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April 16, 2021, 11:19:00 pm

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Author Topic: Sword of Doom [Feudal Japan, Action/Adventure, Looking for M]  (Read 417 times)

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Offline Le ImmortelleTopic starter

Sword of Doom [Feudal Japan, Action/Adventure, Looking for M]
« on: December 14, 2014, 11:28:03 am »
Sword of Doom

Genre: Historical, Drama, Action, Jidaigeki
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Slave
Themes: Femdom, Pacifism, Moral Guilt, Honor, Feudal Japan
Inspirations: Jidaigeki Cinema, Ninja Scroll, Sogo Ishii Films

Mitsuko 'Dragon Eye' Himura is a prodigy. A swordwoman paralleled by few others, someone who is seen as a most efficient killing machine since the day she took up sword. She's a Gaijin Ronin who was once in the employ of Yamaguchi Clan. Throughout her life, she has shed incredible amount of blood for the sake of Shogunate until at one point, during one of the uprisings that nearly toppled the government, she watched her entire clan and especially her school of swordsmanship get destroyed into nothingness. Finally, peace is restored, but at a great cost.

That was when she decided to renounce her ways and swore never to kill again. Now she wanders carrying her sword and preaching mantra of pacifism, seeking repentance and helping those in need, attempting to do good to others to the best of her abilities. Her name is synonymous with bloodshed and as a ruthless assassin for government, she has dispatched who knows how many people in past. It's guilt, that haunts her as she tries to come to terms with her own past, lost in her own introspection. She also suffers from tuberculosis and is certain that sooner or later, death is coming to greet her.

Before that, she has one goal. To continue her school of swordsmanship's lineage. So during a slave auction at one of the ports, she purchases herself a man. With goal to train him and to turn him into a pacifist much like herself. He can be anything, he's your character and beyond this outline, I would not dictate anything about him. So begins their adventure as they meet countless obstacles ranging from people who seek revenge over Mitsuko, zealots who want to challenge her for a duel to test themselves against the legendary swordswoman, to the other problems they face such as villagers getting harassed by a gang of bandits, landlords trying to usurp lands among countless others. I want adventures they have to be of an episodic nature.

The story can either take place in Tokugawa or Meiji period, knowledge of both is not essential but would be helpful. I am by no means an expert in Japanese history nor shall I be a stickler for it. Primary goal is here to craft a fun story. I am also up for creating a world by making blend of several famous historic figures like Miyamoto Musashi, Sasaki Kojiro, Musashibo Benkei, Yagyu Jubei etc. and make our own pastiche-esque world. I do see universe as blend of magic and realism. I want this to be a nice, slow paced game that captures essence of the genre and the sheer intensity it has. I have a backstory for Mitsuko and all, that explains what a gaijin is doing what she does. Alternatively, we can also remove the Gaijin bit, the seed is written like this because the game is inspired by pictures above.

If this interests you, contact me through PM. Thank you for reading.