the occasion. Sometimes she doesn't win, that's part of life, she accepts it. Even while life may get a good hit in to actually kick her down, defeat doesn't stick well with her for too long. When there's a will, there's a way and Kokoro is always determined to come out on top of whatever obstacles are in her way.

    Genius Ditz
    Kokoro doesn't get the highest marks one would expect for a girl of her social class. While she is always encouraged to do her best in her studies, Kokoro just never had any interest in Mathematics, Philosophy, Science, etc.  However, she does excel in her personal niche/hobby (ballet) and also in being a Pretty Soldier of Love and Justice.

    Beware the Silly Ones/The Dreaded
    Known to usually be playful and flirty, Kokoro does harbor a hot blooded side that shows itself whenever she sets out to put someone in check. That may include giving someone a harsh reality check through verbal assault or just a good'ole kick to the face if it comes to that. Therefore, the majority of her classmates make it an effort not to ever get on her bad side. As of two years of being a Senshi, she has made a name for herself, single-handedly taking out their monsters and so far has killed one of the Void-Moon's Generals alone.

    Stepford Smiler
    This works in conjunction with her 'Plucky Girl' trait. Kokoro has mastered it from a young age. She really isn't the type break down and/or cry in the presence of her classmates, friends or family. Even if asked if something is bothering her, she's always willing to put on a happy grin to reassure that she is perfectly okay. Even with the weight of the world on her shoulders after discovering her destiny as a senshi and having lost her first love in the line of Senshi duties, Kokoro puts on a brave face to smooth over and hide whatever emotional scarring she's received as a pretty soldier.

    Married to the Job
    Kokoro has always been very loyal to her friends but lately since returning to Japan, she has put her duties as a Senshi in full priority. It's a destiny she has accepted and is fully willing to dedicate herself into protecting her Moon Princess, even if it means the cost of her own wants, dreams and life.

    For the first fifteen years of her life, Kokoro lived a charmed existence. She was the second child born to her parents, with an older brother 10 years her senior. In her youth, she became involved with dance, becoming a ballerina at the age of four and has her own little shrine of award trophies from both dance competitions and beauty pageants she's won.

    The daughter of the famous hotel and resort mogul, Souske Orimoto, Kokoro has had frequent chances to travel outside of Japan, having spent months abroad at a time. When she was fifteen, she traveled to Rome, Italy while accompanying her father to a grand opening of his then newest resort. During her time there, Kokoro would be approached by a silver furred cat with a crescent moon mark upon it's forehead. Introducing himself as Mani, he claimed to be in search of the Solar System's newest guardians to awaken and informed Kokoro that she was the first and leader of these guardians who would have the mission of finding the new Moon Princess.

    Of course, Kokoro had a hard time swallowing the story until she had transformed into Sailor Venus for the first time. However, Sailor Venus wasn't needed and since the newest threat to the solar system were specifically looking for the new Moon Princess, Kokoro and Mani decided to use the Sailor V alias and powers to act as a decoy Moon Princess. Not knowing it was a hoax, the leader of the Void Moon kingdom, definitely took notice of this new Sailor Senshi and saw it as a thread to her plans.

    While in Rome, Kokoro acted as a vigilante fighting off the first of Selene's General's, Wiluite, his monsters and average street criminals; which caught the attention of local law enforcement. The chief of police wasn't a fan of Sailor V taking the law into her own hands and matters only became complicated with Kokoro developed a relationship with the chief's son, Vincent. Despite Mani's advice against becoming personally involved with someone, Kokoro shared her secret actvities with Vincent. While her father returned to Japan, Kokoro had convinced him to allow her to stay and attend school in Italy. Her relationship with Vincent and Kokoro's stint as Sailor V in Rome went two years strong but ultimately ended tragically.

    Wiluite had discovered Kokoro's identity, and sought to break the girl by kidnapping Vincent and demanded Sailor V's head for Vincent's life.  Although Kokoro showed up to the fight atop St. Peter's Basilica, she was forced to watch in horror as Wiluite threw Vincent over the edge. With her first love dead, Wiluite threatened to go after more of the important people in her like.  That was more than enough to send the young girl over the edge. Rage driven by the anguish of her love forever lost, Sailor V and Wiluite dueled. The fight ended when the Sailor Senshi used her Venus Love Megaton Shower to destroy the General's body.

