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Author Topic: Wisdomcube's pairings! Seeking sexy writers for deep plots!  (Read 2778 times)

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Wisdomcube's pairings! Seeking sexy writers for deep plots!
« on: December 14, 2014, 11:05:25 AM »
Okay yet another reboot of my previous thread. Here you'll find deeper and more indepth (but still erotic and sexy) games and soon I'll have a thread devoted to more dirty and smutty ideas. It also allows me to cut out some of the game sthat have been since taken! As noted in most of these descriptions I'm very flexible and am incredibly eager to hear twists and other suggestions on these characters/plots. I STRONGLY prefer AIM or YIM for communication (or even IRC if all else fails) but we can do PM if you insist. Having Windows 8 means I can't stand Skype as it takes over my Operating System whenever I install it. Regardless, as a peak through my post history suggests, I'm interested in strong writers with a mind for characterization and plot that want some saucy and steamy scenes in as well (that's why we're all here isn't it?!).


I also have two more idea threads (one devoted exclusively to ideas evil female characters and the other for Game of Thrones ideas)

So here we go...

Geneva's Cold Case – Hard boiled detective, noir, mystery, dialogue, experimental, James Ellroy, high school, Veronica Mars, Brick (film), Zoey Deutch

The Ballad of Liz the Lez - Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony, club scene, night life, bisexual, violence, death and destruction, campy, action, seduction, high fashion, familial relationships, Vanessa Hudgens.

Hotline Miami: Escort - Hotline Miami, Scarface, Cocaine Cowboys, ultraviolence, prostitution, BDSM, fetishes, public sex, 1980s, Miami, experimental writing, stream of consciousness, unreliable narrator, dreams, mystery, Paige (WWE).

Jenny's New Project - Realistic, economic exploitation, urban fiction, neo-noir, 1%, corruption, dark comedy, action, racism, MILF, lesbian sex, BDSM, high fashion, sarcasm, seduction, non-con, The Wire, New Lyonesse, Joan Smalls

From Israel With Love - Espionage, James Bond, history, dominance, submission, lesbian/bisexual, action, campy, seduction, 60s, swimsuits, possible death and destruction, Bar Refaeli.

Hard Knocks - American football, sports, Any Given Sunday, coaches, mentors, media darlings, sex scandals, injury, trash talk, NFL, NFL Films

Vengeance in Shetucket County - Supernatural, ghost, geist, sin-eater, redemption, rural, Town With A Secret, Justified, Dresdenverse, New World of Darkness, True Detective, supernatural politics, music

For The One Percent That Matters - 1%, fashion, non-con, cruelty, corruption, bondage, action, hacking, arm candy, campy, seduction, death and destruction

Eleanor's Tempest - Romance, familial relationships, romance, Mage, witch, supernatural, urban fantasy, action, rural, new World of Darkness, Dresdenverse, Drive, Carey Mulligan

Arthur Ward And His Asian Sensation - Asian, raceplay, rape/non-con, cruelty, bondage, 1%, fashion, music, arm candy, media darlings, Clive Owen, Fan Bingbing

Joy of a Kept Mistress - Submission, domination, wealth, power, cruelty, 1%, fashion, arm candy, rape/non-con, bisexual, seduction

1/29 - Added Eleanor's Tempest!
2/5 - Added Arthur Ward!
2/16 - Added Joy of a Kept Mistress
3/10 - Geneva's Cold Case untaken
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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

Throw one at me if you want, hash head. I've got all five senses and I slept last night. That puts me six up on you.

On the surface Geneva Thompson is an attractive, sociable, and straight-A sixteen year old sophomore at Lee Earle High School in the New Lyonesse upper middle class suburb of Caerleon. Naturally, under the surface, there is far more to her personality. Her father, a criminal defense and civil rights attorney, was murdered when she was ten in a dump job. The police never found the killer and the effect on Geneva has been to drive her into an obsession about her father’s murder and the start of a problem with alcoholism.

Things were starting to turn around thanks to a relationship with Lee Earle’s athletic darling, Casey Salem. Unfortunately, after a few months the relationship broke down, as high school relationships are wont to do, and pushed Geneva into full blown alcoholism and poisoning many of her friendships.

