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May 25, 2018, 10:17:23 AM

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Author Topic: Opposites Attract [FxF][Super Hero][Modern Fantasy][Romance][Story][Combat]  (Read 254 times)

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Some people are just born different, gifted with extraordinary powers that once realized make them pariah's in normal society. Regular people call them freaks, mutants, agents of the devil; they aren't accepted to the point of being physically, mentally and emotionally bullied away. Two such freaks are Fire and Ice. Fire is a young woman who lives up to her name, not only by her power but by the fierce temper she frequently can't keep in check. She's impulsive, hot headed, shoot first and ask questions later. Burdened with the knowledge that her power has in the past caused terrible pain and suffering she now struggles to keep her inner flame at bay and use it to put those who would abuse their powers or use them to destroy the lives of others. Fire is a dominant soul, who loathes not being in control of a situation or not knowing whats coming. In contrast Ice is a under-spoken analytic mind, who sees her powers as a gift to show normal people that those they call freaks can be trusted, welcomed and even accepted; to that end she strives to show people the positive aspects of those with powers, by striking out against those who abuse them. However not all gifts come freely, and in both of their cases they must constantly struggle to ensure that their respective cores do not over take them. Fire who is wildly spontaneous and prone to quick mood changes must ensure that she ensure that she doesn't allow her powerful emotions to overtake her less her core become unbalanced; the result of such an unbalance is mass destruction, surges of uncontrolled flames that could easily lay waste to a city if left unchecked, quite literally her flames lose control and become the passionate, wild, chaotic things they were always meant to be, and while she might survive the incident she would never be able to undo the sheer destruction she could cause. On the other hand, Ice's quiet, shy and timid nature can literally turn her to ice; as someone who has suffered depression from the various types of out casting she has experienced, Ice must make sure she never given into her darker thoughts, or let her fears, concerns or other negative emotions grip her too tightly less her core turn her forever into nothing but a sculpture of pure ice. Luckily as fate would have it, their cores are a a perfect match and able to soothe the other. The two masked heroes know of one another, but have never had a reason to interact; until the worst happens and Fire loses control. Her core rages violently as she struggles to contain it, but it becomes quickly clear it's a battle that she's losing. In the moments before she quite literally goes super nova, Ice throws herself into the flames and embraces the other heroin, revealing the secret of their cores compatibility; Ice manages to sooth and quell the flames that rage within Fire, bringing her back from the brink. After that, nothing can ever be the same for them, fate itself has given them a reason to know each other and its up to them to figure out how to proceed.

The above is taken from the cravings part of my primary request AD! Hopefully it gives you a good glimpse into the story, and for a little bit more about me you can check out my On's & Off's page.

I'm not tied personally to either Fire or Ice, thus you can pick whichever you want to play and I will happily play the other! A great deal of this setting isn't fleshed out beyond what's listed above, so there is lots of room for world building and further development of the two characters. However the general feel of the two, and the need for one another to balance their "cores" is something I would like to maintain... But I'm flexible. So if this is a setting, idea, or spark that appeals to you... Please, drop me a message and we can do some talking!