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Author Topic: LeSane's cravings and ideas (M for any)  (Read 703 times)

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LeSane's cravings and ideas (M for any)
« on: December 09, 2014, 12:59:14 am »
The Misadventures of a Wayward Villain

  Monster(Girls/Boys), Demons, Con/Non-Con, Adventure, M/S, BDSM, Humor, and Fantasy

Being a Villain isn't easy. Especially when the only thing stopping you isn't one of those pesky Heroes coming to save the day, or some runt with a sword. No, Its the numerous failed plan after plan that does it hit off just right. The story follows the Villain/Villainess during the end of one yet another failed attempt of domination foiled by the usual chosen hero, and has been forced to return to their domain in order to come up with yet another marvelously vile plot. Yet, where is a Villain without their Minion along side them to drive their master a bit ragged and point out the gigantic holes in the lack luster plans.

With each idea botched up the Villain or Villainess takes it out on the smart mouthed minion who can't help but to rub it in their face each and every time. Releasing the bottled up frustration through whatever they see fit. The Master/Mistress and the minion should have a Love/Hate relationship where there are hints that each cannot do well without the other. One can say that it is a complex affair between them. There will be obstacles via other villains and the occasional Hero whom hopes to defeat the evil that plagues the land, but that is up to both of us to decide how that runs.

In all honesty I do not mind playing the Villain or Minion; Gender is not an issue as well regarding the position of the said Minion. Though if I decide to play the latter I'd be female since scouring for pictures of a certain character to use for that spot. That goes towards the Villain as well. If interested please drop a comment via PM. As I'll be adding more ideas in the coming days. Also, please note that My O/O needs to be redone. There has been a lot of things which has changed regarding a few things.

Inspired by... Movies, real life situations and a tad bit of Femdom
  Sacrifices for a better life
Base kink concepts... Modern, Femdom, BDSM, Romance, and long term
'We as humans make mistakes. Though why am I one left holding the short end of the stick while she goes off with her life as if nothing happened. Is this fair... No. I didn't even get a moment for her to tell me why? H-how just how am I suppose to raise her on my own?!' A young man named is left with the responsibility of taking care of his infant daughter due to the mother not wanting to deal with the burden of changing her life style of partying, drinking, sex, etc. He is given no support from his family due to their warnings of dealing with the wrong kind of people, and the mother's parents are just as reluctant not wishing to take care of their daughters mistake any longer. He is left raising the child with little to no help only getting it from close friends and neighbors that live in the apartment next door, yet it is still not enough. His baby girl needs so much attention and that's hard enough on his own. That is until one day he is approached by a older woman that tells him that she'd like to support him financially, but the only way to gain it is to do as she says each day for the next couple of months. Each day she'll give him enough to deal with the hassle of bills, food, etc though how he does it is by doing exactly what she says to the T be however humiliating for him. With no other options he accepts the deal and swallows his pride.

He is or will be used for very story driven romance containing more emotions then just 'I want to have sex with you'. This will be one of the few characters that I can truly relate to in emotional content as well as thinking since he will be for more human situations. The ideas I have for him are not ground breaking, but the way I want to do them is weird. Normally in situations the guy is either nonexistent when it comes to most families now a days. I wanted him to be in a role reversal where he has to be responsible, take risks, and do what he has to for his child. While at the same time trying to maintain some sort of pride of himself for it. He will be the most emotional out of the characters I create, and the most to innocent so so speak.

Inspired by... Pictures by Darker Eve (Are not SFW) (Older idea)
  A once a fleeting memory
Base kink concepts... Modern, Lost love, Poltergeist, Erotic Horror, Long Term

It had been more than a six years since he had lost her. The love of his life and by others they knew them as a couple soul mates. However fate is a cruel one when she was hit by a drunk driver on her way home from work during mid-winter. For the past few years the young man has been through a number of things from mental a harsh breakdown to a failed suicide in hopes to be with her. At the age of twenty-two it seemed as if he'd finally made the right steps to move on by getting rid of pictures, clothes, anything that brings her to his mind. Ultimately he decides to move away from the town they lived in to the city to broaden his horizon on things along with a sense of renewal.

Three years had passed as he's gone through relationships in hope of some kind of spark. Though none has given him a joy for more than a few months. One day he rummages through a box he never went around to unpack finding one last thing that belonged to her. A shirt she wore on their first night together which stirs feelings once more; with clouded judgement he keeps it instead of doing the reasonable decision, and is visited by what seems to be her in image. Though is it all in his head? If she is a ghost why does she come to him now? What goal does she have?

Inspired by... Online Text adventure Corruption of Champions (Older Idea)
  The Misadventures of a Wayward Hero
Base kink concepts... Transformation, Monster(Girls, boys, Futa), Con/Non-Con,Adventure, High Fantasy, One Shots

The young man grew up in the small village of Ingnam, a remote village with rich traditions, buried deep in the wilds. Every year for as long anyone can remember the village has chosen a champion to send to the cursed Demon Realm. Legend has it that in years Ingnam has failed to produce a champion mighty enough and chaos has reigned over the countryside. Children have up and disappear without a trace, crops wilt along with herds of animals, and disease spreads like wildfire if one is not sent to fight. This year however he was chosen to be the next 'Champion' an odd choice since he is not strong, fast, or even trained in any way of fighting born the fourth son of a crestfallen soldier. His people see this as just a lamb being throw to the slaughter in order to stave off another year since there has not been a single champion return from this quest. In order to survive he must muster up what ill amount of courage and strength he can and face the challenge.

   The Fate of a hero
The first is that he is introduced to his love interest or an old friend that was suppose to be Champion the previous year, but had been injured prior and could not go. She is strong, brave, and seemed to be the best choice and he knows this. Your character had vanished right after being treated to suddenly returns prior to him being selected as the years champion. She must swat him by any means necessary to stop him from doing this to himself.

   Birth of a warrior
After a few days of exploration of the deeper part of the forest Apostle finds a woman in tribal attire. Upon speaking to her it is apparent that she is much taller then him. An Amazon warrior is going through a ritual of 'man hunting' in which she must fine a suitor to become a true woman. Being the stranger in a unknown land he is not fully aware of the situation and approaches the Amazon to find out since she looks human enough.

Basically it will start off when he has entered the portal to the realm and has encounters with monsters, beings that wish to own him, etc. It is meant to develop this character with each one-shot he has since this world has items which can turn his body into a plethora of things. In the end the Champion gains what he originally lacked along with the occasional good time. If possible would prefer if people who know what CoC is to respond to this, but play it to see for themselves. Its loads of fun bad ends and all!