But then, just weeks after her breakup with him, she gets a cryptic and panicked phone call from Casey. She tries, with no success, to find him but then, later that night, finds out that he was found dead in a similar fashion as her father had been six years ago. The series of events sends the young Geneva to aggressively investigate the murder of her ex-boyfriend believing, perhaps desperately, that it is tied to the source of much of her pain. Little does she know, however, that her relentless search for the truth will not only cross the police but some of the power players who aren’t keen on the enterprising young girl sticking her nose in places it shouldn’t belong…

This idea is obviously GREATLY inspired by hard boiled detective novels and movies. Aside from the classics (Maltese Falcon, The Killers, Double Indemnity) this takes a ton from more modern “neo-noir” films (Chinatown, LA Confidential, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). The primary inspirations, however, are Brick, Veronica Mars, and the works of James Ellroy (particularly the LA Quartet and his autobiography My Dark Places).

There is a lot of background behind Geneva’s parents, Lee Earle’s high school, and her personal life. I believe she’s bisexual (or leaning that way) but this is up for discussion as well. Like all noir stories there will be a heavy dose of romance but more of a focus on mystery, dialogue, and strong action. If this appeals at all, please drop me a line and I can expound on it further because Geneva is one of my favorite creations!

Inspiration for Geneva’s Cold Case

Visual inspiration for Geneva

Video inspiration for Geneva’s Cold Case

Musical inspiration for Geneva’s Cold Case

Writing sample
   The day: sixteenth birthday, first week of October, fourth week of sophomore year. Special breakfast in the AM, Ma pushing French toast on a plate.
   “Oh Sweet Sixteen for my little Genny! I still can’t believe it!” The plate down in front of me next to the OJ.
   Shrug. “No big deal Ma.”    
   Typical Mom: “Oh now come on Geneva! I know you don’t like me making a big deal about your birthday and all this other stuff but I’d really like to do something for your Sweet Sixteen.” Sigh. Here it comes. “You know, Daddy would have loved seeing you now. I mean I remember when I was pregnant with you we were talking about just how much we’d have to pay for this big party on your Sixteenth.”
   I shovel French toast in my trap just so I don’t say anything. I love Ma but sometimes she’s a real weak sister when it came to sappy shit like birthdays. But Daddy…
   “And you know, since it is a special occasion you might consider doing something with that hair…”
   Sigh again. Hair speech incoming in three…two…one… “I know the one shoulder thing is all the rage these days. But you really should consider…”
   Swallow. “Putting it up. Styling it over both shoulders. Getting it curled. Ain’t happenin’ Ma.” Big drink of OJ. “Guys like it like this.”
   Fuck. Opened the door. “Oh guys huh? Do these guys have names?”
   Shovel more in my mouth glancing at the clock. Half full of French toast: “Um, I better hit the pavement Ma. Don’t want to miss the Big Boiler.” I stand up and take another swig of OJ.
   Eyes narrow. Figures it out. “Oh you mean the bus! Well, I can drop you off at school if you want honey. It is your birthday!”
   Ride from Ma: get to school faster. Big Boiler: Get the wire on Casey from Brigid before lunch.
“Nah, I’m square Ma.” Kisses. “Thanks for the breakfast and the wishes. See you later.”
   Kisses. “Bye Geneva. Have a good day at school and think about where you want to go to dinner when you get back home! Anywhere you want.”
   Anywhere I want. We’ll see.
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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

There’s ALWAYS a guy!

Luisa Lopez didn’t have a spectacular home life. She grew up in a working class lower income neighborhood in a tough school and with some less than scrupulous friends. After doing a few bits in prison, including a juvenile stint, she met Liz “The Lez” Queen, at the time,  the greatest night club owner of Liberty City. The two grew close after Luisa took a job as part bodyguard, part consigliore, and part bag(wo)man to Liz.

Now, however, things have come to a head. The Mob wants far more from Liz than she has. Liz’s other best friend is thinking about murdering her, and the government is a hair away from seizing her two remaining clubs due to unpaid taxes. Liz, in typical fashion, decides she has one last shot not just at holding on to what she has left but to take back her entire empire.

Of course, to do this, she and Luisa will have to jump through a lot of hoops…that are on fire…and many of those hoops will be shooting at them… a lot.

This RP is based on (of course) GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony but with gender inversions. Aside from The Ballad of Gay Tony it will borrow liberally from GTA III: Vice City as well as a little from Saints Row: The Third. I would like to set it in Liberty City but 80s or modern day Vice City works just as well.

My idea is that YC is Luisa although if you would rather play her as a different ethnicity (white, black, or Asian) that is perfectly fine (her name can be changed to Louise. Additionally, the model for Luis could be changed from Vanessa Hudgens to whoever you like. Regardless, Luisa/Louise should be from a poorer working class background (like Luis). I envision heras straight but you can play her bisexual if you like. Either way the relationship with her and Liz should remain platonic and parental (don’t worry this is Elliquiy so there will be tons of opportunities for crazy sex!).