    Following the incident, Kokoro moved back to Japan. Still hurting from the loss of Vincent, Kokoro dedicated herself more to her duties as Sailor V. In her civilian life, an attempt to resume friendships with those she had left behind before was a failure as she found herself growing more and more distant from her family in peers as her mission and duty as a Sailor Soldier took precedence in her life.

    Senshi/Knight Identity: Sailor V/Sailor Venus

    Teletia S-C: Standard phone/communication device between Senshi and Knights.

    Lunar Compact- Uses it to transform into Sailor V.

    Venus Planet Power Ring: A gold ring encrusted with Topaz and Spessartine Garnet jewels. Used to transform into Sailor Venus.

    -Venus Chain: A gold and red link chain worn as a belt around Koko's waist in senshi form. It's used for her 'Love Me Chain' and 'Wink Chain Sword' attacks.

    -Holy Blade: A sword capable of shattering diamond. Can be wielded by any of the Four Guardian Senshi but mainly wielded by their leader, Venus.

    -Crescent Moon Cutter: A weapon styled similarly to her Moon Compact, Kokoro wields this as a small boomerang throwing blade.

    As Sailor V:
    -Crescent Super Beam: Reflects a powerful a beam of light from her compact at her enemy to harm and/or destroy them.

    -Venus Sulfur Smoke: Creates a pungent sulfurous cloud of smoke that overwhelms targets.

    -Love Crescent Shower: Using her compact, Kokoro summons a shower of rain that has purifying properties. It can harm and destroy enemies as well as heal, restore energy to unconscious civilians and allies, remove curses, undo brainwashing, and even detoxify noxious gases.

    -Crescent Boomerang: Using her Crescent Moon Cutter, it glows in a golden light as she hurls it like a boomerang at her enemy to strike them.

     As Sailor Venus:
    -Crescent Boomerang: Using her Crescent Moon Cutter, it glows in a golden light as she hurls it like a boomerang at her enemy to strike them.

    -Crescent Beam:  Two crescent moons of gold energy collide above Kokoro. She then raises her right index finger up to touch them and absorb the energy. Lowering right her arm, she points at her target as her left hand rests against her elbow, then shoots a beam of light from her index finger.

    -Love-Me Chain: Kokoro removes the chain from around her waist, imbuing it with gold colored energy and uses it to beat, slash and constrict her opponents.

    -Love and Beauty Shower: After gathering energy in her lips, Kokoro kisses her hand making a heart of gold energy appear within her palm before flinging it forwards. The heart shaped energy then separates into multiple heart shaped beams that barrage her targets.

    -Wink Chain Sword: Kokoro uses her chain to create a sword made of golden light energy.

    -Rolling Heart Fury:  Kokoro forms a heart made of golden light energy in her hands. She then sends forth multicolored hearts all in a rolling corkscrew motion towards her targets.

    -Beauty Kick: Kokoro charges forth while imbuing her feet with golden light energy and kicks her opponents.

    -Darkness (The opposite of her own element.)
    -Hot Headed (Sometimes is furious enough, she will rush head on into a situation without thoroughly thinking it, endangering herself.)
    -Attractive Males (She's a little too boy crazy for her own good and will be the first to point out how hot a guy is, even if they are the enemy.)
    -Sugary Treats (Lock her in a candy store over night. Find her in a diabetic coma the next morning. It's almost impossible for her to resist sweets.)
    -Academics (She's not stupid, she just doesn't put as much focus into her studies as expected.)

    Turn Ons & Offs: Aside from Waterworks, Scat and Gore...she's fair game for anything.

    Theme Song: Hajimari No Toki- Ayaka | Hanatan - You And You Beautiful World | Release My Soul- Aimee Blackschleger

    Name: Máni
    Sailor/Knight Identity: N/A
    Height: 12''/30cm (cat form); 6'0''/183cm (human form)
    Weight: 10lbs (cat form); 132lbs (human form)
    Fav. Color: Silver, Periwinkle and White
    Fav. Food: Sashimi, Tuna steaks and Sake
    • Knowledge of the Sailor Wars, Silver Millennium, various enemies and other history given to him by the Guardian Cosmos to advise and guide the new Senshi and Knights.
    • Producing new magical items for the Senshi
    • Nagging
    • Asking inappropriate questions.

