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May 16, 2022, 03:05:00 am

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Author Topic: [UN]/[MUL?] - You there. Co-DM with me. [D&D3.5]  (Read 918 times)

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[UN]/[MUL?] - You there. Co-DM with me. [D&D3.5]
« on: October 04, 2008, 08:02:51 pm »
I'm new here, so I'm not sure if I have everything down and understood. As such, I'm attempting to recruit someone to manage this idea I have and help me carry it out. I'm aware of the fact that this could be difficult, giving the complexity of my completely ridiculous campaign ideas, but... Well, we'll see if this all works out.

I don't want this to be carried out in separate threads unless the group breaks into pieces. I want this to not just run in D&D style, but to be carried out as a normal game... with loads of fun on the side, of course.

I'll brief over a few of the finer points of the background, followed by the present plot and situation...

BUT FIRST: Keep in mind a lot of these are original ideas mashed in with the ideas from the books. The creatures, rules, and all that jazz can be found in the books (Spread throughout a great many of them,) but some are slightly modified.

A deity by the name of Sarnin once ruled over a land that went by the name of Baden. It was an island nation, fairly small and unimportant in many people's eyes. Though it was small, it prospered... until Sarnin grew ill. With him, the lands withered, and all suffered.

A shadow (which happens to be a glimerskin, but that isn't in the legend,) came to Sarnin and whispered to him, and told him how to save his land and his people. Ill and exhausted, near the end of his existence, the deity dragged himself to the capital of his once great nation. It was there he gave his speech, and demanded a blood sacrifice of his people, to be given to him once monthly. This sacrifice was never to be killed, was to be honored and admired-- but was to dedicate their entire life to Sarnin's wishes and preform a ceremony that only they were to know the details of. And there was always, always to be one. The line was not allowed to die out.

A woman in the crowed was chosen for her faithfulness, and so she did.

Sarnin, by now pleased with himself and sure that all would be well, dragged himself to the center of the island. It was there where he had lived up until now, on the great river they called the Divide. And it was that river he had almost thrown himself into when the shadow arrived again. "You're not done yet," it told him, and ordered him to the largest on the other side of the river.

Nahari, as the great city was called, welcomed Sarnin. They had not yet heard of his speech in Baden, and so when he gave one, they did not know what to expect. Sarnin told his people they were to have a sacrifice. They were to seek out a faithful once a month-- and slaughter them. It was to be an honor, it was to be a blessing. And so they did.

By the time the two cities had reached word of each other, Sarnin had disappeared, but the lands had prospered. Still, disagreement separated the two sides of the nation. It was no longer Baden. It was Baden and Nahari.

By now, three generations (by human lives) later, the lands began to die again. War issued out between the two nations, each thinking that it was the others fault for not preforming the sacrifice correctly. The Baden King is dead, his eldest son captured, and his youngest son a fool unfit to rule. The Nahari King is unfamiliar with war but driven on by his advisers and people-- he must win this to save everything.

And that's where this all picks up.

Players are to pick a side-- Baden or Nahari.

The Baden players start off during a large meeting with the King giving a speech and sending the present sacrifice (an avoral NPC, who, ironically, dislikes Sarnin and most living life--) on a journey to stop the war. He picks out a few choice players, be it from reputation or intuition, and sets off.

The Nahari players are to start in a village that has recently been ransacked by what remains of the Baden Army, be it because they lived there, were in the Nahari Army fighting them, or any other reason. The NPC that shall accompany them is a general in the Nahari Army.

Yes, okay, here's to hoping that I'm understood, and that it isn't too usual that no one will play or show interest in co-DMing it with me. Feel free-- and please do-- ask questions and give feedback. (But please don't be harsh on me. I'm new and I'm tender.)

But I'm rambling at this point.