Since this game is based on Grand Theft Auto series we’ll play fast and loose with reality and craziness. Hijacking helicopters, trains, and APCs, jumping out of airplanes, zipping through the city on a Ferrari avoiding cops you name it, we can do it. I’d also like to explore some of Luisa’s familyand her friends as well. As with most things I’m extremely flexible and if this interests you drop me a line and we’ll see if we can’t work something out. After all, in Liberty City everyone has a price! ;)

Visual Inspiration for Luisa and Liz


Video inspiration for The Ballad of Liz the Lez (NSFW-LANGUAGE)

Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

This is paradise, I'm tellin' ya. This town like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked.

“You have one message: ‘Hey this is The Manager. Got a client at the Colt Cabana. He's into bondage and heavy discipline so black leather and a whip is a must. His payment covers all his friends too so prepare for a group job. Payment is the usual rate. Have fun!’” *beep*

The Escort doesn’t know who is giving her The Messages. She just knows to go to see “the clients.” Maybe she has sex with them, or does whatever they want to get off, but either way she kills them afterwards. Gun, knife, baseball bat, crowbar, or her fucking fists. It doesn’t matter. The noise gets attention from the clients’ goons. Or maybe it doesn’t. Either way The Escort takes them down too. It’s never clean. It’s never pretty, even if she is. As bad as the slaughter is, it’s what happens afterwards that disturbs The Escort the worst.

Wherever The Escort goes she sees the same person who knows her and is kind to her. But that’s all she seems to remember the time in between Jobs. She always wakes up in her stylish apartment and picks up the phone to hear The Message but every so often she sees The Masks. Three mysterious figures who know her even if she doesn’t know Them. One is sympathetic. One hates her. And one gives her even more cryptic clues about her past and future.

What is their purpose? Why does The Escort cause the death and mayhem she does? Who is the person who she sees after every Job? There has to be a reason.

But does she care enough to find out?

This RP is based on the awesome 2D game Hotline Miami. The idea is to turn the game around a bit and have the protagonist into an escort (as the title makes obvious). Naturally, considering the source material, this will include very kinky and dark sex (both fetish and BDSM related), heavy violence, experimental writing (stream of consciousness, disjointed timelines, dream-like states, and unresolved mysteries), and exploration of Dickian (as in Philip K. Dick) themes around memory.

In essence, imagine Bret Ellis or Chuck Palahniuk writing a story set in Miami of the 1980s (influenced by Cocaine Cowboys and Scarface) or, if you’re a movie buff, Darren Aronofsky or David Lynch making a movie set in the same place. You would either be playing The Escort or controlling the scenarios/missions and the surreal interludes.

There are aspects of the RP I’m willing to tweak, even having The Escort not have sex with the clients before she kills them and toning down the more experimental aspects of the writing, but overall if you’re interested in really pushing the boundaries of your writing and you love the 80s this is probably the RP for you!

Visual Inspiration for The Escort

Video inspiration for Hotline Miami: Escort (NSFW-VIOLENCE)

Musical inspiration for Hotline Miami: Escort

Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

This guy wants to tell me we're living in a community? Don't make me laugh. America's not a country. It's just a business.

Jenny Little grew up in Hell. Well, it was the Boutin Housing Projects in New Lyonesse but it was as close as one could get in America. Born to a bipolar mother and a drunk petty criminal father, Jenny spent the first fifteen years of her life fending off pedophiles, drug addicts, gangsters, police officers, and other predators that prowled both her home and school all the while being the only parental figure for her wide eyed younger brother Michael.

Tough as nails, smart as a whip, and pretty as a picture, Jenny was discovered by Victor Benson at the age of fifteen during an urban outreach program. The wealthy business man took a great interest in the young woman and took her as his wide eyed protégé. By the time Jenny had finished college (all paid for by Victor) she had become exactly what Victor wanted: a ruthless ambitious gorgeous and completely loyal minion in his company, the Masoch Investment Group.

After six years as Victor's Executive Assistant, Jenny cruelly, but efficiently, ran Victor's trailer park and “poverty industry” portfolio to triple profits… with the minor consequence of these residents becoming squalid hell holes and the businesses becoming exploitative money pits.

On top of that she built a comfortable relationship with city law enforcement and government inspectors with the help of charm blackmail and bribery (mostly of the legal kind). There really is almost nothing Jenny wouldn't do for Victor, or his close allies, at this point which is why at 27 she's given a promotion to Executive Vice President and a brand new project. One that will take her deep in both the violent criminal underworld and the corrupt maze of power players in the city government. 

