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Author Topic: Akumamika's looking list (F for F mostly)  (Read 690 times)

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Offline MalgriffTopic starter

Akumamika's looking list (F for F mostly)
« on: December 08, 2014, 05:53:40 am »
Please contact me via pm if you're interested in anything here

What I'm looking for:

Plenty of plot, longevity, creativity, collaboration, communication, character development, progression. Please talk to me while we're writing I like to discuss present and future plot points and I like coming up with new ways to fling our characters into difficult situations to see where they're going.
Sex is a medium level priority, it's fun to write but not always essential to the story, if it happens fast fine but please don't let the story deteriorate afterwards.

Pre planning, I find ones where jumping right in without a thought tend to die rather quickly.

On's /Offs summery:

NO life endangering amounts of blood
NO gore
NO bodily fluids or substances that belong in a toilet.
NO Foot fetishes and no body odour fetishes
NO non sentient creatures (animals or alien species)
NO necrophilia
Spanking is fine and if things get a little rough it's to be kept to a minimum. (Unless it's a fight scene but that can be discussed)

I like;
Restraining, power struggles, love/hate relationships, MxF and FxF or FxFuta
I can't do MxM and I can't really write male characters well.
Dom/sub with me most often playing sub/switch I'm still learning how to write Dom so if I'm doing something wrong let me know.
I like to play with humans or human shaped entities, this includes furries, supernatural beings, neko's, centaur's but how that will work we'll need to discuss. Aliens, cyborgs, and sentient beings without form. (E.G ghosts, spirits, gods etc we can work that out)

I'm normally on through most of the day and sometimes at odd hours at night, I tend to post in bursts, rapidly one day and maybe hit a block for a day or two, if it gets longer I will let you know and expect the same courtesy. I understand some cases may be emergencies and you may be unable to tell me in advance but if you could let me know when you have time when you come back that's fine too.

Fantasy worlds
World of Warcraft
Harry Potter
X-men (I've limited knowledge of this but if my character is new we can both learn as we go)
Neverwinter nights/DnD style rp's
Avatar: Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
Kingdom Hearts
Disney universe
Kung Fu Panda
How to Train your Dragon
Alice in wonderland (Tim Burton's version)
S.T Trinian's  (this'd be interesting)
Kim Possible
Lord of the Rings
Xiaolin showdown

Quick fire pairings (translatable into almost any genre)


'good' girl::'bad' boy/girl

Poor/lower class girl :: Rich/high class/royalty (m/f)

Demon new to being evil/in doubt that she is evil :: summoner/experienced demon/angel
New demon :: Human she's supposed to torment
Human :: demon
Angel :: demon
Ancient demon getting used to modern times (or steampunk/futuristic times) :: human/alien/demon or angel

zombie survivor :: other survivor
Steampunk outlander :: city mouse (or vice versa)
Farm girl :: business tycoon
stage hand :: celebrity (none of our celebrities, making up a new one for this)

lamia:: furry

World of warcraft pairings.
Night Elf  :: Blood Elf
Human :: Worgen
Human :: Night Elf
Human :: Blood Elf
Worgen :: Orc
Human :: Orc

Character types I can play

Shy and innocent but tenacious

Street wise tomboy, either upbeat and playful or stoic and serious diamond in the rough type.

The amateur adventure seeker, prone to mistakes and guilt.

(or a mix of any of these depending on which character I use)

list of characters


Plot ideas/settings

Zombie survival
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In the year 2020 an oil rig in the south Pacific delve deep into the crust of the sea floor and find a massive empty chamber, filled to it's brim with fungal spores, long since thought extinct. These spores, travelled up the rig along with natural gasses only to be spread into the open air and spread upon the winds. The spores follow the winds and begin to settle along the east coast of south America, at first harmless looking and changing little of the natural environment. The first signs were native tribes being overcome by strange illnesses, delusions and dementia seemed the most prominent, then as the spores grow and spread and evolve, by 2025 the infections become deadly, wiping out a quarter of the population of south America alone in one year.

Boarders begin to close and military forces are employed to prevent the spread of the disease. The spores, not yet linked to the illness spread further and further still, accelerating rust and decay in more urban environments, destroying buildings and infecting more people. By 2030 America is in complete lock-down and almost 80% of the population is infected and many other countries started experiencing similar outbreaks.

Now: 2050, in a small town, miles from anywhere, our characters have lived without knowledge of one another or have arrived at roughly the same time. The locals are paranoid to the back teeth and are armed with anything they can get their hands on. The only locations of note are, a gun and ammunition shop, the trading post, the underground network of tunnels, and stockpile of food.

Outside the town the roads are cut off with patrolled blockades, another larger city 50 miles away is the closest area of interest. The towns people have young ex-military boys who go into the city weekly to collect supply drops from the helipads. Some are injured or killed so volunteers are few and far between.

