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June 12, 2021, 04:05:12 pm

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Author Topic: Fantasy-Male Rogue (me) x Female [VAN or NC-H] *TAKEN*  (Read 1018 times)

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Fantasy-Male Rogue (me) x Female [VAN or NC-H] *TAKEN*
« on: October 04, 2008, 10:40:13 am »
Most likely [VAN] or [NC-H]
Status: TAKEN
(If the status should change to TAKEN, please feel free to leave a reply or send a message anyway. If you share the same tastes as me, I'd like to keep you in mind for future roleplaying.)

Figured I might as well start with a scenario that ran through my head while playing the first Neverwinter Nights game. Not that I require a prospective partner to be familiar with it or D&D, it can be any random fantasy world. It's more of a sex/lust than romantic kind of roleplay, just so you're forewarned. I would play a male Rogue and unless you have any specific preference, a human. You could be anything at least mostly humanoid. A female warrior, a Sorceress, a Druid, Bard, another Rogue, Elf, Cat-girl (but no outright furries please), etc. Another role could be a religious type of character, a nun, or a cleric, something religious (based on a fantasy religion). I usually envision an Elven Paladin (if you've played NN, you might know who I'm talking about ;) ) In my head, this plays out in a consensual manner, but if you'd like NC, perhaps it can be worked out.

Anyway, here is the setup.

The lairs of the Deep Ones hold terrible mysteries that mortals were never meant to know. Things wander those subterranean depths that have never seen the light of the sun. Devices of great power lie dormant, awaiting the inhuman touch of its unspeakable masters to awake once more. Driven by greed, by need, by a thousand and one other motives, a stealthy Rogue and his skilled ally make their way into the alien ruins, battling monstrous creatures and evading fiendish traps and snares. After a day and more, they finally stumble out of the underworld and into the clean, white light of day.

The afternoon sun is like a balm for their tired spirits. In this safe, secluded clearing, they can finally enjoy some rest. However, a quietly burbling stream leads them to a fair sized pool. They experience an undeniable need to wash themselves of blood, dirt, and memories best left buried back in that ancient abode. They ignore modesty but cannot ignore each other, and a more primal need takes over as the sun sets behind the trees that surround them.

The roleplay could start with us in the dungeon, about to make our way out through stealth or a little hack n' slash. We'd finally get out and more or less proceed as the setup above; stumbling a bit, resting, talking, following the stream, a little naughtier chatter, etc. A bit of a buildup always adds a lot of flavor to the main course. It need not end after that, though if both of us are in agreement, we can do a bit of post-coital snuggling and call it a day.

If you're not satisfied with the way the roleplay is going, feel free to tell me. If we can't work something out for whatever reason, we can (hopefully cordially) agree to terminate it (is this beginning to sound like a contract?) It would be preferable to being left hanging. I'm open to ideas as well if you'd like to add an element here and there. 

My schedule is a bit capricious, I'm occasionally on around this time, but more usually much later, usually in the evening/late evening hours Eastern Standard. So, I won't carp on anyone for being less than timely with a post. The roleplay will most likely go in the Light: Human solos or NC: Human solos, but if you'd prefer private messaging that would be ok with me.
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