The Project is a long term goal of systematically controlling a chunk of the city through purchase, seizure, or control of the owners and then “gentrifying” the area making Masoch Group an obscene amount of money in the long run as the land will become developed and skyrocket in price. Of course, the current area is mostly inhabited by low income residents and controlled by powerful street gangs. Additionally “do-gooders” are vehemently opposing the plans and both need to be dealt with. Not an easy (or bloodless) task, but then they wouldn’t give Jenny the Project if it were…

This game will consist of a lot of bleak, cynical, violent, and sleazy elements of my fictional city of New Lyonesse. The vast majority of people in this world are greedy, deviant, callous, and vicious but there are few worse than Victor and his close circle, especially Jenny. Examples can be read here here and here. My expectation is that you play Jenny with your own touch, of course, but there are some elements that should be included:

-   Jenny is a lesbian.

-   Jenny is a narcasstic, sadistic, and hypersexual prima donna. She has low opinions of virtually everybody that isn’t Victor and a handful of other trusted Masoch employees.

-   Jenny is a huge lover of BDSM and humiliation which she gladly indulges in on a frequent basis.

-   Jenny is aggressive, mean, and while she doesn’t usually express violence herself (aside from an angry slap or kick) she will gladly ask, or even demand, others do so on her behalf. She’s never ordered a murder, yet, but the amount of inner conflict she’ll have is up to you.
As for the overall game there will be a lot of lesbian sex, bondage, pain, humiliation of course. There will also be sociological elements such as racism (including a lot of racial slurs and people with ugly stereotypes), economic exploitation, political corruption, and total sexual deviancy. It’s a dark game and there is a lot of background that I can’t begin to include here, but if this sounds at all up your alley I encourage you to PM me!

The characters of Jenny’s New Project
The protagonist of our story. She doesn’t have a long time girlfriend (though if you like that can change). She provides quite a bit for her mother and younger brother Michael. Michael is probably the only person that Jenny treats like a real human being and acts in a very maternal manner with him.
Jenny’s Pictures


Anne Zhen:
Victor’s distaff counterpart and his very long time mistress. She’s married to a henpecked husband with two cruel and vicious sons. She is an amateur mixed martial artist and thoroughly enjoys fighting, and defeating, women half her age. Like Victor, she has many relationships with “boytoys” as well as young women in exploitative and heavy B&D/S&M relationshiops (with her always as the Dom of course). She’s Jenny’s chief contact, and possible, sexual partner in her Project.
Anne’s Pictures

Victor Benson:
Jenny’s boss and mentor. He has a wife and three beautiful, but royally screwed up, daughters one of which he’s grooming as his heir. Forty five years old he seemingly can never seem to keep it in his pants, though a vasectomy ensures he can’t father any more children. His long time mistress, for over twenty years, is his Chief Security Officer Anne Zhen (see below).
Victor’s Pictures

Tanya Onika:
A prominent member of the Glitter Gang, a violent but extremely colorful all female gang that controls almost all the clubs in the city as well as distributing high end drugs and prostitution. She’s an old friend of Jenny’s and very likely one of her contacts when it comes to dislodging the criminal elements out of the “gentrification area.”
Tanya’s Pictures

Inspiration for Jenny’s New Project
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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

The year is 1968.  The Cold War is in full swing. Every agency with three letters and government backing is fighting every terrorist group with a cause in every corner of the globe. But while East battles West and the Eagle fights the Bear there are other factions at work. Ones with roots that go back to the 30s and the worst ideology this side of Hell.

In the Middle East, it has been a year since the fateful six days that changed everything. Terror against Jewish targets worldwide have been stepped up and Israel's (in)famous Mossad is operating on overtime. Although stretched pretty far they do have one rather notable asset: Deborah Jael. A twenty eight year old former soldier, Deborah is experienced, ruthless, gorgeous, brilliant, deadly, and a master of social manipulation.

In many ways this is a gender inversion of James Bond with Deborah being more of a sexual sadist and possibly a bit of a thrill killer over Bond as well as being female and Israeli. So somebody with a desire to take classic tropes and play them out with distaff counterparts would be a blast. Of course having a big love of history and/or the classic Bond films/books would be great as well. Even though Deborah is “played” by Bar Refaeli I’d also love to see a lot of classic models and actresses involved in the game as well.

