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Author Topic: I Want to Do Bad Things to You, and such  (Read 563 times)

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I Want to Do Bad Things to You, and such
« on: December 09, 2014, 01:05:16 PM »
I'm starting a story request thread. Mostly I'll be posting character and story ideas here. This is very new and probably still under construction.

Please do not reply here! Send me a PM if you're interested and you've read my O/Os.


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Name: Vera of House Phonoi (Unknown)
Age: Assumed 27
Race: Assumed Human (Possible Half-Breed for Fantasy Settings)
Gender: Female
Orientation: BiSexual
Relationships: None, complete lack of experience

Vera of House Phonoi does not know if she was born with a name. Her life did not start with the same luxury that she now enjoys. Perhaps it would be better to say; the luxury she now tolerates. She has the potential to live a life of complete peace and luxury. However, recently she's felt a powerful urge to go back into the darkness that paved the way to her current life. She fights the urge constantly, begging herself to leave the past behind and enjoy the spoils of her labors.

Vera has no knowledge of her birth, nor does she know anyone else who does. Growing up on the streets as a little girl is difficult. It is perhaps the most difficult upbringing that a child can have. Vera's first memory was at the age of five. She remembered seeing a merchant's child playing in the streets. He seemed to have everything that Vera had ever wanted, and she had convinced herself that if she killed him she could take his place. She could have the innocent joy and happiness for herself.

She was caught in the act and thrown into jail at the local garrison. It was there that she met Davel. He came for her, supposedly at the order or some higher power. However, every time that she asked about it he seemed to have a different answer as to who the order had come from. In the end, it remained one of the many mysteries from his life that she would never know. Davel taught her the secrets of living in the darkness. He taught her to wear the night like a cloak and embrace it as a lover.

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Davel taught her how to hide in the shadows. She learned to take advantage of her small size and apparent innocence and became an assassin. She also learned the power of seduction and how to use her body for her own gain and not for someone else She used these skills to change her lot in life, to earn a place among the nobility. With a little conniving and blackmail, not to mention some bloodshed, she was able to move to the capital city and essentially found her own noble house.

Vera fits into any fantasy setting. She was originally written into a Steampunk setting. If one were so inclined, a story could probably be written based solely on her own life. There are considerably more details to the character, but they would restrict her setting opportunities.

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Lilly's Lake
Lilly's Lake


This is a story that I started with AkiraRevile when I was still new to E. I am re-posting the story here because I was really excited about playing it. The character opposite mine in the story belongs solely to AkiraRevile. I have also left his portion of the story out of this, as I consider that to be his as well.

Lilly's Lake is a place of legend. The locals tell a story of a young woman who fell into the lake and drowned hundreds of years ago. In the story, a water spirit took pity on the girl, whose heart was broken by a local man. The spirit blessed the lake in Lilly's name. Since that time, it has been known as Lilly's Lake and anyone who immerses themselves in the waters in perfect peace and silence will begin to heal from all of their injuries and illnesses.

The lake does have restorative properties. The locals guard this secret jealously. Lilly still exists in the lake, bound to the spirit that took pity on her.

The idea here is for Lilly to meet someone who is possessed by an opposing spirit, ie fire. The world is freeform, though I would be willing to drop it into a known world that, if it doesn't require re-writing things too much.

For now, I'm going to drop in a little writing sample below to give an idea of what I'm talking about.

Lilly Prompt
Something fell into Lilly's lake. The lake did not belong to Lilly. However, the locals had begun to call it that, because of the legends surrounding the girl who had drowned there. Of course the girl's name hadn't actually been Lilly. That had simply been what everyone called her. Nonetheless, people falling, or jumping, or even just walking into Lilly's lake was hardly an uncommon occurrence. Over the years the people who lived around the lake had learned that anyone who entered the lake would be healed of whatever affliction ailed them. Since then people had come from all over the Emerald Isle to seek the healing waters. This time something was different.

A body fell into the water. The healing waters immediately rushed toward the body and then snapped back into the depths of the pool. The effect quickly woke Lilly from her slumber. She stretched her consciousness like a body woken from a long nap. Her mind pressed out to each nook and cranny of the lake, seeking the disturbance that had woken her. It didn't take long to find the broken creature. However, it was quickly passing out of Lilly's lake downstream into the river. Lilly touched the creature and pulled back immediately. The person, Lilly still considered it a person, was touched by a fire spirit; perhaps even consumed by it. Her powers could not touch it as they could other creatures. She could feel the person's pain however. This was a dilemma. There was no guarantee that Lilly could save a person so inflamed with an opposing spirit. However, she was sure that she could not abide letting the person pass into death without trying.

Lilly gathered her consciousness together. The power she held no longer required her to maintain a body like other creatures, however she was much more potent in a human form. So she gathered herself back together into the body of a young woman in her early twenties. It was a body that had never known the pleasures of the world, a young naive woman who dreamed of becoming one with the peaceful quiet of the lake. Along with the body, came clarity of mind and memory.

Lilly put herself to her task quickly, molding her legs to a single fin she chased the injured woman through the rapid currents of the river she had been dragged into. She wasn't sure what direct contact would do, but she was fairly certain that it wouldn't be pleasant. She hit the woman's body quickly, ignoring the strange skin and changes the person had undergone in her search for power. Her arms and chest burned where they touched the woman's skin, though she wasn't sure if it was the heat or their warring spirits. She kicked her powerful fin and shot them up onto the riverbank. Her legs reformed as she pulled the creature fully from the water. A quick check was enough to see the woman was dying quickly. Lilly almost immediately began to work on the hideous wounds.

It was not short work. Her hands burned at every direct contact. Each time she began to heal a wound, the woman's power would grow, forcing her to pull away. The fire-touched woman would then begin to deteriorate again, allowing Lilly to return to her work. Even with this constant back and forth Lilly feared that the best she could do was get the woman stable, and allow her to heal on her own.

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