Alice in wonderland
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I've been in love with Burton's take on Alice in Wonderland ever since I first saw it, and seeing no sequel forthcoming I've decided that I really want Alice to return to Underland. The circumstances can be discussed but for sake of example, Alice (Played by me) Will have finished her business and done what she set out to do, she could return to Underland either just after she left but looking a year or two older or time could have passed in Underland much faster. Either way would be interesting to play out.

I love both Alice/Hatter pairings, or I'd like to explore perhaps Alice/Mirana as a pairing. A Champion and her Hatter or a Queen and her Champion. It's all so very exciting. However aside from the pairing I would like some thick juicy plot to sink my teeth into. Another villain could rise up and pose a threat, or it could simply be Alice getting used to how things are done in Underland, all the non-sense-sense and fabulous words that comes with living there. Perhaps Alice is dropped in another part of Underland and needs to fight her way back to Mamoreal? Perhaps as Champion she needs to undertake a number of tests, the Jabberwocky and returning being two of those?

Tarzan's gender reversal
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
After watching the Disney movie and being a passionate lover of animal characteristics I would love to try filling the roll of ape woman myself. For a partner I don't mind how you play it but true to the movie's style must at the very least have 1/ yearning for knowledge and discovery 2/ a kind heart and bravery. Weather that kind heart is on the sleeves or beneath the breast is up to you.

I'd love to explore the story from the first meeting and going through the learning stages and defending the jungle from the would be mercenaries and poachers. The first thing is the adventure and the story with of course romance coming in secondly.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It's been 13 years and thirteen hours since Sarah had bested the Labyrinth and it's kind and now the underground has decided that it had been ample time for it's young champion to have grown up and become fit to rule. However The goblin king is still a bit hurt over his defeat. Sarah had called on her friends less and less over the years, now 28, fully educated and her younger brother doing well in school Sarah feels like she is becoming dull and of less use by the day.

The Labyrinth now healed from it's defeat is roaring with new life, though some creatures are less friendly than others and are trying to tear it back down. The goblins are in a panic and no longer seem to listen to their King, seeing no other choice He leaves the castle to see about these new creatures and deal with them himself. Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Diddymus come together and figure out a way to contact their champion and try to convince her it is time to come back.

A lot is open for discussion, the creatures for example, how Sarah gets back and even what she will have to do once she is there. She's already beaten the Labyrinth so there's no real need to go through it all again though she may have to learn it's layout or learn how to make it listen to her commands. I can picture once the smaller annoyances of the land being dealt with that there would be something bigger threatening the Labyrinth, this could be a number of things I'm sure we could come up with. I did have an idea for a (Burton's) wonderland/Underland X Labyrinth crossover with Alice and Sarah needing to team up to save both lands, since the Labyrinth is in the underground it wouldn't be too much of a leap to find Underland is it's capitol. Up to you if you'd like to add this into the mix and make this rp an epic length one. Not very smut/romance based but more adventure and slow relationship building.

Useful quotes that could have a meaning

"The King of the Goblins had fallen in love with the girl, and had given her certain powers." Intentional or a cruel trick of fate in order to find the goblin King his queen?
"Say your right words"}
"What's said is said"} These two I think are similar importance, meaning words have power in the underground and things that are not meant are to never be said.
"You have no power over me." Meaning he wants an equal but while she was a teenager that couldn't be right?
"My will is as strong as yours and my kingdom is as great." Since they kind of rule the same kingdom this makes sense.

How to train your dragon
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
After repeatedly watching the first movie, and seeing the second I just can't let this idea go. Set in modern times, dragon riders have been around for centuries, these days though owning or riding dragons takes either the rich or the fortunate. Armies have their own breeds of dragons, others are used like horses for work or Air shows. Some lucky few have a personal dragon for commutes or long travel.  Wild dragons still exist though are few and far between. Maybe there's a sport played only on dragon back, and dragon racing? 

I'd like to discuss possible plots with anyone interested in playing with the world,t here's a whole lot of pairings or genres that could be explored. Perhaps One of the original dragon riders of Berk was frozen in time and released to see this new era, or two people meeting under odd circumstances. Adventure, romance, drama everything thrown in. I don't mind if the pairing is FXM or FxF so long as the characters are interesting and the story is the key point.

Angel and Demon FxF Craving badly

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For this I'd like to play a demon or half demon that's worked their way onto the mortal world, she's not completely evil as such but has it in her blood. So naturally she's not accepted there. Your character could either be sent to destroy her or take her back to the demon dimension. However My character doesn't defend herself, only dodges or blocks on their first encounter, becoming enamoured by the angel. We could work this into a game of cat and mouse or have them immediately attracted to one another. It can be a short tryst or a longer plot, it's all up for discussion.
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Re: Akumamika's looking list (F for any)
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2015, 09:05:07 pm »
February bump, added plot.