[M for F] Barbarella knock-off! (extreme)

Started by Spoons, December 08, 2014, 03:49:36 PM

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So I recently watched the OLD sci-fi movie Barbarella with Jane Fonda and copious amounts of nudity. It's basically a softcore porn. All in all, the movie is terrible, but it sparked an interest in doing a knock-off version of the movie in an RP format.

That being said, here is my rough and totally modifiable idea for an RP around this film:

A young (but legal), naive girl from future earth travels to a foreign and unknown planet for, presumably, some sort of mission for Earth. She's dedicated to serving her planet and wishes to complete the mission at all costs. Something goes wrong at landing and, as cliche as it sounds, she gets stranded on an unknown and hostile planet. The planet (we can come up with what it will be like) will be full of sexual predators and threats for our lovely lady. She'll get to fight, negotiate, and fuck her way out of plenty of interesting scenarios on her way to accomplishing the mission and escaping the planet.

In this RP you will play the heroine and I will be the DM/GM (dungeon master/ game master), meaning i will play the world. You're welcome to introduce and play more than one character as i will be playing a lot of characters for yours to interact with.

PM me if you're interested! Love to hear ideas and talk about this story. Thanks!

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