    Physical Appearance:
    Cat Appearance
    Human Appearance

    • Fish.
    • Naive of Earth customs.
    • Devotedly loyal and caring for the senshi and knights.

    Background: Like the guardian cats before him, Máni comes from the planet Mau.  Knowing that one day, the Sol system and Earth would one day be attacked again, Máni was sent to Earth by the Guardian Cosmos to become an adviser to the Sol System's new Sailor Soldiers when it was time to combat the threat of evil once again.  Two years ago, he discovered Kokoro and awakened her as the Senshi of Venus. Since then he has become her closest confidante. He tries to act as a 'cool big bro' to Kokoro. Sometimes he tries a little too hard by speaking in slang and various jargon that makes him come off as corny adult trying to be hip.  He also shows curiosity in the customs of Earth and will question anything he finds interesting or confusing. This can be bad since he sometimes lacks a filter for his mouth and his words can hit blunt like a brick.
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    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
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    A question I just realized-are we starting this off with our powers or are we going to gain them after we start?

    Yeah, for the sake of making it easier on everyone,  the RP is going to mirror the beginning of the first story arc since almost everyone is familiar with it. Kind of 'History is repeating itself'  scenario. So at the start of the game, Sailor V will have been active for two years, Terra Knight, just a few months (Having awoken on his own to find his 'Princess' mirroring Tuxedo Kamen/Mask). And Venus Knight just a few weeks. Everyone else has to be awakened.

    Because I planned for Hikari to build all his own gear...
    He won't have to create his Knight weapons and items as they will be given to him through magic, like Sailor Mercury's computer and Goggles. Unless he just likes tinkering and inventing things to use as a civilian? Or are you making him like Billy in Might Morphin Power Rangers where he built gadgets that occasionally were used to solve a problem caused by the enemy?

    And I have another question-would it be alright to involve human NPCs in our backstories?.

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    He won't have to create his Knight weapons and items as they will be given to him through magic, like Sailor Mercury's computer and Goggles. Unless he just likes tinkering and inventing things to use as a civilian? Or are you making him like Billy in Might Morphin Power Rangers where he built gadgets that occasionally were used to solve a problem caused by the enemy?

    I was thinking that he would have seen the designs for the gear in his dreams and then proceeded to build them after his awakening, but now I realize that him just having them would probably work better. His motorcycle would be mostly his own civilian build, and yes, he does like to tinker and build stuff. So, his Knight gear, he got that for free.

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    Re: 「MOON PRIDE」(Interest Check)
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    Okay, hopefully this blasted PC is fixed. First draft for now, I'll change anything that isn't good.

    Name: Hikari Kazuki
    Age: 18
    Blood Type: A+
    Height: 5' 11 1/2"
    Weight: 200 lbs.
    Physical Appearance: Rather slim, the boy is. His eyes are actually blue, but trying to find a picture I was completely satisfied with would have driven me more insane. His clothes tend to err on the casual side-he doesn't really feel a need to dress up. Half the time his hair isn't even brushed...
    I have to put a link because photobucket is bullshit
    Hobbies: Building and fixing all manner of machines, video games, singing, acting
    Favorite Food: Bacon Cheeseburgers-got a soft spot for even bad burgers of that variety.
    Least Favorite Food: Anything spicy.
    Favorite Subject: Chemistry-practical applications!
    Least Favorite Subject: He's good at it, but fuck Math
    Personality: Hikari projects a demeanor of being very comedic and jolly. He likes to crack jokes and make fun of everyone, even to the point of making people incredibly angry-though he will back off if asked too. Inside, however, he finds himself very concerned for everyone and has a tendency to take on everyone's problems as his own. We wants to fix everything, and though he realizes some things can't be fixed, he tries it anyway. He's motivated by a massive heroic streak, and now that he's the Mercury Knight, he'll happily throw himself in harm's way to save another.
    Background: All his life, Hikari was a nerd of the highest order. Socially awkward, bullied endlessly, and never really able to 'click' with others. He preferred to spend his time alone, studying, reading, listening to music, all that. Things changed in high school, though-it was as if everyone agreed to just suffer through the last few years of purgatory in peace. Hikari managed to find a group of friends with common hobbies, and actually enjoyed his high school years-well, except for one person. Kaneda had loved bullying him since the beginning of their school years together, and wasn't gonna stop. At least this time around, Hikari had a group of friends that wasn't going to see their buddy abused, and one of them, an American exchange student (by the name of Rylee) took a swing at the guy. The bullying ended there.