Possible plot threads could be a twist on a classic Bond plot (thinking either Thunderball or From Russia With Love) or something a lot more campy like a group of matriarchal fascist dominatrix-types who have gathered strength on a mysterious island with not just Israel, but the entire world, in its sights. Also, this is the one game I’m extremely interested in somebody else GMing but I will certainly be the one controlling things if somebody expresses interest!

Inspiration for From Israel With Love

Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

It starts with a whistle and ends with a gun. This is pro football. The sport of our time.

In the NFL, the New York Titans are on the rise. Although knocked out of the playoffs the previous year by their division arch rivals, they have a fired up and colorful coach, some of the best players in the league, a rabid fan base, and a chip on their shoulder due to a forty year league championship drought.

All is far from well though. The Titan’s longtime owner Ira Moore has an unexpected stroke, leaving his twenty six year old daughter, Rachel, as the new owner. Rachel Moore is young, arrogant, brash, and has experience only as a fashion magazine fashion editor (another job she got through as much because of her father’s connections as her skill in fashion). It doesn't help that she’s a media hog and a reputation of vapidity, despite the fact she’s actually extremely intelligent, if somewhat cold.
Rachel and her new General Manager Jimmy Forest immediately butt heads with Rob Ashley, the foul mouthed tough talking head coach. In particular, they have lingering dislike over their veto on the first round draft pick being running back Michael Boddie (see below). Additionally, despite Ashley’s cursing, he’s a religious and moral person who highly disapproves of Rachel’s rather wild not-so-private life and Wood’s unscrupulous cronies that he begins to staff some of the positions with, especially that of team doctor.

On the player side there is famous first-ballot hall of famer running back James Emmitt, who is edging the all time rushing record. He’s the team captain, happily married, abstains from drug and excessive alcohol use, is the face for several New York hospitals and charities, and is generally considered the “Team Dad” as much, if not more, than Coach Ashley. Twelve years as a running back, however, has slowed him down to becoming a third-down back sharing duties with the young buck ten years his junior and the polar opposite of him in most ways.

Said young buck is Michael Boddie, the very controversial Titans first round draft pick. While at his alma matter, Boddie was investigated twice for sexual assault (although cleared both times the university chastised him for showing “poor judgment”), as well as a rash of juvenile and questionable other behavior ranging from shoplifting to giving away autographs (a no-no for NCAA players). Although experts predicted his off-the-field antics would drop him to the second round or later, Rachel’s insistence on picking the flashy and media circus-attracting player means that the team is stuck with him (and his large rookie contract). Whether or not he’ll keep his head down under Emmitt’s tutelage or continue his previous indiscretions and be a liability remains to be seen.

Other players include third year quarterback Guillermo Sanchez, a Californian native and someone who embodies the stereotype of the handsome playboy football player. He’s rarely seen without his gorgeous superstar girlfriend (or possible fiancé or wife) in public and his love of alcohol, and kinky secret sex life, may start affecting his performance and, more importantly to Rachel, his image.

In many ways Guillermo’s enabler is Lewis Sanders, the smash mouth, trash talking, social media loving self proclaimed “nerd” linebacker. Lewis enjoys clubs, cocaine, and a never ending parade of women in his bed when he’s not on the field jawing with opponents… or smashing them in the jaw with a hard hit. He’s something of a social media darling, though, with his Twitter and Facebook accounts getting monster number of followers (which Rachel, of course, loves and encourages). Both Lewis and Guilermo, best friends with one another, get along well with Coach Ashley but as their private lives begin to seep into the media this may change.

This game is obviously about the love of American Football and any of the above characters can be picked as YC (although if you can think of another one please let me know). It has some elements of Any Given Sunday but it’s more inspired by the 2010 season of the Jets, whose training camp was chronicled by the best season ever of Hard Knocks, as well as other stories and players from the league (you can spot them if you know as much about the NFL as I do).

Although I’m expecting this to be a solo game I might allow a two player game (thus a small group). This could be erotic, I imagine Rachel, Guillermo, and Lewis all have very active and odd sex lives, but it doesn’t have to be the focus or part of it at all (especially if you’re playing Coach Ashley or James Emmitt). This is more to explore both love of the game and all the seedy underbelly and power struggles off the field. The league will be the NFL and the Titans will take place of the New York Jets thus divisional rivals will be the Patriots, Bills, and Dolphins (although opponents don’t have to be “the real deal” such as Tom Brady or what not but they can if you like).

