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Author Topic: An Unusual Romance (F for F)  (Read 374 times)

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An Unusual Romance (F for F)
« on: December 08, 2014, 03:07:43 AM »
An Unusual Romance

A tale of two peculiar females, once separated by the fabric of time, who embark on an intergalactic journey together discover love for the first time.


As you have probably discovered already, this story takes place in the far future, with many of the typical sci-fi elements present. In this universe, there exists countless planets spread across an infinite amount of galaxies. Each of these worlds can be noted by their various unique features, such as the rare, exotic species of beings they carry, their populous' particular societal and cultural principles, and numerous other factors including (most importantly) technological milestones and advancements exhibited by each planet's dwellers.

Found in one of the most isolated solar systems in the galaxy, the modestly-sized planet of Perin shares many characteristics to that of the long-extinct planet named Earth, such as its atmospheric contents and its supported forms of wildlife. What truly sets Perin apart, however, is the fact that it hosts the last remaining undisturbed population of full-blooded elves in the universe.

These elves exist as a noble and royal class minority relative to the wider human population that dwell on Perin. In this Victorian society, the lower class humans are commonly employed as drudges and slaves, and as a result a general distaste of their elven 'superiors' cultivated over a period of hundreds of years. Many hate-filled, albeit small uprisings sprung sporadically, however these sparks of defiance were quickly extinguished by the elves in power, despite the fact that they were vastly outnumbered.

That was until now.

The Impending Doom
It was a golden age in terms of scientific advancements in the predominantly Victorian society that Perinians existed in. Countless useful gizmos and contraptions were invented, and of these included the telescope. With its use, Perinian scientists would turn their curious eyes towards the skies, observing and discovering countless stars with unbridled glee. Their excitement quickly shattered one day as something unusual was discovered.

It appeared as no more than a black dot in the sky, its presence prompting inquisitive yet innocent questions from Perinians all over the planet. Regardless of whom was asked, whether it would be religious figures, common labourers, the noble elves, or even the scientists themselves, no clear and concise answer was given. Many did not care, unsurprisingly, and as the weeks passed, the dark blemish in the sky grew in size. After the passing of one hundred days since its discovery, these questions would be bleakly resolved.

Scientists dubbed it as 'alien rubble', or in other words, an asteroid. Religious figures denoted it as the vengeful wrath of their respective deities. Regardless of what it was termed, it signified annihilation to a massive degree. With their limited amount of knowledge and technological assets at hand, Perinian scientists were unsure of the total scope of the coming destruction. At first, it was assumed that only the mountainous and mostly uninhabited regions of the planet would be destroyed, and this theory helped maintain calm in the already tense and anxious society. As the days passed and the darkness above grew in size, that first speculation would be quickly disregarded as the asteroid revealed itself in its entirety. Perin will not survive the impact.


Name: Nella Losireth
Apparent Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Personality: Gentle, timid, easily frightened. Her years in luxury have taught her to act spoiled, entitled, and irritable.

Nella is a particularly strange elf. Found alone in an encampment situated on the outskirts of a major city, she was hastily brought into the house of noble elves, and there she was cared for and pampered simply due to the fact that she was, in more common terms, a member of 'the prestigious race'. While befuddled, Nella did little to refuse such illustrious treatment, however she could not bring herself to develop any level of affection for the elves around her. It was quite clear that Nella purposely distanced herself from others. Why is that?

Your Character:
Gender: Female or Hermaphrodite

This is who you will play as. For the most part, you define your own character's backstory and personality. However, I do have a few guidelines that should be somewhat adhered to for the sake of the story:

Your character is a lone, dangerous mercenary of sorts, who takes up various perilous tasks, contracts and assignments for a living. Her livelihood means that she is generally seen as a criminal, and due to this she is wanted by countless intergalactic law enforcement agencies. As your character is on the constant run, her space shuttle is outfitted in ways that'll aid in hiding underneath the police radar. In terms of physical characteristics, your character is toned, flexible, and quite athletic, with countless deep scars entrenched all over her skin, each of which carrying with its own engravement a violent, gory tale. She is capable of overpowering many of her foes, and she should not be afraid of using deadly force under any circumstances (except for one, which will be discussed further down). Her weapon(s) of choice and fighting styles are completely up to you.