    Hikari himself found an old computer in one of the labs, one that was so old and broken that no one fixed it. Hikari, always up for the challenge, took it home, ordered custom parts, and eventually, managed to fix the bloody thing. On the computer were encrypted files that Hikari decoded, only to find a massive pile of evidence that resulted in solving 32 unsolved murders. Hikari was hailed as a boy genius and a hero after that particular stunt.

    Soon after, he began to have strange dreams of a magnificent kingdom, and also, he saw the designs for a number of powerful devices-one in particular was a supercharged motorcycle. Hikari knew he would have to build it, with one problem-the best bike builder he knew was with a heavy heart, he asked his former tormentor to give him a hand.

    "What the hell, you got guts-I'll help you." Kaneda said. The two studied the blueprints that Hikari had drawn up. "Fuckin' hell, kid, this'll be pushing it to the max." Kaneda said. "That's the plan." Came Hikari's reply.

    For weeks, the two toiled in Kaneda's garage, until finally, the Fireball was complete. The two celebrated by racing their own bikes, and Hikari crashed pretty hard near the end of the impromptu race-only to meet a talking cat that introduced itself as Mani. "Well, I must be dying if cats are talking..."

    Well, he wasn't dying, and instead, was gifted with the watch that allowed him to become the Mercury Knight. He's met Sailor Venus and is happy to assist in blowing away the forces of evil. He takes the whole "Knight" thing rather seriously, even if his outward personality doesn't suggest so. As cliche as the line might be, he understands the meaning of "With Great power comes Great Responsibility", and intends to live up to it.

    Knight Identity: Mercury Knight/MK1 (depending on how secretive he needs to be)
    Knightly Appearance: If you think he should be on the latest sci-fi movie, you wouldn't be too wrong. The Helm of Truth covers most of his head, only leaving his mouth and chin exposed. His suit is a one piece of deep blue spandex, with black metal boots and the plasma launcher on his wrist. There are some armor plates at key areas of his suit, but for the most part, it is built for maximum mobility.
    Equipment/Weapons: Mercury Weapon System: A powerful device that launches all of his attacks.

    Mercury Helm: Essentially, his version of the Mercury Goggle. Comes with a GPS minimap and voice activation system. Also doubles as a communication device when his Teletia S-C isn't around or convenient to grab.

    The Fireball: His motorcycle, which is actually the most mundane part of his gear-except for the fuel source and the fact he can control it with the Mercury Helm, it's mostly a heavily modified motorcycle.
    Attacks: Basic Attack: Bolts of blue plasma from his Mercury Weapon System. He gets a lot of mileage out of the standard attack.

    Mercury Flash Bomb: The Sailor has the Mist, he has the Flash. The bombs are launched from his Weapon System and explode in a brilliant flash, blinding his foes.

    Everflowing Mercury Geyser: A non-lethal option in case civilians get involved, this form of the Mercury Weapon System fires an unending geyser of water that pushes and shoves foes out of the way.

    Mercury Freeze Ray: Another non-lethal option, the weapon simply freezes his target-which can be anything he desires. Creating an ice wall is not out of the realm of possibility.

    Overcharge: Taking everything he's got and putting it into one massive beam attack. The MWL needs a recharge after it.

    Weaknesses: He hates to admit this, but he angers easily. When he gets angry, he forgoes all his neat toys and simply tries to beat the object of his anger senseless with his bare hands. Also weak to Darkness and Lightning based attacks.

    Turn Ons & Offs: Ons: what, sex, you mean that thing other people have? (He likes romance, cuddling, and has a soft spot for oral, he just doesn't know it yet)
    Offs: Bathroom stuff, vore, stuff of that nature.

    Theme Song:
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