Inspiration For Hard Knocks

Rachel/Coach Ashley/Jimmy Forest


Video inspiration

Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

Nestled in northeast Connecticut, is Shetucket County. Wooded, hilly, rural, sparsely populated, and primarily agrarian it's not what most people think of when they think of picturesque, preppy, and wealthy Connecticut. In fact, away from most major highways in the state, the vast majority of the state's residents don't give it, or its residents, much of a thought. The reality is, Shetucket has a very long, bloody, and strange history. New England is a hotbed of supernatural activity, one of the "hottest" such areas in the country in fact. But, like many places, the different types of magical residents (Werewolves, Mages, Vampires, Changelings etc.) have maintained a delicate balance through treaties, informal agreements, and general respect for territory... no matter what happens within that territory. Of course, that was before the arrival of Banjo...

Alvin Taylor was a loser. He never amounted to much aside from a string of bar-tending jobs throughout his native Louisiana and an addiction to heavy drugs. Perhaps the only thing he ever did that was constructive was putting his talent in music to use in the banjo and guitar. However, after an altercation with his girlfriend, he had a destructive high. Alvin stormed back to her house, killed her, returned to his own house and then killed himself. Nobody, even his frustrated parents, cared too much except to shake their head about the meaningless loss of his innocent girlfriend.

But that wasn't the end of Alvin. He was visited by a Ghost who offered to merge with him. It called itself Hood and offered Taylor a second chance at life. A chance for him to matter. Alvin accepted and became a Possessed known as Banjo a man looking for redemption...and vengeance. Over the years, "Banjo" became well known for hunting the most heinous of the supernatural. But unlike others, he didn't care who the target of his hunt was or what their elimination would mean for the area. Like Shetucket, many supernaturally active areas are held together delicate agreements and a single kill, or even disruptive force, can be all that's needed to start an outright war.

Banjo is a prime example of this and while he's wanted in four different cities, he has still managed to make his way to Shetucket to clean things up. This idea combines elements of Justified, True Detective, and the Dresdenverse along with a lot of ideas pulled from the New World of Darkness. The idea is that YC is a member of the Supernatural community that's caught up in the chaos surrounding Banjo's rampage in Shetucket and the fallout afterwards.

This is fairly open Urban Fantasy with a number of characters and locations that I can't begin to list here. Themes would be rural life, seclusion, revenge, fate, greater good vs. morality, plus a lot of fun playing characters with exciting powers. One possibility is that we even set the game during the 20s or 30s. This would add the possible theme of racism, class warfare, and economic depression.

Possibilities for YC include:

- A member of the Shetucket County supernatural community. Perhaps they are engaged in some sort of nefarious activity (like a vampire using an isolated community as a "farm" or a powerful mage making money by enslaving mortals) or they are decent people who have to deal with the fallout of Banjo's arrival. This could mean YC is a vampire, werewolf, Changeling, mage, or another "Possessed" like Banjo

- A member of the mortal community "in the know" of the supernatural. There are a number of mortal Hunters with a wide range of backgrounds and purposes and, just like there is a disproportionate number of supernaturals, there are a roughly equal proportion of Hunters. There are really tons of possibilities here as YC could be anything from a member of the Connecticut State Police (which handle all the mundane police matters of Shetucket County) to a federal agent, to a member of some corporate or mystical/religious conspiracy. Like everyone else, Banjo's initial actions cause a lot of waves that need to be dealt with in the very loose Hunter community.

- A powerful supernatural person (or creature) that has been trying to bring Banjo to justice. They may have a rivalry and it allows YC to be unfamiliar with the intricacies of Shetucket County before he/she comes in. YC could have a benign reason (stop him from causing more harm even if his motives are good) to nasty (Capture him and brainwash him until he's working for the "right" side).

Inspiration for Vengeance In Shetucket County

Extremely inspiring music!

Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

The One Percent (or more accurately the .01%) are never safe. If it’s not street rabble terrorists, enemy government regulators, competitors, vices, or even bad luck, the Elite need elite protection. And, of course, there’s absolutely no reason that protection can’t look good!

Byzantium Securities doesn’t just employ a large number of superb physical security consultants (mercenaries), IT security specialists (hackers), industrial psychology experts (interrogators and brainwashers), specialized accountants (money launderers and book cookers), business intelligence operators (corporate spies), and personal need attendants (very high class pimps and madams). For their best clients, and the ones Byzantium has a particularly close relationship with, they offer a service that is never offered in any brochure or sales pitch: The Consultant.

