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October 17, 2021, 01:58:21 am

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Author Topic: || Dragon Age - Seeking Fenris and other canon or OC characters! (F for M) ||  (Read 687 times)

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Offline AndronicaTopic starter

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So I devoured Dragon Age Inquisition and I'm on the hunt for RPers who are familiar with the DA universe. We can make changes to the canon storyline and/or characters within reason. Fenris x Mage FemHawke is my strongest craving right now, but I'm open to different canon/OC or OC/OC pairings. I may even be tempted to try canon/canon plots. Other characters I like include: Blackwall, Cullen, Iron Bull, Solas, Anders, the Arishok, or an OC of your creation (in no particular order).

Now, here's the short and sweet version of what I'm looking for:

- Plot comes first. Sex that compliments a good story interests me more than smut alone.
- I tend to write 2-5 descriptive paragraphs including my character's thoughts, emotions, surroundings, etc.
- If you have suggestions or you don't like something about the story/my writing, say so! I'll accommodate your desires. :)
- I prefer to give and receive at least one reply a week.
- Contact me by PM. Questions are welcome!

Last but not least, the O/O's. Please respect my limits and do not request "extreme" kinks.
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My favourtes!

- MxF
- Story-driven
- OOC over PMs or IMs
- RPing over threads
- Descriptive writing
- Characterization
- Supernatural creatures
- Teasing and seduction
- Dom or switch males
- Creativity
- Realistic anatomy
- Taller males
- Multiple characters
- Romance
- Conflict
- Drama
- Playing a switch
- Consensual
- Dubious consent
- Foreplay
- Oral and vaginal
- Humans
       Good in any scenario.

- Coercion and blackmail
- Hurt/comfort
- Sex outside of the bedroom
- Arranged marriage
- Kidnapping
- Cyborgs
- Dragons
- Sex outside of the bedroom
- Non-sexual pain
- Non-consensual sex
- Period clothing/stockings
- Roughhousing
- Pleasure control
- Playing a dom or uppity sub
- Strong submissive males
- Role reversal
- Virginity
- Sexually experienced
- Substance use
- Voyeurism/exhibitionism
- Light bondage only
- Tattoos, scars, piercings
- Pseudo-incest

- Anthros (no furries)
- FxF or Futa
- Pregnancy
- Corruption
- Mind control
- Adultery
- Anal
       Not my cup of tea.

- Smut as the focus
- Scat, vore, gore, bestiality, etc
(basically, no extreme kinks)
- Ageplay
- MxM
- RP abandonment
- Harems, group sex
- Major god-modding

Offline AndronicaTopic starter

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For purposes of clarification, I prefer sharing NPCs between us to move the story ahead, while we play a few main and secondary characters as the scene calls for it. If you have a different idea or want to make changes to ideas you see here, go ahead! Again, I'm happy to change the canon lore in any way, within reason.

These are just a few of my ideas:
  • Fenris x Fem!Hawke: A pretty obvious concept involving Fenris and Hawke as a mage. I certainly don't mind if you want to portray him differently from the game version, too. Maybe Hawke tries to win Fenris over by playing the nice card? Or maybe things simply explode into a rough, passionate scene that causes even more tension later? This idea is by no means set in stone, but I was really intrigued when Danarius showed up. What if her encounter with the Magister makes Hawke think differently about her magical abilities?
  • Mage x Templar/Cullen: A Circle mage from a noble family befriends the Templar assigned to watch. Due to her high position and wealth, her magical abilities have always been kept secret in her youth until she was given up in Kirkwall, where she is actually happy that she can freely be a mage... until of course the Templar/Mage conflict occurs and she's on the run. This could also be set in another part of Thedas at a different Circle, or during a different time in the game series. I'm open to toying around with lyrium addiction and the temptation of blood magic.
  • Qunari x OC/Hawke: After the saarebas quest in DA:2, I really wished there was more to it. This idea revolves around either Hawke or some OC of my creation who rescues the qunari mage from bondage and then helps him to uncover his hidden talents. The Qun is afraid of its mages and thus does not teach them to hone their skills, and the saarebas requires guidance. I'm also open to play this out with the honorable Tal-Vasoth Marass who abandoned his group on the Wounded Coast because he found no purpose in either the Qun or this new lifestyle as a bandit.