While I generally feel that the previous is essential for the plot, your character's personality is a bit more flexible towards what you want to play as. I'm fine with you playing as anything from a cold, ruthless woman, to a giddy, fun-loving, and seemingly careless female who fails to take anything seriously. However, I truly do not want a kind, caring soul as a secondary character. I would prefer a cold, calculating woman with a seemingly impenetrable exterior, but again personality = up to you :-)

Some inspirational imagery (my favourite!)

The Plot

Having recently fled a surprisingly vigorous arrest attempt by the galaxy's law enforcement agency, your character's ship temporarily slows down in a strange and relatively unmapped solar system. As a lifelong criminal, avoiding arrest isn't unusual for your character, however the intensity of this latest pursuit has left her perplexed. Her pondering is cut short as one of her computers ring out with a notification; a new contract entry had been submitted into the black market database, the system that your character finds herself working for in order to maintain a living. Her usual jobs range from assassinations to intel recovery, and the clients she ends up working for are almost always unlawful and corrupt (which shouldn't be too surprising).

This latest job request is unusual to say the least: With reports of a massive asteroid heading on a collision course towards the planet of Perin, the client is requesting that at least one full-blooded elf is rescued before the world's annihilation (and subsequently, the species' extinction) and delivered in 'prime condition'. Normally, your character would be the last one to take up a kidnapping/rescue mission, however her coincidental proximity to Perin coupled with the ludicrously high amounts of money being offered should convince her otherwise.

Of course, the elf your character ends up rescuing will be Nella Losireth.

The Focus of this RP

With Nella's rescue, she'll suddenly find herself flung into a futuristic existence without warning. Nella attempting to adapt as she is dragged from her simpler, Victorian life into a bustling science fiction existence is the theme I want to explore in this story. She will panic and she will experience several mental breakdowns as she accommodates to the alien setting, and this will almost certainly annoy your character greatly. However, I do not want your character to aid the elf any more than necessary. I do not want her babysat. Your character should also consider using force to shut Nella up at times, but this should not extend passed hair pulling, pinning her, or slapping. The contract states that the elf must be delivered in prime condition, and the monetary incentive should restrain your character to an extent.

After travelling across galaxies, visiting planets, and getting into constant trouble, the women will eventually reach the delivery rendezvous point. Only then, when Nella is released to the client, does your character realize what they intend on doing with the elf. In short, vile, inhumane experimentation, which includes isolating her DNA in the hopes that her species can somehow be maintained. Something will click within the mind of your character, and going against every fibre in her being, she'll rescue the elf before her payment is finalized. I don't want to go into too much detail in terms of the later bit of the story, however. We can come up with that part together :-)

Sexual Tension

This is a primarily a descriptive, story driven RP, with replies consisting of at least three paragraphs of text. However, sexual scenes are something I strive for as well, as long as its not the focus of the tale. In terms of the sexual relationship between Nella and your character, I think it should start off by being hate-filled, rough, frantic, very, VERY unexpected, and almost selfish in nature, with no time given towards dialogue. Rather than your character having sex with Nella, she will furiously use the elf's gorgeous, supple body as a grinding/masturbation aid (perhaps as a form of anger ventilation), without any regard as to Nella's level of sensual enjoyment. The softer, weaker, and smaller elf will find herself resisting (futily) at first as the toned and powerful woman has her way, however as time passes, Nella will eventually fall in love with her captor. She'll gradually start to become a bit more proactive in sex, kissing and embracing her lover back, BUT I don't think your character should become as affectionate (and I would prefer that she wouldn't, at least not as soon as Nella does). She can still lick and sexually bite, however, just in a more primal and sex-fueled sense rather than a loving one.

Music (A Requirement)

This absolutely deserves a special mention. I truly love incorporating music into an RP. Whether it would be something that the characters are currently able to hear, or just a tune that sets the mood and atmosphere, music is something I love.

Some examples~

If you are interested, feel free to PM me and we'll discuss things further! Please don't post in this thread. Thank you.

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Re: An Unusual Romance (F for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2014, 07:52:33 PM »
Still looking~