Consultants are specially recruited and trained from a young age and by the time they are fit to begin their “careers” they are well versed in everything from computer security, to interrogation, to blackmail, to fashion. A Consultant will do virtually anything, short of sex*, requested by their client. The Consultant will, however, get anyone (or anything) you want to have sex with. If an obstacle to your ambition needs to be removed (a person needs to be assassinated) the Consultant could call up the physical security consultants. If a communist terrorist organization targeting your company needs to be brought to justice (an anti-corporate grassroots hacked and blackmailed) call up the IT security specialists. If an extortionist woman (mistress) is threatening to lie to your significant other? Not only will the Consultant take care of it personally, she’ll even be willing to allow you to see her in action…

This is a pretty open RP in regards to exactly what The Consultant and The Client are like and what they do. Additionally the Consultant is a jack-of-trades but may have a specialty (interrogation, seduction/blackmail, assassination, hacking etc.). The Client could be male or female (which would be interesting) but everyone involved should be ice cold borderline psychopaths. It could even include some slightly sci-fi elements (bimbofication for the wife or girlfriend for instance). This can go to extremes (killing or torture) but should include things like bondage, slavery, corruption, incredible lust etc. I’m strongly leaning towards playing The Consultant but I could play The Client if someone persuaded me.

Inspiration for For The One Percent That Matters
Byzantium Securities Advertisement:

Possible models for the Consultant:    

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Re: Wisdomcube's sexy pairings! Seeking sexy writers for deep plots!
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“What's past is prologue.”
Eleanor McKenzie had a hard life. Born to two Mages of the Conclave of Boston, it was clear she not only had the Gift of magic at a young age, but she was a prodigy as well. Unfortunately for her, her father was the Black Staff (ie Enforcer/Assassin) of the Conclave while her mother was infamous for her dabbling in dark and, often forbidden, magic of the Mind. Often she would see her father return home with his hands, literally, drenched in blood which contrasted with his kind and playful attitude with her.

Eleanor’s mother, however, ruled the household and her “lessons” with Eleanor consisted of horrific abuse (including terrifying illusions and paralyzation of Eleanor’s limbs). Her parents dark ways would catch up to them, however, and at fifteen years of age, Eleanor found herself witnessing the vicious murder of her parents by the other mages of the Conclave when word broke out about them planning a coup.

Eleanor fled and was eventually found and assisted by two men: one a Catholic former alcoholic monster hunter named Jude Solomon and a “half-ghost” Iraq war veteran named Gavin O’Leary. Jude adopted Eleanor and the unlikely trio spent several years fighting numerous dark entities that hounded the Boston area.

Like her parents, though, the Conclave found her and, after a complex series of manipulations, betrayal, and brutal fighting, Eleanor was caught in yet another traumatizing and bloody conflict. Afterwards, Eleanor decided that, despite her great power, a normal existence was what she needed. With Jude’s blessing, she fled to Shetucket County in nearby Connecticut, using money and spells to hide her presence from the Conclave and other enemies she had made along the way.

Although still in touch with her adopted father Jude, her old partner Gavin, and her best friend (a Changeling her age by the name of Miranda), “Hannah Booth” maintains a quiet existence as a waitress in a blue collar suburb in Shetucket and has so for the past year. Just long enough to think her old life is behind for good. But then she meets her new single neighbor and their family. Eleanor may be a mage but she's still human and feelings of love and family touch the lonely woman as much as anybody else. She continues to remain neighborly and friendly with the new people in her life until she finds out about their problem and how desperate they are to solve it before the loving family ends up dead...

Eleanor is one of my favorite creations, natural since she’s a bad ass, sarcastic, pretty, and with a bit of a (understandable) chip on her shoulder. She has a very long and detailed backstory but, since I’ll be playing her, it’s not necessary to know all the details. Like Shetucket County and Regina, Eleanor lives in my “To Byzantium” universe, primarily a mix of the Dresdenverse and new World of Darkness.

This story was very much inspired by the movie Drive but with a mage in place of The Driver. The details of the neighbors are entirely left to you. It can be a man or a woman, strongly preference that they have young kids, and their problem can be magical or mundane (perhaps similar to the characters in Storm Front). This is so you can fill it with whatever you think might fit well.

Additionally, Eleanor might be dragged back into the world of magic by something else besides a desperate neighbor if you like. Possible ideas:
-   A great threat is consuming Boston and everyone needs to help stop it so it does not threaten the country or even the world. YC is a representation of the Conclave (or some other supernatural group) that is sent to find her and bring her back.
-   Her family, Jude, Gavin, or Miranda, is in desperate trouble and needs help. YC is one of these characters (or another character that has a history with Eleanor).
-   Eleanor’s “hosts” (the mage Cabal of Shetucket County) calls in Eleanor’s debt for a dangerous but essential mission. YC is the person they partner her up with.
-   Eleanor falls in love with YC who can either be supernatural (Mage, Werewolf, Changeling etc) or YC is a mortal that falls in love with Eleanor…only to find out what she really is.
Like I said, this is an old favorite of mine so I’m very excited to brainstorm any ideas you might have!

Visual inspiration for Eleanor

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Aika Miura is a beautiful eighteen (or seventeen) year old J-Pop sensation in Japan and the Pacific Rim (Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.). Aika is known for her particularly cute and innocent Japanese Idol style which also translates to her personal life. She’s sweet, kind, and well-liked by everyone…except her particularly greedy and overly ambitious parents. So when the beautiful Chinese agent of an American record company, Ms. Lo See, comes calling with an incredible offer they’re more than eager to sign without bothering to ask Aika. After all she speaks a decent amount of English, is entitled to 75% of the earnings once she becomes of age, and Ms. Lo See insists that she will have incredible comforts while in America. Why would she object?

Arthur Ward is an extremely wealthy and powerful behind-the-scenes American record company executive. He’s as amoral and libertine as they come and is a sexually sadistic sociopath. He also has a very heavy “preference” (though “fetish” would be a far more appropriate word) for women of East and Southeast Asian descent. Nearly all his dalliances in his adult life have been with women of Asian descent and his wife, a beautiful, kind, and mature woman totally unaware of his sexual proclivities, is Mandarin Chinese.

Arthur spends most of his time outside of his home (with his wife and daughters) with his gorgeous mistress , Fah Lo Suee, who doubles as his incredibly loyal and brilliant “Gal Friday” accomplishing much of what he needs without him having to leave his plush limo or office. Although mostly hands off, he decides to take a rather sick and twisted “personal interest” in the signing of one Aika Miura. The popularity of once innocent young starlets after becoming “edgy” later in life has intrigued him. He would like to see Aika’s sexiness ratcheted up exponentially with a heavy interest in BDSM themes in her new solo Western themed album and tour.

Naturally, the sweet and naïve Aika-chan is not interested in this arrangement…but only finds out about it on Arthur’s private plane on the way to America with a gleefuly hateful Lo See translating Arthur’s viciously racist and nasty explanations and sexual demands. It isn’t long before she finds out that the beautiful mansion that was promised is nothing more than an incredibly large and comfortable prison. And mixed with the dancing and singing lessons are lessons to help her to embrace her role acting and dressing like a sex slave. Best to live the persona after all isn’t it?

This game will obviously consist of heavy race play, a lot of non-con sex, bondage, humiliation, and domination but also fashion, music, and very dark humor. It will be similar in some ways to Hannah Tumbles Down The Benson Hole game I have going on.

Inspiration for Arthur Ward and His Asian Sensation
Arthur Ward:

Fah lo See:

Aika Miura (before):

Aika Miura (after):

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Men will bear many things from a kept mistress, which they would not bear from a wife.

Beauty and greed never combine as well when it comes to the mistress of a rich and powerful man. Of course, when a man is rich and powerful enough he can afford to indulge in every vice with his kept woman that the small folk can only dream about…including the joy of having more than one mistress simultaneously. But, of course, the question becomes what kind of woman is attracted to such an arrangement? What can they become capable of to keep their new lives? And just how much of their lover’s cruel and sinful nature will eventually rub off on them?

This is a bit less cerebral and indepth as my other ideas but it is flexible and far more smutty. The idea is that one (very likely married) man with an insane amount of power and wealth indulging in every sick fantasy he has with his kept women. I’d prefer to play the woman/women but I’d also play the man if you’re more looking to play the mistresses. Their personalities can range from exploited, cruel, and spoiled to wide eyed, idealistic, and innocent. The man can have one to three mistresses: one if you prefer things to be intimate three if you want a harem type deal and two if you want something in between. The man can be of any age from late 20s to late 50s (I’m willing to entertain younger or older but not too much).

I’ve listed eight possible models for the mistresses but more (younger or older) are possible. I'd prefer there to be some kind of interracial relationship involved, hence the racial diversity among the models I selected. Once again this can include almost any fetish you like but I would strongly prefer if the women were bisexual (the man can be straight or bisexual your choice). I could go on and on about the details I would like but since there is a lot of flexibility it’s better we hash it out together.

Younger Mistresses

Older Mistresses

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Geneva's Cold Case untaken.

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Monthly bump!